Emilio Hotel

Youssef Hassan Street, Luxor Egypt
3 star hotel


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Hospitality v Harassment


"Small hotel but very central. Would be a 2* by European standards - rooms ensuite, with TV, but no mini-bar, nor shampoos and other "extras" you'd find even in an Ibis. The bathroom is marble, but the shower curtain, and room decor dated - and the shower head came off.

Internet cafe just round the corner which is very useful, and everything is in walking distance - there is also an ATM down the road opposite (always guarded by police).

There is a small shop - but everything is very expensive - but then again, the cheap stuff you get in the market will break a lot faster! (The market is also just across the road and up about 50m)

The view from the roof garden is lovely and the food is extremely good - especially the shish kebab. The food is also extrmely cheap. There is a small pool and it's not often too croweded.

There is a constant noise of the Mosques calling to prayer, traffic and also the base vibrations from the disco - so it's not for you if you want peace and quiet.

However, the crux of the hotel for me was that I was travelling alone and at first the attentiveness (beautiful face, beautiful smile etc etc) was ego-stroking - however there is a fine line between hospitality and harassment and I began to feel a bit "singled out" by the end of the week and was rather happy to leave. Although I always felt safe, or at least in control of the situation, I found the staff a little over enthusiastic to offer assistance - to shake your hand and so on, but when you really needed it (my phone stopped working and I needed to use the hotel's) they were unable to assist efficiently - nor without paying through the nose. They almost didn't want to accept my settling up by Visa at the end of the week - finally getting the manager (a couple of hours later) to take the carbon print so I could.

While I delighted in seeing my towels folded into swans and boats, I was slightly concerned with the fact that the day I checked out, the "Do not disturb" sign was ignored and the maids were merely re-making my bed NOT changing the sheets...I don't bear to think about when I got there!!!

For my purposes with regard to my visit, the hotel was good, and I would also recommend Traveco as a tourist agency. They organise excellent tours - but again, the hospitality from some of the leaders was bordering on imposition (some people travel alone because they want to - not because they are looking for anything...or anyone special...the men tended to be very flattering but also very curious. For some this can be endearing, for me it was far too nosey! My answers were always met with a "Why do you say that?" which at first seemed like interest, but on reflection was a bit too much to ask of a stranger.) I was also given a lot of cell phone numbers and invitations for "private" tours (despite saying I had a partner), to the point where at the end of the week I was actually pleased to be leaving to get away from the almost superficial niceties which were becoming a bit sleezy.

Money talks (especially sterling) - and much of the flattery is to get you to spend...having said that some tours are so entertaining you don't mind paying for the fact that you have enjoyed the work that has gone into it - the Hapchetsuit Alabastar Factory in the Valley of the Kings for example. What is useful is tipping too low - then people stop fussing over you soon enough.

The hotel is central, and all in all I had a very comfortable stay, BUT I would not go back - purely because I could not bear the hassle, but as I said, it was really because I wanted to be alone and had no need for the luxuries that I enjoyed it."

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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of September 2007

Fantastic location


"We have just returned from a week at the Emilio hotel and the main thing that stood out was the location!!! It is right in the city centre and with a view overlooking the Nile and Luxor temple.

The hotel is fairly basic but has everything that you will need for a week. The swimming pool on the roof is lovely as is the bar!!
Breakfast is fairly simple but still tasty (although I imagine if you are staying for longer than a week it could get quite repetative).

The rooms are a nice size and ar cleaned daily - the maids leave fantastic shaped towels ie swans/boats on your bed as well.

The only thing that perhaps could be improved is the bathrooms - the shower wasn't very powerful. And also we found tah whenmever we flushed our toilet a jet of clean water sprayed teh floor. But thats jsut being fussy!!

Overall, I would say its eth best 3* that I've ever stayed in and fantastic location makes up for any other minor faults. We went to a few other 5* on trips and would much ratyher have been at the Emilio with the Nile view than in a hotel away from the centre itself!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 15th of August 2007

luxor hotel emilio egypt


"myhusband and i just visited egypt we stayed at the emilio hotel we only stayed one night,we couldnt fault the hotel it was lovely but i would suggest any one wanting to stay ther check out the surroundings of the hotel,its in a little run down street and we couldnt leave the hotel without being hasseld by the people sitting outside.But i must say if your wishing to visit luxor and looking for a bit of culture then stay at the emilio hotel."

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  • Travel date: Mon 6th of August 2007

I must have been at another Emilio


"I must have stayed at a different Emilio Hotel in Luxor to other reviewers!
My stay in April 07 was delightful and I would return.
Convenient location.
Helpful ,friendly, caring staff,
Clean facilities.
Full size bath and shower.
Extra towels when required.
Fridge in room.
T.V.in room.
Air con in room.
Clothes airer/dryer on balcony - very useful.
Pool area very popular, although I din't have time to use it.
Reasonable selection of meals and snacks available from poolside restaurant.

Breakfast - reasonable choice and edible (which is more than I can say for the last Luxor hotel I stayed at).

Admitadly the room was a wee bit on the small side for a twin, but we decided to book an extra room as the price was so good.

You get what you pay for in many ways, but I certainly got more than I paid for - a week there wouldn't get me w/e b&b in the UK.

Yes, there are bigger, brighter, newer, posher hotels in Luxor, but there are also many more expensive and less personal ones too.

The Emilio may be a little dated for some but I would still return, afterall, most of the time a hotel is somewhere for me to store my things, sleep and have a quick shower in before rushing out of the hotel to see the sights and meet the people.

I met people there who return year after year, and know of others that do, and they are generally considered to be discerning people."

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  • Travel date: Sun 10th of June 2007

great views


"Stayed at Emilio 19-26 march 2007, had to change rooms first night due to disco noise, lost the balcony but gained sleep! Balcony not needed as roof terrace provides exellent views of nile and luxor temple, breakfast is eggs n bread and not much else but loads of strong coffee. bar snacks are cheap and served till 10pm. Rooms are basic but cleaning is excellent, standard shower and sink, toilet ect but never enough toilet roll, and no soap or shower stuff either. Nothing in the hotel is in english and they did not provide services such as trips or entertainment. Loads of taxi's, calleches right outside and the nile is 2 mins walk away. The best thing about this hotel was that they didnt mind you bringing your own food and drink in and the rooms have a fridge. We spent every night on the roof top terrace with our own brandy and sprite, watching the sunset and the amazing city of Luxor. Overall noisy but if you want cheap and cheerful and great location this is the place. Get up early for a sunbed! Two wonderful restarunts facing the Amun and the Jamboree paid about £7 for beer, starter, main and coffee for two people with tips. Asked for indepentant room rate its £20 for double room with breakfast"

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  • Travel date: Tue 27th of March 2007

"Hotel Emilio and his staff made my holiday!!!"


The staff is so friendly, funny and happy even after a 16 hours shift
they love to have a chat with a smile on their face. They helped us a lot to find our way round and other things The hotel is located in down town. From here you can see everyday Egyptian life whilsts sitting in your lovely, comfy, clean room or a balcony. you get to soak the egyptian atmosphere without having to walk around all day long.

The views were pretty amazing as well - the sunset, luxor temple was right opposite, the nile and west bank. All in one!!!

There is a nice swimming pool on the top floor, not very big, but big enough to chill around.

i must say that i wouldnt recommend this hotel for people who would like peace as the taxis and mosques can be quite loud. For those of you who would like to experience a real Luxor/Egyptian live Emilio is the place to be.

Make sure you make friends with Wael - the barman downstairs, he is soooooo lovely, keeps you entertained with his tricks and charming smile. There are also twin brothers Kero and Mina who are aboslutely adorable.

We've made a friend in the bazaar as well, which is just down the road from the hotel. Hussle can become too much but you will learn how to deal with it after a few days. For silver etc go to Mark's jewellery - his owner Rafael is amazing, friendly person and will offer you egyptian tea and you can talk to him for ages and he will be happy to answer any of your questions about Egypt, sitting outside or inside of the shop.

Karnak temple is not far away. Taxi driver will pick you up from the hotel - speak to the staff, take you all the way there and wait for you until you are finished for about 30 EP.

Emilio was a bit noisy but i wouldnt stay anywhere else as this is the best way to get to know egyptians, who i think are one of the best people in the world when you get to know them"

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  • Travel date: Tue 20th of March 2007

Central location - noisy but clean


"Stayed here as part of an 'Explore' tour. Having just spent 3 nights on a felucca it was great to have a clean room with large bathroom and comfortable beds. We didn't spend much time in the hotel but it has a nice rooftop terrace overlooking Luxor temple, which served some of the best chips I've had in a long time! They did some great fresh juices - the lemon was interesting - and the Egyptian coffee was good.

The only issue people might have is that because it was central it was very noisy. We had a room at the front and as mentioned elsewhere the Egyptians don't seem able to drive without one hand on the horn. We had earplugs with us so we were fine and I would recommend them to anyone travelling to Egypt!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 28th of February 2007

The Best People in the World


"First i want to say this place is spectaculer.
The views are so bueatiful the contrast is magnicificant you can look down on to the main road and see how life is luxor is turn ur head towards the nile you see excavations and sphixes that have been uncoverd look towards the nile you see great mountains and desert beneath it and then next to the nile lush green fields you have 5 landscapes in one from a balcony from the emilio if your on the top floors.Evrything is soooo close the tourist market is virutly 90 secounds by walking the temple of karnack is easily reached buy taxi and within 5 minites buy walk you get to the luxor temple and from the top of the emilio you can sit and eat dinner while watching the world go buy with the anciant civalisation (luxor temple) lit up while you see the nile flowing.
The hotel is is extensivly clean but its a shame luxor could not all be like this as you should no luxor is of the cleanest citys.But one thing that i loved the most about this hotel was was THE PEOPLE omg the staff were so great they take care of you like there your brouthers and sisters this is one thing that you take for granted its very very rare to meet intresting people and bare this inmind i have collected 7 of the staffs numbers and are constantly in touch with them.I also tell you there is a bar a downstairs restaurant a cool disco and a little very intresting shop.The bar is a great place to socialise with the staff and have a nice relaxing drink on the broad sofas and the disco is ok not bad should be checked out and the little shop is one of the best places to get a fair price in luxor you see little tourists realise that when there buying in fixed price shops your paying for the quality not the quantity and you dont want to carry unessery quantiy in your lugage do you were 65 percent of it will breack i loved this shop because when you first walk in to it its seems very small basic overpriced but then you go to the market and you compare and your happy that someware in luxor gives you a fixed fair price and there are numours quality stones in this shop you see what gets me angry is when tourist come in find out the price of something they really really like it puts them off because they cant bargin but at the end of the day there going to the markets and even when they haggle to the lowest price tourist still pay high above the odds no matter what you think so i greatly recomend this shop for jewllery small soverniers and papyrus outside the shop is very good but a a cheap price compared to the outside and there are also a lot of women pyjamers on sale there lol.Well in conclusion i stayed there for 2 weeks and this review you probably think is exagerated and is exagerated if your just a pakage tourist but you need to bare in mind this place is the the place to stay to meet the people and to sleep in style

p.s the cleaners are great they are non stop cleaning evry morning so the floors are gleaming and also make you sculpters of scarebs and numours animails e.g swans etc
socialise with the staff and you will not forget this experiance,,,,
best rooms are at the top

i stayed here in febuary and buy the time i wanted to go back to london i was very sad but the main thing it was a great experiance.."

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  • Travel date: Tue 27th of February 2007

Lovely Luxor Hotel


"This hotel was part of our package and we were very happy. The room was kept very clean with towels folded into flowers and snakes. The deck had a wire rack for drying clothes which we appreciated immensely.

The hotel had a disco, bar, shop and nicely furnished lobby. Everyone we met was extremely helpful and pleasant. I highly recommend this hotel. I'm not interested in staying in the top hotel in the area. I want more local and this fit the bill."

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  • Travel date: Wed 21st of February 2007

was a certain eyeopener


"was a certain eyeopener, my partner and i stayed at the emillio for xmas and new year, unfortunatly we chose the wrong hotel in the wrong location, the hotel is bang in the middle of town, so dont expect to much sleep, think it is part of eygption drivin test to sound the horn on as many occasions as they can at any time of day or night. as this hotel is in town also be expected to be woken every few hours or so by the loud speakers that are attached to several mosques in the area as the local are called to prayer. as for the hotel its decor is not that bad, and the maids try very hard to keep it clean,ask for a high floor if you want a nile view, or a room at the back if you want to try and sleep. found that the prices in the bar were alittle dear for a three starish hotel. food was ok if your not to picky. not to many english holidaymakers here, plenty of dutch,french and germans. pool area is on the roof, great views, but was alittle cold when we were there so never got to sample the pool, that is quite small, so i should imagine in warmer months it could get crowded. staff here were friendly enough, but they knew i had english chocolate. all in all if you dont pay to much to stay here it was ok."

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of January 2007

The Emilio Hotel is only 2-3 Star but we...


"The Emilio Hotel is only 2-3 Star but we thought it was fantastic. It is located in the centre of Luxor whereas a lot of the other hotels are on the outskirts.

We enjoyed this as we felt as though we were experiencing the real Luxor. The weather was fantastic - over 35 degrees every day so maybe a bit hot for some!

Food was a bit hit and miss in the local restaurants but maybe this was because we were on a budget so did not go anywhere really posh! The restaurants and cafes along the Nile were brilliant.

There are so many things to do in Luxor, 7 days was not enough! We booked all of our trips through a local agency called Jolly's as they were half the price of the ones offered by the tour operator and exactly the same.

Our hotel room was nice and a fairly decent size. The air con was a bit noisy but worked fine.

The only annoying thing was the call to prayer at 4am from the mosque next door!

All in all I would thoroughly recommend the Emilio Hotel."

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of August 2007

This is probably the worst hotel we have...


"This is probably the worst hotel we have ever stayed in - and that's in 35 years of holidaying abroad, all over the world.

Now I'm broad minded but, a brothel right next door, which played knocking shop type music at about a million decibels all through the night until 4.45 am - and then the local Imams took over and started calling the faithful to prayer at 5am.

We - correction -I, didn't get more than 3 hours sleep on any night, (my husband can sleep hanging over a rope in the middle of a runway). We didn't actually book this hotel but were informed 10 days prior to departure that due to extensive building work at the Mercure Inn - the hotel we had booked - we would be staying at a lower graded hotel called the Emilio.

This hotel is in the Beirut end of town with fetching demolished buildings, walls, pavements and a noise level that would fracture your skull. The front entrance opened directly on to a main road which made Silverstone look like a quiet run to the bakers.

Crossing this road was the equivalent of playing with the traffic at 5pm on the M6 - on foot.

The 'swimming pool' (hah) was on the 7th floor roof and certainly there were marvellous views of the Temple and the Nile from there, but ONLY from there, our room overlooked the dust laden main road so that we couldn't open our balcony window at any time for fear of choking and also - of course - in the side street, the knocking shop with two heavies guarding the door .

My husband was fascinated by the goings on and could sit and watch the 'girls' ( & I do use the term very loosely) leading their clients on to a room on the roof - for ages. His black eye will die down in time.

Yes the staff were friendly, some of them a mite TOO friendly and would attempt a cuddle at every opportunity, they obviously' kicked with both feet' as they made no distinction between men or women.

The dining room was quite 'compact' and the food nondescript to 'good grief, what's this' - we were issued with one, very grey towel each per day although there were free towels in the pool area.

We noticed most people who stayed there were using it as an overnight stop only en route to cruises or Cairo, very few had booked for the whole week.

In short, one to avoid like the plague - unless you owe yourself a grudge."

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  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of November 2007
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