Tutotel Hotel

1 Salah El Din Street Nile Corniche, Luxor - Egypt
3 star hotel

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lovely friendly atmosphere

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2012

"My husband and I had a wonderful stay here. The staff are friendly and cheerful and if you try a few words of Arabic they are your friend for life.
Rooms were basic but clean and tidy. Housekeeping staff on hand at all times.
Breakfasts were buffet style with lots of choice (Fabulous desserts) and there is another small dining area serving Italian and european dishes.
Although we were B$B we had most of our evening meals here too, as there are not many restaurants in Luxor, only other hotels and they can be a complete rip-off.
The only small problem was that the swimming pool is tiny and perched on top of the Hotel, obviously an afterthought, but there is so much to see and do in Luxor that it would be sad to waste time at the pool.
Sunset from the roof is not to be missed."

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  • Travel date: Mon 21st of August 2006

Okay Hotel Good location but probably not value for money

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"While the location was excellent - close to the corniche and luxor temple the hotel did look a wee bit run down and the gloss was missing for the prices they charged. Rooms are generally nice and big (although the bathroom was a bit cramped.

Since I stayed there only for a day (not even the night) can't really say much. However the noise factor is pretty high with the hotel being on a busy street. (Am told that the Disco in the hotel causes quite a ruckus in the evenings for guests who are in rooms close to the disco.

Overall - decent place, not something you should look for if you're going in for luxury."

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  • Travel date: Mon 24th of July 2006


Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"2 of us (girls) stayed for a week at the hotel on a half board basis. Our room was on the fifth floor overlooking flats and with a nile view. The hotel is conveniently located just off the cornice and 5 minutes walking distance from the Luxor temple and 10 minutes from the city centre. The room has a fridge to store your own drinks and with air conditioning. Though a couple of times this was not working but was sorted out straight away. Food was good but not a very large selection. However, the chef is at hand to cook you a fresh pasta dish in the evening and omelette/pancake for breakfast with your own choice of ingredients. The pool is on the roof top but not very big. For those with a good eye you can see Hatsepsuts temple across the nile from here. The room is cleaned every morning and the cleaners would make a fantastic shapes out of the laundry e.g. tulips, crocodile. Luxor generally is a noisy city so you have to go to sleep with the balcony doors closed.
P.S the massages are good."

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  • Travel date: Fri 21st of July 2006

Worst hotel i have ever stayed in

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"my holiday rep was unhelpful. we only stayed the one night, we arrived on Monday 10th July and booked out on Tuesday 11th July the hotel was called the Tutotel partner the first room had blood in the bath , and the air con didn’t work the toilet was black and dirt all around the skirting. We complained and were moved to a different room. This wasn’t much better the air con worked, but floor and skirting was still dirty and the toilet, the shower didn’t work. We got up for breakfast the next day and the food was like slop and the plates and cups was dirty, I asked for a clean cup and the waiter poured tea into the dirty one I had had enough and we packed our bags we couldn’t contact the rep and the manger tried to stop us leaving the hotel, we was very frightened being two women on our own, we got lots of hassle from the people working there, as they kept following us and was asking for money. We went to look at the pool, which was on the roof, the poles holding it up was thin and the stairs were wobbling as we climbed them. When we saw the pool it was no bigger than a pond and at had a thick slime on the top of the water. We booked into another hotel which was first class had no problems, i enjoyed egypt but if i had to remain in this hotel me and my friend would have got the next flight home. i rate this hotel with a 1 star and that is being generous."

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  • Travel date: Tue 18th of July 2006

Excellent Nile View

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"Stayed at the Tutotel in April 2006 for a week, and to be perfectly honest, it was brilliant!!.

The staff are incredibly helpful and friendly, the whole hotel was spotless, the food was excellent and always hot or cold as necessary. There was never a problem with having that 'extra' plateful.

We stayed on the 5th floor overlooking the primary school, and had an excellent view of the Nile and the West Bank.

We checked in to the Hotel at 1800 and the cases were taken directly to our room. We entered the restuarant at 2000 for the evening meal, and shortly after we had completed our meal there was entertainment laid on (for no extra charge), which consisted of a Belly Dancer, a Whirling Dervish and an amazing Snake Charmer.

Service at the pool was always prompt as it was wherever you went in the hotel.

I would definately stay at this hotel again, as I have already said, excellent service, clean rooms, tremendous food and within walking distance from all the major points of interest.

Well done Tutotel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 21st of April 2006

Hotel room very good, not mention the f........

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Dear readers we stayed in the Tuthotel for 6 nights, as we were in Luxor on Bussiness.
The room was very nice and no problems, but if you are talking food, well there is another story and I am not asking for 5* cuisine, not even cooked breakfast, just heathly stuff, like yogurt, fresh fruit, fresh milk (NOT POWDER) choice of cerial not just one! It is a pity that they cannot afford to give a better breakfast, after all they are 3* +, food not as good as 3*, other wise this hotel was very good for the price.
Oh by the way I have been to Luxor 58 times, so I have a lot of experience on the hotels, in particular the rooms and food!!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of April 2006

Thumbs up for Tutotel!

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"My boyfriend and I stayed at this lovely hotel mid March and I felt compelled to write a review as we had such a wonderful time here especially as there are a few negative reviews.

Its a bright, clean hotel with friendly staff and a nice atmosphere.

The rooms are spacious enough with large comfortable beds, a tv, free aircon and small ensuite bathrooms. The bath is a little small, but unless you're planning on spending your whole holiday in the bathroom, thats not really an issue. However, ladies (or boys with bouffants) you will need to take a hairdryer, as none are provided. Clean towels are provided everyday, and most days the housekeepers with make assorted animals out of towels for you, which we found quite a charming touch.

If you have a room at the front of the hotel, be warned, take earplugs. The hotel is directly opposite a primary school that starts at 7am each morning except Fridays (which is the main day off for egyptians). You will most probably be woken up by the singing schoolchildren, the 'call to prayer, the caleches or the horns of impatient car drivers. However, for me, this was all part of the charm. Sitting out on the balcony was a nice way to just take in the local life without the risk of being run over!

The buffet style food was lovely, we had breakfast and dinner here most days despite only being half board. Try the omelettes and tomatoes in the morning which will keep you going til lunch.

The waiters are fantastic and if you treat them as people instead of skivvies, and take the time to talk to them, they will do everything they can for you. They love to tell you about their country and we spent hours chatting with the various staff (Keep an eye out for a small waiter called Abdul, he's quite a comedian).

The food and drink that you can order by the pool is also of good quality, and served by a very nice guy called Ramadan who is always smiling.

Massages are offered up by the pool by trained staff who will keep you entertained with local stories if you take the time to chat with them, although if you just want to sleep in the sun, then thats fine with them. However, they may ask you back to their homes for dinner or ask to exchange contact details. If you don't want to oblige, a firm but friendly 'No thanks' gets the message across and doesn't offend.

Yes, the pool is small, but there are so many things to do, you probably won't spend much time there. If you want a luxurious sunbathing holiday, go to Tenerife.

The staff at the hotel adore kids (as do most egyptians) and will make alot of effort with them.

The disco was open when we were there, and you have to go down a very narrow spiral staircase to get to it. The glo-white poster of the Spice Girls on the walls sets the tone for this brilliantly cheesy disco. The music is loud, but as it is downstairs, you do not hear any noise once in your room.

The excursions offered are a little expensive, but it is probably better to go on them than risk the hassle with someone else. The Fallah Tent party is particularly recommended.

The staff here will do all they can for you and made our experience really enjoyable. The majority of staff in the egyptian hotels are very poorly paid for their 6 days hard work each week, so please tip them well.

I would go back to Egypt in a heartbeat and would definately come back to this hotel if staying in Luxor."

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  • Travel date: Fri 31st of March 2006

Food to die for.

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"The tutotel is located walking distance from Luxor Temple and at first glance, seems to look very appealing from the outside.
We had booked our rooms half board with a view of the nile but upon arriving, the view itself consisted of a busy road jampacked with the ubiquitous horse and cart merchants that pestered us non-stop.
The room itself was clean, however the sound proofing left a lot to be desired. The shower was in good working order and at the time of our stay, there seemed to be a lot of refurbishment going on in the rooms nearby to ours.
Don't expect a good nights sleep here as you will be woken at about 6am by the commotion and the traffic outside so it would be wise to get a room higher up.
We were given a room on the 2nd floor on the pretence that that was the only room available which had a double bed.
The food was also quite simply disgusting and I would recommend you eat elsewhere other than at the hotel.
As for the people at the front desk, they were on the whole helpful and polite and their command of English was excellent.
Generally a nice hotel although you could most definitely stay somewhere better. For the price however, and the fact that we spent almost all of our time exploring Luxor, it still represents good value for money."

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  • Travel date: Mon 27th of March 2006

not so bad

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Opposite the IBEROTEL-ex-NOVOTEL LUXOR, this hotel is quite conveniently located. The "one pound only ferry" is a mere 150-200 m away and if you're deaf enough to ignore the hassles of the caleches and taxis, you can even walk to the station. Room is so-so-egyptian, ie there is everything but half of it is out of order. The the reception can be helpful. Breakfast is not bad but all the waiters will do their best to make you feel that you're late, at anytime (sic), you'll have to beg for a spoon, a bag of sugar ... The bar that looks like indefinitely closed is in fact open round the clock, you'll have to play hide and seek with the waiters there, but then, the meals are freshly prepared, and good ! The 10 dollar extention that let you keep the room till 9-10 pm is a good idea if you catch an everning train back to Cairo."

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of December 2005

Terrible hotel

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"My wife and I travelled independantly to Luxor, this is the 6 time we have been.

This is only the second time land based,previously on Nile cruise boats.

This hotel is not as discribed by any tour operator or agent, have just returned 21st Nov 2005. This hotel is discribed as a 3* hotel with excellent facilities and Nile views.

It does not,I must repeat it does not.There are no Nile views,the photographs shown are not true. These must have been taken many years ago. As their is now an Apartment block next door so no Nile views.

The hotel is Dirty, the food is awful,the bed rooms are a disgrace, only half a sheets used on the beds.

Before we left from the U.K i sent a fax requesting information about the hotel, and spoke to them on the phone. All lies

They do Not except any Nile views,or Visa at all. Nor do they have email, nor reply to your fax.

We choose this hotel mainly because it was near the Corniche.Due to my Knee replacements.

Worst of all we had booked and paid for Half board and a Nile view. Complete waste of money. Totop this off there was 2 lifts in the hotel,1 was not working.And on our first day the 2 lift stipped working.

This did not help as we were on the (5) floor, and found it very difficult to get up and down 5 flights of stairs.

We complianed to the Manager, he did not seem to care very much. We had no option but to leave.

We went along the Nile street to a Hotel that we had stayed in before called the Soneasta St George this is an EXCELLENT HOTEL and would highly recommend it.

So be warned all of you who may be considering the Tutotel DON'T

Charles & Hazel Lea"

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  • Travel date: Sat 26th of November 2005


Reviewed Sat 19th of May 2012

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to you as I booked a holiday to Luxor in Egypt, I am in a wheel chair due to ill health, I know I mentioned this as you put it on your paper work you sent to me, so why was the hotel classed as disabled friendly when you have 2 steps to the front door a further 3 steps to the restaurant, there was also a building site on the roof terrace.
By now you must understand I am not happy with this hotel and it is the first day,
I did mention this to the rep what ever I said was wrong with this hotel, the reps words to me was not a problem or phone England, it was more important to sell day trips so they can rip you off by charging double the price.
The roof terrace to the pool was filthy, the water in the pool had brick dust and algae they told me they have just put fresh water in the pool, (the Nile was cleaner than the pool) .
Still about the pool around the edge was gaps 3 to 4 inch wide, carpet was torn and dirty , the hand railings
Was loose and moved (this is all very dangerous as we are 8 floors above ground level).
The sun lounges was so dirty I thought I was in a local cow shed it didn’t smell much better ( you wouldn’t want to sun bathe on them ), there is also 10 plus steps to get to the pool, I am still in a wheel chair which can’t fit in to the lift because the lift is to small for it, because we had to force the wheel chair in to the only customer lift my wheels on the chair have to be repaired, and the steps broke the strap on my motor all this is not cheap to have repaired. (in the reps words this is not a problem) and yes it still is a problem as still in a wheel chair.
Lets Talk about the room now windows that have broken locks big gaps and some was glued shut as the hinges were broken, (the mosquitoes ate well). There is no Nile view rooms unless you go up to the building site And this is not a room . The curtains was hanging of the rails and had hole in them, they didn’t open or close the bathroom had tiles Broken, leaking toilet and pipes protruding out of the mirror, (is this to gas the mosquitoes or the guest) the balcony had a crack that got bigger the more you went on it, the hotel staff held meeting every knight all knight, motor bikes revving up girls screaming and shouting all knight I am not sure if you put me in a hotel a brothel, they had no consideration the only guest one floor up, we had phone calls at 3 am when we asked about this they said it is nothing ,it was to us , television didn’t work because of the building work in the hotel, no hot water when I ask about this they told me to wait till the afternoon so the sun can heat it up as we have no heater on, (so in one week no sleep frightened and to top it all smelly a good holiday so far NOT)
Food was very small amounts and the same every day not good if you don’t eat liver rice or cucumber we don’t, so to top it of we are now hungry.
I thought I asked for three star half board and disabled friendly, I got minus six star anorexia depression insomnia and to top it all steps (I am still in a wheel chair).
Please contact me as soon as possible I have never complained before, out of 9 times in Egypt this is the first time I needed to complain about a holiday, The hotel had no proper security at the door.

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  • Travel date: Mon 10th of October 2011

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The hotel is situtated in a good central...

Reviewed Thu 12th of June 2008

"The hotel is situtated in a good central location for sight seers and for views over the Nile however, don't have high expectations in relation to the pool/sun terrace as both are in need of refurbishment.
Also don't use the internal mail boxes as your postcards will never arrive at their intended destination - something I was incredibly disappointed about - there is a 'normal' post box about 5 mins walk away in the direction of the Nile and it's worth taking the time to use it even if it is scorchingly hot outside.
Rooms are of a general, good basic standard but if you are not all inclusive etc the restaurant menu is a little lacking particularly if you are looking for authentic Egyptian cusine.
Reception, security, disco and dining staff are all friendly however be wary of housekeeping particularly when they are expecting a tip, you may find your air conditioning turned off during your holiday if they feel hard done by.
The disco is one of the few in the area so during peak times is a good distraction for youngsters."

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  • Travel date: Thu 12th of June 2008

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