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Well, this hotel was almost ok. We were ...

Reviewed 12th May 2008

"Well, this hotel was almost ok. We were there with a group of 15. Most of the rooms were nice and clean, we had a problem with the cleanliness of two of the rooms, which was solved eventually. The hotel manager was very nice. I believe that our group was a bit more complicated than reasonable, but he remained friendly and kept dealing with our problems. Air-condition ok (it surpressed the noise from outside (see below)). It wouldn't have taken much to increase the satisfaction of guests. There was loud music every night until 11 in the center of the complex, keeping all the guests awake. When it finished, the staff didn't talk but shouted with one another and made noise with the dishes until very late (or early?). So although the weather was nice I had to shut the windows, which I didn't like. I wasn't impressed by the food and restaurant. Dinners were ok, although the choice was quite similar every day. There were many kinds of sweets, but somehow tasteless. Breakfast was the same everyday. Different kinds of eggs, pancakes made in front of you, but you couldn't persuade the cook to fry them properly and not give it to you while still raw. Sausages, a terrible type of cheese, croissant (quite edible), raw vegetables (I was afraid to eat them), tea, coffee, served with hot white water, (looked like milk actually, but it wasn't). Pastries of different shape, all tasteless, saltless, and very white. Cornflakes, raisins, real milk, they were ok. Some other stuff like pasta, fruit salad,etc. The atmosphere of the restaurant was sort of depressing to me. One person from our group changed money at the reception at a very bad rate and was cheated, by receiving two 50 piaster notes instead of 50 pound notes. Our group leader eventually managed to get it changed back. The hotel had a very little pool and a little beach, but the latter was quite a bit of walk away. As a summary I would say don't expect too much and you won't be dissapointed. There is an Internet point in the hotel, but I'd recommend bringing your own keyboard, since you probably wouldn't like to touch the one which is provided. "

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  • Travel date: 12th May 2008

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