Triton Empire Hotel

Hospital & Sayed Korrayem St, Hurghada Egypt
3 star hotel

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a terrible hotel

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"check when u book if u r in the beach resort or the hotel. if u r in the latter then u have 2 walk 2 the beach resort for lunch and everything else that is provided by all inclusive during the day, apart from drinks ,which r served in tiny glasses by very rude staff.only cleaners and desk staff had any manners at all. food terrible even by egyptian standards. u have been warned do not go there"

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  • Travel date: Fri 17th of October 2008

This hotel is Worst ever

Reviewed Thu 20th of December 2012

"Oh my god where do i begin. This hotel was sold to us as a 5 star hotel how wrong where they and it will be followed up. We arrived at the hotel at about 7 pm after a very long day travelling.
Our room was street facing with very noisy tooting traffic all day and night. Half the balcony was obscured by the hotel sign(we just got to see the messy construction side of this side see pic). the bathroom was very grotty, the toilet was disgusting along with the soap dish in the shower(see pics). the beds were ok but with one blanket so maybe bit chilly if weather was cooler.
the food looked disgusting in main restaurant and we refused to eat there. we ate at the dolce vita and the food was better.
As we were all inclusive you had separate bar to go to and the beer came in tiny juice glasses. would need about 6-8 to make a pint. the bar was very dark. the staff were quite rude to start with but some became a bit more pleasant.
If anything i have said so far has not made you think twice then please know that after just one night at this hotel we could not stand it anymore and we checked out. we had to go elsewhere and more expense but we could not have stayed there any longer.
We love Egypt and would return to hurghada but never to this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sat 11th of October 2008

quite a bad hotel

Reviewed Tue 9th of October 2012

"where shall i begin, we originally booked to go the empire beach resort, when we landed in hurghada we got picked up and taken to the hotel, soon to realise it was the wrong one, we ended up at the empire triton hotel. Please take care 2 hotels nearly the same name. We went to the reception and asked to be moved, nobody spoke good english and we couldnt get any help. Phoned our travel rep, karim from you, he came to the hotel the next day, said he couldnt help, so we had to stay. please be warned do not book through on the So the hotel its self, went to the dining room for breakfast as we was all inclusive, lots of food laid out with lots of flies all over it and i dont mean a few, i mean loads it was shocking, as from then on my husband refused to eat in there. The tea cups was all broken and chipped, everyone of them, so i didnt have one cup of tea. The rooms very basic, the toilet was disgusting of which i will post a picture when i get chance. The pool is nice, the dolce vista resturant was very nice, the best part of the holiday was being able to use the facilities at the beach resort where we was meant to be staying. Everything here was great, the pools, the beach, the food, totally guted they wouldnt let us move here. Met lots of nice people on this beach, ahmed we love you, and crazy waves water centre on the beach i love you all, i had a fab time with these guys. Please dont stay at the empire hotel. But i must stay that even though the hotel was the pits, i loved the red sea and all the snorkeling, and diving, and the great trip to the giftun island a must to you all. we now have sent complaints to on the and are hoping to get some compensation, so not all is lost. This was the worst hotel i have ever stayed in, would never go back."

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  • Travel date: Sun 31st of August 2008

The best for such price

Reviewed Fri 21st of December 2012

"It's the best hotel in Hurghada for such price. I will really go back to it. We had a fantastic stay and everything was more than I expected.

Rooms. They're basically equip, not luxurious but very spacious and clean. The beds were very comfortable only the bedcovers could be warmer.

Food. Fantastic, had no problems with our stomachs at all. Everything was very tasty and there are quite big variety what to choose.

Drinks. We had an AI system so drinks were free for us. Egyptian beer is very weak but quite good for refreshing yourself by the pool. I can complain that stronger drinks were too warm, they should use ice or something. oh and the glasses were small but it's a problem in all hotels. If you will make friends with barmen you will get lots of benefit :)

Staff. All the staff was so wonderful. They are really friendly and willing to help. What I liked the best that they seem to be always happy and smiling all the time. I'm surprised because we made good friends with some of the staff and they even didn't take any 'baksis' from us. And if something isn't clear for you just ask, especially lads from reception can explain everything.

Animation team. Animators did their job really well, they're such nice people and if you will be willing to enter their games and shows you won't get bored.

One thing you should know is that for some services such as lunch and the beach you have to go to "Triton Empire Beach" hotel which is about 100m from this one. You can be at that hotel all the day if you want. There are nice garden and some bars. They also give pizzas and other snacks as afternoon meal. In "Beach" hotel animators teach belly dances, you also can play waterpolo, volleyball or other games.

I had such a wonderful holiday that I will really go back! I would reccomend this hotel to everyone, there are travelers from all coutries and with different ages. Everyone can have a good time here. Just don't forget to smile :)"

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of May 2008

the worste hotel in hurgadha

Reviewed Fri 21st of December 2012

"this hotel is very grim very dingy very dirty the photos we viewed of this hotel were nothing like the hotel upon arrival, some staff were ok others rude there is no natural light in the hotel reception which straight away makes you feel depressed the bar area is very dark and gloomy (bring a torch) ,the food is terrible basically the same food for the entire week which i could no longer eat after 3 days. if you are on a budget and are looking to book this hotel DONT find alternative means but do not stay here you will regret it . our room overlooked the very busy main road and a building site when you sit on the balcony expect no piece and quiet other rooms are worse .the only good thing i can say about this hotel is that 100 metres down the road is it,s sister hotel which is ok and which you can use day an night the foods abit better plus there you have the beach area and a number of activities to do ,there is a excellent divivg center , this is your only escape from the other hotel from hell"

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of January 2008

Basic, All Inn was poor

Reviewed Mon 22nd of October 2012

"The Hotel is verry basic, ok to wash and sleep.
The rooms are big and clean.
In town near a noisy street.(in the day cars are always tu tu )
Ask a room that looks at the big pool.
You can use the beach of sister hotel >>> Triton Beach Resort.
Nice ,
If you want to avoid the salesman in this street, go on the left. No shops, so no husseling.

Don't book All Inn.
Drinks are in plastic cups.
Soft Drinks Egyptian >>> lot of sugar and that colors !!!!
Food >> cafetaria style.
1st charge , clean tables, after that you have to surch spoon and everything yourself.
Wednesday and sunday special buffet outside at the pool.
Ok but not special.

When you already booked All Inn you can go to eat in
"Chez Pascal" Belgian Restaurant or
"Dolce Vita" Italian restaurant
Steps away from the hotel
You get a discout of 45 Egyptian Pond per person +- 5.5 euro
If you chose nothing to special you don't have to pay more.
Because the prices are much lower than in Europe.
Here is the service very good and the food nice.
Try the chateaubriand in Chez Pascal ( the best I ever tasted, and i live in Belgium !!!!)
So enjoy your stay in Egypte and I hope that you can do something with my comments !!

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  • Travel date: Fri 16th of November 2007

Not very good

Reviewed Sat 22nd of December 2012

"We booked a one week trip five star to LTI dana beach in Hurghada. We then decided it was not gonna cost that much more to go for two weeks but the Dana Beach was full, we looked on Tripadvisor and thought that for the price Travelrepublic was offering Triton for we'd give it a try.
It was ok, the room was small and had a single and a double bed. The bathroom suite was really old and tatty no units just a sink and a toilet and a shower with a mouldy curtain.

We were two girls in our twentys and so we were not looking for a palace, but it was poor. The bar consisted of a desk with a bottle of brand gin rum and vodka, a few 2l bottles of pop and a beer on draught. the glasses were like little short glasses.

Guests are very welcome to go down the road to the Triton Beach Resort which was much better we stayed down there every day.

Please, if you can afford to pay a little bit more, go to LTI Dana Beach on [--], it was gorgeous."

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  • Travel date: Mon 30th of April 2007

why avoid it

Reviewed Thu 20th of December 2012

"We stayed at the Triton Empire Hotel in the centre of Hurghada.
The hotel was fairly basic but there was not a single other British person to be found. It has become a favourite of the Russians and other eastern european states.The room was okay and the staff were helpful enough so no criticism there. Breakfast was fine even if the dining room looks like a school canteen.The problem starts when you step outside the door. The hassle from every shopkeeper is intolerable. Some are downright rude if you reply no thank you. An evening stroll is not an option. We ended up crossing streets just to avoid being pestered. Some even ran across the road to try and get you to visit their shop.The streets of Hurghada are dusty and very dirty and there is little to recommend them.To be fair, the hotel beach which is at the sister establishment some 200 metres away, was fine even though you have to run the gauntlet of several shopkeepers en route.Trips out diving, snorkelling and horse riding were all very good and somewhat compensated for the rest.
If you intend to visit the Red Sea coast, avoid Hurghada and go to el Gouna instead. Certainly more pricey but worth it."

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  • Travel date: Thu 15th of February 2007

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