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39 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Makadi Marine - Fabulous

Reviewed Wed 15th of October 2008

"We arrived at about 10.30pm after a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE flight (pay the £25 for extra leg room on First Choice, it's worth it). The staff were there to greet us and took us through to the dining room which had stayed open to cater for us.

Every effort was made throughout the whole holiday to ensure we enjoyed ourselves and we did - thoroughly! The room was spotlessly clean and had a lovely view over the pool with a huge balcony/terrace area. There was plenty of wardrobe space although there could have been a few more coathangers but that's just nit picking. The guy who cleaned the room must have been on some sort of Towel Art course cos every day we got another towelling masterpiece.

After reading various reviews, we stocked up on Immodium and hoped for the best as far as food was concerned but, we needn't have worried. The food was excellent and varied every day and it was always hot rather than warm. We took the local advice and drank plenty of water and equalised the room/air temperature when we went back to get changed and we had no problems whatsoever.

The majority of guests were either German or Russian but variety is the spice of life and everyone got on well. The Russians definitely know how to have a good time without getting drunk!

We sunbathed on the beach because there was a lovely cooling breeze down there (it was 40+ each day) and the on beach facilities were very good. In the evening it was nice to be able to walk around the town without being hassled, very un-Egyptian!

All in all, we could not have had a better holiday once we arrived at the hotel however, First Choice should stop penny pinching and either put on a larger plane or take a few rows of seats out of the existing ones. I'm sure most people would willingly have paid another £40-£50 each to be able to travel in comfort.

We will be going back next year and - I suspect - for many years to come."

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  • Travel date: Wed 15th of October 2008

If you look on other sites reviewing thi...

Reviewed Wed 16th of July 2008

"If you look on other sites reviewing this hotel, you may be put off slightly by negative comments. Don't be. This is one of the best holidays we have had. The hotel is small but not crowded, the food is good in the restaurant (we did not try the eat out option as food in hotel was good enough). There are always sun beds available by the pool and on the beach, even if you do not get out until 11 or 12 in the morning. All the staff were friendly and helpful for the two weeks we stopped there. I can recommended a trip to the Spa for a massage (Adam & Eve) just to have a laugh at your partner in a nappy!! The only down side we found was that the beach was a little claustrophobic, with the wind breaks being too close the the sun loungers. If you are travelling with Thomson try the quad bikes in the desert, they are such a laugh.
The snorkelling trip to the Island is a good day out but I do not think it offers value for money. This is certainly a hotel we would go back to without hesitation. "

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  • Travel date: Wed 16th of July 2008

my husband and i have just returned from...

Reviewed Tue 11th of March 2008

"my husband and i have just returned from spending our 40th wedding anniversary at the makadi marine, we couldnt of spent it any where better! it was our third time at the resort our second at this hotel.the staff are wonderful, from the maids to the management, they couldnt do enough for you.the staff presented us with a cake on our anniversary and then danced with us the rest of the guests joining in! We are already making plans for our next visit hopefully October this year. All tho the food is catered mainly for the russians (they make up ninety percent of the guests) you can always find something to suit. Iwould strongly advise a trip to Matmya island it truly is out of this world."

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of March 2008

my husband and i stayed at this hotel an...

Reviewed Mon 25th of February 2008

"my husband and i stayed at this hotel and all i can say about miss nicholls review of this hotel is simply did she stay at the same hotel as everyone else, the accomodation is very clean and spacious, the staff are friendly and helpful, the pool isnt huge but its lovely, no problems getting sunbeds, the dining room isnt too big and we never had to que for anything, i drink vodka and tonic and it was fine, the beer, (self service so again no ques) was fine the same as you get anywhere abroad, my hubby did suffer with an upset stomach ,but i often put that down to people not drinking enough water in egypt, i try all foods including salads, rice all meats etc and i have never been ill yet, but i do drink an awful lot of water, this hotel seems to havemany return visitors,and to me that says alot, i would go back again tomorrow , i have stayed in egypt 3 times,tunisia 4 times ,mexico, dom rep, i wont go on but, this hotel is as nice as most we have stayed at it is well worth a visit"

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  • Travel date: Mon 25th of February 2008

Well... for a start this was the best ho...

Reviewed Mon 31st of December 2007

"Well... for a start this was the best hotel I have been to. This was also my second time this year at the same hotel.

I do not agree with the comment which Miss Nicholls added, yes we do all have different views, but maybe she should take a holiday in England, if she is not satisfied with the exceptional standards of the Makadi Marine!

The food which is served at the Makadi Marine, is superb, not traditional English food, yes, but it is still exceptional. The food is different and not what I expected but is still enjoyable and there is a lot to chose from. There is also lots of variety when it comes to dessert time, plenty of buns for all tastes.

The staff at the Makadi Marine, are so polite and welcoming, they are also friendly and are happy to help you with anything. The reception staff are very polite and especially the bar staff!

The animation team are extremely entertaining, they are always pleasing the guests and are very friendly. They put on shows in the evenings and they have daytime activities for you to participate in, which is always fun!

To visit Egypt you generally have to be a open minded person, and be aware that many shop owners will 'pounce' out at you, but they are only trying to sell there stock, and make a living. The prices do vary from day to day and they always change it, but they have to make a profit somehow!

Makadi Marine is a superb hotel, the rooms are spacious, with air conditioning which is needed in the summertime. The staff are exceptional and the pool is lovely!

Makadi Marine is a must!! Believe me, I have been twice this year and I have another holiday booked there for two weeks in August 2008! I can not wait!!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 31st of December 2007

This hotel is very comfortable. The staf...

Reviewed Mon 10th of December 2007

"This hotel is very comfortable. The staff and the service provided is excellent.

The only reason that I have not given this a 10/10 grading is because the food was indifferent. There was no problem with the quantity, what was lacking was quality. For instance, chicken was on the menu at every meal, but it seem that Egyptian chickens only have legs and wings; there was never any breast meat.

Similarly, on the occasions when either lamb or beef were offered, only the poorest cuts were served. Food was also never hot, merely warm, or, sometimes barely lukewarm.

Having said all this I would still be prepared to stay here again; it was a really enjoyable holiday and we were well looked after by the hotel and its staff."

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  • Travel date: Mon 10th of December 2007

I have just returned from a week at Maka...

Reviewed Sun 14th of October 2007

"I have just returned from a week at Makadi Marine. The weather is just perfect at this time of year - hot until about 3pm and sea temp lovely.

The food was buffet style and very typical of others I have experienced in Tunisia, Greece etc, in that it caters for a wide range of tastes. You can find something to suit as long as you have an open mind to other country's cuisines.

The beach is very good and has its own coral reef, so make sure you get out there with your snorkel and flippers!

Rooms are spacious and very clean.

Entertainment team were a bit too quiet for me - I like to be forced a bit more, but this seemed to suit most people. Plenty to do if you looked for it.

Trip to Mahmaya Island is a must! Beautiful day out.

If you are looking for a week to chill and enjoy good service and hotel, then try the Makadi Marine - I will be going again."

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  • Travel date: Sun 14th of October 2007

What can I say? The flight out and the f...

Reviewed Sat 13th of October 2007

"What can I say? The flight out and the flight home with Astreus Airlines was exceptional.

The rest of the holiday was hell! Some would say that airline food is cheap and basic, however, it was 5 star gourmet compared to what was served at the Makadi Marine!

First off, the dining area is far too small for so many people wanting to eat. There is nothing civilised about eating at this hotel...basically it's a 'free for all' and get what you can fresh before the 2nd, 3rd or 4th tray of food is brought out - the food gets drier, harder and colder - to the point of being totally inedible, (assuming it was edible to begin with)!

If you were Russian, German or Czech maybe the Bird's Tongue Stew - AND NO, THIS IS NOT A TYPO! - Or black eye soup would be to your taste, (this was served 7 times no less), and the Russian Goulash seemed to be another favourite of the hotel to serve with potatoes that were as hard as the day they were pulled from the ground.

The fish was battered whole with fins and tails protruding, and if that wasn't appealing enough, when you cut into it, even its head was battered, eyes and all. Now I'm sorry, but that's not my idea of battered fish, or maybe I'm just not primitive enough - I just don't know.

Aside from the lacklustre potatoes offered, rice was the only other option, both lunchtime and dinner - but please don't get too excited - when I say rice, I simply mean boiled white rice...cooked with far too much salt. I did say on a few occasions..” I'm a celeb...get me out of here" lol, although it was seriously no laughing matter.

Breakfast was basically the best meal, if best is the right word. Here you had a choice of bread, pastries, overcooked boiled eggs, (the yolks were black), 2 egg omelette, (undercooked and runny in the middle), or soggy pancake that was gone is 2 bites!

There were also a choice of cold meats though nothing English, and the same for the 3 cheeses offered, but considering these were just on the counter for over 3 hours unrefrigerated, you were dicing with death to even consider eating them...the same was for the yoghurts offered...in a large glass bowl without refrigeration.

I could go on and on about the food offered at this hotel, which by the way, according to the rep was the best in Makadi Bay!! But I think you can get a good enough idea from what I've said. Oh, by the way...the dine around option...forget it...expensive and just as lacklustre, and the drinks are expensive. About £8.00 each for main course only, then price of drinks on top...a complete con!

I will say one more thing about the food - the all inclusive package advertises late breakfast and late dinner - this is just a small selection from what is offered in the main restaurant after it is closed. It's covered in cling film and put on a table by the Pool Bar - no refrigeration - just left to sweat under the cling film in the heat - tasty!!!

Some might read this and say...no way.. But as I'm sitting here now.. God help me.. It's the complete truth. I've still got the stomach bug to boot!

Oh.. Nearly forgot to mention the drinks! The fruit juices were seriously watered down, (and you can bet they didn't use bottled water) - you couldn't have got merry, let alone drunk on the lager if you consumed a whole keg, and the inclusive spirits were limited to rum and ouzo.

Bottled water wasn't included in the all inclusive package either - and depending on what mood the supermarket owner was in you could pay anything from 50p to £2.50 per bottle - no kidding.

And talking of the supermarket - buying anything from there was daylight robbery. Example :- 2 small packets of 'local' choccy digestives - 1 kitkat chunky - 1 bag of peanuts and 1 back of 'local' crisps...guess how much they charged for that?

£14.00 ENGLISH MONEY after conversion.. I couldn't believe it.

The pool area was ok, a lot smaller than the brochure photos make it appear.

The animation was complete rubbish - basic and boring - my son was too young to join in the archery, (which was one of the things that attracted me to this particular hotel) - you had to be 18 - information of which was not in the brochure or online. Cripes, at 13, he wasn't even allowed to use the pool table as that had the minimum age was 14!

The evening entertainment was loud and badly put together.

The beach...oh my days...talk about sardines at dawn! And that was the time of day you had to get there with your towel to get a sunbed. Definitely not enough, and so crammed in you could feel your 'neighbours' breath on your neck.

The hotel reception never, never, ever had change of any currency when you needed to pay for something, so it always cost you a lot more.

The supermarket and shop owners always gave Euros or Sterling as change, but insisted on being paid only in Egyptian Pound - so you ended up with loads of money you couldn't use again as the bank only changes notes - no coins! It’s a complete farce.

Whilst the rooms were clean, they too were very basic. No in-room facility for a cuppa. The mini bar was totally overpriced so stay clear, and for God's sake...DON'T USE THE TELEPHONE - 2 short calls to the UK, totalling 9 minutes cost me $105.00 on checkout. The trouble is, there are no public phones in the resort so if you're out of credit on your mobile, and you have no alternative but to pay the extortionate charge as I did.

My son used the internet several times.. Again, the price on the cards seemed to change depending on which member of staff was on shift. It ranged from£6.50 to £11.00 per hour.. Incredible. Oh, and you have to use the time you have bought within 24 hours otherwise the card becomes obsolete.

The hotel management don't have a problem with henna tattooists, or other tacky vendors pestering you around the pool all day. Even when I complained, nothing was done to eradicate the serious pestering, (bordering on bullying of the more younger girls).

Going to the Bank was also like running the gauntlet - the shop owners are like those little trap door spiders - they wait for you to get so close then pounce on you - chasing you as far as the next shop where in turn that owner would take over.

As for the Airport.. Well.. I'm not even going to get started on that one - only to say it was the most terrifying and uncomfortable experience I have ever had - and I consider myself to be a very well travelled person. Even the guard frisking you at the security checkpoint wanted money before he let you pass. You had to pay for the loo roll in the toilets - NO...I SAID I WASN'T GOING TO START ABOUT THE AIRPORT!!!!!

I have been on holiday abroad many, many times and to some dire resorts/ hotels/ apartments etc.

But I'm a great believer in the saying, "you get what you pay for". However.. I paid £2,300 for a 2 week stay inn supposed luxury and paradise for myself, my 13 year old son and my 4 year old daughter. There was nothing of the sort during this holiday.

People...Thomson should be ashamed of themselves for sending any English family to this resort.

My honest opinion....stay away from Makadi Bay.

And... That’s all I have to say about my holiday which I returned home from yesterday, (12th October 2007) with serious stomach problems. And I sincerely hope this review is printed because it is my personal true and honest opinion."

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  • Travel date: Sat 13th of October 2007

excellent hotel great staff

Reviewed Tue 25th of December 2012

"had a great time here 14 sept 28 sept this hotel has the best a/c i have ever come across. from the moment you walk though the door the freindlyness of the staff at reception just follows though to all other areas its very clean well presented and the rooms are very comfortable it does seem to cater a little bit more for the german and russian holiday maker but we dident find that a problem we did get a couple of problems with tthe room but it was sorted well within the hour. again very clean around the pool and its right on the beach were we spent most of the time i would warn you not to book trips for snorkeling or diving from the beach lads they will leave you alone after the first day of your holiday i would advise you only use you tour reps it is a lot safer and you wont come home in a body bag as i neally did on my last visit to egypt the beach lads just want your money and have very little regard for your health and safety. the hotel food is not the best ive come across but its ok and hitcham will make you a great pizza my wife would take chicken or sausage over to him to make pizza a little diferent just tell him mr andy from england sent you; moomen in the restaurant will look after your every need with drinks on the table before you have sat down; i found tiping these lads small amounts often gets you excellent service all through your holiday [small as le 10 about 90pence ] but the service you get at this hotel never wains from check in to check out. we went with thomson holidays and our rep emma was realy good and armed with exellent information dont bother to prebook trips on line we did with a cairo by air and could have got it cheeper with the rep and saved 2 pounds.lots of shops just outside the hotel and theres a shuttle bus into hurghada wich is a very safe town to walk around shops bars etc. the only down side with this hotel was the drinks these are of very pour quality it was my only gripe if you like good drinks like scotch gin vodka and rum you wont get it hear it all tastes the same the lager is very gassy there is allways wine red white rose but to get a good scotch in this hotel will cost you 6pounds a go and the brandy is the same but soft drinks tea and coffee are great dont buy bottle water in the hotel its 1.20 pounds a bottle go over the road to the supermarket it is cheeper .so i believe this is a great hotel fabulous staff and great beach i would personally not use a sol y mar hotel again and would prefer a riu as we have found the food and drinks to be of much beter quality but dont be put off as we never had any tummy problems for the 2 weeks we stayed there hope this helps. andy and sue."

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  • Travel date: Fri 12th of October 2007

This hotel was a 2nd part of our honeymo...

Reviewed Sat 29th of September 2007

"This hotel was a 2nd part of our honeymoon holiday (1st part Nile cruise - excellent). Upon arrival the hotel looked cleaned and well kept. The room was comfortable and clean.

The facilities were good and surrounding area was in a good location.

The problem we found with this hotel was:
The food was either luke warm or cold and catered for mainly the Russians and Germans. The food variety was poor, good job that the hotel had a "dine around" scheme for the last 4 nights we ate out at the Indian (try the vindaloo!!!!), fish restaurant twice and the Chinese (delightful - fried ice cream its different).

If it wasn’t for the food then we could gladly go back."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 29th of September 2007

Nice hotel bad stomach problems

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"This was recomended by our travel agent as a second part of a cruise and resort holiday. I will start with the obvious the stomach problems. The first week on the boat was fine when we had the transfer to the Makadi Marine the rep mentioned about pharohs revenge and told the coach it was from people turning their air con on upon entering the room and not waiting 5 mins to climatise. From the second day I had mild stomach cramps and the runs not a problem though, one of our party had severe stomach cramps and stayed in their roon all day felt better the next but not totally. on the last day in the airport both of us felt ill again and spent the second half of the flight in the toilet being sick and the runs we have been back teo days and i'm still runnung to the toilet every 30 mins I have starved myself and sought doctors advice and am waiting for it to clear up.

So back to the hotel very nice staff from the moment you walk in can't do enough to help. rooms were clean and in good condition
new towel sculptures everyday, The pool staff always cleaning the area again very nice people even saved our sunbeds for the next morning. bar staff polite and always a smile when they are busy they will bring drinks over for you, There are 2 beer taps self service one in the pool bar and the other in the restaurant wine is also on tap in the restaurant (red,rose,white) also soft drinks in both areas. one problem seemed to be lack of glasses and you had to ask for them not a problem but the glasses came out of the kitchen red hot
The food was not as good as I had hoped, breakfast was boiled eggs,cold meat,cheese, hotdogs. there are egg stations where the chef frys scrambles or makes omlettes for you was nice.
one in our party likes skimmed milk which seemed a problem and the milk sometimes smelt a little off. lunch was average chips, chicken, soup salad the best choice was the fresh made pizza. evening meal was very similar to lunch oh and the bread is lovely along with the rolls.
the beach bar we only used once but was handy for rinsing the seawater from your mouth (Very salty) they also serve pizzas at the beach bar.
the bar upstairs is called the blues bar this was the only place the service fell down some of the drinks are chargeable but they don't know which we ordered a cocktail being told it was included when we went to leave we were told it was a mistake and we had to pay one of our party ordered a baileys knowing it to be payed for but the measure was about half a normal pub measure and cost £4.70 English money.
The dine around seems to have changed since other peoples reviews you now pay £7.50 or £10.50 depending on the place you go to and the first alcoholic drink and water are included.
The pool was nice but the two larger are 1.57m all around no shallow parts be careful
nice hotel, staff very pleasant, food not that good and watch for tummy bug(people have since told me avoid ice in drinks and don't let any in your mouth when showering)
PLEASE go snorkling it was great can't recomend it enough.
I didn't go on a trip just off the beach.

If I can answer any questions your welcome to email me"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 31st of May 2007

Total Relaxation

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"Having spent a week here May 17th. -24th.I can report that the Hotel is just the place for RnR.
Like most Hotels there was a small hic cup on arrival but this was sorted by very helpful reception staff within minutes. Our room was clean, tidy and adequatley furnished for our needs. The air con was one of the best I ever had. Our bed always had a GUEST on it made by the clever room attendants.
Food was plentiful and a good variety for all sittings. Most meals were designed for our Eastern European & Russian friends but I reported this to the Ex.Chef and he is looking into supporting food for English & Irish tastes, I hope he does as this would help me come again.
Waiting Staff in the restuarant and bars were brilliant. Let them bring you your drinks and assist with your needs this is what they want to do. A lot of guests carried their own drinks in case they had to tip, not nessesary but I would recommend it they work very hard for your pleasure. Pool area was clean and inviting and a drink was only a look a way. Attendants always there to adjust your Shade. Sun Loungers were always available even though people put towels on early.
Beach area was very well laid out with individual areas procteted by a screen. Sand always clean no rubbish. Re Cycle bins everywhere for all waste.I had a slight illness while there and I was looked after as if I was the only guest.
If you want a city , lively holiday this is not it, if you want to chill out this is the place.
Children seem to be well looked after by the Animation Team."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 26th of May 2007

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