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  • free internet
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  • spa
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  • wheelchair access
  • room service
  • air conditioning
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  • meeting room
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Reviews summary

( 1486 reviews)

48 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog


Reviewed Mon 13th of July 2009

"the hotel room is nothing like the ones on the photos, there tiny and not that nice. when i was there, there was hotels being renewed, was too much noise and it was ment to be a peaceful holiday.
the only way i loved this holiday was for the animation team, they where all friendly exept there maybe of been 1 or 2 who are all for french people, i would go back to see the animation people any day.
it wasnt that nice, after the 3 days i was ill i never ate from the resturant again or from the beach resturant, it was nice but it just totally put me off.
everyone i know who has been to egypt was ill for at least 2 days or more.
they were great i loved them, the shows were entertaining, very friendly and always included the audience in there shows.


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  • Travel date: Fri 10th of July 2009


Reviewed Mon 20th of April 2009

"I found this hotel average, I won't recommend it in any shape or form if you wanting a quiet location to stay, definitely not a four star, would say about a two. You have two mosques that wake you up at 4.30, 5.00 & 5.30am. The majority of the staff a very unhelpful and walk around as if they have a chip on their shoulders, bearing in mind its suppose to be an enjoyable time going on holiday. There was hidden extras, such as paying extra for the ala carte menu, beach barbacue, tennis, table tennis, pool, and snooker. I have been to Sharm before and would not compare this hotel to the one we stay at last time, the total opposite. Never mind there's always next year, would recommend you have a good think about this hotel. Don't know whether the staff are not treated fairly but did spoil the holiday for me. If you are just wanting to snokel and enjoy the sunshine and forget about the hotel, then its for you."

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  • Travel date: Mon 20th of April 2009

Great location & great value.

Reviewed Wed 25th of March 2009

"Just returned from our second visit and I can tell you it was just as good this time as last. Fab restaurant with so much food for breakfast, lunch & dinner. All drinks included and at such great unbeatable value. Staff are excellent & friendly. Location superb on a cliff top facing the sunsets with lifts down to a super beach. Step into the sea and you are swimming with the fish straight away. If you snorkel go right to the end of the beach after the sunbeds finish to swim over a coral reef, mind-blowing ! Walk around the bay to Sharm old town for shopping in about 10-15 minutes. We will go back again next year, never done this before, going back to the same hotel but you simply cant beat it."

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  • Travel date: Tue 24th of March 2009

Beach Albatross only OK

Reviewed Sun 18th of January 2009

"Hi there,

I am not usually one to review hotels and I am also not one to complain, but maybe this will help someone thinking of booking this hotel.

Beach, snorkeling, excursions, friendliness, clean hotel & grounds, weather.

Hotel room beds, food.

If you have already booked, here is my advice.
If you have a bad room, ask for a new one and give a tip while asking.
Give a tip for everything, you will be much better treated.
They are very friendly.
I forgot to leave a tip on the first day and there was no shower curtain suddenly and the cable for the cable tv was unplugged and hidden under the tv.
My husband and I both got violently ill. I suggest going to the pharmacy before leaving and loading up on what you may need for tourista. The clinic there is a complete rip off and the meds they gave only made us worse.
There are pharmacies nearby, I suggest those first.
The food is nice to look at, but really nasty once digested.
The excursions for snorkeling are fantastic!!!!
The St Katherine's monestary is nice too.

If you go to old sharm, be ready to be hassled to go in to each store.
I just wanted to go see what it was like and we came back and were exhausted from being hounded so much.

If you have already booked, I still see no reason that you can't have fun, just make the best of it and enjoy egypt...go on excursions!!!

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  • Travel date: Sun 18th of January 2009

This was our first time to Egypt and had...

Reviewed Sat 3rd of May 2008

"This was our first time to Egypt and had a fantastic time! The weather was fantastic - too hot some days! Although this hotel isn't particularly grand on arrival (especially when compared to others in Sharm) we could not fault how clean the place was. The room we had was a little basic, but had the biggest bed! The guy that cleaned the room was very friendly and made all sorts of creations with our towels and blankets! There was also a mosque with a loud speaker behind our room which kicked in around 4am, but we soon got used to that! The hotel staff were very friendly and worked extremely hard - especially the ones in the restaurant and beach bar. We were treated very well and I think they liked the fact that we were polite, as the Russains could be very ignorant! The food was OK, but sometimes a little odd (carrots for breakfast?!). There was quite a bit of variation in the main restaurant as they tried to theme the nights. We didn't go hungry anyway! The beach bar also served pizza and sandwiches most of the afternoon, but you did have to pay if you wanted anything different. They also do a BBQ night down on the beach (which you have to pay extra for - I think it was around 250 Egyptian pounds fort two - but that was including drinks). We enjoyed it and thought it was worth paying extra for especially because of the entertainment they put on. The best pool (we thought anyway!) was the one overlooking the beach and mountains. It was the cleanest and had the best view and it also seemed a lot quieter than the main pool. There was also quite a nice welcoming breeze as it was on top of the cliff. The beach was lovely too, and you were always guarenteed a sunbed, although there sometimes could be quite a walk to the bar for drinks depending where you were. The sea was beautifully clear and the snorkelling fantastic! There are loads of trips you can choose - you are best getting them from the rep though - which may be a little dearer than the guys selling on the beach - but at least you know where you are with your rep. We did the submarine trip (which you can buy a little cheaper from the guys in the hotel running the desk near to the big pool) and we did the camel ride in the desert. They take an armed guard with you to the desert which was a bit un-nerving, but all part of the experience! You don't need a visa to trips around Sharm, but you do if you venture further afield to Cairo and Luxor. We also took a couple of trips to the old market (about a 15 minute walk from the hotel). Definately an experience, but you soon get fed up of being hassled! We both got dodgy bellies. I was ill at the end of the holiday (stomach cramps the lot) and was told it was due to being in the heat and then going into cold air conditioned rooms, or the pool/sea. The pharmacy is a short walk down the road (left out of the hotel) and ended up with some powerful tablets that sorted me out in less than 2 hours! These cost 120 Egyptiian pounds, but well worth it! A couple of words of warning! The roads are very scary! There is no organisation or control, they drive as fast as they like, how they like! The hotel is also overun with Russians! There were only a handful of English people there. There were also a lot of French, Swiss and Germans. Some were very friendly and we got chatting (sort of!) with a few couples. Also, on the last day they took my boyfriends wristband off him at midday when he handed the room key back in and told him that the AI was over! We weren't flying until 10.30pm. Luckily I kept away from reception and managed to keep mine until we left and was still able to get food and drinks - so make sure one of your party keeps their wristband! The transfer back to the airport was also a massive cock up! We kept asking reception for our pickup time as we were supposed to get a fax through. Nobody seemed to know and the rep had disappeared. Eventually we were told that we would be picked up at 8pm. This never arrived. A few telephone calls later and an argument with a taxi driver, a car picked us up and got us to the airport at 9.30pm. Check in had closed and we told by the airport staff that we were very lucky to get on the flight! All in all, we really enjoyed our time in Egypt, and would definatley go back. Not to this hotel, but only because to try somewhere different"

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  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of May 2008

I don't know why people are saying this...

Reviewed Thu 27th of March 2008

"I don't know why people are saying this place is horrid? It's not!!!
My mother and i went to beach albatros for my mothers birthday and we both loved it!!!
The staff were so lovely and friendly , so unlike england! the room was basic but clean, the food seamed a bit repetative but one thing i liked is that they catered for all countries, english food, german food, italian food etc... and greek nights!!!
I wouldn't listen to what is written, I'm deffinetly going back to egypt and i'd only stay at this hotel!
Oh yeah and the view! is AMAZING!! Pure bliss!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 27th of March 2008

We have nothing but praise for the hotel...

Reviewed Thu 27th of March 2008

"We have nothing but praise for the hotel. It is a beautiful location on a cliff top overlooking the small bay of Sharm el Maya and facing the sunsets ! There are two lifts down to the beach which is very well kept and has a bar and snack restaurant. You only need to go waist deep to swim with the fish and there is a reef to follow about 20 feet out that gets beter the further out of the bay you go. The food was a very good buffet style with plenty to choose from and that was breakfast, lunch and dinner. We found the staff very friendly and helpful and after a couple of days that would greet us like friends. If you manage to use a couple of words of Arabic like - shukran for thank you and - salam for hello, they are pleased you made the effort. The grounds are very nicely kept among gardens with two pools, one large and one smaller but overlooking the bay.
I have visited Egypt three times and this was the best yet. I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to visit Sharm el Sheikh in preference to staying in Naama Bay that has become so commercialised. We will go back next year for sure."

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  • Travel date: Thu 27th of March 2008

In a party of 6 adults we stayed at this...

Reviewed Fri 29th of February 2008

"In a party of 6 adults we stayed at this hotel for the 2nd time in January. Although we do not think this is a 4 star rated hotel, we all found the staff very friendly and accommodating and respectful. Rooms were cleaned every day and water put in the fridge. Although you could not swim in the pool because it was to cold, although the sea was quite warm. No complaints about the hotel and the views are fabulous. Went to Italian restaurant at the exit to the bazaar excellent food well worth the visit (Valentino's). We would have no problems recommending this hotel to friends but don't expect 4 star accommodation. "

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  • Travel date: Fri 29th of February 2008

We've just returned from our holiday at...

Reviewed Tue 15th of January 2008

"We've just returned from our holiday at the Beach Albatros and generally had an excellent time.

The hotel is in one of the best locations if you are interested in snorkelling, with some fantastic coral reefs just off-shore. The hotel seemed to be the only one that faced west, and therefore enjoyed maximum sunshine in the afternoon, with some great sunsets in the evening. Friendly and helpful staff who appreciated our attempts to communicate in Arabic, although most spoke reasonable English. Good selection of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daily change of menu, and full marks for the hotel-baked breads - they were delicious. Rooms cleaned every day and clean sheets and towels supplied.

Hotel is at the top of a cliff and access to the beach is by lift or walking down 156 steps. Fresh orange juice and ice cream are not included in the AI price. Some hassle from people wanting to sell things on the beach - diving trips, massage sessions, henna tattoos, etc, but it wasn't too bad or persistent.

Rather basic rooms. Unheated pool - way too cold to swim in January.

Generally a good hotel and one we would definitely consider re-visiting - mainly because of its position and access to the reefs. Food and staff were excellent, but the chalet rooms need upgrading. Good value for money."

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  • Travel date: Tue 15th of January 2008

This hotel was sold to me as a five star...

Reviewed Wed 3rd of October 2007

"This hotel was sold to me as a five star hotel which it clearly is not. I was very disappointed in the room and particularly the bathroom which looked as if it had been put together by an apprentice tiler. After using the face cloth on the first night it took exactly 1 week before it was replaced. The entertainment in the evening was dire.

The food on the whole was ok if you liked vegetables/salads. Fridge was empty except for the litre of water which was delivered every day, I found this rather unusual as we were all inclusive. Diet Pepsi had to be asked for and was not given freely. There were no brand drinks on display in any of the bars and I believe that the selection was very limited. Clients with disabilities had real problems getting around due to lack of lifts in the building and in my opinion the makeshift (concrete) ramps were not ideal. Myself and another client fell in the restaurant due to the floor being washed and no wet floor signs being displayed.

The use of cards for beach towels was another strange procedure (selected opening hours) etc and why do all inclusive clients have to carry these cards. I visited Hurghada in 2006 and the 5 star resort I stayed in was exactly that and I expected the Albatross to be of the same standard and it clearly wasn't. The Thai restaurant wasn't open for the duration of our stay. We did eat in the fish restaurant at the beach and the food was delicious.

On a positive note the staff were friendly, cheery and helpful. This hotel has a lot to do if it wishes to become a 5 star establishment. I will certainly be back to Egypt as it is a fabulous country but I will not be back at this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of October 2007

I absolutely agree with a previous revie...

Reviewed Wed 12th of September 2007

"I absolutely agree with a previous review, after reading the ratings, I too was dubious about going to this hotel; well the pictures that I found don't do the place justice.

My family and I arrived back on 10th September 2007 after a two week all inclusive my husband, 16 year old son and 14 year old daughter, and we all thought it was very good, yes our room was basic, two bedrooms, living room, bathroom.

Terrace on the front, and a back garden with a tree in that was paved. It was cleaned daily and 4 bottles of drinking water was left every day in the fridge (we never got woke up by the praying although we did hear it during the day).

The camel ride in the dessert is a must; we never stopped laughing from getting on to trying to get off.

The hotel staff were very friendly, and the food was excellent. If you do get a taxi outside the hotel, be aware that they ask if you want a return price, say no as they drop you at their ' friends shop' and believe me they are very persuasive, there are taxis galore on the road so you will never be short of one.

Five minutes walk away is the aqua park which is well worth a visit, I have been to many, and this one is beautiful inside lovely and colourful. There are a couple of bars along this front, if on an evening you want a change from the hotel.

On the whole this was a very nice hotel and would recommend it.

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of September 2007

My husband and I, 2 daughters aged 16 an...

Reviewed Fri 7th of September 2007

"My husband and I, 2 daughters aged 16 and 13 and our 8 year old son have just returned from a fantastic two week holiday at the beach Albatros. (Last two weeks of August 2007).

I was a little concerned after reading some of the reviews, but can truly say that we all had a brilliant time and the kids are asking if we can go back again next year.

We booked through sun master, over the internet and everything went smoothly, with our tickets arriving two weeks before we were due to fly. We had booked our transfer with med hotels and they were very efficient.

We were met at the airport and the mini bus was waiting to take us to the hotel. The check in procedure was quick and our cases were taken to our rooms.

The hotel; although it isn’t modern, it is very clean and be no means shabby. We stayed in chalets with beautiful views over the Bay and mountains (Rooms 6005 and 6009) There are patio’s with seating and tables outside each of the chalets.

The air condition worked well in both rooms and we found that we had to turn it off on occasions, as we were getting too cold.

The rooms are cleaned daily and the cleaners make the most amazing things out of your towels, i.e. crocodiles, hearts, peacocks, flowers. There is also a hair dryer and shower gel in the bathroom.

There are two pools each with separate children’s pools. However they could do with more sun loungers as we were having to get up earlier than we would have liked, to put our towels down. They could take some from the beach, as there are more sun lounges there, which are never filled. Towel cards are issued, and guests can get one towel per person.

The grounds are very well looked after with beautiful bushes and flowers. There is also a garden area with children’s play park equipment.

I would suggest taking ear plugs for several reasons. The air condition is quite noisy and the Muslims are called to prayer at about 4.30am. The ear plugs allowed a good night sleep. Also our son was in the pool most of the day which resulted in him getting an ear infection. Fortunately he could still go in the pool because of the earplugs but we could probably have avoided this if we had made him use them from day one.

We visited the doctor at the hotel with regards to My son’s ear infection and my husband suffering with tummy cramps and diarrhoea. The medicines were delivered to the hotel and both of them were feeling a lot better the next day. The medical bill was about £54.00 but that was for antibiotics, eardrops, pain killers, having his ear syringed and tablets (Antinal) for my husband. We were provided with documents to enable us to claim this back from our insurance.

The staff; On the whole they are very friendly and very willing to help.

The animation team run the kids club. I was a little dubious at first, as it didn’t seem as well organised as some of the others that he has been to. However, my son loved it, and the staff were extremely good with the children. They would take them to the beach, or play in the pool or do painting in the club house. They also take the children on a glass bottom boat ride and to the local water park for an extra charge.

The animation team organise volleyball both on the beach and in the pool. They also teach dancing on the beach in the afternoon.

Most evenings there is a children’s mini disco followed by some entertainment. It’s not the best I’ve seen but they try hard to involve all the nationalities. There is a disco on the beach from 11.30pm every night apart from Monday. It is not very busy but quite fun if there is a group of you.

Drinks at the disco must be paid for or charged to the room.

In the café bar there is entertainment several nights a week, being either a singer, saxophonist or guitar player.

The beach is great with plenty of space and an abundance of sun loungers. The sea is very clear but I would suggest beach shoes, as the sea floor is very rocky due to the coral. These can be bought at the beach. We paid 160 Egyptian pounds for 4 pairs. (Just under £4.00 each).

The fish are amazing. As you are knee deep in water they are swimming around your legs. I have been scuba diving in several countries but never seen such an abundance and variety of fish.

We went on several boat trips. The first was “The Almeria” which we booked through the med hotels rep “Nassar“. It was quite pricey but well worth it. The wooden sail boat took us to Ras Mohamed. The staff on the boat were wonderful hosts.

The second boat trip we booked on the beach. This was on a model yacht and took us to Turin. Although the coral and snorkelling was better it was a lot less organised and a lot of waiting around at sea for the scuba divers. The atmosphere on the boat was not as good. But still a great day out, and a lot cheaper than the Almeria. If you are lucky Dolphins are sometimes seen on the trip to Turin.

You will be encouraged to attend the beach bar b queue, where you will be entertained by a belly dancer and other traditional dancers, although it was more like African tribal dancing! This was an additional charge and not really worth it. The dancing could have been seen from the bridge to the lift, and the food was just as nice in the restaurant.

We ate at the Italian restaurant one evening. We were giving an outside table with beautiful views. We received a 50% discount, as we were guests at the hotel. 3 lasagne, 2 pizzas, 5 salads, garlic bread and extra bread and it cost £7.75 English pounds for all of us, less than £2.00 each.

We had a McDonalds delivered one evening (you can ask reception for the telephone number) The meals were huge and less than £2.00 English pounds each including delivery.

Naama Bay and the Old Market is worth a visit. Be prepared to be called in all directions, but the people are friendly if you are friendly to them.

Naama Bay has many bars, restaurants, shops and I think some night clubs too, but we haven’t got firsthand experience of these.

We Visited the new Aqua park which is over the road from the hotel. It isn’t finished yet but there is still lots of slides open. We booked this through the rep and it cost about £20.00 English each. This included lunch. We had a brilliant day and would have gone again had we had made our first visit earlier in the holiday.

None of us wanted to come home and we would happily stay at this hotel again."

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of September 2007

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    "go to a different hotel. "

  • amy-lee by amy-lee

    "beach all day,and shows at a night time. didnt have a favourite restaurant, "

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