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  • 3 dining
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Sham el Sheikh

Reviewed Thu 16th of September 2010

"I spent my honeymoon there and didn't leave the room much at all. Not for the right reasons. Day 1, room disgusting. single beds (really)? Day 2: food poisening. this went on for the whole 2 weeks.I had to sit down for a wee becuase I dare not stand up. My wife and I spent £300 plus for tablets and I ended up on antibiotics. Food primative although they tried. I would not recomend this hotel (hostel) to my ex wife. I booked through media travel. Never again. they do not wish to know. The mice were an added extra. I did not pay for pets so I was surprised to see them in the room, altough cute they did get a little annoying. In short STAY AWAY."

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  • Travel date: Wed 15th of September 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 1 Food

Extremely Rate This Hotel!!!

Reviewed Wed 3rd of November 2010

"This hotel is definitely one to stay at. Before we went away we read the reviews on here and they were extremely poor. These reviews we definitely not true as the hotel is fantastic and very clean. The staff were amazing and could not do enough for you including serving drinks to your sun loungers. The food was also fab and they put alot of effort into their preparations. I will definitely be going back to this hotel as everyone there made you feel so welcome and friendly. I will be staying in contact with the staff and class them to be very good friends."

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  • Travel date: Tue 6th of April 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food


Reviewed Tue 17th of November 2009

"I had never been away on my own before & never been to Eygpt. I found the Hotel staff absoutely amazing they are all so pleasant & helpful, they really helped to make my week!! Yes, parts of the Hotel are quite tired looking & the pool towel service could do with some new towels, but everything is all very clean & the cleaners are briliant!! The food was alittle repetative but all quite OK, and the Moussaka & roast beef were outstanding. Would I come back here YES I was on my own & treated wonderfully!! "

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of November 2009

don't even think about it

Reviewed Mon 26th of October 2009

I am writing with regard to my recent holiday at one of your hotels in Sharm El Sheikh. I have spent close on £2000 including my flights for a two week stay between 7th to 21st of October 2009. I would like to register numerous complaints about the Hotel and would be interested to hear your response on this matter. The Cleopatra Hotel is the worst holiday experience I have ever had. I am 43 years old and have been on many holidays overseas. My wife has been to Sharm on two previous occasions and was very enthusiastic about the resort and the Hotel she stayed at. This convinced me to go with the family but we sadly chose your hotel. What a pity we made that decision. I will now outline my complaints and then make it easier for you to respond. Booked via

1. the place was dirty and in a very poor state of repair.
2. the food was dull and repetitive.
3. the all inclusive was actually not all inclusive as the other hotels operate.
4. the staff on the whole were ok.
5. the games area was a disgrace with all the equipment of no use. bent pool table, broken snooker table, bent table tennis table, table football broken, all surrounded by the odour of the toilets that is is next too. the only way these could be used was because the two entertainers provided their own cues and bats.
6. the swimming pool was dirty and the pool has been repaired with a liner that is creased and damaged.
7. the sun loungers were damaged and the cushions were split and certainly had not been cleaned for some time.
8. the massage beds were cracked and split.
9. the masseur continually walked around touched women around the pool. if I did that I would be slapped by the women, if I did it the UK I would be arrested and I don't know what would happen if in Egypt I did it to an Egyptian women.
10. the TV in the room was broken and you had to put your finger inside the TV to turn it on.
11. the bath, shower and toilet were filthy and stained as were the sheets and the towels.
12. the tennis court looked like a gang of road workers had been there and he net was in the shape of a w.
13. I was pestered for tips from the pool attendant asking for my shoes. the cleaners also were the same.
14. we did two trips from the hotel. we did a quad bike trip to the mangroves promoted by the rep he assured us that included food and drink and would not involve any money. during the trip we had been asked for money for drinks, we were asked to buy scarves and to pay for photos.
15. we also were asked to pay for photos on a boat trip and this trip which to ros Mohammed via the diving people in the hotel and this was dangerous, not only were there too many people in the water at the same time but also the fact that there were only two helpers in the water for 25 people, not all who were good swimmers.
16. the pool area was not clean including litter and bottles that were there for 3 days along with ash trays that had not been emptied.
17. the cleaners obviously had food that they ate in the stair area between the rooms, there were cups and plates with food on that stayed there for three days on two occasions. this is an invitation for cockroaches and vermin.
18. the landing area was dirty with broken lights and work being done to fit a fire hose, this rubble caused by making a hole in the ceiling was not cleaned up and left on the floor. my wife stumbled on this on a number of occasions as she walks with a stick.
19. the ability to get water is essential in such a hot climate, especially for my wife who is on a lot of medication and needs water to take the tablets, she was refused water until 10am unless we paid for it. as you cannot take it to your room on the all inclusive this proved to a problem.
20. the only saving grace for your hotel were the three entertainers Alex, Ahmed and Mohammed and they were very entertaining. they did this with a faulty Karaoke system, a broken cd player and poor equipment. they did their best with what they have. they deserve better.

I can send you photos of the item as described and I am forwarding this to the booking agent, to the hotel and to you. I am keen to hear your reply and what recompense you will make, this was an expensive holiday for me and my family that has been a pointless exercise. In addition during the stay many people suffered with stomach problems which appears to be cause by the tap water ice served in drinks."

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  • Travel date: Sun 25th of October 2009

not on your nelly

Reviewed Mon 21st of September 2009

"me an my husband went for my birthday. when they showed us our room we both looked at each other. we thought we had travelled back in time. everything was so old fashioned there was a piece of plywood on the wall which had plaster all over it and i didnt know why it was there because it didnt serve a purpose unless it was hiding some damp patches because it was on the wall next to the bathroom, they put us in a room with two single bed, so i told the cleaner that we wanted a double so he pushed the two together to make a double. there was a fridge in the room that was older than my nans nan. and it had more rust in it than my husband undies. so we thought we are in for a holiday from hell. when we went for breakfast the next morning we were surprised everwhere was nice and clean and the food was good, dare i say it the RUSSIANS ARE COMING. they were always trying to get served first pushing their way to the front like the food was going to disappear, and they always let themselves heard, dont think the staff liked them either, the staff were very friendly always very polite, always trying to chat you up even in front of my husband,which he just laughed off. we had to pay £4 to go on the beach which was 2 mins away. when we got there we found it was just a little alcove whch was full of big stones so we didnt go in the water when we eventually found a bed it was shaded over, so we went back the hotel. we deided to go all inclusive for the last 4 nights that cost us £200 for the both of us which was good value as we both like a bevvy. "

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of September 2009

5 camels for your wife

Reviewed Thu 30th of July 2009

"hotel cleopatra, she'd be turning in her sarcophagus !!! as soon as your back is turned the hotel staff (men) are over chatting up your partner and i mean chatting up...
i think they've got a bet on to see who can bed the most tourists... and the old hotel manager is just the same, he was offering my partner (behind my back) to come to his appartment for egyptian alcohol.... seriously... if your going to egypt be aware the men are very forthcoming to european women, even in front of you, but this hotel is very demeaning and it spoiled our holiday, even when i told the holiday rep, he turned round and said "but she is very pretty" nice one mate...thanks for the help...
try something 4 or 5 star, i'd rate this one as a black hole.....
dodge the ice cubes in your drinks, they make them from the tap water and
you soon find out your immodium pills are an asset if you take the ice cubes.
and in the market in the old town, as soon as your taxi drops you off, your approached by shop owners doing the hard sell with smiles at first and the speil trying to sell you oils for this that and the other, tell them you have a skin allergy or something as they wont leave you alone and can try to make you feel guilty for not buying anything from them, hard rock cafe is the best spot for welcoming good food and manners, good luck !!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 29th of July 2009

Value for Money

Reviewed Mon 5th of January 2009

"The hotel is clearly a three star hotel that provided us with real value for money. I stayed there during Christmas with my wife and child and I have to say my overall impression was favourable.

The food was of a good standard, especially breakfast which was buffet style and catered for every conceivable taste. The restaurant never felt over crowded in spite of the fact the hotel was at near capacity. For those who stayed full board, I heard no one complain about the quality and presentation of their food.

The rooms, although a little drab, were kept very clean and, along with rest of the hotel, we observed that the cleaning process was continual. The pool was also cleaned every day and was well used by guests who chose to hang around the hotel all day.
The facilities were comprehensive and catered for nearly all kinds holiday. For example, it was easy to hire diving equipment and take a five minute walk down to the sea front as many residents did.

The staff were friendly and courteous and the only possible over friendliness might have been encouraged by a handful of residents.

Our only really criticisms was the fact that the décor was a little drab around the hotel and some of the entertainment, such as the music played, lacked any sense of theme or imagination.

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of December 2008

Almost OK, massage dodgy

Reviewed Mon 15th of December 2008

"It's cheap and people should realise that you get what you pay for. It's not a 4 star hotel as advertised by most sites. However, the staff were freindly and helpfull although there was a bit of a language problem with a few of them. Room: basic but clean. Food: terrible. Bar: OK but watch the bill as you sign it, as you pay cash at the reception next day. Internet: LE50 for 24 hr wirless ( reception only good if your room is close to reception) LE10 for 20 min on the desktops in reception.
LADIES, STAY AWAY FROM THE MASSAGE/TURKISH BATH OPERATION!! unless, as we were told by the hotel managment when we complained, that some women like the "extra" service.

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  • Travel date: Mon 15th of December 2008

Egypt 2008

Reviewed Tue 18th of November 2008

"My boyfriend and I went to Egypt September 2008, it was the best holiday we have been on. The staff were very friendly, and always on hand to help if need be.

The pool was cleaned on a daily basis and always looked inviting.
Our room was cleaned daily as we requested it, the cleaners would leave petals on our bed or make some form of decoration on our bed with the towels, it was beautiful.

Being all inclusive we made a good choice. We ate out twice during our week stay in Egypt, and the food was good, neither of us became ill which is always a bonus.
We arranged trips to Cairo and quad biking with the people within the hotel, and we were not dissapointed.

Within the hotel was a spa treatment area, we took full advantage of it. It was fantastic. They did all sorts of therapies to suit all.

Throughout the week that we stayed at the hotel, they had live entertainment which was excelent.

We were only a short walk from the shopping centre, it was a really nice walk and you get to meet with the local's.

All in all it was a brilliant holiday and we will be returning back to this hotel next year."

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  • Travel date: Mon 17th of November 2008

I took my partner for her birthday in No...

Reviewed Tue 30th of September 2008

"I took my partner for her birthday in November 2007, i have to say it was a absolute dump. The staff just perved at my partner 90% of the time and this was very offputting for both her and me.

We went all inclusive and wish we hadn't, breakfast was either toast or manky fruit, lunch was fish stew, dinner was fish stew and snaks were burgers or salad.

The only good thing that came from this holiday is i proposed to my girlfriend and she said.....YES

Id advise you to pay a little more and get a good quality hotel....You will enjoy Egypt much better if you do!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 30th of September 2008

Anyone on this site giving this hotel to...

Reviewed Sun 14th of September 2008

"Anyone on this site giving this hotel top marks is either being paid for it, works for the hotel, or is completely insane!!!

We have been to Egypt many times, and always happy with where we stay. Unfortunately because of a late booking we couldn't get any of the hotels we usually use. From the start, this holiday went wrong. One of the receptionists Ahmar we think his name was, is the most miserable, bad tempered and rude person we had met in Egypt. It was as if it were a bother doing anything for you and that was including welcoming you when you arrived. I had heard other people say that even the staff speak about him. He needs training in customer care.
Then there was the room!!....well....the minute the door was opened the smell hit us. The loo was worse. Everytime we turned on the taps the smell of sewage came up through the plug hole. The water was never cold and in Egypt we like our cold showers as it is so refreshing after a day in the heat. The bath would have been long enough for a dwarf. When we washed in the sink the water was leaking out from under a partly dismantled tap and onto the floor. The "bidet" part of the toilet was misaligned and when you put it on it squirted right out and onto the floor. There was dried in soap which had dripped from the dispenser onto the loo roll holder. Cracked tiles on the floor were a health and safety hazard and my husband told me not to touch the tv as when we put the socket in there were sparks and a crackling noises coming from it.
the balcony was enough for two stacked chairs and one small table. It was filthy, I had washed out some underwear and a couple of t shirts and put them over the rails to dry. they came in with green mould stains on them and then i realised how dirty they were. The balcony doors rattled in the slightest of winds.
The guy in charge at the pool bar was very morose. Don't know if he knew how to smile or not. You sign for anything you buy to be added on at the end of your stay, but you dont get a receipt. Watch out for that as i was overcharged. You are not allowed to buy food or water from outside, but we went to the supermarket across the road and bought our water from there as it was 50p cheaper than the hotel. We smuggled that and some eats in inside out beach bags and did that every two days.
We had breakfast one day but i wasn't feeling too well so only had a cuppa, and while leaving the restuarant i took a plate with some bread and butter saying i would eat it in my room when i felt a bit better. The guy at the door told us that if we did that we would be charged £1 for room service............we were taking the food upstairs OURSELVES for any sake!!!
Twice we ate in the hotel in the evening and it was the same food both nights, only two nights apart. It was bland, and cold and no choice whatsoever.
We took a hotel taxi once and the guy started swearing and shouting about his ex wife who had ripped him off. Would have been quite scary if there had been a single woman in his taxi.
As for the pool.......we never went in once. You couldn't see the bottom of it. It was cloudy and murky. disgusting.
Music played till all hours and also all afternoon. If we tried to have a kip it was useless.
Never again will i enter the doors of this hotel, which should be bulldozed to the ground, rebuilt with new management and a complete new crew of staff. we spoke to other guests and every one of them said their rooms stank of sewage!!
Stay away, you'd be better staying at a bedoin least they're friendly."

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  • Travel date: Sun 14th of September 2008

I went with my partner and when we got t...

Reviewed Mon 8th of September 2008

"I went with my partner and when we got their they gave us a room with two single beds,we had requested a double.when i first walked in i wasnt expecting what i smelt damp and i was dissapointed.
The reception staff were not very friendly and i believe that what you see on here is not what you get,so overall i would not recommend this hotel.
The only good point is that your not to far from other places ie: naama bay.
you have a beach near which is 5 min walk but its not vey nice,theres no sand,the naama bay beach is the best so i spent alot of my time there."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 8th of September 2008

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