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4390 reviews
  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 4 food

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lovely hotel

Reviewed 17th January 2011

"we had a wonderfull relaxing time ,went for xmas ,good choice of food every day but the food they done for christmas eve party was out of this world , people very friendly and very helpfull ,i beach very clean ,swimming pool nice clean and big ,rooms clean to high standard ,"

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  • Travel date: 13th January 2011
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food

An all inclusive hotel that wasn't! No a...

Reviewed 30th September 2007

"An all inclusive hotel that wasn't! No alcoholic drinks whatsoever included, the only drinks being available within the all inclusive package being water (from a water cooler - no bottles!), Sprite, Orange Fanta and Coke - all full fat, no diet. Hotel was almost totally occupied by Italians - the 3 of us were the only Brits staying there. There was no information whatsoever in English - not even a single sheet of paper about the hotel and facilities so we had to suss out what there was and what was(n't) going on. Being open for less than 6 months, the rooms were fine but nothing startling for a supposedly 5*. Food had a reasonable selection on main course with good selections on salads and sweets, but felt decidedly samey after about 3 days. All 3 of us got the squits on day 4, and needed to be near a loo all the time. The squits lasted for the remainder of our 1 week stay, so if you are planning to go take plenty of Imodium and rehydration sachets! Lovely big pool, and decent gym, with sauna facilities, but absolutely nothing going on in the evenings unless you went to the animation teams "show", which was totally Italian based. Nearly all hotels in Marsa Alam are isolated with nothing near, so pretty deadly unless you spoke Italian! Staff friendly and helpful but nothing is ever done in a rush in Egypt so patience is important. In summary, it was OK, but a little disappointing in terms of what we thought we had paid for, and there is nothing anywhere near the hotel (although we knew that before we went)."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 30th September 2007

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