Tia Heights Makadi Bay

Safaga Road, Makadi Bay, Hurghada 84515 Egypt
4 star hotel

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( 2314 reviews)
  • 2.5 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3 service
  • 1 dining
  • 1 amenities
  • 5 value
  • 2 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 4 location

90 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Good value break

Reviewed Tue 16th of October 2012

"We enjoyed a week at the Le Meridien. Having read some of the previous reviews i was quite apprehensive to say the least. However, i'm glad to say most of the negative comments did not apply to us. The hotel was lovely, definately a 5 star construction but run more like a good 4 star. The food was good, especially breakfast, however after a week of half board things did get a bit sameish and we were looking at alternative places for dinner. People were friendly, but as with any new country you just have to understand their ways and not take any offence (part of the whole holiday experience i think)
Overall, good value holiday, probably one of the, if not the best hotel in Hurghada, I'd recommend it."

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  • Travel date: Sun 4th of December 2005

Great Hotel

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"Just returned from a 2 week break at the Grand Makadi Hotel - great. The rooms and staff fantastic, food options good. The swimming pools were amazing, but too cold to use apart from the most hardy. The facilities at the Makadi Palace are also excellent with new restaurants opening. The hotels at nightime look like fairyland with the number of lights, I don't think I have seen such a pretty place. Entertainment a bit naive but good nonetheless. Thoroughly recommend the half day Desert Adventure and the trip on the glass bottom boat. Although I would not consider the Hotel as a 5 Star, I would put it more as a 4, but looking at the other hotels in the areas, it was most certainly the most attractive."

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  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of December 2005

Ignore the Reviews Le Meridien was great

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"Ive just come back from a week here, celebrating my 40th birthday with a girlfriend. Yes all the staff are male, but definately didn't find them oggling us. They appeared genuinely friendly, especially when they knew we were English. Had value for money massages in the health club. Worth paying the extra 7 euro's for a special night in the Karime restaurant as the Alladin did aget pretty busy, and queus to get in at certain time for breakfast and dinner.
The pool was icey, but the beach was clean. All the staff were friendly, if you were friendly towards them. Treat others as you like to be treated and you wont go far wrong. Our room was a double with a triple bed on arrival, but once we'd rung reception and asked for a twin, we were immediately moved to a super room, with settee area too in the main building. Ate at the pool bar every lunchtime, superb food and lovely staff. Can't get over the friendliness of the staff towards us. I would definately go back to Le Meridien Makadi Bay and I recommend it."

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  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of November 2005

Beware Not all inclusive as shown in brochure

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"October 2005
Couple from York. England

Makadi Bay excellent location for snorkling and diving. Windy all day, so great for sailing & windsurfing. Daytime activities in the pool and on the beach are good.

Brochure stated 6 restaurants and two beach snack bars
So, you assume these are included in the all-inc package. They are not. Other than the Alladin buffet, you have to pay for the food. You also pay for fruit juice, ice cream, cocktails, mini golf, indoor pool, table tennis, windsurfers, canoes, peddelos etc. and All food & drinks after midnight. These activities are normally included in the other all-inclusive Egyptian resorts we have visited. But not here.

The Amphitheatre, where you would assume there would be entertainment,is a scruffy empty space. Reality is a organist in the reception area, every night and the Dockers Pub.

Because everyone is in one buffet restaurant, you have to queue up for a table and then fight to get near the food. Beware,the majority of guests are from the Eastern European countries and they like to stack as much as possible onto their plates. The buffet food was OK and the chefs worked hard. The choice was fairly limited, with a barbeque, a joint and a stew. The veg was better. Breads and sweets were good.

The rooms are adequate and clean, but the bathrooms are old and in need of refurbishment. The marble sink dropped off the wall, almost crushing my foot.

We paid extra for sea view room, but could only see it with binoculars. Also, no water in the lagoon.

If you are prepared to have a huge bill for all the extras at the end of your stay, then Le Meridien has everything you need from a four not five star hotel. But, as an all-inclusive holiday, it falls sort of the mark."

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  • Travel date: Sun 23rd of October 2005

Very disappointing 5 stars hotel!

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"Just back from Le Meriedien and very disappointed by the disgusting service we received. The staff (all men) was staring at the women all the time insulting them and laughing in their language. Very poor choice of food as there was only 1 buffet included in the all inclusive formula and all the other restaurants were not free. Though we were on all inclusive we spent a lot of money just to have some fresh fruit which is really expensive and an ice tea (£1.40 for a glass of ice tea!) The room was very basic and unclean, the fridge empty and the air conditioner broken. I would not recommend this hotel and will not go back there."

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  • Travel date: Fri 16th of September 2005

Crowded and miserable

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"Ok but not Ok when it is rated as a 5 star. Rooms varied greatly in quality and comfort and many guests were unhappy with the facilities (eg having booked a triple room, found it contained just one big bed! a little too cosy for most sharers!). The hotel was full of mainly Russian guests who made various trumped up complaints against the staff which in turn meant that the staff were overworked unhappy and miserable and it showed. If you were nice and polite to them they were shocked and grateful. The mixture of half board and all inclusive packages which guests were on made it hard to get served and there were always queues for drinks. Nice pool but very crowded. Nice beach but very crowded. Many guests suffered from stomach complaints which lasted over a week, even in our party who have all travelled to Egypt before and been fine. Would never go there again - don't recommend it at all, felt very sorry for the staff."

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of August 2005

Fantastic Holiday

Reviewed Wed 28th of November 2012

"Have just come back from a 2 week AI holiday and had a fantastic holiday, can't understand previous reviews, the hotel is magnificent, we stayed in the Lagoon room and it was very big, my friends stayed in the main building and there room was very nice aswell, food plenty and lots to choose, as much drink as you can stand (both alcoholic and soft drinks), but the best of everything is the staff, very friendly, there are Mohamed, Ala and the Shisha man (who work in The Dockers), Hussain (he is the one that always opens the door from the pool into the hotel), and the Assistant Manager Mahmoud, those are the only ones I can remember but with over 1000 members of staff it is difficult as every one of them makes you very welcome and make sure you are having a good time.

The pool is fantastic, the biggest one I have ever seen, never had any problems finding a sun bed, they even supply you with the towels for the beach and the pool.

The only couple of things that I was very dissapointed is the lack of English children animation as the only entretainers are geared to entretain the German children, the other BIG complain I have is the fact that our flights home where in the evening and the "All Inclusive" finished at 12:00 and then you become invisible as nobody wants to know you, specially as we did not arrive until midnight on the arrival day so infact you are only getting 13 1/2 days AI not the 14 as they advertise.

The quads trip is a must, we had a fantastic time riding in the desert and visiting the beduins.

Yes you get a bit arased with staff trying to sell you dinners at a better restaurant, fresh juice, milk shakes and hotel trips, but a polite no thanks and they leave you alone.

All in all had a fantastic holiday with my family and friends."

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  • Travel date: Sun 14th of August 2005

Great Quality Hotel

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"Le Meridien Makadi Bay is a great hotel. We had such a good time that we will be going back late in August.

Having been to many All-Inclusive hotels worldwide, including Tunesie and Mexico this is by far the best hotel. The staff is friendly and willing to aid.
The rooms are good sized and clean. Had no problems whatsoever with the room.

The food is of "good" quality, but what do you expect in Egypt. They will not make gourmet meals. We had enough variation during the holiday. And the extra restaurants give great value and service.

During the evening you can sit outside next to the swimming pool, and after midnight the disco opens for the party to continue there.

The only drawback i could find is the shopping area, they can come on quiet strong, but that shouldnt be a problem if you are clear."

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of August 2005

5 stars not on your nellie

Reviewed Sun 14th of October 2012

"Five stars official rating, the Le Meridien Macadi Bay, so said the web site. What a shock awaited us especially in the quality of the rooms and the service in the Dinning Room

The mini bar comprised an empty refrigerator. The rooms had no in room beverage making facility or room service, so a hot cup of anything was not possible first thing in the morning . The tap water was not suitable for drinking but bottled water was not provided on a daily basis. It had to be purchased from the bar and carried to the rooms. No facility at the room to sit outside and enjoy the climate the very reason for the hotel being built in it location. As for hotel provided dressing gowns and slippers, we did not even bother looking. The beds turned down in the evening just forget it

The story continues in the dining room .The Buffet meals and the chaos that accompanied them had to be seen to be believed it As for a maitra de or restaurant manager to find or show you to a table that was non existent. Upon one occasion we entered the dining room found a table ordered some drinks went to get our first course only to find upon our return others eating at where we had thought we had decided to sit. for the evening. This really did confuse the drinks waiter

On two occasions very extractives roasts of Turkey an d Beef were displayed . On each occasion when I asked for a portion; a mechanically recovered roll of the meat suddenly appeared and we were carved two or three slices of that. Not the fresh attractive joint on display. The final straw came on one evening when having ordered a bottle of red wine we decided to finish the last two glasses in the lounge. We were physically prevented from removing the half finished glasses from the dinning room In a 5 star establishment a waiter would have placed the two glasses on a tray and carried them to the lounge for us.
Paper serviettes for dinner was also the order of the day."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 18th of July 2005

Common Sense?

Reviewed Wed 28th of November 2012

"Like everything in this world, we need to keep a sense of proportion and use our common sense. When a holiday is offered at very reasonable rates, dare I say cheap, to expect Five Star UK standards is a laugh. You pay your money, you take your etc etc

Le Meridien Makadi Bay is now owned by the El Sharkawy Group and operates under the Meridien name for the time being. Hurghada and its environs is not a business destination and relies on mass tourism to fill its hotels, so please don't expect everything to be flawless. On the other hand if you use a little common sense and do some simple research on your holiday you will learn about the great culture of tipping in Egypt. Even the smallest service requires "baksheesh" - and if you don't tip then expect poor service - it isn't blackmail but it is the way of life in Egypt. We tipped people carefully and regularly, just small amounts but it ensured we were remembered in bars! We tipped the room attendant and extra pillows appeared, it really is that simple. And we tipped in bars every night, so that towards the end of the holiday the strength of the drinks was something to behold!

Food is often a variation on a theme, but there are numerous choices so we never got bored. The pool is superb, the sea is an amazing colour, and the sun is hot. It is ideal for a fairly cheap break in the sun.

Public areas and bedrooms are lovely, they lack the odd Five Star touch, but then most of the guests wouldn't know the difference. Staff are very friendly if you treat them well and not like skivvy's (which some nationalities seemed to do) - although there are several attempts to part you from your cash to try the Prince Karim Restaurant, or a plate of watermelon - a firm and polite "no thank you" and they're gone. The all inclusive is amazing value for money - and to those who think it's complicated I worry about them leaving the country. It's very simple and all explained on arrival in a welcome letter. Four meals a day, unlimited local drinks and a very comfortable bedroom - try getting that in the UK for this sort of price!

Hurghada and anywhere in Egypt can be a culture shock to the uninitiated - do not feel pressured to go into shops (the hotel minibus stops by one shop in particular and they try to get you inside by offering a map and business card so that you can find your way back to collect the bus later) - shopkeepers will try to ascertain your language (calls of "lubbly jubbly" are not uncommon!) - smile, say nothing and walk on. There are bargains to be found, so do haggle. And the shopkeepers can be extremely helpful and friendly - one owner of a jewellery shop insisted upon driving us back to the minibus as we were running late - they are a very hospitable people - just remember that the shopping experience is not like Bluewater.

Excel Airlines are nothing special, drinks very expensive for the size and wine unchilled. Cabin crew outbound were lovely, returning they were irritable and unsmiling - although paying for extra legroom seats is worth the money - other passengers looked very cramped. It certainly isn't BA. Hurghada ariport isn't too bad; very little to do and eat - it's worth while taking your own bottled drinks and snacks.

Overall excellent value for money, thoroughly recommended to all ages, but bear in mind this is a Muslim country and getting legless / topless bathing etc is a little insulting to the locals and very possibly illegal."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 9th of July 2005


Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"have been 6 times in the last 6 yrs A1 staff, and have made many friends,
they always remember you and are pleased to see you return.
the sunbeds on the beach do need a make over, and the food is going downhill,could be that eastern bloc visitors tend to fill 3 plates and only eat one, too much waste though there is still plenty of choice,
nothing against the russians (their woman are tasty.)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 31st of October 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Terrible quality

Reviewed Thu 6th of January 2011

"TIA HEIGHTS Macady Bay Hotel (Egypt) UNquality
How must the rooms of a hotel look like and what must the service be like, if a large part of surveyed people want to leave as soon as possible even after a few days passed from checking in…?
What must the Egyptian hospitality be like if one is willing to leave this country and never come back even before arriving to the hotel from the airport…?
Egyptian Hospitality:
On our arrival to Egypt an airport employee demanded money in order to return our baby buggy and our luggage. On our departure a local employee at “Check in” tried to demand money again for nothing else, but doing his direct job. I advise not to react to such situations or try to pretend that you cannot understand them, because almost a half of the Egyptians (both inside and outside the hotel) demand money for nothing else than doing their direct jobs, not mentioning that the quality of those jobs is nothing but poor.
The driver of a bus which came to the airport again demanded money in order to allow us to put our luggage to the luggage compartment and demonstrably refused to open the lit until he was given some dollars. The same happened when we arrived to the hotel: the driver refused to return our baggage until he was given some dollars. THIEVES!!! Luckily, there were no similar misunderstandings when leaving the hotel. Maybe because of the conversation with the manager.
On the other hand most of the personnel are kind with kids. Some of them succeeded really well in occupying and cheering the kids while their parents were dining.
The personnel at the reception desk are kind and helpful except for one employee named MOTAZ who lacks the ability to communicate with his guests: he shouted and commanded us as if we were dogs during training. We had the chance to speak to him two times, and after both conversations the mood was wrecked both to me and my wife.
A part of the personnel are disobliging i.e. if you told that something was not right, for example the elevator was not working, one would reply that this is none of his business because he is not responsible for it and would just walk away not reporting the failure to the one responsible. The elevators there failed frequently and I was forced to carry the child in a buggy up and down the stairs.
Locals do nag attractive girls both at the airport and at the hotel. My wife could not even walk to the restaurant or to the beach without being nagged by some obsessive employee who would ask her to stay to live with him or something like that. Therefore this is not a hotel that you would let your wife walk alone and feel comfortably.
The administrators of a hotel fail to prepare their personnel in such way that they would feel responsible not just for their direct job but also for noticing the faults of the hotel and warning those liable for them. Not mentioning the lack of quality when doing their direct jobs.
It is impossible to make oneself understood in both English and Russian while calling the room service. After the call they send some employees who also hardly speak English or Russian so they try to find out what is wrong by gesturing.
When we ordered a delivery of four free-bottles of water every day (because the tap water is undrinkable due to the chemicals used) every time when the water was due to be delivered we had to argue with the personnel that they must provide us with four bottles, not two or three. There were times when the water was not delivered at all therefore we had to call the reception desk. Even after the conversation with the management and the managing director who assured that from then on everything would be fine we had to call the reception desk again and ask for water so vital to our child. Only after the conversation with one of the employees (Tarek) and during last days of our visit we were provided with water regularly but only with three bottles, not four and only at the time when we were not staying in our room.
Hotel Room Service:
Rooms and other quarters look like as if they were upholstered by builders who are characters from a movie “Nasha rasha”. Even by using the materials of better quality they managed to upholster everything so poorly that the rooms looked like rooms of an old student dormitory.
The room cleaning service is terrible: there is an awful amount of mud left on the floor after cleaning has been done besides it gets so wet that it looks like the room has been flooded. They use such an extensive amount of chemicals in cleaning the bathroom that for the upcoming several hours it is hard to breathe there. Furthermore, they won’t clean the table unless you exceptionally ask for it and there are dead flies stuck to the walls and mirror in the bathroom. It looks like they have been there for at least a year (apparently if you stay at the room 2141 sometime next year you will find those flies). To continue, the plumbing is also awful: you have to stand in a puddle because it is leaking from underneath the sink. Sometimes they even forget to clean the rooms at all and take out the trash, which start to rot in the intense heat.
After those greatly unpleasant incidents and after a conversation with the managing director we were moved to highly exalted apartments and were able to agree that the room was going to be serviced at 11 o’clock every morning while we were away at the beach. The service at the new room was way better, but not ideal.
Apartments (Room 2119): There was a recent repair done on this room. At first sight it looked really nice and we agreed to move there a few days left to our departure. The room service facilities in this room were way better: everything was done properly and at the time arranged. Of course by saying properly I mean that only those parts of the room which were apparent were cleaned properly and old dust and trash were visible elsewhere. I am happy to say that the baby bed provided was intact and without any sharp parts like others. There was an extra cover on the mattress of a double bed which was thin, wrinkled at the corners and made out of squares which made it look like you were sleeping on cabbage shredder. The bathroom looked nice but it was unpractical. While using the shower the water poured down on the floor because there were neither shower curtains nor enough glass to stop it. The bathtub tap was in such an inconvenient place that every time while taking a bath it got in the way and caused injuries. The sink was made in such a way that there was water pouring from sides of it on the floor while washing therefore I had to stand on wet floor again which was really unpleasant. The water-closet was set in such a way that while trying to sit on it you would definitely stumble because of the sink and the lid was constantly dropping on the back. Furthermore the constant water flow in it started to become annoying and the basket on the sink was moldy. To continue, this room collects the incoming noise from the outside so well that it is hard to get some sleep while there is a “Beach party” with a loud music going on until midnight. On the other hand this room has a much larger terrace where it is nice to let the child crawl, to sunbathe or enjoy the view of the sea in the mornings or in the afternoons. The view is spectacular: the sea, ships, pools and so on. The other nice thing about this room is the big widescreen TV - the only regret is that the broadcast is rather poor there.
Other hotel inventory that we liked: the bed mattress, the towels, the napkins in the bathroom and the shower sponges which were available only in these apartments.
For the strong disappointment of my wife the hotel personnel did not make anything nice out of the towels, for example birds. Even after leaving some tip this and the room tidying issues were not addressed. However the maid tried to arrange some interesting child-like art, but don’t get astonished if you find this art made out of your belongings and clothes. Doing so is strictly forbidden in other proper hotels.
Hotel Equipment:
Child beds are wooden and broken. Besides, they have sharp wooden surface and loose nails which are hazardous for the child. You will have to argue many times until you are provided with a child bed which at least is not broken and the child is not able to fall out on the floor.
This hotel has some serious problems with its elevators. Four of five elevators in the main building were frequently not operative. One of the employees assured us that in the sector we had our apartments assigned, would be no such problems as there were elsewhere. Realistically there were no problems, except for the “Out of order” sign hanging on the elevator. No one was able to answer when the elevator would be repaired. As a result I was forced to walk long corridors and carry everything by stairs until I was able to get outside with my child. After the repairs the elevators were operative only for several days. This is the view of the elevator with broken sharp mirrors:
Every hotel guest gets a bracelet which is a potential injury hazard. I have injured myself and acquired a large scar on my back while I was trying to whisk away those tiresomely attacking flies. Besides we were frequently hurting our child while trying to pick her up.
Rest and Privacy in a Hotel:
There is not enough privacy in the room: someone often walks in at different times. The sign “Do not disturb” does not help. It does not matter whether you naked in the middle of your room, the staff will come in and see everything. Total lack of privacy.
The signs “Do not disturb” and “Pls clean my room” are on different sides of the same sheet and that results in misunderstandings while the sheet is flipping on the handle during gusts of wind.
You cannot restfully relax at the pools because there are locals frequently passing by and offering various paid services. The pool-cleaning interval is not clear either: for several days in a row I saw a dead crab at the bottom of one pool and dead mouse and a bird at the other.
The bunks are uncomfortable: if you are lucky to avoid catching on the handles (which are totally useless) you will surely get hurt by the sticking nails.
The Quality of Restaurants:
The chefs are very kind and helpful (Ali, Asharf and some others). They always helped if we needed something for us or our child.
Restaurants are similar to canteens because of the large stream of people (they mentioned that they had around 3000 clients at one time). The queues are large, it might be necessary to stand and wait at the door until you would be let in. You risk not finding all range of food by coming later. The food is begrudged, for example you might have to argue or go several times until you are able to get a couple of tomato or cucumber slices.
The personnel are so tired that only two or three of them are able to smile. As far as we have found out this is due to the fact that they work more than 8 hours a day and are able see their families just during several days in a couple of months time.
If you want a nice omelette you should go to the “Safaga” restaurant. If you go to the “Aladdin” restaurant you will definitely be served burnt or cold one together with rude glare of a waiter as if saying “…what are you dissatisfied about?”.
The ventilation system in the “Safaga” restaurant is poor. As a result of that all restaurant is covered by smoke from the kitchen. On the other hand the conditioning is way too intense. In the morning it was cold without a sweater.
If you want to eat your breakfast outside, the only option is restaurant “Aladdin”. Unfortunately you will encounter several unpleasant situations: if you leave your food for a while (for example to go and get something else) you will find it surrounded by birds when you return. You might find your food pooped on, pecked or trampled. You will also find poop on chairs and tables. It is disgusting to sit down and eat after touching such a chair.
The dishes at the Italian restaurant are very delicious. Regrettably they must be paid for because they do not belong in “All inclusive”.
You can order partly Japanese dishes in the Chinese restaurant but after tasting the food there we were not willing to return both because of the food and the service.
When we ordered a cocktail in the “Sunset” bar it was served in a dirty glass - there was not even a clean place to pick up the glass. Also the tables were dirty, we haven’t seen them being cleaned. One of the tables had its top glass missing so we had to put our glasses on the frame of it.
I have noticed that the drinks at the pools are provided in glasses that have been washed just by some chemicals mixed with sea-water. They just swill the glasses and fill them up for other customers at a dash.
The Beach:
I have visited all Makady bay beaches and I can conclude that the best one for recreation and for children was the beach at TIA and other nearby hotels. We were able to bathe easily without special shoes and there were no hazardous pits or creatures in the water.
Sadly there are a lot of big and small ships near the beach and due to that half of it is covered in awful smell of exhaust smoke. And the water near those boats is roily so you cannot see the bottom.
There was an opportunity to snorkel and see some beautiful coral, various fish or live limpets in shells.
We were not able to observe dolphins although we tried to get up early. The locals say that they are boggled by the vast amount of ships sailing here.
Active Leisure:
The hotel employees responsible for the amusement of their guests did a great job. They arranged teams to attend soccer, volleyball, water games, take part in exercises on sand and in the sea, belly-dance lessons and so on. Certainly, they were tutors and coaches at the same time so there was a lack of some professional advice especially in water gymnastics. It was more like a workout on the beach, lacking real water exercises. We saw much more professional exercises taking place in other hotels.
It is great that there is a closed and warmed pool which is suitable both for kids and for adults. I also liked two warmed outdoor pools for kids. There is also a gym, but I wasn’t able to test it.
There is also a child sector where children can attend various activities with a nanny (our baby, of course, was not old enough to attend those activities).
The management of the hotel should think about helping the personnel change the tips collected in non Egyptian currency. It looks amateurish when the personnel are asking their guests to change euro coins to other currency. They could therefore help their guests change the remains of local currency to some other.
The internet must be paid for and is very expensive. If you have your own computer it is best to rent a Vodafone wireless connector which can be used in the whole territory of a hotel. Its price is 50EGP a day. For that price you get 10MB free and you will be charged 1EGP for every 1MB over.
It costs 6EUR to play pool for one hour. It is interesting what part of that amount reaches the management, because I haven’t noticed any form being filled when paying by cash. If you pay by EUR they will later ask you to change euro coins to some other currency.
There are no mosquitoes in the hotel, but I saw a lot of kids bitten by them. My wife and child were also bitten in the balcony and in the outdoor restaurant. The flies bother both at the beach and in the hotel room.
It is pleasing that the territory of a hotel is not stuffed with product advertisements. On the other hand it’s strange that the hotel does not use the ability to collect some income from advertisements that can be delicate (for example a beach volleyball net with let’s say a beer advertisement).
It is excellent that there are security guards on duty near every hotel and especially on the beach. I can commend the security personnel because I haven’t seen them asleep at any time, and I walked on the beach in very early hours of a morning
It is nice that the bottles which the water is brought in have sealed caps so you are assured that they are not filled here in the hotel using local water supply.
My respect to the architect of the main building of the hotel. You are able to see the sea from every balcony of the second or third floor. There was also a nice flow of wind in the corridors providing fresh air.
I don’t know if all hotels spray mosquito repellents so that half of the territory gets covered by smoke. This poison makes its way to rooms and restaurants therefore a lot of it is inhaled by guests.
The plants outside are watered with water which is stinky and therefore results in unpleasant smell.
The lighting in the rooms is awful. You cannot read a book in the evening even if all the lights are turned on. Not to mention the situation when a lady tires to put on her makeup in such twilight.
I would not recommend this hotel to others, especially with small kids!! You feel totally unwelcome in here and by the looks of the personnel it looks like the guests are a huge burden for them.
P.S. It may look like things mentioned here are trifles but because of such trifles clients are unwilling to return and advise their friends not to stay there. This is the way competitive battles are lost."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 27th of December 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 1 Food

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