Al Diwan Resort

Shark's Bay , Sharm El Sheikh , Egypt , Africa
3 star hotel


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  • 2.5 room
  • 2.5 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 2.5 service
  • 2 dining
  • 2.5 amenities
  • 4 value
  • 2 food
  • 2.5 cleanliness
  • 2 location

34 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

First visit to Eygpt


"After booking our holiday to Al Diwan I read a few reviews on Tripadvisor and wondered what I had let myself in for and was more than a little worried I had done the wrong thing. Our holiday to Sharm was marvelous, we went for the diving and were not disappointed, as recommended by a fellow tripadvisor guest we did not bok our diving through the hotel, but looked elsewhere and it was not hard to find a marvelous diving centre at Sharks Bay 5 minutes taxi ride from Al Diwan. First impressions were the hotel is very nice but could do with some tlc, it is very clean and there are always house staff around cleaning somewhere. We did have a problem first night with the AC but this was fixed very soon after we reported it. The pool area is clean but there are a few broken tiles around, as I said in need of a little TLC the linen was clean and changed regularly if a little thread bare. The food is typical all inclusive but there was always something we could eat. There was entertainment on a couple of nights which was very good. The best thing about Al Diwan has to be the Staff, they are absolutely great and can not do enough for you, it was my birthday while I was there and they organised a birthday cake and had the whole place singing happy birthday in arabic and english, a great night was had by all.
So if it is a budget holiday with a good atmosphere I would recommend this hotel. The all inclusive finished at 10 pm but considering we were diving from 8 a.m. until 6p.m. this was not a problem for us as we were certainly early bedders."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 2nd of August 2008

my opinion


"that it was not the first time for me in EL diwan I have been there many times but that time I feel real so bad there it's not like befor and the manger of it called ALaa he is realy very bad manger I even seen in my life he always running flow ladies and girl treat the stuff so bad like they are slaves and he need all the guist sleep at 10 PM like school house he swith off the ligths and swith off the music it's realy like school house I felt like I was not in vcation and my girl friend felt so bad from that man he always need to talk with her Any way I love Sharm it's very very nice place but next time I should change this resort.............."

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  • Travel date: Sat 12th of July 2008

such nice people


"Just come back from Al diwan resort, the hotel is very clean and the people can't do enough to please.
The housekeeper "Waheil"cleaned our room everyday & always left a design on the bed made out of the towels ranging from flowers to swans and on our last day he made a crocodile ( very impressive).
the waiters are keen to serve you and liked it when you said thankyou in their native tongue (shukron)
the food was nice if only repetitive ( could do with a broader menu).
Just down the road from Al Diwan is sharks bay which can be reached by the free minibus provived by the hotel every 2 hrs,which is excellent for snorkelling, or you could walk its only 15/20mins but it's hot.
Overall we both enjoyed our stay at the Al Diwan,its cheap n cheerful but well worth the visit,"

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  • Travel date: Thu 10th of July 2008

Not bad if your standards aren't high


"Truthfully our stay started out bad, it took some time to get the room we had wanted. We had asked for a triple bed room online and they had tried to give us the wrong rooms. It's a good thing that my dad had enough patience that late in the night (we arrived on plane from Luxor) or else we would have been stuck with a two bed room with a dinky matress on the floor.
Of course the hotel wasn't exactly great considering we had just stayed at the New Winter hotel, and everything there was awesome.
We had spent the last couple weeks exploring pyramids, temples, etc, so we were ready for some rest. The first couple days we didn't hang out at the hotel at all--we had missed breakfast, which turns out was probably a good thing since the next couple breakfast I really didn't have an appitite for. We ate out when we could.
We actually thought the beach would be closer, a lot closer So it was a bummer when we figured out it was down the hill.
The beach was actually nice. I'm an 18 year old young woman, so obviously I met some---very nice men, young and old. I had gotten used to being hit on by then so it wasn't a big problem, I have a boyfriend so he was my excuse for not accepting dates. My henna artist did get a little cranky and it took my dad intervening to make him go away. So if you are young and don't want to "get a drink" with one of these men, it may be hard to get them to take no for an answer.
The room itself was nice and spacious, I have no big complaints about it except the couch was a bit uncomfortable to sit on, and the hotel didn't provide complimentary hand soap. I did like the towel decoration on my bed though, that was a nice touch. (They made it into a heart shape, I have my own suspicions about the manager, he liked me more than I would have liked...)
It was on the last day that we finally were able to have a good time, they had a 'finding of the gold party' and you could tell that they were really trying to make this work. the music at dinner time was really depressing to the point where I felt like laughing. They had some entertainment, not top class, but it was something to watch.
I found the hotel otherwise boring, being 18 and all. Which is probably why I talked to the staff and guests a lot.
And--I actually have to say, not all Russians are bad. sure there was one lady who cut me in line for the buffet, but really if she really wanted that food she could have it. (ha)
but we actually did meet some great people who were nice and willing to help.
I would advise if you want to snorkle (scuba diving goes down too far, most of the cool stuff is near the top of the reef) go to the Shark Bay Scuba place, I actually forgot the name, but it's on the way when you go down the road from the bus. We had an excellent time with them. The food was wonderful, and it was relatively cheap considering that you get to snorkle in some of the top seven coral reefs in the world.
So overall it ended up being a good stay."

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  • Travel date: Wed 28th of May 2008

had a good relaxing holiday


"my wife and i with two friends decided to go for this hotel due to the price mostly. having read the reviews about the hotel after booking we sort of feared the worsed. but to our surprise it was not bad value for the being canny scots!!!! ok the food was not that great but even my mate pat who is the fussiest eater

ive came across managed to find something.the rooms were cleaned every day and we were left various towel ornaments which the girls loved,by the way our ages varied from 40ish to 60ish. the pool area was very good with separate shower area, and plenty loungers. the bar was a bit mean with the lager half a plastic cup full.

we were told this was for safety around the pool area (fair enough) you can still go into the hotel bar and get a glass of lager if you wish? the staff were all friendly. most spoke a little english which helped.

security into the hotel was quite good. they have a metal detector as you go in the front door with a guard on standby. but nothing to fear. overall we enjoyed our time at the diwan, one draw back is going into town is better by taxi averaged about £5 english or £50 egyptian but haggle first they seem to enjoy it. hope this review helps. have fun. brian greig"

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  • Travel date: Sun 11th of May 2008

why is it always the british


"We were booked into Halomy but when arrived was told problem with rooms and had to go to Al Diwan,I told him no way was I going to sharks bay as I know how isolated it is.I was promised a private car would bring us back to Nama bay any time at all,some hope.We had no option but to go as we clearly were;nt getting in so had to go.We met others the same and all british.We obviously don;t kick up enough fuss.The hotel was just like others have said,the staff were 1st class except the rip off merchant in supermarket {youngest one] and the cleaner knocking door in afternoon looking for tip.Alec the manager was brilliant always making sure everything was fine.I couldnt bring myself to tell him our water ran brown so make sure you have plenty bottled.The hotel only runs bus twice a week to naama bay which is;nt enough.If you are into diving & snorkeling don;t book at hotel {e mail me and i;ll tell you why} take the shuttle to sharks bay where there;s a lovely reef for snorkeling and boats for diving but buy beach slippers as beach is gravel, beds&mats are free.All in all the hotel suited our needs for a week but is gauling to arrive there after a tiring flight and get messed about.We went to the Halomy on our second last day and the views were ecstatic .The dive boats were a 5 miute walk & snorkeling 2 minutes just what i;d paid for.My advice if you;ve booked Halomy is to check before you fly you;ve got a room and stand firm."

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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of April 2008

1st Class for price


"Went to Al Diwan for chill out week with my wife (something we have done for last 10 years) without question climate beats anything in Europe,Canaries at this time of year.
Al Diwan cheaper end of market but what a fabulous stay we had.
Room was really good size cleaned by exellant cleaner every day.
And the little displays with towels was a really nice touch.
Food was OK and I am quit a fussy eater.
my wife enjoyed all the meals we had bar one.
Pool area was cleaned twice a day and was a reasonable size.
Hotel a bit remote but free bus ride to beach and cheapest taxi's I have ever been in did'nt make us feel remote at all.
Staff are some of the most friendly and helpful I have ever come
The only complaint was that the AI deal finished at 2200 not happy about that but of course there are ways and means to get around that!!!
Sharks Bay was nice but not as good as I had thought.
Snorkling was first class
Old Sharm worth a visit
Namma bay good but expensive.
Best recommend-----------would I go back???

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  • Travel date: Sun 6th of April 2008

Room at The Inn (see Halomy Hotel)


"Having been informed that we couldn't stay at the Halomy hotel we were told that we were being upgraded to a 4star hotel this being the Al Diwan the sister hotel to the Halomy.

This hotel has never seen 4stars as is proven by the rateing on this sight.

The food was YUK!!!!!, the hotel was DIRTY!!!!, it was also miles away
from anywhere being right near to the airport although noise once in your room was not a problem. The nearest beach Sharks Bay was a bus ride away so it wasn't possible just to go for a walk anywhere so taxi's were a must.

The staff were lovely all were helpful, polite and very plesant, they did everything that was possible to make you feel welcome & nothing was too much trouble for them it's a shame that they were not at a better hotel they are all wasted here.

The pool was unusable as it was dirty & freezing cold even the kids staying at the hotel didn't brave it.

We did get clean towels & bed linen most days but the bathroom though cleaned each day was filthy the shower curtain & tiles in the shower &
bathroom were full of mould & were black.

I didnt choose to stay at this hotel neither did the other at least 10
families that were moved here, all given different reasons for not being able to stay at the Halomy hotel which where we had all booked originally.

We did make the most of our Xmas & New Year by getting out & about we went Quad Biking & Diving both really good trips lots of fun had by all on the bikes & thanks to the persiverance & patience of SAMUEL i had the experience of a lifetime scuba diving. the weather was good the company of some wonderful people that we met made this a holiday to remember.

Would i go back again? YES definately!! but not to the Halomy or the Al Diwan. Have now been to Sharm twice i love the place & the people but next time will go for a higher star rated hotel like i did the first time.

A few HELLO'S to the crazy gang Mag's & Ian, Jaqui, Andy & Jake, Freddy, Ricky, Naz & Nad, Glen & Nina, Debbie & Alexis Pauline & Ashleigh, & finally Brigit & Eric (hope your better now Eric)."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 13th of January 2008

Good no frills hotel


"I bought this holiday package off ebay so paid very little for 2 weeks all inclusive, the hotel in general has seen better days and all the rooms could do with a refurb, and also a good clean if im honest but the bed linen was clean and the bathroom was good sized and clean. the cleaners (all male as is usual in egypt) made origami shapes out of towels on the bed with petals most days but I would have prefered them to actually clean the room. The pool was so cold not even the children would go in but there was a bus to the beach several times a day and that was mainly where we went and the food was good in the beach bar (sharks bay ) its remote location means you cant have a walk anywhere at night and the bus to naama bay is at 730 on thursdays and sundays only but it was only 40 egyptian pound for a taxi from the hotel ( you can get them down more if you haggle but it is quite a way and its not worth the hassle in my opinion). Food was ok, not the worst ive ever had and there was always something nice to eat, not a lot of choice but what there was was ok, breakfasts were not worth bothering with but lunch and dinner were fine but if you expect english food you will be disapointed as they cater for many different nationalities, no chips but lots of stews, pastas and really nice rice dishes. The all inclusive drinks were the best we have received in egypt, the red wine was very drinkable and the beer was cold and good and in half pint glasses (sometimes they are in paper cups for A I ) The desserts were also very good and a great selection. We ate out a few times as over 2 weeks the food does get a bit boring and the prices are very reasonable to eat out, the egyptian restaurant over the hardrock cafe is very good as is the seafood restaurant at the very bottom of the street where the taxi rank is (on the right as you walk down the street) We never spend an awful lot of time in the hotel on holiday and prefer to get out and about and go to egypt fot the diving/snorkeling and would not stay here if I wanted a hotel I could stay in a lot as there was little entertainment laid on. This is my third time to egypt and wont be the last. Would I stay here again? Only if it was as dirt cheap as I paid this time! There are loads of nice hotels in Sharm and we rarely stay at the same place twice anyway."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 5th of January 2008

Dirty, run down, too remote and too Eastern European


"Whilst the cost of the trip, for our dates of from Boxing day to 2nd Jan 08 was fairly reasonable, it once again did prove the adage that you get what you pay for.

But it was better than being in the UK Winter over New Year!

1. Room dirty, with yellow mould in the bathroom (especially at the back of the sink - see photo), brown towels, dirty decor and a general run-down/dirty feeling.

2. Too far out of town if you want to enjoy the beaches, food and things-to-do in Naama Bay. The advertised hotel shuttle buses are irregular, unreliable and very over-crowded by pushing and shoving Eastern Europeans. You should budget for an extra £12 per day (120 E£) for return taxi trips - but you'll have to argue/barter/be prepared to walk away to get that price!

3. Not enough loungers/space around the pool - and in any case, all will have towels on them by 0800hrs (in recent times I have found other hotels to politely remove and neatly fold to one side any towels being used to "reserve").

4. Food (we were B & B only) was great if you like fried span and potatoes or fatty meat - we only ate the first night when we arrived as it was too late for any alternative, and it was poor. Breakfast was very basic and the coffee was DIY from instant granules - we didn't bother after the first day.

5. If you complain the simple response is "you English? I seeeeeee...." as if we are the only ones that think the above are unacceptable.

6. In the town, at certain times of the day it was like running the gaunlet, with Taxi touts, newspaper sellers and restaurant touts constantly hassling us. In the end you end up either rudely ignorring or even more rudely having to tell them to go away. And if you have a pretty fair haired partner, be prepared for the sleazy comments and leering.

7. I'm affraid from our trip, with a very very few exceptions, our belief is now that Egyptian=rip off/fiddle attempt. Even the guide on our trip to Cairo (which was very good) tried to rip us off to the tune of £12.50 each for the entry into the light/laser show!!!!!!!! Keep your wits about you.

Again? Maybe, but only in one of the more up market large resort hotels when cleanliness and service are more part of the culture and where one can walk to the beach/town."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 5th of January 2008

Great value


"I have no idea why so many people complain after the holiday instead of during. We had a lovely time at the resort, yes on the first night the food was warm and after a word in the managers ear the food was hot for the duration, beer cold, rooms neat & tidy cleaned daily. The resort is a little shabby but with a coat of paint & some closer maintenance it would be great. What really made our stay great was that the staff were very friendly & helpful. Will be going back."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 28th of February 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Is this the worst hotel in Sharm?


"I saw a review of this hotel that recommended changing hotels because it is so awful. Silly me I still went. Warm beer, warm wine, no ice, not enough ashtrays, glasses,cutlery, plates or condiments. The ladies toilets did not lock, did not flush, hardly ever had toilet paper & were dirty for the whole 2 weeks. The food was repetitive, tasteless & cold.
The pool area had house music played at nightclub level from 11 AM. On the plus side a few of the staff were so good, so helpful that the stay was bearable. My apartment was dated but pleasant & clean. To anyone reading this for £50 more you will find a hotel much nearer the action/beach with good food & working toilets. This is next to the airport so if you do go dont book transfers a taxi costs £3.50"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 5th of May 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness
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  • jeffnjax1 by jeffnjax1

    "Sharm is Ok resort terrible "

  • jeffnjax1 by jeffnjax1

    "McDonalds- and I don't like mcdonalds "

  • benson2007 by benson2007

    "hard rock cafe amazing meals,snorkeling in the coral and deep sea diving "

  • Helen82 by Helen82

    "snorkling, quad biking, seeing the pyramids "

  • kassy1403 by kassy1403

    "Loved Sharm el Sheikh - Egypt, going for a late holiday deal was the best idea we've had all year "

  • bally by bally

    "namma bay where they had thousands of shops and restaurants with shisha bars. "

  • Danielle09 by Danielle09

    "sharks bay is a deffenate must see the water is beautifully clear as you can see all the fish "

  • rekha162 by rekha162

    "Quad Biking, Scuda diving, parasailing, banana boat, beach buggie in Sharm/pyramids in Cairo "

  • Qsvr by Qsvr

    "Sharm is good i would recomend "

  • chelsea by chelsea

    "Go to Egypt, lovely place just dont stay at Al Diwan "

  • Shadow1 by Shadow1

    "Avoid it like the plague "

  • Benjamic by Benjamic

    "If you have a problem talk to the staff "

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