Nuweiba Coral Resort

South Sinai, Nuweiba 46625 Egypt
4 star hotel


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  • 2.5 room
  • 2 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 2 service
  • 2 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 1 value
  • 1.5 food
  • 1 cleanliness
  • 1 location

26 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Still the best


"This is my second trip to this hotel and i was not disappointed at all. Once again the staff were fantastic, the food great and the ideal place for a beach holiday. Also great if you want to do excursions and be pampered by the excellant beauty treatment staff. Its the best location if you love the beach and sea - Sharm isn't the best for beaches where you can play and paddle due to alot of house reefs. The hotel also has great diving facilities and plenty to see. There is nothing outside the hotel really so if you like to go out and wander at night its not the best place for you. Also evening entertainment is minimal so its ideal for those who like to relax and have a few drinks in the evening. If you like cheesy shows and karaoke you won't get any of that here and i think thats the way most of us returners would like to keep it! Although crazy dancing in the disco to cheesy music is a great way to end the day if you have enough energy after all the food, drink and sun!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of June 2005

Second time even better!


"we travelled 6th-13th june. being the second visit you know what is going to happen on arrival so you are much more relaxed!! i took my work freind with me and we had a great time.

arriving at taba airport was a bit tiring as there was only one man at passport control but the longwoods reps did everything they could to speed the process up. when you get out the airport there was reps handing out cold water for you! much needed!!

arriving at the hotel was a little annoying as the staff knew me wanted to get us checked in first, however we were quite happy to wait our turn but sometimes there is no telling the egyptians!! check in only took 10 mins tops and the luggage gets taken to your room!! we got upgraded to a superior room which was really nice as it was much bigger!! be warned if you like a balcony superior rooms don't have them as they are on the ground floor!!

the hotel is being refurbished but it doesn't effect you at all and the new rooms are lovely (but they should be costing £3000 each!!)
the restuarent is still lovely the food is great and the service is great!! the food was always hot, well presented and tasty!! get pancakes from sherif in the morning they are the best!! try the abo lou lou one night, its a la carte restuarent. i thought the starter was the main course!!! great food in there!!

The pool and beach are still great and are kept really clean!! the views of saudi were excellent while we were there!! when you see Armed (massage man) grab him and book a massage they are awesome and cheap!! cheers armed!! if you want to go on any excursions by boat go and speak to Ramy in the water sports place onthe beach, you can do banana boat rides and all sorts down there!!

Samy and Armed are still the animation guys and do a great job at getting everyone involed!! you have streching in the morning, then water gym which i still get caught when i don't do it correctly!!! sorry samy!! but it is great fun!! water polo is great to watch as if you take part you tend to get injured Armed is very competitive loses most of the time though!! then there is volleyball! then the disco in the evening, be warned armed loves to dance with himself in the mirror!! strange but true!!

then to the staff, this place would not be anything special without the staff!! they all work so hard and they genuinly enjoy getting to know you!! being my second time the first hour of walking around the hotel there was a lot of hugs and hand slapping going on!! to my surprise they all remebered me (but then as one of them did point out to me i was only there 8 weeks previously!!)

thank you to the towel men, they are up so early and have grins on there faces how do you do it!! all the guys in the restuarent Sayeed, Mohamed, Adel and Samy!! you are great!! Mohamed, A man, Mohamed 2, Hany and Axel in the pool bar thanks for teaching me my arabic. i am still practising it! then the reception boys what can i say about them the 2 Walids (one has a south londen accent crossed with egyptian it is so funny!!) Amr, Ashraf and of course Mohamed, they kept us entertained for hours!! and of course the cleaner you did a great job!
thank you to katie the longwoods rep for pushing me on the coach to come home!! someone had to!!

anyway to sum up, great place, great people and fantastic holiday!!
such a shame we are staying at a different hotel in august but will definaly be visiting for a couple of days!! see you guys then!!

Happy Holidays!!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of June 2005

Excellent Hotel and Staff


"After seeing all the previous reviews we were really looking forward to staying at the Hilton Nuweiba.
The hotel is being transformed at the Moment with the first Block being completed for July and the other 2 will be completed after August.
The staff in the hotel are amazing especially WALID and Sayeed as they are really special and portray the Hilton Spirit.

The beach is brilliant and there is no need to trundle down early to make sure you get a spot as there is enough for everyone.

The downside are the weekend flood of people from Israel as they use the Sinai area as a weekend get away, they seem to lack respect for others pushing people out of the way and taking over things!!!!! A few pointers to think about,

* Use the smaller pool as it is much quiter
* Take Mosquito spray (Got me a few times)
*If you go out of the resort on trips take you own loo roll as they seem to charge you for the pleasure of using loo rolls everywhere.
* sit on the right side of the beach as the canopys are better and shady.
*if you go on a trip to cairo watch out for the pick pockets in the cairo Museum following groups of guided tours.........."

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  • Travel date: Mon 20th of June 2005



"I looked on this website before I went to the Hilton Nuweiba and with such good reviews I decided to go. Without a doubt the best holiday I have had. I have just returned from here with my three children and had a fantastic time.

Water gym with sammy and ahmed is lots of fun, with all the children joining in. The pool bar and restaurant staff make this place unforgetable.
Thank you to everyone from cleaners, reception staff to managers for making your resort a friendly and happy environment to have our vacation.

See you in October."

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  • Travel date: Tue 14th of June 2005

Brilliant holiday, brilliant people


"We have just returned from this hotel and have had an absolutely brilliant time. I agree with the comments that some of the rooms are a little tired- not dirty or scruffy, just in need of updating. The hotel has taken this on board and are in the process or refurbishing block 1 which should be completed by the end of August. They had a show room which you could visit, and although we didn't, everyone that did said it was lovely. So, if visiting after August worth requesting a room in block 1!. At the end of the day though how much time do you spend in your room on holiday!

Don't worry about noise levels while the work is going on. They are not allowed to use power tools so everything is done by hand so there is hardly any noise, and they are not allowed to work past 6pm anyway.
We stayed in one of the bungalows which are situated around a lovely pool and a stones throw from the beach. Very spacious and very comfortable with a huge bed! Great too if you have got little ones with you (we didn't) as they are away from the entertainment and are nice and quiet in the evening. They have large patios that you can sit out on and have a drink.

The food is very good with plenty of choice and always kept very hot. The wine is a bit of acquired taste - got there in the end after 2 weeks! but plenty of other choices on the AI package.

My main reason for writing a review is the staff. They are absolutely brilliant. Very friendly, helpful & really want you to enjoy your say. I have never returned to a holiday destination before let alone a hotel but I definitely intend to return lto the Coral later in the year."

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  • Travel date: Tue 14th of June 2005

Everything you could wish for and more


"It looks as if I'm just going to repeat everything that the majority of the reviewers have already said about this hotel.

My opinion is that if you're looking for rest, relaxation and a good chance of lovely hot weather, I was there at the end of May, this is the place to come. The staff is fantastic, the food yummy, snorkelling off the beach awesome and the air con in the room a great relief.

I hope that if you go, you enjoy it as much as myself and my family did."

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  • Travel date: Sat 11th of June 2005

Fantastic staff


"Have just returned from a wonderful week at the Nuweiba Coral. The staff were fantastic and attended to our every need. They were extremely friendly and courteous and seemed to get to know everybody! The rooms were in need of a bit of TLC which is underway, but we were so rarely in our room it didn't matter. The weather and scenery is out of this world, and you are spoilt for choice in terms of trips. The food is great and there is plenty of choice. The water gym, massage and belly dancing are all must do's!
We have all voted this holiday as our best ever (and travelling with two teenagers thats impressive!)
Will definately return."

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  • Travel date: Sat 11th of June 2005



"Just got back from spending 2 weeks here for the second time and still loved it!!! The staff are absolutely amazing and really will go out of their way to ensure you have a great stay!! If you want any food that isn't their, just ask and they will go and make it specially for you!!
The barmen are fantastic as well - they've got your drink order remembered by the end of the first night - only problem is then when you fancy something different!!

The weather is fantastic - reached over 35 degrees when I was there so didn't really do many trips as preferred to sleep on the beach and read. If you're an avid reader you don't even need to take loads of books - there are loads that you can borrow at the beach bar.

The only negative points are that the rooms look slightly worn (although they are redoing them all) and the evening entertainment is a little poor. However this has improved since my first trip in October 2004!

Overall, I would say it is a fantastic place and I'm looking forward to going back in September!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 5th of June 2005

wish we were still there


"this really is a perfect place for a holiday for r+r. I don't feel too worried about the older decor of the rooms (we were in a bungalow) as it has a lovely well established feel, the greenery of the grounds and the blue of the sky and sea is so stunning and those mountains all around -absolutely stunning.
Food good the best moussaka I have ever tasted. Do not drink the rose or white they are like disinfectant, red wine fine though.
Entertainment low key but absolutely fine. Aquarobics a must-you then deserve a big lunch. Belly dancing on the beach was fun though could have been given more space, we were all bunched up in a single row. Ahmed excellant at encouraging people to join in the activities.
There are adequate sunbeds on the beach, and although there are quite a few round the pools there was a mentality of towel placing as the week progressed and therefore at times there were a lot of unused sunbeds with towels on them!
Ahmed the masseur excellant have some reflexology- soooo relaxing.
Rooms clean, blanket and towel sculptures as described below.
My son had some wonderful tutoring in arabic and has come home with a wide vocabulary. The guys in the shops are really good fun, got some really nice nic nacs (the belly dance outfit)
Will return, my son gave this 10/10 as the score for this holiday-do we have any choice in returning.
Tips- plenty of mosiguard, and take some for the airport you are stuck in a hot stuffy locked room for 2 hours and its dinner for mossies I got most of my bites there. probably a good idea to take some snacks as well. Also if you like crisps/peanuts take some with you but the hoummas although not part of AI was very good at the bar. The plug in mossie repellant is plugged in sideways so make sure you have a full bottle or use the tablets. take a decent bottle opener for the minibar, do keep your room for late checkouts. And the Dr if you need him will charge 70 English pounds, this includes consultation and the medicines he provides, so try and pack any meds you need, it was an awful lot of money I felt for a few tablets.
Loved it"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 4th of June 2005

A fantastic hotel with fantastic staff


"We stayed at the Coral Hilton Resort between the 14 & 21 May 2005 - we had read all the reviews which all raved about the hotel - we booked it because of such good reviews!

The hotel rooms are clean and a good size, although as most people have said, they are rather tired, especially the bathrooms, but for the amount of time you spent in the hotel, it didnt matter. We were told they were starting to do up building one in June this year.

The beach is lovely, clean sand, and plenty of sun beds. Our special thanks to Sayed on the beach towel stand, who escorted you to chosen spot on the beach each day and made every effort to make sure you are enjoying you stay. He even arranged for our room to be sprayed as my partner got attacked by mosqitos everynight - so remember the spray.

Make sure you visit the pier every evening, where there are sometimes up to 40 Lionfish out to play - people just sit and watch the world go by there.

All the staff both on the beach and in the hotel are delightful - Walid, at Venus Watersports was great and he was our escort when we took a trip into the desert to go snorkelling and ride camels - a great day day - but beware, not for someone with a bad back as you travel in a bedouin's van which is really bumpy - 2 and a half hours there and 2 and a half hours back! Great fun though and Walid was a great guide.

There is an excellent snorkelling area a few hundred metres down the beach where there is a spectacular small coral reef - we spent a couple of hours there on several days just floating about - unfortunately the turtles didnt come out to play but there are 2 resident turtles.

The food was very good, and special thanks to Mohammed R and Ashraf who tended to our every need. Mohammed even asked the chef to cook a curry especially for my partner as she had been craving one all week.

There is plenty of choice, we tried the Italian once, but it wasnt all that. Definatley try the A La Carte restaurant where they have some fantastic fresh fish on offer.

Overall we had a fantastic time and would definatley consider going back. The weather was fantastic between 35 and 40 degrees everyday which at times was a bit too hot to lay out in it.

The people certainly made the holiday for us.

P.S Watch out for the animals that the cleaners make out of your towels - they are fantastic.

P.P.S Do tip small and often, cause they really do deserve it.

Happy Holidays"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 26th of May 2005

Sad to say but after 14 visits we will not return again!


"It pains me to say that after returning last night from our 14th visit to what we once called our second home; unless there are drastic changes to this hotel and the way it is being run; that this will have been OUR LAT VISIT and I would strongly advise others to seriously think hard before spending the kind of money they are asking for what we found to be a total waste of money and apart from getting to see the staff we consider family everything else was either not working or not worth the money.
Now where do I start, no disco for 14 days the sounds system didn’t work and when it did there was nobody to work it, no kids club, we were told they would open it for my granddaughter but again there was nobody to manage it so it was a room not a kids club, the A la carte was as the called it broken! Not sure how a building can be broken or how a hotel with any business sense can shut there extra revenue source in peak season, but they did, Sammy; as always; did more than could be expected to help and laid on special meals in the restaurant and also one for my daughter on the beach but unfortunately Sammy doesn’t run the hotel!
The rooms were dirty and they needed telling to clean them and fix, lights, sinks etc the grounds; still lovely; but beginning to look unkempt and litter in the gardens stays for days without being cleaned up and the pool was filthy, I reported that the pool should be cleaned as it was full of paper and it wasn’t done!
The General Manager was on leave and the manager I spoke too to complain did get the rooms fixed but argued about other services treating us as if we were fools, especially with regard to the disco and kids club and basically said we were lying about them not being open and after explaining that we had check ourselves he seemed unable to confirm or explain his attitude.
Basically from what I can see the hotel is severely understaffed; and underfinanced, and I know numbers at the hotel are down; but if you let standards drop then when think pick up people wont return standards have dropped dramatically I paid a lot of money for the 6 of us to spend 2 weeks there and feel we should be compensated especially after 14 visits and a bowl of fruit wont make me change my mind!
And as to their comment that room booking were down all along the coast we had some friends and the Sofitel, which had previously had issues and the hotel was busy and from what we heard was excellent, maybe my holiday next summer will be there instead, and I sorry Sammy and all the other friends we have that work there but blame you management as we would love to return but to the Hilton that was not this overpriced 2 star hotel!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 20th of August 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

It was a rip off


"Having booked an all inclusive package via the website, additional charges at check in for gala dinners on Christmas Eve and New Year's eve (35 and 140 US Dollars per person respectively), were out of order. Also on arrival found main swimming pool closed for maintenance without having received prior notification. Wine only served at lunch and dinner as part of all inclusive. Available in the bar at other times at exorbitant prices! Unusually during our stay it rained. The room flooded and had to be baled out. We had stayed at the resort in October 2009 and the difference in the offering was marked - a definite deterioration! Needless to say we won't be returning. What a rip off!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 7th of January 2011
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