All Seasons Badawia Sharm Resort

Hadabet Om el Seed , Sharm El Sheikh , Egypt , Africa
3 star hotel


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  • 3 room
  • 3 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 4 service
  • 3 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 3.5 value
  • 3 food
  • 3.5 cleanliness
  • 4 location

30 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

A Good Hotel with some characters but not 4 star


"When you first get to Sharm after the airport and beginning dropping people off at grand hotels like the hilton etc you will feel a bit disappointed when you get outside Badawia as it seems a bit of a small shack like entrance. But dont be alarmed. The rooms are basic and need a lick of paint, expect wood chip walls and we didnt have a balcony just large sliding windows and what looked like a matress as a window seat which was quite cool. Basic bathroom which does have a hairdryer but the hotel soap and shower gel is like the cheap stuff you find in a public loo. Towels are changed and room cleaned every day. MAKE SURE YOU BUY A BOTTLE OF WATER for you room before you get there if you arrive at night as you can only get bottles from a bar that opens at 10 in the morning! Food is nice and edible but if its not to your taste or you get peckish in the early hours of the morning dont fear MCDONALDS DELIVER 24 HOURS TO THE RECEPTION hurray. The front desk will order it for you. Pool area is great and the towel man is lovely TIP HIM to put a towel down for you each morning on a desirable sun bed to save you setting your alarm to be up early to get a bed before they go!!!!! We where on the floor one day. You can have a massage by the pool which is about £20 for an hour and theres a great guy who does fab henna tattooing for £20 which lasts for a month. Entertainments isnt bad they have an egyption night and kareoke which is fab. There is a shuttle bus which goes to a beach which is rubbish, crowded and a bit dirty with no snorkelling and you will be disturbed every 3 minutes by people wanting to sell you stuff to the point they will take the book your reading off you to talk. We ordered a packed lunch to take to the beach but they took it off us and said that no food was aloud or drink so hide it well as you can only get these things when your there. I love the beach but I wouldnt recommend it it was pretty crap and we stayed for an hour tops!!!! Theres a great guy who has an oil shop at the hotel who is lovely go and have a cup of tea with him. The local tea is nice. Recommend Bedwin nights was amazing never got to quad bike but will go back to do that. Only bummer about the hotel is the bar and the all inclusive is from 10am to 10 pm. A taxi to Naama bay is cheap and the shuttle bus will take you at 9 and pick you up at 11 which isnt enough time so I would either go earlier by cab and come back at 11 or the other way around. If you happen to be slightly attractive prepared to be leered at the waiters dont need much encouraging and you get a bit fed up with it after a while. If you are unfortunate enough to encourage even slightly they will want to know where you are going at all times, tell you they dont want you to speak to any other men and if you do they will warn them off and be aloof with you!! BE FIRM. Also take some immodium. Loved Sharm and would definately go again but to a differant hotel for varieties sake."

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  • Travel date: Mon 1st of March 2010

A friendly well located small resort style hotel


"My wife and I find it hard to believe some of the negative reviews of the Creative Badawia resort. We had a really good time there It is well located within walking distance of Sharm Bay and its Souk with a huge shopping/cafe/restaurant complx (Il Mercato) next door. The resort is small by comparison with many in the vicinity, but it has nice grounds and a decent pool. It's rated 3 star so don't expect the luxury you might get at flashier places, but we found it well maintained and welcoming. Our room was simply furnished, but clean and comfortable. Service was fantastic - a failed light bulb was fixed instantly and when our shower control broke this was fixed within an hour. All the staff were friendly and helpful - they went out of their way to help us when my wife mislaid her mobile. Food is better than OK with a decent amount of choice - overall perhaps a bit boring, but this is true of food in Egypt generally. We were travelling independently with accommodation booked via the internet and,at the price we got, the all-inclusive was an excellent deal even if it did stop at 10pm. We used the hotel's taxi for an excursion to St Catherine's Monastery and this worked out cheaper than the coach excursions being offerered by the tour reps.


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  • Travel date: Mon 1st of March 2010

Dnt believe all the bad reviews


"This resort is a 3star and if you got it at a good rate then you'l deffo enjoy it , The room was cleaned daily and when we left small tips we were treated to pretty swans etc made outta our towels on our bed. The foods ok a bit repeatative but you defeniatly wont starve saying that theres a Mcdonnalds etc at the shopping centre at the rear of the hotel, The all inc isn't great for drinkers mainly as it finnishes at 10 but there a great little bar just opened right outside the hotel called the jolly jack and there prices are really reasonable "cheaper than Naama Bay" which is a 5 minute taxi ride away for about 10 egypt pounds, also if you want any duty free we'd advise getting it in uk duty free as you dnt get a huge choice in the local shops. We did a few excursions but bought them off our hotels beach as you can a good deal with the excursion rep "ask for jamaica " We also did the Ciaro bus trip which was a bit of a disapointment due to time and the lenth of the jurney more than anything , if you wanna do it and can afford it I advise flying we got told to find our own plights and hire a taxi for the day when there would be best but we already booked bus trip. Snorkling and the boat trips are a must we only wish we had more time there. Naama Bay we found a bit full on but old sharm was more chilled and we found it a better night out, Also look for a Heineken bar near the hotel called mariots as its the cheapest we found at £1.20ish a bottle of beer "£12 egyption" and shesha pipes were about 80p "£5 egyption" This hotel is basic but we;d deffo go there again and as for Sharm itself we loved it that much were seriuosly considering moving there , If you booked this hotel go with an open mind , it isnt a fully English hotel but they be other brits there, there were from the day we arrived till the day we left . Hope you enjoy your holiday as much as we did"

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  • Travel date: Sat 27th of February 2010



"hi there, havn't yet travelled and would like to know a few things if Anyone would be so kind as to tell me....firstly are there hairdryers supplied in the rooms? what time does the AI finish?whats included in the All inclusive and is this resort ok for single females ages 30-40? many thanks"

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of February 2010

Rude, Ignorant, Arrogant, Not for the English !


"This hotel is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in my entire life. The rooms were filthy, the food was horrendous, the staffs were unbelievably rude and the entertainment was a disgrace. Quality of drink was appalling, obviously greatly watered down. Rude attitude even from Management of hotel, THE FOOD AND BEVERAGES DIRECTOR SHOULD BE SACKED. For the quality of the food and beverages. Lots of ants and small insects crawling on the floor AND in the bed and If you were English you got ignored whilst they served other nationalities. Staff keeping you waiting at reception, bar, food hall, everywhere you require some service. We had that many problems with this hotel that I couldn’t possibly include them all in this review. I cannot believe from reading some of the reviews on this website that some people actually rated the hotel as good - what kind of accommodation do these people usually stay in? A stable in Bethlehem would provide a more luxurious stay! Honestly, do not stay at this hotel as you will regret it, we ended up in this dump, had the worst holiday of our lives. Please save yourselves the hassle!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 20th of February 2010

Cheap and chearful


"Very tired hotel in need of some TLC.Very good value for money - a very cheap hotel. Beach is cramped and dirty, located in a cove so the snorkeling is non existant without treking round the headland and swimming off the rocks - avoiding the abandoned WW2 vehicles.You do get hassled all day for drinks, food, massage etc.,but not that badly and they do take no for an answer. Don't be fooled by the photo of the beach on their pages - This is NOT THEIR BEACH.
Very little to do in Sharm if you don't like sunbathing, but if you are after a hot and sunny rest, this is the place. Food is incredibly cheap so you don't need all inclusive if you are happy to leave the resort. I never felt at risk in Sharm - security everywhere - but you do need to stay alert and be on your guard for the scams and rip-off's that are just part of everyday life.
I went with my son who is thirty years younger than me, but they would only deal with him. Given the option they will only deal with men. I wouldn't recommend the resort to groups of young women - they do lear over the pretty girls.
Sharm has a lot of charm and is quirky if you are able to see the funny side of things. It is like living in a sketch from The Fast Show."

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  • Travel date: Sat 6th of February 2010

Great Hotel for great price! - a true review!!


"me and my boyfriend (19 and 22) had a great all inclusive stay at this hotel in october!!
the weather was very hot! which was a good start!
the staff all very friendly and helpful! especially the sunbed man, mena who works in the shop! and jim'll fix it who work in the other shop!- he set us up with a very cheap deal to go quadbiking in the dessert!-so see him for a good offer!!
food was pretty much average... gets a little bit repetitive but is alright if your goin for a week or two, still enjoyable. the all inclusive bar there shuts at 11 which isnt tht good but isnt a tragedy! must try the shisha at the hotel in the shisha den! it is amazing!!!
pool is lovely!! and there is a bar in the pool which is always good!
there are shop all around the hotel left and right!! GIRLS BEWARE ALL THE MEN ARE COMPLETE PERVERTS!! and will try to entice you into thier shops with 'free gifts' - do not go in!! lol
there is a free bus tht takes you to beach during the day where you can still get your all inclusive drinks, but not food. the beach isnt tht great and VERY crowded.
must try the AL FINAR beach... it is the MOST AMAZING beach ive ever been to in my life!!
it doest cost a very small amount of money to go on it, but the price includes your entry, a sun bed, a towel and two bottles of water, which is a fantastic deal! as the beach is great... you walk right down to the edge of a coral reef- deffinitely bring your goggles and snorkel because the fish and all the coral is amazing! one of the most incredible things i've ever experienced and cannot be described! - its a MUST!!
also a free bus to take you to one of the strips of shops in the evening from the hotel (return) deffintiely haggle out there because you will be able to get all the price down to at least a half of the first price, more often than not we got them down ti quarter! also do not tell them tht it is your first time if it is as then they will try to mug you off! make out its your 3rd or 4th time so it looks like you know how things should be!

overall it was a fantastic stay here for a good price, i would deffnitely come back again, because its defnitely one of the best locations!!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 28th of January 2010

so friendly


"i went here with my mum as a last minute get away, and we loved it!

our room was cleaned everyday with new towels and bed linen, the pool boy "mohammed" could not do enough for us! there was a bar next to the pool and the barman "maher" was also very friendly! we enjoyed the food everyday, one night there was a barbeque which was most enjoyable all the waiters and chefs were very chatty and friendly towards everybody including children!

one day we decided to go shopping for gifts there is a shopping center just at the back of the hotel with mcdonalds kfc bars with tvs and bank machines, we then decided to get our gifts from the jewelry shop inside the hotel, the shopkeeper "tema" was such a character! and did us some great deals on our purchases!

the pool was freezing which suited me as the weather was so hot a quick dip was brilliant, also we booking snorkling and scuba diving with Seasoul, the diving company on the hotel grounds very cheap and well worth a go!

overall highly enjoyed our holiday and would recommend the hotel"

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  • Travel date: Sat 23rd of January 2010

Just as good as the 1st time.


"We are a married couple who stayed at this hotel for 11 nights for our wedding Anniversary. We stayed the 1st time in August.
Again we were not dissapointed. The hotel is set in a great location. It's quiet and only a short taxi ride from the main attractions.

The staff were brilliant,again. Mohamed the pool guy,Gamal,Mohamed(big guy) and Captain Sam the bar staff,Morkas the omlette chef,Akmed the electrician and the managers (sorry if i've missed anyone). They remembered us from the summer and were very pleased to have us back. If treated with respect,they will all do anything for you.

I dont understand why people moan about this place. If you have any problems or requests for anything,speak to the General Manager! I asked for juice at the bar,instead of all the fizzy drinks. The next day,it was there. I asked Morkas the omlette chef for luncheon meat at breakfast(something they had in the summer). The next day,it was there. We had a problem with the shower pressure in our room,just a dribble. We spoke to the GM and it was sorted.

This is a hotel that was taken over by new management in the summer. They are looking for genuine feedback on how to improve things. This is a cheap hotel that is well situated and clean,with friendly staff. If you have a problem speak to the GM,dont go moaning about it after.

This is a hotel more for adults as there is only a pool and very little in the way of entertainment.
If you have cds,take them. As long as there's no bad language, you will be able to play them.
If you are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday and like going out places,this hotel is for you. If however,you prefer to stay in the hotel for your whole holiday and eat and drink,then this is not for you.

Neither myself or my husband had a problem with the food. The omlettes at breakfast are great and if you want other things put in your omlette,Morkas will do his best to accomodate you. He will also do scrambled or fried eggs,if spoken to politely.There is a selection of pastries,cereal,toast,juices,tea and coffee.There was beef,chicken and fish every day,rice,pasta,mash,wedges or chips and vegetables,Salads and puddings. In the evenings on some nights,they had a chef on the bbq outside with some very tasty meats and oriental food on quite a few nights.
People say it is very repetative and it's always chicken,beef and fish. What else do you want? It's not cooked the same everyday! If your not a fussy eater,you WILL NOT STARVE.

Overall,we had a great time again and met some really nice people and we will definately go back. It's a great place for adults to chill and get some sun. Take some time to get to know the staff and treat them like people and not slaves,they will remember.

As i stated earlier on,any problems or requests,speak to the GM. He will do everything he can to help you.

Places to go whilst at this hotel:
El Finar beach for snorkeling. 20le by taxi,60le each to get in. This is for sunbed,towel,bottle of water and fruit. you wont be disappointed!!
Il Mercatto next to hotel. 5 min walk to shops,bars and restaurants. This is still under development and will be massive when completely finished. Any excursions you want to book,can be done here at dreams entertainment. Barter with Zizi and you will get a very good deal.
Naama bay. 25le-30le to get there and 35le-50le to get back all depending on your bartering skills. Loads of shops,bars,restaurants and shopping mall. Well worth going to the Camel bar for a drink. Great views from the roof!
The hotel beach is ok if you want free. You will need reef shoes or jellies on your feet. As you enter the beach,turn right and keep walking round the corner and you can snorkle here. This is where we found Nemo in the summer.
Watch out for rude Russians!

This is a 3 star hotel and it is cheap to stay here. There are a lot worse 4 star hotels in Sharm charging the earth. If you are planning a holiday where you just need a base or some peace and quiet then book the Badawia.
A lot of other hotels look nice in their photos,but dont be fooled!
Badawia is small,clean,friendly,cheap and in a great location.
If you are looking for 5 star treatment,then pay 5 star prices and good luck!

Thanks to everyone at the Badawia for a great stay AGAIN. We WILL see you again in the future."

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  • Travel date: Fri 15th of January 2010

A pleasure!!


"Stayed here for 2 weeks starting xmas eve 2009. When we arrived my daughter had to go to hospital and my husband was told by airport official he couldn't come, so he headed off to the hotel on his own (reluctantly). After daughter and I returned from the hospital (long story!), I was met at reception by gentleman (can't remember his name) who addressed me by my name and asked me how we were. When my husband had arrived there earlier, he'd asked why he was alone, and when my husband explained, the reception guy phoned around to see what hospital we were at to reassure my husband which I thought was real nice, seeing as it was unexpected and worrying at the time.

The room was a lovely size, clean, and air conditioning was appreciated!! Hotel is clean overall, with a large pool, and peaceful. We really liked this hotel. It is situated parallel to Il Mercato (modern shopping/restaurant centre (inc, McDonalds/KFC if you get stuck!!). This is designed like modern italian plazza, with fountains, and nice place to eat in the evening, including italian, seafood, local cuisine, and a chinese plus more. We frequently ate at On-ions - good food/prices, and nice area to sit and eat. You can order alcohol from Stella Bar opposite (Barman comes over and serves you, which is a plus as no alcohol in restaurants). If you need a Pharmacy (we did!), then ONLY go to the one in Il Mercato as they charge the correct prices, no ripping you off, which we only found out a little too late. Locals use this pharmacy. Antinal is a great local intenstinal antiseptic should you need it!! Costs about 60p in our money.

You can get to anywhere you like easily from this hotel, so ideally based. We were Bed & Breakfast only, which is what we wanted as not drinkers, and didn't want 3 meals a day. We ate in the evening at various locations. We sat around to pool for maybe 4 days in the fortnight as a rest more than anything, This was purely a base for us as we went out and about. When we did sit there, we got bored with the repetitive music LOL!! But you can take your own music and they're cool with that. Luckily for us a Scottish chap was staying there and he had good taste :-) They kept playing Celine Dion which drove me bananas LOL. There's no entertainment for the children mind, which is the only thing I wasn't happy with at the hotel, but like I said, we'd plans anyway so it was no big deal, but if you're kind of holiday is a pool holiday with the kids, and you want more than a pool, you'll be stuck.

The breakfast consists mainly of pastries, tofu??, yoghurt, one type of cereal, bread, jams/honey, omlettes, boiled eggs, salad???, tea/coffee/juice and that's pretty much it really. It's enough but if you like something more, then not for you. All inclusive holidaymakers, some complained, some were happy. Again, depends on what you're expecting I suppose. Didn't affect us. I couldn't understand tofu/salad mind, but some liked that, so, they're catering from tastes I pressume?

Staff were all friendly, had no problems with anyone. Sam (gift shop), and Mohammed (Pool guy) were stars. We really liked them especially. Mohammed takes great pride in his pool and will ensure he makes you as comfortable as possible. Cheeky too, so watch he doesn't push you in the pool once you're friendly with him.

On New Years Eve, a gala meal was presented with entertainment. Food was lovely, and the belly dancer got my husband up dancing which I know he'd rather forget LOL. Was a good evening. All inclusive drinks do not apply then apparently??

Pool was cold when we went which we appreciated!! ,You warm up within 2 mins, but some weren't happy about this. Mohammed told me in the heat of their summer, it is like a hot bath, so I suppose they cannot win really. No point heating if hot majority of time anyway. Whilst we were there they emptied the pool to re-grout the tiles. This didn't go down well either. A workforce managed to complete this in with 24 hours!!!!!!!!! I thought this was remarkable. They worked through the night to ensure all could use the next day, and as promised, it was available to use 1st thing. My daughter was the first one in at 9.00am. Now that's what you call service!! How can you fault that?? These guys really WORK. They had to do it some time as never close due to being sunny all year.

Every day our room was cleaned, and some days we had swans made out of towels/blankets which is a thoughtful touch I thought.

The private beach is a 10 minute drive away via shuttle bus (free). This is OK. It's fine for a swim. Not a snorkelling beach. You can walk 10 mins down (to your right as you enter), but to be honest, this was a let down. The sea is BEAUTIFUL, the land surrounding that however is basically a rubbish tip, with an army tank perched on cliff edge, and a car in the sea!! We were surprised, and sad to see this as other than that, it really is lovely to look at around you. Sea is like the brochures. My husband snorkelled here. My daughter wasn't keen as had a cold, and I got stung in the foot by a black spiky thing in the sea!!! Ouch! A chap called Mohammed in the sea came over to see if he could help and was real sweet. You need aqua shoes here if you wish to go in. At the private beach base, you're harrassed CONSTANTLY. I had to threaten one with the tourist police as he really was becoming persistently forceful. He left immediately.

If you really want to snorkel, my best advice to you is to go to El Fanar beach. Its BREATHTAKING!! YOU WILL SEE SO MANY FISH. Its shallow enough and calm for the children, and fish are plentiful, but if you're up for the coral, swim 30 foot and you go over the coral shelf. You're in another world. It is SPECTACULAR. We loved it. Go to the beach that costs 20LE each. (Turn right at the lighthouse, and down cliff steps). You will not be disappointed I assure you. Its the best beach by far. Reef beach isn't a patch on it, and we were told its just as good. It isn't at all. You will be approached for massage/pizza as these guys have a 'pitch' each. They'll spoil you giving you best spot, but after couple visits, if you're not spending, they're not so accommodating thereafter. We wanted to snorkel, not eat huge pizzas. You expect this though as this is their business to sell these afterall, and they do know what NO means here thankfully.

Overall this hotel is a good hotel, If you're wanting 5* style all inclusive, 'the works', go elsewhere. This hotel was perfect for us. Clean, friendly, good location and tranquil."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 9th of January 2010

Worst Hotel Ever and Now CLOSED DOWN.


"My Letter to Teletext Holidays Re The All Seasons Badawea Resort.
Dear Teletext Support, Regarding Our holiday nightmare to the hotel your company recommended the All Seasons Badawea Resort in Sharm el Sheikh,

After booking the Hotel from Hell I did try to change hotel when I read the TripAdvisor and Holiday Watchdog Reviews but your company wanted to charge me another £380 for the change.

How I wish I had, The Badawea resort I would not have sent my dogs to, But two lovely dogs lived there that were covered in ticks and allowed to run around the pool and guest area's and mix with the guests, All they wanted was care, attention and food, But there was not enough food for guests so the dogs had no chance.

When I arrived at around 7.45pm on the 3rd Jan I was given room 404, I don't think it had been cleaned for the whole holiday season, Electric wiring was totally unsafe, The Fridge was Filthy and Rusty, The so called Air condition Unit had a missing knob with live terminals showing, The Bathroom was Filthy and tap broken, When the shower was used the bathroom started to Flood from the waste piping, the Windows Did Not Fit and Were Filthy, The Curtains Were Falling Down, The Ceiling above the food serving area in the Dinning room was falling Down. (see the pictures) When I reported the faults the Hotel staff said they could not change rooms for us but would try and get the problems fixed but nothing happened,.

As the Evening Meal was being served we went down for dinner, Calling it dinner was a joke, Cold fish in some sort of sloppy sauce or black looking chicken legs in another sloppy sauce., Cold mash potatoes and some sort of beans, There was also mixed salad, Desert was stale small squares of sponge cake, To drink there was orange or fizzy cola that you poured yourself from a bottle into a plastic cup or you could make a cup off coffee or tea which you made yourself in chipped cups. The food was UN-edible, We went out for a meal instead.

Breakfast, We did not attend for it,
Lunch, same chicken as Saturday evening but with Rice or Pasta, Cold salad with an oil dressings, Desert was the same as Saturday along with some sort of what looked like cloudy jelly, The drinks were the same,
Dinner, More of the chicken with rice or pasta and mixed cold vegetables. Deserts were the same along with the Drinks.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were the same except for the evening meal on Wednesday when there was nothing. We were eating out of the hotel as the meals were dreadful.

On Tuesday the 6th the electricity went off around 2 pm and came back on around 4 pm.

On Wednesday the 7th at around 1.50 pm the electric and water were cut off, As it had not come on around 3 pm when we saw the staff take buckets of water from the swimming pool and take it into the kitchen we went down to the hotel reception where a crowd of guests had gathered, I asked what was happening and I was told the Hotel was closing down as the owner had not paid any bills and had fled Egypt. He had not paid the staff any wages for 3 to 4 months and they were living off tips.

The Hotel staff would not comment saying they knew nothing. One of the guests said that the Holiday reps were coming to the hotel. I tried contacting our Rep "Mody" from Eagle Travel in Egypt 8 times between 3.24 pm and 6.30 pm, He never answered any of the messages, After the 7th message at 6.28pm he switched off his mobile or blocked my number as the messages have not been delivered including one I sent him the following morning. I also tried to contact Truly Travel by phone but could not get through so I tried emailing [email protected] and they did not answer my email or 3 other emails I sent them.

The only Holiday Rep that came to the hotel was a guy acting for Thompson, Low Cost Holidays and Easy jet Holidays, All the other Guests had to fend for themselves and sort out other accommodation if they could. We had to pack all our belongings in the dark as there were still no electricity and water were off. The Tourist Police also turned up at the hotel when all the closure was going on.

As there were 3 other hotels in the same road I went to the Dive Inn Resort that I had seen on Teletext and got accommodation for the rest of the Holiday that I had to fund.

On Thursday 8th Jan I had to go back to the Hotel as I had left my Charger, The Tourist Police with Machine guns were all over the hotel. They did allow me in but it was very frightening.

Later that day I contacted the British Hotel representative at the Dive Inn Resort our new hotel and asked her if she could contact the transfer people Eastmar who did the airport transfers, She told me that the hotel Staff Dealt with that so I contacted them. They Called Eastmar who said I had to contact them on Friday the 16ht the day before we left to sort out the time.

Friday 16th, I contacted Eastmar the Transfer company and told them that I had changed hotels due to the Badawea Resort Closing, I told them that I was at The Dive in Resort, They said I would be picked up and be transferred to the airport at 2pm on the Saturday the 17th.

Saturday 17th, At 2pm Eastmar arrived at the Dive Inn Resort to collect people to be transferred but I was told I was not on that bus and another was coming to collect us. By 4pm no one had arrived so I got the hotel to contact Eastmar and when I talked to them they said they did not have a taxi to take us to the airport, I told them they said they would collect me at 2 pm but Eastmar said they did not have a taxi or bus to take us and they could do nothing. I had to ask the hotel to take me in the Hotels own Taxi to the airport costing me more expense.

This is the first time I have used Teletext to book a holiday but I don't think I will use Teletext again. The Holiday was a complete nightmare and I will make t known.

The Holiday Reps in Sharm el Sheikh were well aware of the Dreadful Reputation of the All Seasons Badawea Resort, This information must have been passed onto the British Holiday Company's and yet, you continued to advertise and send Holiday Makers there even after its closure when people were still turning up at the Hotel 2 days after the Hotel closed.

Could you please email or send me a Claim form for reimbursement for the Total Holiday Cost Including the Extras Incurred.


Mr I Kendal & Mr J Donald

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 19th of January 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

Happy Days


"Hi All+
What a great time we both had loved the family feeling that passed from new be to new be and I must say this is lead by them that come time and time again
We loved the staff as they also work hard to make sure that that each person got the Gold Card treatment
The food was very good but not great (its me misted my boiled eggs)
Yes like most hotels it need a coat of paint but I will not mark it down for this
What would I like for my next visit is free internet (Yes we re going back) just how unlucky can the staff be We are hoping that will be in February 2014
From myself and My Boss Be Happy Be Lucky

John Cath Hunter


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 1st of January 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness
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    "small, friendly hotel "

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    "Don't go stay away you'll be gutted if you do go!! "

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    "The hotel's Beduin night, totally worth every penny. "

  • Beverley E by Beverley E

    "Dont do the Mount Sinai sunrise unless you are equipped as a climber, its a killer and not for the faint hearted. Visit the English bar next door, talk to other guests for tips, Gilda is a regular and has done most of the trips/activities. "

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    "use as base only, take your own sheets and towels "

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    "Happy to say I was really happy that the shops on site were not trying to pull youin eachtime you passed them "

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    "In the Area are very good Cafe, The Facebook Cafe and scuba diving "

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    ( 983 reviews)
    Delta Sharm Resort Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Red Sea and Sinai
  • 3
    ( 908 reviews)
    Viva Sharm Hotel Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Red Sea and Sinai
  • 4
    ( 610 reviews)
    Otium Hotel Golden Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Red Sea and Sinai
  • 3
    ( 357 reviews)
    Tivoli Hotel Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Red Sea and Sinai