Pyramisa Isis Hotel & Suites Luxor

Khaled ibn El Walid St, Luxor Egypt
5 star hotel


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  • 2.5 room
  • 3 pool
  • 1 beach
  • 2 service
  • 2 dining
  • 2.5 amenities
  • 2 food

49 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Minuses outweigh the pluses


"Good things: we had a suite with a decent enough Nile view (and a King Sized Bed - despite what some guests have been told they do have such things) - which was attractively priced and large. And that's it.

Bad things: the food was contemptuously poor. This was compounded by the hotel attempting to refuse you to allow you to bring food in from outside EVEN TO EAT IN YOUR OWN ROOM. Sorry to capitalise that, but it does beggar belief. We had a baby so couldn't (and wouldn't) eat dinner in the restaurant. So basically they tried to starve us. We did discover that you could eat lunch in the Sonesta St George - a real five star about five minutes walk away - for very little. Do give it a try if you insist on staying here.

Nothing worked in our room. Well, that's a slight exaggeration but very little worked.

The room although fairly clean could have done with some maintenance. There were cigarette burns in the carpets and so on.

All in all, quite depressing. The management were plainly running the hotel into the ground to maximise profits - and it really was all rather horrid. Lots of big (and pikey) tour groups. That having been said; we did love Luxor - very friendly and masses to do."

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of January 2007

Not 5 Star!


"This hotel advertises itself as 5 Star - we would rate more like 3 Star. There are no double beds in existence in this hotel, they will however push two single beds together for you! The hotel has a grand total of 20 hairdryers to loan to guests, which didn't go down well on New Year's Eve. You cannot get a coffee after your meal in the evening - you must go to the lobby bar. The room wasn't very clean and the bathroom needed modernising - or at least a fresh coat of enamel."

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of January 2007

Book elsewhere this hotel is terrible, believe me.


"I have stayed in for work and pleasure, in hotels all over the world and in many cases in areas where the local economies are poor, it has also been across the gammut of star ratings.

Firstly the positives: the room was clean and spacious and had a great view of the Nile, also we met some great other guests there and had a fanatstic laugh with each other, even though at times it verged on the feeling of seige mentatility.

The first morning of arrival we met with approx 60 guests who had been shunted from another 5* hotel, as late as when they were drawing up to its entrance and told they were staying in the Hellamisa isis hotel.

I never attend reps meeting but in this case there were a few areas of local knowledge i needed so i went. After a couple of hours of vociferous argument with the previously mentioned 60 other guests i gave up. Not a good start.

My main areas of complaint was the all inclusive offer: was nothing of the sort, there were limitation in most areas. Restaurants, times, and only offered the local wine and beer which to put politely were poor. The restuarant was filthy the tableclothes were "cleaned" by flicking the several previous guests food on to the floor. The cultery and crockery were transfered between tables freely. I asked the resturant manager if a clean table could be provided from his response i thought i'd asked him to do an impression of Marcel Marceau.

One coffee machine for real coffee in the whole hotel and this broke!!!

Staff were unhelpful until you tipped then it was all then fawningly embarrassing behaviour to get more.

The front desk when i requested even the simplest things just replied with a no. Basically i would say, take a tent, stay anywhere else possible or what i should have done stay at home and save up to go back to Mexico. I was one of 20 or so quests who said we would never return to Luxor after our experiences there.

I actually felt relieved on boarding the plane to get back to blighty and rain and freezing temperatures.

Cheers and always look on the bright side of life: at least i don't have to work in the Crappamisa Isis for a living."

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of January 2007



"This was our 4th visit to Egypt so we know how the Egyptians work. Our complaint was not with the Staff at the hotel but just the general running of the hotel. We were all inclusive but only ate in the main Lotus Restaurant 4 times. The hotel seems to aim at the transit market - tours. On one occasion we were told that the restaurant was full and could we come back in half an hour - about ten minutes later 60 or so people arrived who were not resident at the hotel and were catered for. The food was repetitive and unimaginative.
Both outdoor pools were freezing although according to the hotel one is heated! This was certainly not the case.
The hotel is categorically not 5* it more like 2*. Upon our arrival at 10.00 p.m. we were shown to our room. This had not been cleaned from the previous residents - old newspapers on the floor, empty beer bottles and dirty towels on the bathroom floor. We were shown to another room which had been cleaned but the decoration was dated. The restaurant was closed so we had to pay for a meal in the Italian restaurant. The all inclusive ends at 10.00 p.m. The best food was the hamburgers at the pool. On our last day, we had to check out of our room at 12 noon we paid to stay till our departure time 6.45 p.m. however, at noon is also when the all inclusive finished. Lunch isn't served until 12.30 p.m. Bear in mind we didnt qualify for food on the first day. At this point the waiters seemed to change attitude towards us. On our departure day we were talking to a couple who had another few of days at the resort. They ordered two coffees for themselves but the waiters thought they were ordering for us. They watched as the couple drank the coffee to make sure we didnt. Please also beware of the 'all inclusive drinks' the only alcholic drinks included are beer and wine. The wine is like avaition fuel. Although Cola Sprite etc are free and plentiful as well as tea and coffee. You can have what you like at this hotel for a price. As stated we have been to Egypt before and never have we been so disappointed with our accommation. Its hotels like this that let the Egyptian people down. After all the staff are only following instructions."

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  • Travel date: Wed 15th of November 2006

Ignore the bad reviews


"We stayed at the Pyramisa during half term week this October on the All Inclusive basis in a Nile View Junior Suite. We were expecting the worst after reading previous reviews so were pleasantly surprised upon arrival to find that our room with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two balconies (overlooking the Nile) and a sitting area was very clean and comfortable. The gardens and pool area were always clean and tidy and all the staff extremely helpful and friendly, yes we did tip but not excessively after all what is a few pounds on a holiday that has cost you hundreds, saying that we never felt under pressure to do so.

The food whilst being fairly bland was always hot and fresh with a fair amount of choice.

We have travelled extensively and whilst this hotel may not be UK 5* it is certainly among the best in Egypt for the price you have paid."

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  • Travel date: Wed 8th of November 2006

We learn by our mistakes


Just arrived back from my first trip to egypt. Stayed in the Isis between the 23/10 and 30/10.
Im not really sure where to start with this review i could go on and on but briefly i will never ever go there again.
There is no kids playground as described and we spent a week with our 11 month old between us in bed as there were no cots.
We have twins of 2 who were climbing the walls by the end of the week as there is just no open ground they can play in safely.
The food was great the first day. Second day i knew i had seen the food before by the third day it was eating out although we were all inclusive.
I found the staff very helpful if you tip them enough. Otherwise not so. Didnt leave the hotel as i felt slightly unsafe outside the hotel.
It may have been a different experience if it was just me and husband but it is definately not kiddy friendly with loads for them to do as described.
Rooms were very basic and if you have booked there take a kettle.
I definately would not give this hotel a 5 star rating possibly 2/3"

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  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of November 2006

Nice gardens and pools but a bit 'tired'


"We’ve just spent a week at the Pyramisa Isis after a Nile Cruise and enjoyed our time there. The hotel is OK, it's a bit old and tired so doesn't really measure up to current 5 star standard, more like a 3 star. If you have a look at the Meridian next door or the Sonesta St George they are both much newer and more the expected 5 star standard. Having said that, the Isis has two swimming pools and large gardens so if you want more outside space they probably have the advantage over the Meridian and the Sonesta St George. We had a Junior Suite with a Nile view which was a large bedroom, bathroom, lounge area with fridge and TV , cloakroom (loo and basin) and balconies from the lounge and bedroom. I had expected the room to be at the front of the hotel with a view up and down the Nile, but instead it was at the side looking across the gardens to the Nile so while the view was good you could only see quite a small section of river. The food in the Italian and Chinese were good enough and the buffet breakfast was fine but the meals in the Lotus Restaurant in the evening were not very good and we only ate there twice. The service in the restaurants and upper pool bar were very slow and at times not very helpful. There didn’t seem to be much organisation or particular sense of customer service. We were on half board so opted for taking lunch or dinner at the Chinese or Italian and going out for our other meals. I’m not a fan of ‘English pubs’ when abroad but we went to the Royal Oak regularly, turn right out of the Isis and go about 100 yards. It serves both Egyptian and English style food and does wonderful steaks and kebabs for under £4, the drinks are cheaper than the hotel, service is great and I’d recommend it to anyone. Also went to the Meridian to watch the sunset (the view is better as at the Isis it was obscured by a moored riverboat) and had coffee and cakes which were lovely and very cheap."

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  • Travel date: Wed 1st of November 2006

Not a 5 star


"Tired 5 star hotel. Poor service. Appalling food. The Italian restaurant served up the worst pizzas`we have ever eaten. Go three doors down the street to Pizza Hut it's far better and I hate saying that. If you want a comparison with other 5 stars just pop down the street a hundred yards to the Sonesta or to the Le Meridien. There is no comparison. They are certainly worth the extra cost. Roadside rooms are very poor but if you pay for an upgrade to Nile view rooms make sure you can see the Nile and that your balcony doesn't have a Palm tree in front of it. Staff in general are rude particularly front desk, although pool service is excellent. Prices here are cheaper than their Aswan hotel because there is more competition but are still not cheap. Eat out where possible. There are plenty of local restaurants and if you need home food try Pizza hut/ KFC a few yards away. They are not my personal choice, I'd select the Sonesta hotel. A good range of eating places in there and not bad prices."

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  • Travel date: Thu 26th of October 2006

Great Pool !!!


"I plus 2 grown up kids stayed at this hotel in Sept and had a great time. As a mature lady I felt safe and not threatened when I left the hotel on my own in the evening which is more than I can say for back home.
All those people who whinge about being should go to Marrakech, that is hassle city of the world. At least if you say NO to the peddlars they do go least they did when I said it.
We thought the hotel was lovely, maybe not a 5 star but the staff made up for any other short comings. We were lucky in being upgraded from a Junior Suite to a corner Nile view and the room was wonderful. Large, clean, with a fabulous view . The bathroom was immaculate, and fresh towels, and toiletries provided every day.
For all of us the best part of the hotel were the 2 pools. Total bliss.!! Clean towels for the sun loungers were provided with no waiting and there were plenty of sun beds not only round the pool but in the gardens also. We found the waiter service great as he was constantly walking round asking if the guests reqd anything. OK, so he may want a what. You got your drink brought to you.
We went B/B and this is he best option as there are lots of resturants near the hotel. Turn left and walk a few hundred yards to the "RITZ"'s down a grim looking alley but inside it's very clean and the food is hot & plentiful & cheap.
It did not bother any of us about tipping. We at least recognise that the staff work very long hours for a pittance by our standards. A pound here and there is nothing to us yet I noticed that some people refuse to give even a few pence. I was asked by one young porter if I could change some English money to Egyptian. It totalled just 82p. !! How can British people be so mean.
We loved all of it and we will be back...for longer next time."

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  • Travel date: Mon 23rd of October 2006

Decent Hotel But............


"Just got back 17/10/06 sorry to say it won't be classed as one of our best holidays mainly because of how the egyptians behave, extremely pushy, hassle all the time, no repect in fact I don't think there's repect for each other unless there's cash involved.
Having also been to 'Sharm' & had a fantastic holiday enjoying the banter & bartering & aleast they would accept no & not repeatedly follow & hassle you even grabbing, shouting like in Luxor.
Because of this appalling behaviour people just didn't feel like leaving the hotel.
We've been all round the world & the last time the natives were so bad were in Bali.
Now with the hotel on first impressions the lobby is lovely & cosy very welcoming we thought .......I think because of its age it gives that feel.......the grounds & gardens lovely also......very clean.
We had booked a nile view our first room was 310 the tubby little porter went to show me the view from the balcony & said 'you like.'
All I could see was trees.....yes he said but you can see through the trees.....yeah right & on a clear day London too.
We wanted a change & without any hassle a quick change to a corner suite on the fourth fantastic views & better room superb massaging type shower & excellent A/C .......I think alot of brits are put on the third floor.

Alot of the staff are miserable especially the male reception staff & certain waiters yet this seems to be the look unless there after something............You may get a certain amount of hassle of staff for tips in the hotel as well which isn't nice when you are just wanting to relax. Also certain ones are just so false when being nice especially if they know you are close to leaving.
I'd recommed not telling them when you are leaving......& tip the ones who have genuinely been helpful & nice discretely.

We didn't find the pool staff very attentive even with tips so you end up having to get all the drinks yourself which is the exercise you need anyway.
Then two days before leaving one of the waiters started talking saying its is day off you have good heart all the usual speel just as you are trying to relax & they just don't get the 'Hint'.........not even seen him before...

As it obviously sounds the people have spoilt it for us & for alot of the people we spoke to.
The food is the same alot better 'belly dancer' nights & the snacks at the pool quite good to. The Chinese is excellent.......I had a pizza in the Italian & that was great......but didn't eat there that much.
Also these people are privileged to work in Luxor compared to 'Sharm El Shiek' & yet not as nice.......don't get me wrong there is the odd nice one & they will be the ones who appear more genuine & don't hassle all the time.
Basically treat tourists as idiots who just dish out cash.... point is though some get nasty if you don't.

The pool/Towel guys are Ok & enjoy a small tip I think most people gave 1 EP per bed but we gave a dollar each time which they really liked & would have the beds ready for you in the morning.

A taxi from the airport should definitley not be any more than 50 EP really should say you'll pay 40 depends if you want to barter over a pound & the tip is included in the price unless exceptionally helpful.

& its a short distance into departures so you don't need the hassle of porters..........the taxi drivers usually honk their horns to let the porters know so get out of the car as quick as possible otherwise your cases are out of the care before you know it, unless of cause you need one. Need to be firm as mentioned they think we like giving cash away......would they ?

I know people enjoyed the ballon flight but remember it won't really move far, never no wind so basically static.
Can get cheaper deals outside but just check the insurance.

Also even though it was October most days the the temp was 42 so on the trips I would recommend an all day trip, luckily we didn't & did the half day & buy lunch time we'd had enough........The all day cruise is OK because you can relax as well......not bad value to & the food ecellent on board the cruise ship.
But generally trips are expensive.............

You'll see lots of horses & carriages ........if you want to use make sure the horse looks in good health most do not !
Also when agreeing your price make sure its for the number of people going on the day & exactly where you want to going. Because if you just want to go round town, he make take you lots of bazaars & taken to his aunt Fatima all well & good if thats what want .
So agree a price around town no more than 25 but reall yshould be 20, for the number of people & how long.
Also thet charge for photos.
Our flights were excellent with Monarch staff excellent.
Another good thing to do if travelling by taxi is go that little bit earlier than the coaches that way less crowds when having cases scanned plus not many seats which is pretty bad, yet again they want you to give your money away having to having a drink to sit down.

I do think the hotel is 4* but the food is 3/2* apart from the Chinese which was excellent very similar ro home if not better especially the hot & sour soup.
So Luxor I will not be visiting you again especially disappointed after visting Sharm all due to the people yet the history is fantastic.

Good Luck !!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of October 2006

Life changing holiday


"Asalaam au laikum,

From 3rd August 2011 to 10th August 2011 my family stayed at your hotel in Luxor and had a life changing holiday of a lifetime. Not only is Luxor an amazing place with so much to do and see, but the people are the most warm, welcoming and wonderful people we have ever met. The food is wonderful and cheap, and the hospitality is second to none. My Arabic isn't amzing but I leanred a lot more from so many more people here. My wife was treated like a queen and my daughter Yomi was given so much love and attention she will never forget out stay. The room service staff did a great job everyday and also went to the effort of creating wonderful crocodiles, swans etc. with our linen. We visited Luxor and Karnak Temple, The Valley of the Kings and Workers (including Tutankhamun's tomb), Luxor Museum, had a Felluca boat ride to Banana Island and had a day of amazing snorkelling in the Red Sea where we saw a giant turtle, clam and moray eels. As we were here for Ramadan at the end of some days we were dined like royalty in the streets for free. We made many friends and contacts, including Kanoosh the horse carriage driver who's family welcomed us to their home and treated us to a feast many times. We are so close now. Also, Ahmed Abd Elsabor Abdalahy who owns Iborotel Book Shop is now a close firnd of the family and to him I am eternally indebted. Unfortunately I can't remember everyone's name but these people deserve special praise:

Kanoosh the horse carriage driver and his wonderful family.
Ahmed Abd Elsabor Abdalahy who owns Iborotel Book Shop.
Mr Sameh who we saw every morning for breakfast and was a great host and company.
Ezat who cleaned our rooms and constructed elaborate monuments out of the linen, and always had a kiss for our daughter Yomi.
Khaled who organized most of our excursions, gave me good deals and chatted with me about them every night, I wish I hadn't lost his number so I could send other English tourists his way.

And many, many more. We have fallen in love with Luxor and its people and insh'Allah will come to live here within the next 1-5 years. Those put off travelling to Egypt by the recent revolution, please don't be. We all felt so much safer here than in the UK. We got the occasional hassle but noone was rude and this is to be expected in a country where jobs are scarce and tourism is the main economy, so please go to Egypt, the people deserve your custom.

Shukran jazeelan and blessings my Egyptian brothers and sisters,

Egyptian Sam"

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  • Travel date: Tue 27th of September 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

Travelodge with swimming pool


"The staff are friendly and helpful. The breakfast is plentiful and quality adequate. Book a room on the Nile view side, it is beautiful and the town side is too noisy to sleep. On which subject the beds are rock hard, almost like sleeping on the floor which was the worst aspect for me. The building is tatty and run down, do not expect 5 Star Thai/Singapore style. The price was cheap, I made no complaint."

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  • Travel date: Mon 24th of January 2011
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    "Everybody Hassles You! "

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    "The Nile, Vally of the Kings, Luxor Temple "





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    "Bombay restaurant was fantastic and Karnak temple was stunning at night. "

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    "its a wonderful location for sightseeing,the sites are wonderful. "

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    "Deans and Jewel of the Nile were our favourite restaurants. "

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    "Embrace the Egyptian and Muslim culture and don't be a stuckup, over priveleged miserable miser "

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