Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort

Next to Port Ghalib, Marsa Alam +20 Egypt
5 star hotel


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Just Got Back


"Just returned back from THE THREE CORNERS with my wife, on our two week stay.

We were quite concerned about the comments posted before we arrived at the CORNERS, but we had a fantasic time.

Still a lot of work to be done but it does not effect the holiday overall. the service, food and cleansiness was excellent.

The room no.5021 over looking gardens, to the left pool and sea views. Large and comfortable room with a 5ft bed. No kettle but that is normal now, limited t. v. channels.

Pool cold, not heated for our stay but there is a hot pool or tub.

Beach is cleaned every day with excellent facilities.

Entertainment below standard, but these are the areas that are not open yet, the trixie club nearly finnished when we left (for the kids) ship like building near the beach."

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of February 2008

Clean, exellent staff - will be fab in a Year


"The Hotel is remote but has its own beach, its a 20-30 minute walk from Port Galhib (which is still in the process of being built but has a Pizza Hut, Costa and a Baskin robins, you can already see it will be lovley when finished.)
The hotel is still being finished there is no building work more outfitting to Bars and resturants and does not interupt your stay. The Hotel is at the moment having a 'soft opening' and they are constantly trying to improve things. The Staff are really friendly and helpful. The Animation team are constantly on the go. Don';t do the british thing and not join in as its fun and youy may meet some great people.
We booked our holiday for a relaxing time and we did excatly that. We took a six year old girl who loved the childrens pool and evening entertainment. The staff really make an effort with children - maybe this a trend we can bring to the uk.

Take the time to have a massage they are resonably priced and well worth the money.

This will be a great resort when finished and will probably be way out of my price range."

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  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of January 2008

getting better


"I reviewed this hotel in September 2008, when my family (2 girls 6 4 ) stayed there. I was measured then and will be now. there are some excellent pluses - it is excellent value, staff are almost all wonderful (extremely friendly, genuinely warm, quite the nicest hotel I've stayed in for quality of staff), unrivalled for cost if you are a family of 4 staying in one room (as essentially your childrne stay free). The food is good with lots of choice therooms are quite spacious and nice. general build quality of hotel and structure, such as toilets and floors is very ncice. However, all the the areas that were unfinished in september 2008 are still unfinished - despite them still advertising in brochures and the website that they are completed. Noteably the kids club is a spare guest room, main pool is NOT heated 9bloody cold at this time year), Pascal's restaurant not open, no gym and health club, Peanuts bar where evening entertainment could be offered more comfortably and most importantly (to me) the pontoon out into the lagoon to facilitate safe and "greener" diving is not completed. the management gave various reasons but it seems to me that they are waiting for further money from guests.

If I were you i would not book or visit this hotel until reviews start confirming that the other advertised services are available. why should we pay 100% of the cost for 70% of facilities"

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  • Travel date: Sun 13th of January 2008

sand, sand and more sand


"Just returned from a Christmas and New Year break at the Three Corners Hotel in Marsa Alam Egypt, it was not as I expected, but as it was well underpriced for this time of year, I found out the reason why.
It is advertised as surrounded by 150 shops/ cafes/restaurants BUT they have yet to be built.
The hotel is in the middle of nowhere so if you fancy a stroll outside of the complex there is nothing but sand.
Ladies need to take a wrap as evenings can be quite cool.
The hotel is still under construction, but I must add none of the continuing work affected me or other holiday makers.
This hotel is not for anyone with any mobility issues, there are a few flimsy wooden ramps about, but they are mainly for moving food and drinks about from one part of the hotel to another.
There are steep steps to the reception area but the hand rails only go part of the way, the pool does not have any proper steps so you have to get in via a slope, or a step ladder which again is of no use to people with mobility problems.
This is a place to go if you like lots and lots of kids as well as your own because there is always lots of animation/ games and music going on around the pool so you do not have to be dull, but if its sleeping, reading and sun seeking you want, go to the beach.
In the reception area they have a library of books in every language and also lots of board games.
We arrived with travellers cheques but no Egyptian currency, which was unfortunate as the hotel has no facilities for changing traveller’s cheques, if it were not for the A.T.M machine which only worked intermittently, cash could have been a problem. The hotel will order a taxi to take you to a bank with an ATM with a charge.
The front desk never had any small denomination notes, and these seem generally in short supply, the only way I could get any change for tips is when I complained to the guest relations, and she sorted it out immediately.
We had a really nice room (1104) it overlooked the sea and the pool; we got the sun on the balcony from six on the morning until two in the afternoon.
Some of the rooms have adjoining doors, beware there is no sound proofing.
There are no tea making facilities in the rooms, neither is there any shampoo/soap/conditioner but there is a liquid soap dispenser.
At certain times the water pressure is very low making it hard to shower, as the shower will suddenly stop.
The mattresses are really hard and I heard lots of people complaining.
The housekeeping kept us laughing by leaving elephants/ crocodiles/ snakes/ and hearts made from the towels.
On arrival you are given two bottles of water which you have to fill when empty from designated stations, but if you tip the housekeeping on the first day you will never be without water.
There is no jetty as yet so it’s a long paddle in the sea before you can get to swimming depth; there are lots of coral and jellyfish, so beach shoes are needed.
On the beach there are quad bikes/camel rides/horses/ pony and trap and a diving club so there is a lot to do.
The beach bar is the only place that you can have ice cream which is served between 3-4 pm. Also the beach bar is the only place that you can get afternoon tea and cake and that is served between 4-5. The beach is probably not accessible by wheel chair, and is tricky if you having any lesser mobility problems.
The beach bar turns into the a la carte restaurant on an evening and you have to pay, it is overpriced and the menu is small and never varied. The venue itself is very pleasant so it’s worth doing once, although the actual meal is subject to variation from the menu.
If you wish to buy a bottle of wine it is outrageously priced at £13 English pounds for a bottle of Egyptian wine (Obylisk), which went up to £30 English pounds for New Years Eve (we did not pay that). In the airport the same wine is priced £2.50, and that is probably a fair price.
The food was good but very repetitive, at lunch time they have only one small chip fryer which is not enough to cater for dozens of people. Breakfast tends to cater to Continental taste rather than the Brit need for a fry-up.
The different breads are delicious.
The cocktails are made differently by every waiter so you always get a surprise.
All the staff/management/chefs worked their fingers to the bone on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, they put on a great display of food and table decorations everything looked spectacular, the only thing that I thought spoiled it was a few guests turned up in old shorts, tee shirts, and trainers and although they can wear whatever they like on their holidays they did look foolish.
The consensus is that this will be a great hotel when it’s finished, but you will also see a great change in the price range.
The transfer time is only 10/ 15 minutes from the airport."

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  • Travel date: Thu 10th of January 2008

An Impression of the NEW Three Corners Hotel/Resort - Marsa Alam


"We have recently stayed at the Three Corners Hotel (Marsa Alam)for both Christmas and New Year - 2007/08.

The Hotel is only a 10/15 minute transfer from the airport. Aircraft arriving/departing from the small airport are NOT an issue. What IS an issue, is that the Hotel is situated in the middle-of-nowhere. There is simply nowhere to go - the Hotel is your home for the duration of your stay. You have been warned.!!

Quadbikes, Camel or Horse riding and a Dive Centre are conveniently situated on the beach by the Hotel. The Quadbikes being excellent value for money.

At present, the brand new Belgium-owned Hotel is far from complete. Whilst not inconvenienced by actual building works in the grounds - internally, by way of bars, restaurants and large function rooms - there remains much to do.
Rooms in a bungalow-type confirguration of 8/10 individual rooms, are spacious, clean and effectively air-conditioned. Showers are the walk-in type. Much use is made of Solar panels for hot water
BEWARE - party-doors are NOT soundproof - If there happens to be a 'frisky' couple next door - EVERY sound, breath, scream and gasp can be heard..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not for the feint-hearted.

The lobby has a small bar, and a totally inadequate number of seats for more than 30/40 guests.

The staff are helpful - but spoilt by a small number of waiters who can become over-familiar.

THE HOTEL COMPLEX IS NOT DISABLED-FRIENDLY. There are steps everywhere, with the pool AND THE BEACH out-of-bounds - except for those who are young and fit. There are NO steps into the pool, and only TWO ladders - both of which are situated in the deep part. In the shallow end, if you have a leg/knee or hip injury, then you will experience great difficulty getting both in, and out of the pool. Even the pool tiles are slippy underfoot.!!!

AVOID school holidays if you are looking for peace and quiet. The Hotel is market heavily in Belgium as 'child-friendly'. This of course means a large number of young children are running around - usually out of control, as a large number of parents absolve all responsibility for control of their offspring.!! If you like to encounter youngsters running around the restaurant screaming, shouting and whizzing along on their 'heelies' - then you have found the perfect Hotel.

The food is excellent, with a wide choice of dishes. The RANGE of food is somewhat limited, but nevertheless very good.

For those looking for a quiet time around the pool, forget it.! So-called 'music' is imposed from 1000hrs until late afternoon. A siesta is out of the question.

Finally, there is almost a contant breeze/wind. Sometimes the wind can be so strong - making windbreaks out of sunbeds, is the only choice, if you wish to sunbathe."

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  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of January 2008

Good hotel that will only improve in the future


"Just returned from Three Corners at Marsa Alam and had a great stay.

The hotel is not yet finished but the most important things are ready. Not finished yet: road from the Hurghada-El Quseir "highway" to the hotel, most of the little paths in the hotel still need to be paved (now concrete), global "finishing touch" in and around the rooms, grass still has to be planted... but all together these things aren't bothering.

The hotel also has an enourmous beach and house reef, the jetty will be placed in a few weeks time someone of the management told me, so in the future house reef dives will be easy to do.

The management lowered rates for this winter season to compensate. The management is Belgian and this shows: food is good, complaints/problems are handled fast and with care.

AI-formula is ok, you can have many drinks, ice cream, pan cakes.. and free water.

The hotel has a nice pool which is heated and enough sunbeds. Staff is friendly and speaks several languages: English, German, French (some people) & Dutch (some people).

Guest come from Belgium, Holland, France, UK, Luxemburg, Italy, Germany.

The Dive school is from Extra Divers and I must say they offer a great service: good organisation, safe diving, friendly, staff speaks German, English, French, Italian. Some excellent dive sites, but unfortunately in 10 years everything will be destroyed just like in Sharm-El-Sheikh and Hurghada because off bad divers who don't respect nature.

Port Ghalib now... first, let's say that when this is finished, this will be the place to be in Egypt/Red Sea. This will be like a sort of Monaco and will leave Sharm far behind. At this moment, only these places are ready: Pizza Hut, Sea food restaurant, souvenir shop and 2 pubs. 4 hotels should have opened last week but still have several weeks to go on finishing the work.

Port Ghalib is about 1,5 km from the hotel, which is about 30 minutes walking. For now, only one road goes to Port Ghalib, so be prepared. About 20 boats have already arrived in the marina and several divetrips start from here.

Excursions: Marsa Alam (old city, +/- 70km from hotel), El Quseir (+/- 70km from hotel), Luxor and Cairo (very long trip...), quads, horse riding, camel riding, Dolphin House, desert safari. El Quseir was a nice trip but be aware that you're visiting a real Egyptian city, not Na'ama Bay.

Weather was excellent for the time being, it was windy but once you got out of the wind it was hot to say the least. The sea is a little rough this time of the year but this is normal. Swimming in the sea isn't always allowed at the beach but the lagoon on the left side of the beach is more calm.

I will visit this hotel again in the future, the manager told me that major improvements will be made in the coming months and he thinks the hotel will be the juwel of the entire Three Corners group."

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  • Travel date: Sat 29th of December 2007

Great Hotel, Spotless, Friendly, poor food


"What a fantastic 2 weeks we've just had at the 3 Corners Fayrouz Plaza. It's classed as 5* but the food and room service just doesn't come anywhere close. Called it a good 3/4* and well worth the money.

The hotel is totally isolated, unfinished and does not have a jetty over the coral reef, but don't let that put you off.

The place is spotless and constantly being cleaned, the rooms perfectly adequate, though the beds tend to be a bit hard.

We had 2 weeks all inclusive for £500 each, so there's no way I'm complaining about anything, even if the food wasn't brilliant.. The resort has the most crystal clear sea, with beautiful coral reefs straight out from the beach.

The staff are brilliant, particularly the housekeeping staff with their wonderful creations of crocodiles, elephants and swans made from towels.

The weather was perfect at this time of year, with a breeze offsetting the desert heat.

Trips were very good, enjoyed them all (Topias Island, Dolphin House, Super Safari, Discover Scuba) and the guys at Aquarius Dive were brilliant. Mustafa's camel rides along the beach are very enjoyable.

We had some issues with the paperwork that the travel agency had supplied, but Mohammed on the front desk sorted it out with minimum fuss.

The newly opened Chez Pascal al la carte beach restaurant was very good, if a bit pricey. Ahmed will take care of you at all times.

Great pool and jacuzzi, not too many kids, far too many Russians. This is a problem all over Egypt at the moment as the Russians are getting very cheap deals and drinking from dawn until dusk, frequently getting aggressive and fighting amongst each other.

All in all one of the best holidays we've had. Very quiet and relaxing with almost nothing to do after dark."

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of December 2007

a lovely relaxing break


"We have just returned from the Three Corners in Marsa Alam.
It was as advertised a lovely relaxing break. The hotel is only 10 minutes from the airport which is great. It is not 5 star, but the staff are lovely and cant do enough to help. The service is great. There is nothing to do in the area yet. But the harbour looks like its going to be really nice when finished. The beach is quite sandy but there is a long walk out to the reef, over lots of coral. No jetty as yet! There is not much in the way of entertainment in the evenings. Chez Pascals resturant was situated in the beach bar. We had two meals there and both were really nice. The main resturant food was fresh and hot but a bit repetitive. Camel and horse riding on the beach. We took quads out to see the bedowin people. Very rocky ride. Not for the less fit. Also a bit dissapointing. Definately recomend the glass bottom boat trip, The reef was fantastic and it gets you off site for a couple of hours. The weather was great and if all you wamt to do is relax then this is the one for you."

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  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of November 2007

give it another year


"just coming back from this resort and there is plenty to say!
positive points : the hotel is gorgeous, lovely staff very helpful, professional and friendly, food is good, the beach is just located on the coral reefs, ideal for scuba diving or snorkelling, the cocktails are delicious, the hotel is very clean, the pool is huge! marsa alam airport is just located 10 min away from the resort, hurgada is 300km away, el Quezir is 45 min away, the Marina is 10 min away. a few shops are located inside the hotel they are very helpul and nice, you will have enough choice to enjoy some shopping, don t be afraid of negociations! that is part of tradition as long as it is done with respect !

negative points: hotel hast just opened a couple of months ago, and there is still a lot to be done : more restaurants inside the hotel, another bar, more rooms...the marina advertised as situated within walking distance from the hotel (150 shops, cafés and restaurants) is still being built and will be fully opened in 10 to 12 months...the animation in the hotel is fair but not amazing, same daytime activities everyday, animations in the evening not always strong (recommend the beach party!), but two new animators will arrive in 3 weeks so will be : 5 english speaking, 1 russian speaking, 1 french/belgium speaking, 1 german speaking, 1 italian speaking and 3 of them speak arabic!
chez Pascal restaurant just opened but prices are quite expensive (as london !) so didnt try it, wouldnt be able to give a recommendation!

as an overall i would recommend this hotel if you are looking for relaxing and sunny holiday, where you would enjoy a lovely food and free cocktails(recommend the belgium touch!) and some activities. if you are looking for shopping and clubbing then consider marsa alam next year only! but will defenitely recommend this resort and will be back myself in one year for some more!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 15th of November 2007

Perfect place to chill & relax!


"Our purpose was to spend one week away from grey and cold Germany to simply relax and chill somewhere in the sun. The Fayrouz Plaza was just what we were looking for and exceeded our expectations. The resort has been opened only recently and they are still working on the premises. However, this was not disturbin at all. The room was absolutely clean and had full sea view. Please note, however, that the room standard is not what you expect of a 5-star room, but it had all the basics you need and we had no trouble. Our room was room number 2021.
The Fayrouz is only 10 minutes away from Marsa Alam airport so it is very convenient to fly into there. Our return flight was from Hurghada which meant a two hours transfer by coach. We were very happy with the food although it is not what you expect of a 5-star location. As the two restaurants (Belgian and Italian) haven't been opened yet, there is only the main restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner or the beach restaurant for lunch. Food was all buffet style with a wide selection of salads, bread & pastry, side dishes, fish, meat, desserts and fresh fruit. Something to be found by everyone. It's lovely to sit on the upstairs terrace after dinner to enjoy drinks from the bar, watch the evening shows and have a great view of the entire resort. The beach is a natural coral beach so you have to wear flip flops or swimming shoes. Due to the fact that the jetty is still not in place, you need to cross a distance of more than 100 metres walking over dead coral until you reach the actual sea. Ideal for snorkeling and diving due to the lage variety of fish. You need to consider that it's very windy there: 3-5 every day! If you reach the beach in time you may still be lucky to get an umbrella & a wind shield. Animation is good but not aggressive, evening shows are simple but not too touristy. A camel or horse ride is always worthwhile, especially in the afternoon when the sun sets. Costs 20 Euros for 1,5 hours. We want to point out that currently there is nothing in the area to visit around the resort. They are still building a yacht harbour with shopping promenade 5kms away from the Fayrouz. While the hotel is a 5-star hotel according to Egyptian standard, this currently equates to 3-4 star European standard. To sum things up the Fayrouz is the perfect place to stay if you want to relax, enjoy the sun, beach, food & drinks of this all inclusive resort!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of November 2007

dont get caught


"we had a fantasic, stay at the fayrouz plaza and it was our 2nd stay within the group of hotels , we asked for a sea view and a quiet room, and thats just what we got, right on the beach, the veiw was fantasic, room was cleaned everyday and the room and hotel was spotlessly clean, the food varied a little each day was not bad at all ,if you go hungry its your own fault, i would give the food a 7 out of ten, you could get drinks of any sort from the various bars from 10 am til midnight. the staff are all very nice and make you very welcome, we read some reports befor we went and it almost put us off i am glad it didnt, the hotel has a gr8 pool and the animation team work hard to keep u entertained both day and night, there was entertainment by them every night and twice a week a belly dancer or local act, however on the balcony terrace every night there is a singer , a very bad one, who seems to think he is a star!!!!! would love to see what simon scowle would say about him. it was that bad my ears hurt.
there is very little to do , which was what we wanted, not really a place for kids, the sea is not suitable for swimming unless u are into snokling. there are a few shops within the hotel , a chemist, hair studio, and two or three holiday crap type shops .
BE CAREFULL OF THE YOUNG MAN WHO WEARS AN ORANGE SHIRT FROM THE HAIR STUDIO, HE COMES ROUND ASKING YOU TO HAVE YOUR HAIR DONE ETC , AS AN ALMOST BALD GUY I WAS TOLD IT WOUND BE 7/8 EURO TO HAVE MY HEAD SHAVED , WHEN I HAD IT DONE IT WAS 26 EURO, WHEN I COMPLAINED TO HIM HE JUST LAUGHED AT ME, AND SAID I WAS A RICH ENGLISH MAN WHO COULD WELL AFFORD IT!!!!!. apart from that it was a fantastic holiday and i cant wait to visit againalso check out the resurant that u have to pay for the food was amazing , we went 3 times (about £25 for the two of you) worth every penny"

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  • Travel date: Sat 4th of July 2009

Had a fantastic time during our week at...


"Had a fantastic time during our week at the three corners resort. Staff exceedingly helpful and very polite. Would recommend super safari trip, look out for Jupiter, four of its moons that were visible during our stay! Also watch out for shooting stars during August! The resort has a gorgeous pool and the beach is literally on the doorstep. Saw some beautiful sunsets and moon rises. Overall a very enjoyable holiday, would definatley return!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 25th of August 2008
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