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Luxor is a really beautiful place, full...

Reviewed Fri 18th of July 2008

"Luxor is a really beautiful place, full of amazing history and many places to visit. The whole experience of embracing a different culture is really interesting, however at times it was quite daunting. Just be prepared for loads of hassle from the Egyptians shouting "calleche,calleche" "Taxi, Taxi" etc!! Just ignore them and walk on by. They will do anything to engage in a conversation such as pretend they cant read a text message etc. but it is a trick so dont feel bad about ignoring them.The streets are very run down but dont be put off. There are a number of very nice and cheap restraunts to visit-just be prepared to do some venturing to find them!! There are a number of nice hotels which if you book seperately are very cheap. Half board is not necessary as everything is so cheap! Alcohol is the only expensive thing. I would advise you to stay at a hotel where many tourists stay such as the mercure, pyramisa isis, steinberger and the ibratel hotel. This is as we stayed in a smaller hotel called the phillipe, and encountered a number of problems. We almost ended up homeless because they did not recognise our booking voucher due to being a small hotel, however it appeared that they were trying to get more money out of us as another resident told us that they tend to rip off the tourists and are very friendly and offer cheaper prices to the Egyptian tourists. So one piece of advice, steer clear of the Phillipe hotel! Also, book any trips with the local tour companies as they are often half the price of hotel operators such as thomas cook etc. If you love seeing beautiful sites and places of such importanace than you must go to luxor, it is an amazing place :) "

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  • Travel date: Fri 18th of July 2008

This hotel is quite away from the main a...

Reviewed Wed 22nd of November 2006

"This hotel is quite away from the main are of hotels in Luxor, but is still really handy for restaurants and walking along the Nile. We stayed for a week and the hotel was really quiet - there was plenty of room around the pool area and service was good.

The breakfast, which looked like it would normally be a buffet, was just bread, croissants, jam, honey and eggs served to you at your table. We only had an evening meal here once and it was OK for the price (4 courses for around £3.50). We had lunch here though and the soup, sandwiches, burgers etc are as good for the price as anywhere else.

I'd recommend the hotel to couples, but they didn't seem to be geared up for children, but neither did Luxor generally!

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  • Travel date: Wed 22nd of November 2006

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