Habiba Beach Lodge

Habiba Bay, Nuweiba 46618 Egypt
3 star hotel


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We loved Habiba Village!


"We just returned from a wonderful week at Habiba Village - myself, my husband and our 3.5 year old daughter. What made me smile all week, and still makes me smile when I think about it, is just how safe and loved our daughter felt there. All of the staff was amazing, and she quickly became friends with every single one of them. After a few days, they all knew her name. They did all they possibly could to treat us like family, and we felt right at home.

Habiba Village is a very sweet place, nestled in Nuweiba, a coastal town on the Red Sea in the Sinai. There are a zillion places a person could stay in the Sinai, and I would go back to Habiba for sure. We stayed in an air-conditioned room with private bath and plenty of beds for us all. The whole place is just 11 rooms, so you get some great service. Whatever we asked for, we received - extra towels, pillows, etc. Breakfast was included in the cost - which was very reasonable for all we received, and very cheap by US standards - and the breakfast was delicious. They have a wonderful restaurant that serves wonderful fresh fish and just about anything else you could want - make sure to try the "fuul," an Egyptian bean specialty.

The staff - Maged, Hafez, Mina, Emet and Taha, among others - helped us arrange a ride to the border when we had to leave, and are able to arrange for day trips to just about anywhere, including Petra in Jordan. They were always willing to help.

The beach is perfect there - calm waters, beautiful rocks and shells to collect, and some very comfortable places along the beach to hang out and settle in for the day if you need some shade. It is next door to some other small places to stay if you want to try other restaurants. There are camels walking by all day ready to give you a ride, and Bedouin girls and women and men ready to sell you jewelry.

Habiba Village is a wonderful place for families and children, and so is the Sinai in general. We felt completely safe during our entire stay, and would return in a minute. Enjoy!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 15th of October 2007

Break your daily routine for real! Habiba Village, Nuweiba


"My husband and I just came back last night from Nuweiba, South Sinai. We stayed at Habiba Village, a tiny cozy little hotel right on the lush luxurious beach of Habiba BAy. I desperately wanted to go to that hotel, nothing else woul do in Nuweiba and finally I got there.
Now, upon departure and arriving in Cairo, I realized that I had been on a real vacation. We really listened to the sound of silence and just stayed in the sun.
The rooms are essential with bathroom, there is a restaurant that serves food cooked mostly on the grill (that seems to be the hit -of- the -town kind of food), the fish is always fresh (the fisherman Mohamed sees to that every morning), is located right on the beach. So, while having dinner, you watch the mountains of Saudi Arabia become red and understand why the sea is called Red Sea (I personally didn't n know).
Then, you can choose to hung out at the table or lay on the beach and try to count the stars...never seen a sky like that! Uncountable shooting stars and the water splashing at your feet was the only noise we could hear. Maybe just a mishap: sometimes, the neighboring hotel shoots high music just for the hell of it and that might be a downfall.
In the morning, same thing: have breakfast looking at the water!

Now, the staff deserves a whole chapter apart. I begin to say that when we left I cried my eyes off! I could not think of not seeing them the day after: Hassan, one of the waiters, tall and lanky, always smiling even in the noon sun, soon a lawyer; Taha, an engineer turned gardener, who comes up to you with plants telling you their names in latin and trying (hard!) to explain what they do and what they are for, he's really special, he would climb a palm tree and bring you fruits; Emed and the cleaning lady, always working hard fro m early morning and smiling...
Lorena and Maged (the owners) who are loved by their staff: that must mean a whole lot of something and I would add no more.

Also, one good thing about this place is that you can go everywhere from there: Taba, if you'd like (we didn't, too tourist), Eilat (Israel), Jordan. We took a 2-day tour to Petra which is worth at least 5 days.

Now my personal favorite: the dog Folla. There is this camp neighboring Habiba called Amon Yahro. The owner, Ashraf, is an ex everythin: ex fisherman, ex owner of a fish store, ex, ex...He's one of those special encounters that turns your vacation into an experience. He loves animals (which is not so common in Egypt) and has Mimi, his long-time female cat with a puffy tail, and Folla. Now, Folla (it means Jasmine in Arabic, so I was told), is a puppy female dog that I fell in love with. I cried so much over her: one day because I wildly thought that she had left, one day because I thought she did not love me anymore and couldn't stand the thought of it; one day because I was thinking of the departure and wouldn't see her the day after. She is ab fab, sweet and smart, wonderful watching dog. At breakfast, she would come as soon as she would hear us arriving for some cuddling; during the day she would rest as it can be very hot and then again, at dinner, she would show up again to get something to eat. But also to play and be cuddled, to kiss you and just stay with you. When we went to Petra, Ashraf told me that she was very sad and couldn't understand why we were not there anymore. She also one of the reasons why I want to go back to Habiba Village.

I don't know what else to say, there would be so much to say about the place and people..Just go there, it's worth at least a two-week vacation so you can go places from there.

Bye everyone

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of August 2007

peace of mind at Habiba Village


"We just returned from a wonderful relaxing holiday at Habiba Village. The boys (10 and 12) had a great time. they are already planning for the next holiday and dream about a camel trek now that they have met the bedouins and the camels on the beach of Habiba Village.
The staff was very friendly and helpful and cared for our every whim. Food was great. We will definitely return in October.

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of April 2007

Don't Miss the Great Time


"I have spent a wonderful time at Habiba village. The place is actually a haven, away from the hassle of city buzz. If you are looking for peace of mine, this is definitely the place where you should be!

You can just lie on the beach and watch the sea waves come and go, or you can have a camel ride with the bedouins, look at/buy their handmade bead jewellery. Go horseback riding, build sand castles or just read your favorite novel under the shade of the palm tree.

The food is good and the hospitality is great. You can also go on a tour to Taba heights, safari in the mountains or go on a short trip to Jordan and the dead sea.


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  • Travel date: Sun 8th of April 2007



"my boys and i still think about the wonderful few days we spent at habiba village- basking in the sunshine, snorkeling in the red sea, eating amazing fish and sipping tea under the stars at night. my son especially enjoyed playing chess and eating knaffa w./ the owner of the resort Magid.
we all relaxed, swam, read and hung out- took a break from schedules, computers and tvs and just enjoyed the beauty of sinai. breakfast fit for a king was included and the resort was very family friendly. during our stay there were euopeans, israelies, and egyptian families all staying or eating at habiba. we felt very safe and comfortable and hope to return one day...."

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  • Travel date: Sun 11th of February 2007
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