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Terrible experience, we had money stolen...

Reviewed Tue 12th of February 2008

"Terrible experience, we had money stolen from our room by a cleaner out of my underware! Sheila the Customer Service lady was very poor lying to us about everything. The water in the bathroom was to hot to shower, even the toilet flushed hot! The food was horrid, the waiters cond us on our first night. All in all it ruined our time in Egypt. Please be careful with the taxis do not sit in the front and take the number from the dash board if you have any problems. There where a number of us who where 'gropped' and shouted at as we would not pay more than the price we agreed when we got in the taxi! Do not stay in this hotel. I regularly stay in 1 star accomodation but the behaviour of the staff was rotten. This is a 2 star hotel, sun loungers broken, our balcony door would not open, dirty bathroom on arrival the list goes on."

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  • Travel date: Tue 12th of February 2008

HEALTH WARNING! If you value your healt...

Reviewed Mon 11th of February 2008

If you value your health and want a healthy & relaxing holiday don't book this hotel! Spend a little more on a decent hotel!
During our stay over 80% of the guests suffered from sickness and diahorrea. Which started within 24hours of arriving and lasted for two days some suffered a second dose.
This had been an on-going problem for a few weeks to our knowledge.
The hotel smells of sewers and is in need of a total refurbishment or knocking down.
A ruined holiday!
Egytian 4 star is equivalent to a 1 Star English Hotel"

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  • Travel date: Mon 11th of February 2008

Simply disgusting. We booked B & B for...

Reviewed Fri 4th of January 2008

"Simply disgusting.

We booked B & B for our two week Christmas holiday, it is hard to put into words our disappointment and anger

Our first room overlooked the rear of the pool; it was dirty, poorly furnished, dark and depressing.

The repetitive eclectic mix of music was a constant noise in the room, no chance of a rest, the Cd’s constantly stopped, skipped etc, the only change was an invitation to Bingo! Karaoke! from a drone on the sound system.

Our second room was larger and lighter, still dirty, it had been re-painted, paint on the curtains to show and torn bedding. The noise still seeped through.

It is cold on an evening, the hotel has no indoor facilities to cater for guests, buy a coat and sit outside or return to your prison cell.

The food is not edible and a health risk.

Staff are rather nice if they think they will be a tip, they will remind you as time goes on.

A hotel review should be a pleasant task, our experience here!! the place should be closed down."

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  • Travel date: Fri 4th of January 2008

Have just returned from a week at the Cl...

Reviewed Fri 19th of October 2007

"Have just returned from a week at the Cleopatra, and just thought I'd give a little warning against anyone thinking of booking there. This is not a 4* hotel, its more like a 1/2*. If you can get a dirt cheap deal it may be ok, but I just wouldn't recommend it.

The reception staff are ok. Not overly helpful, but they speak English ok, and were fairly friendly most of the time. Quite often though, you can be waiting to speak to someone, and they'll just continue what their doing without so much as a 'just 1 minute', and you can be standing there for a few minutes. Oh, and 1 guy didn't smile the whole time we were there except for the last day - no doubt cos he was after a tip!

Our room was very disappointing. Very basic, and grubby on arrival. The fridge looked like it was from the 70's, and sounded like it too. Very noisy when your trying to sleep. The fixtures and fittings on the wall looked very dodgy, and some were taped up with duct tape. We had a small balcony with a makeshift table and 2 wooden chairs like you used to get in school. We we're on the ground floor so didn't use it, but it was so narrow it wasn't very appealing anyway. The shower was cold for the first few days, and when we did get some warm water, it just fluctuated between hot and cold. I've had worse, but not ideal.

The pool area was quite dirty. You'd get very dirty feet from walking around. Saying that, the pool itself was ok. The pool attendant did a good job of cleaning it every morning, and the temperature was very nice.

The All Inclusive food at this hotel is edible, but nothing special. I started off thinking it was ok, but by the end of the week I was sick of it, and we ended up eating out quite a few times. Dinner buffet is around the pool area, which makes a nice change. Although its basically the same as lunch (pasta, rice, pizza), they do the odd nice dish as well. We had a lamb joint 1 night, and bbq 1 night. The food is by far not the worse thing about the hotel, but its by no means great.

The service is not great here. Sometimes you go to the bar for a drink, and they'll carry on a conversation or wiping the bar instead of serving you. And I gave the barman a nice tip on the first night as well! There's usually only 1 guy serving too. And if someone orders a snack from the bar - he then disappears inside to give the order to someone! It would be funny if it wasn't so annoying... especially the longer you're there. AI guests have to sign every time they get a drink too, which gets very tiresome.

The entertainment at the Cleopatra is a joke. They constantly play really load dance music around the pool area, but the worse thing is - it constantly skips all the time! And when I say dance music, I mean Crazy Frog, etc. Then in the afternoon they have 'activities' which they try to get people up for. This is so funny. They have 'Mini Golf', which is basically a piece of plywood with some holes cut out, a plastic kiddies mallet and a ball. Again, its funny cos its so bad. Its like a poor man's Butlins.

The night time entertainment is just as bad. One night they had an English guy singing - he wasn't too bad, but the system just kept cutting out all the time. Oh yeah, then there's the activities area - the wonkiest pool table I've ever seen, a table football without handles, a table tennis table with a net that's 1 inch high in the middle....

I've looked at a few reviews on here and I genuinely cannot believe that some people have said this place is 10/10! If you've already booked, just go and make the most of it. If your thinking of booking here...don't!! You have been warned.

Oh, and just to finish, we weren't the only people staying here who weren't happy. Every day you'd see people complaining to reception staff or reps, or trying to change hotel. Or just by talking to people around the pool, most people weren't happy. "

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  • Travel date: Fri 19th of October 2007

I thought this hotel was fantastic. The...

Reviewed Tue 21st of August 2007

"I thought this hotel was fantastic. The bar staff knew exactly what room we were from after the first round of drinks, and believe me there were a few!! The staff are so friendly and will do as much as they possibly can.

The entertainment team were so annoying but at the same time were exactly what we needed to entertain ourselves. The food in my opinion was great. It was set times every day with a variety that was perfect for me and my partner.

I would not hesitate to return to this hotel.

A must to do is a journey through the dessert on the quad bikes. So much fun and reasonable price. Haggling for everything is strange and tipping is expected, but food, service is so good and cheap you don't mind. As the locals say 'cheap as chips', 'lovely jubbly!!'

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of August 2007

Me and my boyfriend went to the Cleopatr...

Reviewed Wed 27th of June 2007

"Me and my boyfriend went to the Cleopatra last year and thought it was amazing so we decided to go back this June.

Couldn’t wait to get there to see all the friendly faces again we made a few friends while we were there, so that made are holiday, the fact that we could go back and see them.

The Hotel is very clean including your room but it is also very basic but what do you need when you’re on holiday except somewhere to put your head of a night.

We went bed and breakfast not that we got up in time most morning for it, but when we did it was fantastic. The lunch and dinner is great too. Can’t fault the food at all.

The entertainment last year was really good had Alex (Wael) and Sam and also Maro who took over from Sam after our first week. You couldn’t fault them done everything they could to help you enjoy your holiday.

Alex on the mic through the day made people laugh as you can’t understand much except water polo and volleyball lol but he really did try. Entertainment of a night wasn’t much but it kept people entertained lol.

There were several different things for people to do depending on what you like. This year the entertainment wasn’t as much as the whole of Sharm wasn’t very busy so as you can imagine with a small hotel that wasn’t very busy either but was great of a day.

Even though it was like this Alex done is best along with the waiters and bar staff to keep you happy.

The waiters and bar staff never complained once about doing anything for you no matter what it was. They were all very polite and always smiling. The reception desk were very friendly to if you wanted to go anywhere or needed anything they would go out of their way to take you or help you get it.

Even though some of the staff had changed the holiday this year was just as good I couldn’t fault anything about it.

We’re also looking to go back next year can’t wait to see everyone again (Alex, Radi. Morris, Will Smith (didn’t get his real name lol), Mohammad, Ahmed) and many others."

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  • Travel date: Wed 27th of June 2007

Once again my husband and I have read wi...

Reviewed Mon 19th of February 2007

"Once again my husband and I have read with amazement reviews of the Cleopatra.

We stayed at this hotel for 2 weeks in March 2006.

We booked it before reading any reviews as we were looking for a budget hotel so that we could spend our money on learning to dive.

After reading some reviews we were worried and confused. We arrived wondering what we were going to find.

It was wonderful, basic but clean rooms, a small but clean pool and lovely cool reception area and lounge with internet access.

The staff are helpful and friendly. A small tip goes a very long way as do a few words of Arabic. We had towel sculptures and fresh flowers in our room every day. A small problem with our electricity trip switch was sorted as soon as it was reported.

The breakfast was fantastic, buffet style with fresh fruit, cheeses, pastries and omelettes made to order with a smile. (If you want a fry up May we suggest Blackpool).

Evening meals are buffet style but there is also a menu to select from. There is a theme most nights with a few special dishes. If you want to eat out may we recommend “The Columbus” just a short walk away near Fantasia.

We booked our diving course in the dive centre at the hotel. Our instructor, Piers, was excellent and had great patience with us.

We are about to return to the Cleopatra (this time half board) for a week to do some more diving. This year we can’t wait, yet once again there are some awful reviews.

Where are these people staying? Reef beach and Sharks bay are lovely. Do go snorkelling (or diving if you feel adventurous).

Don’t stay by the pool all day, you’re in Egypt by the Red Sea and Sinai, explore and enjoy!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of February 2007

I went to Egypt in April for 2 weeks wit...

Reviewed Fri 1st of September 2006

"I went to Egypt in April for 2 weeks with my 2 young Daughters. I went back in July for a month because I love this place so much and stayed at the same hotel, the Cleopatra.
This holiday and this hotel is the best I have ever had in my life, and I have been all over the world. I have stayed in the best 5* hotels but you know what, its not the hotel that makes the holiday, its the people you meet while your there. I was treated alike a rock star by all the staff. I have never met people who truly do all they can for you like the people of Egypt. Nothing is too much trouble.

I have made friends there who I will never forget. So what if its not 5 star! Everything worked. The TV, the hot water, the hairdryer.

Compliments to Chef Radi, the executive chef who prepared all our meals and added an extra special touch to all our dishes. Thank you to Alex, the entertainer for all the fun you gave to my kids. You brightened my day seeing you in your red shorts. Thank you to Abrahim behind the bar. Every time I ordered coffee, he put a smiley face in the froth for me. Thank you so Fattie, yes, that is his name, my maid. He sprinkled rose petals on my bed every day and cleaned my room so beautifully.

Thank you to all the guys in the Bazaar. Don't be afraid of them. They want you to do in their shop, but they are happy to give you a cup of t and a free gift and wont expect you so spend a fortune. You cant go to Egypt and not get some gifts. Thank you to Mahmood, the bar manager for showing me how to dance Egyptian, and for all the winks, smiles and laughter. Thanks to Maurice, the hotel manager for constantly asking me if i was ok and if there was anything I needed.

Everyone in this hotel does all they can for you, and the food is GREAT ok. I can't wait to go back in October to see all my friends again. The sea is beautiful and a great temperature. I swam in the Gulf of Mexico and this is just as nice, but you get the added bonus of the Coral and the fish. Diving is fantastic. Definitely go on the trips. You get picked up from the hotel, you are looked after by a guide the whole time. Sharm el Sheikh is a beautiful place and the hotel Cleopatra is just fantastic really.

I can't say a bad word. Don’t be so British and expect the Hilton. If you want that, go there. If you want a great holiday a good laugh, good food, clean rooms and a heck of a lot of fun, go to the Cleopatra. "

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  • Travel date: Fri 1st of September 2006

On first arrival we were impressed with...

Reviewed Sun 27th of August 2006

"On first arrival we were impressed with the service at reception and the hotel. Breakfast is great, lots of choice and you can’t go wrong with toast.

We went all inclusive, we wouldn’t recommend this at all, the food in the hotel made us ill the first four days we were there and the stomach cramps you get are very very painful. Go to the pharmacy next to hotel it works far better than Imodium.

The choice of evening meal is poor and reminded me of school dinners, loads of bulk made pasta and veg, little choice. Also while your eating your dinner there is skinny filthy cats walking round all the tables they come up to your leg and the hotel staff just watch them. Then when they have had their food they sit and drink out of the pool, this is the pool you swim in!!!

The food served in the restaurants at naama bay is very good and we did not get ill after we stopped eating the hotel food. The cost in naama bay for a 2 course meal is about £7.50 each so don’t bother with all inclusive.

The all inclusive drinks are not worth it either, they constantly put ice in which is their water and the alcohol is so strong it’s like the worse brand of paint stripper you could taste.

The hotel facilities are very basic, the room is not what I call clean so take some dettol wipes to give it a germ free feeling. the sink was broken the shower was a drip and very cold, we complained we had no hot water so the next day all we had was hot water and no cold, didn’t bother us until we got sunburnt and we had to shower in red hot water, leaving it to run for 15 mins didn’t make it any colder so not sure if they had done it on purpose. It was like this for rest of holiday.

Alex! The entertainment was interesting. Shouting water polo and wakey wakey down the mike gets boring and predictable.

The rep, nassar, waste of space, out for what he can get and feeds you a load of rubbish about how he is going to do you a deal on the exchange rate, when you work for a bank you know a good deal and this wasn’t one.

The night porter is great, so friendly and chatty.

The reception staff are fierce no smile at all very grumpy, it’s now this now that.
At the bar check your bills as they add stuff on like coffee and others so when you sign they charge you- sneaky!!!

They also get your order wrong when you order snacks so check what they have wrote, I got a luncheon meat toastie instead of cheese!!!

Overall we had a great holiday, after the first four days in hotel we decided we would use hotel to sleep so by day we went to beach to snorkel and by night to naama bay, sitting by the pool with no entertainment but the hotel gossip just didn’t do it for us.

Would NOT recommend cleopatra to anyone.

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  • Travel date: Sun 27th of August 2006

From day one we were made to feel very w...

Reviewed Sun 30th of July 2006

"From day one we were made to feel very welcome. The hotel was very basic but clean. The staff were very good and were happy to do anything that was asked of them. We went for two weeks but found it to be too long; 7/10 days would have been enough as we found it to be a bit repetitive.

The entertainment in the evening was non-existent. Alex did his best with the equipment he had. Take my advice and at the first sign of an icky stomach go to the pharmacists. Don't rely on anything you take with you it's an Egyptian bug which requires an Egyptian remedy. It didn't have anything to do with the hotel as other people had it from various other hotels.

The food was very good. There was always something we liked on the menu and lots of it. The all inclusive was fine for the food and soft drinks but the alcohol wasn't worth it, so if you are going for a drinking holiday forget it. The pool area was ok there were lots of beds and plenty of space.

Don’t be fooled by the free beach. It’s not free, so my advice is not to go there it's not worth the money. Naarma Bay is a very lively place and you get lots of hassle. There is no such thing as browsing around the shops there!

All in all a good holiday and have a nice time.

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  • Travel date: Sun 30th of July 2006

After reading the mixed reviews for this...

Reviewed Sat 29th of July 2006

"After reading the mixed reviews for this hotel, I decided to go with an open mind. On arrival, we weren’t given a lot of info as to what our all inclusive basis entailed and there was a bit of confusion as to what and where we were allowed to eat.

Although we asked for adjacent rooms when booking, our friends were given a room quite a way away, but this was resolved the next morning and were given the room next door. The rooms are very basic but they’re clean and contain everything you may need. The cleaners came every day and nothing was too much trouble.

The staff are great....Ahmed, Carim & Mohammed in particular. They looked after our every need and without them our holiday would have been very different. If we did decide to go back to the Cleopatra, the boys would be the main incentive. They enjoyed our help with their English as we enjoyed learning a little bit of Arabic.....

The hotel was quite empty, which was fine as we got to know all the guests and made some great friends.

Entertainment at the Cleopatra is non-existent. Alex, the entertainment rep tries his best, but he has limited equipment and gets a bit waylaid with the opposite sex. The days were spent lazing by the pool and most nights we were bored silly. As a result I would advise against all inclusive basis, as your nights would be better spent at Narma Bay or Old Sharm, both easily reached by taxi (use the hotel cars, the blue & white ones are frightening)!

The choice of alcohol is very limited, vodka, gin, whisky & brandy all taste the same and the lager is barely drinkable (another reason not to go all inc) but you can have as much as you want till 12am.

I could find no fault with the food, the variety was ok, the quality great and again, you could refill your plate as often as you wanted. Breakfast catered for all, lunch and dinner always offered something for everyone. Many of the guests came down with diarrhoea, but this wasn’t confined to the Cleopatra.

We spoke to lots of people at other hotels and came to the conclusion that it was a problem all over Sharm and not just this hotel. We were prepared with boxes of Immodium, but they didn't touch me. The pharmacist next door explained it was an Egyptian bug so an Egyptian remedy was needed.

Dave the Thomson rep is a star, we found out he comes from our home town and although we didn't go with Thomson, he helped us out and give us lots of good advice and information.....much better than our own rep, who we only saw when she wanted paying for excursions. The trip to Cairo is a must as is the lazy day boat trip, I discovered snorkelling and was amazed by the coral & fish, try Shark's Bay, it's truly spectacular.

The Cleopatra is an average hotel, and apart from the staff, I would be very unlikely to recommend it. I wasn't very impressed with it's location as its soooo far away from everything. By the same token, apart from the snorkelling & diving, I wasn't too enamoured with Egypt and my advice would be, unless you’ve always wanted to go.....give it a miss.

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  • Travel date: Sat 29th of July 2006

My wife and I stayed at this hotel on ou...

Reviewed Tue 11th of July 2006

"My wife and I stayed at this hotel on our first trip to Sharm and we had a very pleasant stay. Bearing in mind that the hotel is a 3*, you do get what you pay for. The staff were very helpful and friendly and we had no issues with the food, when we returned from our day trip to Cairo at 10.30pm, dinner had finished, but the chef went out of his way to provide us with a meal.

The entertainment guys were always trying to gee everyone up during the day and join in with things, although if you just want to sunbathe they are a bit annoying. In the evening we found the entertainment quite good, with something different each night - karaoke, Arabic dances, bingo etc. Although be warned that they repeat each week identically so if you are going for 2 weeks it will be repetitive. Our room was ok, and had air con although was a little sparse, but again it is 3*!

The games room was 'well-used', table football, pool table and ping pong - all not in good working order.

If you want a quieter holiday, do not ask for a room overlooking the pool area as you will not get to sleep before 12.30pm.

The immediate area around the hotel is a little barren (no doubt future building sites) but you are within a 10 minute walk of the beach, a small shopping area (Amar Sina hotel) and a bit further on - the Fantasia shopping area where I spent a lot of my time.

The area was ideal for us (we are going back in 2 weeks) as we did not want to be in the middle of Naama Bay. When we did fancy a trip in there was a free mini bus to Naama, although the timing wasn't that good coming back and we had to get a taxi.

The hotel has a few shops, when we arrived at 9pm we were 'jumped on' to buy things, something which was a little annoying, but it is advisable to shop around as the hotel shop prices were a lot more than what I paid for souvenirs. The taxis parked outside the hotel were very good and gave fair prices.

If you are thinking of doing a few of the excursions I do advise that you go the excursions booths at the Amar Sina or at Fantasia rather than booking through your rep. Our day trip to Cairo was £170 each with our rep and I paid £110 locally, which turned out to be a fantastic day - small group, well organised and good guide."

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of July 2006

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