Amar Al Zaman Hotel

Nabq Bay , Sharm El Sheikh , Egypt , Africa


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very good all round


"stayed here in april very good hotel clean and very respectable staff alround bubbly on arrival staff very good and helpful all through stay rooms very good towels/ linen changed everyday food i would give 8 out of ten but service throughout hotel brilliant must mention ashraf morgans bar 24 hours i must add and ahkmed pool bar and all the staff very helpful in all aspects manager always their to assist internet access available in rooms if needed shuttle bus to beach throughout day mainly russian orientated but no problem overall had good time going back june 2009 cant wait mr s jeal"

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  • Travel date: Wed 10th of June 2009

Not as bad as previous reviews


"Me and my friend went to Amar El Zaman the begining of May 09. On arrival we got a glass of champagne each and then our bags were taken to the room. Beds really comfy with nice shower/bathroom. Pool absolutely gorgeous with fountains and wooden sunbeds with cushions & deckchairs.

Evening entertainment mostly for Russians but they do translate in English for you and mostly you dont need to understand the Russian as the entertainment is mostly visual. Me and my friend enjoyed it!

We took up the free bus to Naama Bay and Old Sharm - Naama Bay was nicer for us and the bus dropped us outside Marco's shop who was really friendly and gave us free hubbly bubbly, fridge magnet and perfume trinket. Old Sharm was full of hasslers so be careful and make sure you dont let any locals take pictures as we have heard they dont give you back your camera until you pay them.

Now for the food: Not as bad as the previous reviews I feel. They have numerous vegetable option and they have soup and chips and also make pasta fresh for you in the evening. Lunchtime is pretty much always burger and handmade crisps. But there is the pizza guy who I think his name was khybutu (?) who made the best pizza I have ever tasted and they do have cheese on and he will make calzone for you, put most kinds of veg and herbs on. Breakfast is not great. It is a Muslim country so there is no bacon or sausage but they do make fresh omelettes for you and there are boiled and scrambled eggs. Chinese restaurant not great and they do just give you the food. If you are veggie, like my friend was, make sure you tell them "no meat" otherwise you will get meat. Japanese was beautiful and Khybutu also does this so he let us come twice!

I'm just devastated me and my friend got bad stomachs! I dont think it is to do with the food though coz we never ate anything the same but we both brushed our teeth with the tap water which, lets face it, you should never do abroad!

The hotel staff are very friendly and on one morning Mohammed, the guy who cleaned our room, presented us with a bunch of flowers! One of the masseuse, called himself Bob, was very nice and chatted with us for ages. Had no qualms with the Russians being rude really but they are in the majority so it is fair enough that the hotel cater towards them."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of May 2009

weightloss camp "loose stone in 2 wk"


"i have rated poor not for general housekeeping the hotel was spotless but on Health & Hygene issues .

hotel very nice, rooms spotless , staff very friendly bend over backwards for you, food for all german russian eygyptian polish english you certainly wont starve
(if your a burger and chips typical brit go to spain dont come ere)

resteraunts not a-la-carte but wot u want for nowt, indian.japanese,chinese tryed em all couldnt knock any of them beleive the fish was lovely but was so ill dint want to chance it.

abdulla head chef carlo pizza chef bald chef our friend bar lads & tyson bar manager they'd get you wat you wanted no problem.

the buffet beautifull presented every cake/salad/bread/fruit/yogurts you could think off on

i could have lived off that buffet i didnt touch it thou , i gotta say the flies are skating around it., either that or they have got flying sultanas LOL!!!

order of the queue for buffet - the russians swamp 1st then the flies then the british its hilarious!!! LOL

after both off us and several other guests being so ill with sickness/diahorea/stomache cramps. i tried to explain to our rep joseph to put covers on the food , or blue fly catcher lights.
the english reception joanne also explain these are essential and should already be in place and they should be spraying pest control down every day, chilling the milk and washing the glasses properly

the chefs took the advice on board and things steped up a gear . rep joseph took it like you insulting his country constructive critiscism deal with it joseph.

i also beleive the human sewage water to feed the plants and local suppliers use it for veg which was done from ten am (not through the night like other reviews claim) we were going for tea and the twelve yr old kid was watering the plants.

few boring facts from the enviromental health webb : ( read if you've been ill )

sewage waste causes e-choli flys cause salmonella dirty glasses can lead to heptitis

sewage can only be used if filtered in and extreme cases certinly not where the general public are and not for food purposes. the machinery to filter is so expensive it would be cheaper to fit plumbing facilities. if not filtered pathogens live in the waste and they can get into the human body via airborne organisms and attack the organs. these parasites can live in the gut for years. resulting in weak imune system , organ failiure or in extreme cases death.

sorry to be a geek with the H&S lesson but if you just returned and are ill get to the docs even if you had it and are better the parasites live in the body for yrs. it only takes you to touch a plant with the waste on fingers in mouth easy done.not rocket science.

my partner was ill for 4 days me 4 took drotazide tabs got better 2 days later i started again vomiting, diahorea, doubled up in pain
straight to doc when i return who imediately sent me to the hosp for sample tests to see the cause. i am waiting for the results
i'm a catering manger i'm now off work so as not to infect half of bolton.

best diet ever i've lost a stone never in my life ave i dun that i usually put on everyone does
seriously its not funny when you loose it like that its draining and can be life threatening.

loads of reviews on zoover which are in german etc go on google tools translator you can read them there are at least 4 who had food poisoning ecoli its frightening. from this hotel

i agree a lot of the reviews claming things that are on the all inc werent applied like sport facilites certan foods at certain bars & times free massage etc
and i've got to say the beach was horrendous the toilets were like them in the film trainspotting. no pier no food or alcohol and the lad asked for a tip

the franchises like the salon should be up to the hotel standards bless amhed is lovely our friend but come on you cant have him shaving your head in one corner and i'll be over in a minute to do your nails in the other. someone who could invest in a nice spa here would make good money and represent the modern hotel. maybe the hotel should invest in the style of salon and employ the staff or update it and reflect this in the rent

the massage is fantastic if you have back trouble ask for intense he is more of a chiropractor for £10 english for 50 min back fantasdtic i am a qualified massuess and beauty therapist i've never had a better massage.

people reviews on the russians being greedy and ignorant they shove and push. my motto shove em back twice as hard and slag em off in english they can all understand you its a laff if nothing else. LOL!!!

yes the taxi drivers are lethal and they try and rip you off and the shops hassle you this is the same everywhere turkey grece etc . they only do it if you let them set a price stick to it say no ave a laff with them be cheeky back we do we get loads of bargains we leave them that bemused and baffled they end up owing us money LOL!!! we had a scream wiv the shop owners there george gave us loads of bargains and a couple of free gifts.

the public toilets try sell you loo roll, resteraunts try adding their own tips even kfc came up outrightly asked for a tip the coach operator demands a tip after you payed £50
give em 10/10 for there cheek if nowt else tell them do one

coments like that above and the russians, taxi drivers etc they cant be blamed on this hotel its eygpt in general

our trip was a gift to my partner for his 50th birthday romatic getaway no kids i feel it was ruined by the sickness i didnt want to go anywhere or do anbything as a result of the sickness.

we love going to differnt places love trying the foods, seeing the culture. but sanitation & hygene is something us brits have had since the victorian times. i cant get my head round the sewage water and the lack of food hygene untill that is sorted i wont return to eygpt full stop. maybe in ten yrs when they catch up with Health & Safety"

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  • Travel date: Thu 14th of May 2009

Nice hotel, but it ends there


"My friend and I visited Amar el Zaman the last week of April. The holiday did not get off to a good start with flying Monarch. We encountered two very rude members of staff , the first being the check in girl, who when we approached the desk looked at us with utter distain as then it was as if she was doing us a favour, the second one of the stewardesses, who openly rolled her eyes at me when I asked if they had pink champagne! Also the smell of the toilets throughout the flight was unbearable, and why they were serving breakfast at nearly midday I don’t know! Anyway, that is no reflection on the hotel….

On first arrival hotel seemed nice, reception was helpful etc, when we got to our room we were pleasantly surprised, comfortable beds, ok bathroom and space to put clothes. We did have some problems with the toilet leaking and the shower but they were fixed promptly, although the men doing it could use some tips on personal hygiene as our room smelt awful with their body odour once they left.
The food and drink was absolutely terrible. The food was tasteless, bland and cold and there were hardly any choices. I think there were either 4 or 5 vegetable dishes and one meat dish if you can call it that. The restaurant was so badly lit that you could barely see what you were eating, and there was no chance of getting a drink with your meal unless you went outside to the bar to get it yourself.

When we had our meeting with our rep all the people there were complaining about the food, and before we knew it the rep went and got the catering manager! We explained what we were feeling and he did not want to listen to us, he merely wanted to justify himself and the food, total wast of time! He even tried to tell us that the reason that the pizza made at lunchtime didn’t have any cheese was that because it was 'turkish' pizza….laughable I know…
The drinks….well they were equally as bad…the spirits were undrinkable as was the wine it tasted like watered vinegar.
Due to this we ate out most nights and only drank soft drinks at the hotel, which was very annoying because we had paid for all inclusive, but that is how bad things were.

Also, the sheer volume of russians (most of them very rude) wasn’t the best. No manners at all. Also the animation team was russian which I found strange, and so this meaning all the entertainment and talking was in mainly russian, which after one night began to grind.

The pool nice, always plently of sun loungers, and the barman was a nice guy. The towels were a bit shabby, and sometime the size of a hand towel, so would recommend taking your own beach towel aswell.

In summary, the actual hotel was really nice, but the food, drink, atmosphere and location would mean I would not return here again"

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  • Travel date: Wed 13th of May 2009

Worst Holiday Ever!


"This is without doubt the worst hotel we have ever stayed in.

I am going to write an abridged version of what happened as there were just so many things it would be impossible otherwise.

Location - if you like being in the middle of nowhere this is the place to stay!

Water slides - one broken, the other only available for 2 hours per day

Gym - located at the hotel next door not on site as advertised, to get there you need to walk through a building site and when you get there it is like a disused store room with the oldest most broken down equipment ever seen.

Food - absolutely disgusting with not a bit of Crunch in anything in fact we called it "slops" Avoid the drinks at breakfast unless you like the taste of soap with your juice! White wine is mostly sweet and warm. Not enough tables/chairs/salt /pepper etc....and with the mix of the Russain guests if you turned your back your chair/salt/pepper etc went missing, we always went in turns in the end to collect our slops.

Chinese A La Carte Restaurant - No "carte/menu" in site we were just served sweet and sour chicken on broken plates without any choice! Everyone who ate upstairs at the Chinese then went downstairs to the main restaurant to eat dinner!

The entertainment - fine if you are fluent in Russain.

The guests are mainly Russains probably 95%, and about 95% without manners.

The smell of sewage was prevelant on many occasions - a nice touch was one of the staff cleaning the lid of a man hole cover with what smelt like meths we assume to cover the did not work.

The Rep - only interested in selling trips.

The reception staff - pleasant but not that bright, baffled by a shuttle bus timetable - say no more.

The beach - impossible without wet shoes as incredibly rocky underfoot. The bathrooms down there were absolutely disgusting, most days they were blocked.

Our room had no main light in the ceiling just a hole with bare wires showing.

The English guest relations manager - "I dont know about the gym, I dont use it!" shall I continue?

The shuttlebus - never on time, sat on it waiting for the driver to stop texting/talking on his phone...elbowed and pushed on and off by the Russains.

Do not take a taxi unless you are an adrenalin junkie....we were lucky enough to get in one with a broken speedometer! He drove at a ridiculous speed and we were all very frightened.

We unfortunately booked a trip with Pete at the English Pub , St Georges at the Jasmine Centre....aviod this place unless you fancy paying £140 for a day trip from hell! I am going to write a seperate review for this one as it was quite unbelievable!

Dont buy suncream out there...we did and all returned with a nasty case of sunburn and I suffered heat stroke and was taken of the plane in a wheelchair at Gatwick!

To summarise alot of the problems we had started off to be fairly minor but as the week wore on and the problems increased we had just had enough it seemed to go from bad to worse. We tried talking to the staff at the hotel but they did not seem to have a clue. Even the english guest relations manager did not seem to grasp how fed up we were or how many problems we had had.....she even joked that maybe we should have one last soapy drink before we left on our last day! She asked us to email us with the problems that we encountered so that they could see what could be done....a little too late for us, but just about what we had come to expect from the Amar el Zamman. When we got back to the uk we found out that our tour operator had gone bust while we were away....if only it had been a week sooner!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of May 2009

Don't believe th Reviws


"Stayed here for a week at the end of April 2009. initially chose this hotel because of the good reviews on Trip Advisor. Believe me do not believe them.... The service was crap, we had a leak in our room from the air-conditioning which was not fixed at all during our stay even though we called everyday and told our rep they just didn't listen.

Our room once did not get cleaned until 4PM and that was after we had called them 3 times. In the end it took the rep to get them to come and clean it and give us a clean sheets and towels

Towels were also a problem never seemed to give us the correct amount.

The food was terrible, it seems that only cater for Russians who are extremely rude people well at least the ones in the hotel were. Vegetarians beware not much vegi food in this place and they seem to think your strange for being vegetarian.

Trust me guys pay a little extra and stay else where. The Hilton and The Marriot are prime examples... People of excursions apparently went to these hotels for lunch and they said it was a million times better.... Don't believe the reviews and avoid at all costs..."

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  • Travel date: Tue 5th of May 2009



"hi all stayed here through easter and was really good. the service was amazing we were looked after by many of the staff. as its a fairly new hotel there is going to be changes soon and i look forward to seeing them when i nxt return. the rooms were spotless and cleaned to a very high degree every time you looked round there was always a cleaner cleaning the food was ok but remember you are in aforeign country and what we see as 4 star isnt always the same where ever you travel. we had a few mcdonalds deliverys for midnight snacks which was fun, the pool staff are good and the bar staff are brill they cant do enough for you, there were aload of russians at the hotel and they are very abrupt and demanding and treat the staff like muck which i wasnt happy with as they gave everyone the same level of service[most times]. if you are looking for a break in the sun and to chill by the pool etc this hotel is for you you can get a taxi ride into namma bay maybe cost 50 egyptian pounds and there you can see all the stalls shops and much much more. i hope to return in september maybe october"

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  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of May 2009

Great vacation keep up the good work guys !!!


"The location of the hotel is fine if you like peace and quiet, as it was a fair distance from the nightlife of Narma Bay. The grounds are lovely, and the rooms very nice. Upon arrival we were given the choice of three rooms and told that we could change at any time if we were not happy. The hotel has a busy and a quiet pool so something for everyone. Although I am not a beach lover you woud be disapointed if you wanted to use the hotel beach as it was a bus ride away and on a steep rocky slope. In fact no-one goes into the sea without shoes on as it is so dangerous and we saw lots of injuries due to falls and slips on the rocks and coral. The snorkelling is great, but the water cold compared to the outside temperatures. There is a free shuttle bus to and from the beach every half hour and also Narma Bay and Old Sharm on certain evenings. Overall the facilities were good for a 3-4 * and for what we paid you couldn't grumble. The food was a bit limited, but you could always go out to eat as it wasn't expensive. The Japanese restaurant in the hotel was good, but the Chinese not so much. The fish at lunchtime great and soon these will all be 24 hour appparently (Inshalla !). All of which are included at no extra cost, you just have to reserve in advance. Elias the owner is very approachable and has big plans ........ ? The most positive things were the friendliness and obliging staff who work up to 18 hours a day and always have a smile on their face. They have to put up with a lot from the rude and ignorant Russian tourists, who are the majority, so be prepared, and so love to have interaction with the Brits. Ashwad/Tyson, ('Sweetheart')behind the bar, Mohammed, Ahmed, Maxim, 'Charlie', and ' Tomi' (we gave them nicknames), were always great !! Chef Khalid, and George listened to our comments about the food and took some on board. The All-inclusive was also 24 hour including all local alcohol and water, the two things some AI hotels sometimes limit . There was not a member of staff we could complain about really. The massages were a bit of a con, offering a deal for several then only giving half an hour instead of the full hour and cleanliness wasn't high on their agenda, ( everyone lay on the same sweaty towel !!), but this is a concession in the hotel, so could change. The animation team are Russian and so activities do become very dominated by Russians, and the same with the evening shows, but since all these things are optional, you don't have to join in if you don't feel comfortable. The disco onsite is also good with DJ Faisal although for the serious nightclubbers Narma Bay is the place to go. Having moaned about the Russians I am also aware that Brits abroad do not have the best reputation and it makes a change for everything not be only in English and for us to be the minority. Boozy Brits are every bit as bad in other holiday resorts, although I have to say when sober we tend to behave better and use plase and thankyou and excuse me rather than just pushing in, which it appears most of the Russians have never learned !! The more educated ones do speak English and so communication is possible if desired. Although most of the time it is distinctly a 'them' and 'us' situation. However, since my Russian is non-existent ,once again I find it hard to be totally arogant about the situation. Therefore if you like to experience other cultures, food, traditions and so on and are easy going and not looking to complain about everything it is a fantastic place to go. As for the smell of the water, Sharm el Sheikh is a man-made resort in the middle of the Sinai dessert, so people would be wise to remember that all water has to be brought from somewhere. While it is true that watering the plants does smell, it is done at night and is how they make use of the resources they have. The spraying for insects and bugs is daily too, and as one who normally gets bitten very badly I can honestly say I was not bothered at all by mosquittos, but saw plenty of people from other hotels with bites, so they are doing what they can."

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of April 2009

My Wifes Memorable 50th


"Hi folks
Have just returned from taking my wife for her 50th birthday to the Amar Al Zaman as i said i would after having such a lovely time there by myself in january,(read my first review) O dear what a disaster where do i start !?!.First of all we were made very welcome when we arrived taxi sent to airport for us or so the maneger said as i had asked for one but after ten miniutes of asking and looking for the driver gave up and paid £20 for the ten min drive to hotel in an airport one.Given drink whilst booking in all very friendly informed the reception manager that i would be down in the morning to pay the bill for our two week holiday and the extras i had asked for to make my wifes 50th special ie champane,flowers,chocs, in room on arrival which they had done champane in ice bucket as well,during the whole of our stay all staff were very friendly and went out of there way to be of service to us (thats one of the advantages of giving out large tips early on) also the two working managers Mohamad and Asheif there is another one but cant remember his name also Raymond cant remember the other two they were always catering to our needs drinks,meals,phoning up our room when we were both ill to see that we were okay and if we needed anything.Now for the disaster side and reasons for never going back,i went down to reception the following morning to square them up was attended to by the manager opened my wallet and passed him over my visa card to which he replied by saying that they dont exept visa so put it back into my wallet and gave him my master card to which he replied the same so then gave him my bank switch and debit card and this time his answer was we are having problems with our machine so i told him to inform me when it was fixed then he told the truth i am sorry but we dont have one !?! a four star hotel with no credit or debit card facilitys ? definatly somthing wrong with the hotel chain if it cant get a credit rating or as the case may be has been taken of them.The only way that i never booked through a travel agent was when i was over in jan they told me that when i was coming back to send them an E-Mail with arrival and departure dates and they would give me a good deal.Anyway the manager said that he would give us a run to the bank in sharm the next day when we arrived in sharm he then asked us which bank we would like to go to which i replied to the bank that the hotel has an account with surley you have informed them that we are coming then i hand over one of my cards and they debit the amount that we are due into the hotels account which he said no that cannot be done you will have to draw money out yourself and give it to me,well my wife and i lost our patiance after that we have never had to do that before and if the bank did agree the charges per day would be a lot we dont even use credit cards in ATMs and as for debit and switch there is no way they would take these,so i told him to take us back to the hotel and i would use my mobile to phone my bank and do a transfer if he gave me the hotels account number which we done and was informed by my bank that it would take two working days.After five days we got a call in the room informing us that it was now seven days that we had stayed and had not paid i phoned my bank to see what was going on and they informed me that the money had been taken out of my account the same day as i had requested the transfer,went down to reception and repeated to them what i had been told.Next afternoon phone went and we were informed that no money had been transfered into the hotels account and if we couldnt come down and pay we would have to leave during this whole affair nothing was done in privacy it had all been done over the small reception area desk where there was always a lot of people about and we had been getting some funny looks of people during our stay ie (they cant pay their bill) all extreamly emmbarasing and my wife was very upset and breaking down in tears often.I was in bed with a sore stomach and kept running to the loo all night and morning so my wife said with tears running down her cheeks that she would take the relevant information with her and go to the hotels bank and explain that the hotel is going to throw us out and that she wouldnt be leaving until told her where the money had gone too.I felt really bad as it should have been me going but i was in no fit state unless i had a portable loo with me,on my wifes return she told me that the hotel MANAGER put her on a BUS to the hotels bank in sharm when apon arriving at bank she explained to the teller what the sitiation was he went away and was back within five miniutes told my wife to stop crying and dry up her tears as everything was okay the transfer had been done on the same day as i had requested my bank to,it had been lying in the hotels account for the past seven days he couldnt see what the problem was as the transfer and hotels bank account numbers were what my wife had handed him and also the hotel wer using same numbers to run their check,by now my wife had had enough and asked the teller if she could have his extension number as he wouldnt E-Mail the hotel.After having left the bank and waiting for the bus my wife went into a small store to buy some snacks for the room and guess what ? they accepted her credit card dont get the wrong impression we took £1,000 spending money with us in sterling even though we were al-inc,on arrival at the hotel my wife asked for the manager told him to recheck and to phone his bank and speak to the teller whom my wife delt with after a while he came back to reception and and said that he couldnt understand how the accountants could have missed it and gave an excuse that they had been looking for a transaction in sterling not dollars as my bank had done but surely any accountant or manager with any sense would go by referance numbers whilst checking over a spread sheet plus the totals would have been wrong for over a week ie £800 too much.I didnt even get an apoligy from the management or for doing my back in when i sat on one of my balcon chairs and two of the legs broke leaving me on the floor fair enough i am 16 stone but i have sat on a lot of plastic garden furniture chairs over the years and this is a first but the legs are a lot thinner over their also no kite mark on them,had to book five massages for relieve as it was that bad couldnt sit in one position for more than one min so ended up lying in bed a lot as it was the only way i could be comfortable,last but not least my wife caught the stomach bug that i had also a lot of other people too was bedded for 4 days but my wife was and still is we have been home now for two weeks and she is still of work on the sick and has been to the doctors twice anti beotics,stool samples ect at first i thought that maybay i had been indulging in to much alchol but my wife dosent drink so it wasnt that, what ourselfs and a lot of guests thought was that it was airborn as in the wee hours of the morning the staff would have hoses out all over the grounds and be hosing the grass,flower beds,walkways,poolside,ect and their was always a terrable stench of raw sewage when they done this wont say any more on subject leave you all to come to your own conclusions !.During the last week on our part of the hotel which is all ajoined together there were structural cracks appearing in side and out one reached from roof to ground and all of those cracks were deep and were getting wider by the day or should i rephase that by each plane that flew overhead.I thought it was a one of on my first holiday in jan with it being 100% russians and me being the only brit throught my stay but alas it wasnt my wife and i were the only british couple there up until the last three days when a member of staff informed me that another british couple had arrived but as we were bed bound we never got a chance to meet them.We are by no means biast towards other nationalitys i work offshore with a crew of 13 aboard our ship and there are only four of us british the rest forign and they are all a great bunch of lads,but if you want a holiday in Sharm which is geared up for russians in every way,chance of building collapsing,bedded and runninng to loo every ten min also remembering if you book this hotel through them and if you occur any additional expences you have to pay in cash.Well that ends our memorable time at the Amar Al Zaman resort for my wifes 50th birthday and trust me its all true none of it is fabracated why would i after giving it such a glowing review last time. (ps back still sore)
David Gibson."

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  • Travel date: Fri 17th of April 2009

Worst Hotel In 12 Trips To Egypt


"We had not stayed at this resort before. After reading the two “EXCELLENT” reviews on trip advisor we felt reasonably confident in our booking.

We stayed for 10 days and it is without a doubt the worst hotel we have stayed in Egypt.

The room given to us on arrival was not finished. We asked for a double bed and got 2 singles. There were holes in the ceiling and exposed wires. No patio furniture on balcony and no handle on the door.

We complained about the room and were given another room on the second day. Which was adequate but still below what we are used to.

The music by the pool was absolutely deafening and we tried to get it turned down with mixed results. The main pool itself was freezing cold until our last day when they managed to turn the heating on.

There is another pool round the back which was very nice but no one used it because it was right next to a building site.

We were also directly under the flight path with planes low and regularly overhead.

The food was by far the worst we have ever had anywhere in Egypt and we are not at all fussy. The food was regularly cold with little variety. Also the restaurant looked dirty and there were chefs in filthy uniforms.

We used the Chinese restaurant one night but this was far below the standard we usually expect in Egypt. With cold food and what can only be described as pub benches to sit on.

There was a suttlebus to the beach. But you had to book this and your packed lunch which they charged $8 US. There was no food at the beach.

The hotel was surrounded by building works and desert. Although there was security on the front desk you could walk straight into the hotel from the building site. Which we did one evening.

The staff were helpful and cheerful. But we feel the hotel is badly run and badly organised.

We have been to Egypt 12 times and this is by far the worst hotel we have used.

See the evidence in the photographs."

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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of November 2008
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