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Value for money

Reviewed Thu 15th of November 2012

"We arrived at Hurghada airport!!! What an experience. We decided to get our visa's before we left to save time and bother when we arrived. We needent have bothered as you still need an entry form with all of the information that you have already given, which you get from the desk that does the visa. I had followed information already given and did not let anyone touch the cases. We had pre-booked the hotel taxi for seven people that was ok and we found him waiting outside.
On arrival at the hotel your cases are collected and put over by the front door while you check in. That is just a couple of forms and your bands are put on and you get your towel tickets. You will then be shown to the hotel room by a bell boy who will show you how to use your safe, then another bell boy will deliver your luggage. They will be very nice to you if you are British as they are used to the rude Russians and Germans.
Our room was a Ground floor Pool view and it was very spacious with 2 rooms and a shower room/toilet/basin. Both the main rooms had a TV. Friends that we met over there had a "Sea View"!!! This is really the road outside the hotel as the sea is a short walk away. We could walk out of the room and in to the pool! There was a lovely lad who would put 7 towels out each morning for us (without us asking) and all the staff are very pleasant and will say hello or good-morning (except the bar manager who is a grumpy git that I only ever saw smile once in 2 weeks!).
Food was average, there was always something for everyone to eat, rolls, bread, cereals, omlette, toast etc etc etc and there was always loads of it, and the staff in there are also very nice and will try to please. There is a lot of food there that you look at and think what is that (even though it is labelled!) if i liked the look of it I tried it, if not I Didn't, but there was always a variety. The waiters work very hard and are all very nice (Hello Wael). If you don't like anything the pasta on the end is nice. Just dont get barged around in there.
The kids (big and small) loved the Aqua Park, but just beware lots of grumpy rude Russians carrying rubber rings around with them all day and not taking turns, I am not sure if they do it on purpose just to annoy us Brits but it works!! in the end we just grabbed them.
Bar was fine, we didn't have a problem with glasses in the first week, or the service but when it got a bit busier on the second week and the small child with the ride on toy kept running into the waiters legs, causing him to drop the tray!! but the glass problem wasn't a major issue. On the last night they seemed to be short staffed so we had to queue for drinks at the bar, but again not a major issue.
Entertainment.................is that what you call it? After the first couple of days we went over to the Aladdin (Abu's Bar) you had to pay for drinks but it was nice to get away and have a drink in a bar with music you could almost sing along to (sometimes). Beer was 150EP for a large bottle of Stellar (not the same as ours unfortunately) but it was nice and they bring you over a dish of peanuts to munch on. Just watch the road on your way over there and back!! You will see what I mean after you have experienced it.

We went into Hurghada once to see if we could watch the Rugby. If you like football then Saturday at Papas bar you can watch some. Yes we got the Hotel taxi that takes you to his friends shop but we did not go in, only one of the men to collect the number to phone for our return and we called the taxi back from Papas bar and asked him to collect us there so we never did have to go in. They cant get BBC so we didnt see the Rugby anyway.
MUST DO: Tito will come around the pool and show you a snorkelling trip that he runs, this is a must. I can honestly say that it was the most fantastic day I could wished to have had. We went to Paradise Island (Giftan) first, it is a lovely beach with clear turquouise water, we had about an hour there you can sunbathe or snorkel or watch the hermit crabs. You then go on to 3 different coral reefs. I am a bit nervous with the masks etc so I just stayed by the boat on the first one. On the second stop the boat driver held my hand and took me over to the reef and it was one of the most fantastic things I have ever seen. We saw loads of different coloured fish and coral and when we got back to the boat we saw the Napoleon fish (it is massive). After the third stop and another fantastic experience we headed back home and in the clear calm waters we had dolphins swmming alongside us. Fantastic day out, well worth the money.
All in all we had a good holiday, we met loads of friendly people at the hotel "HELLO ALL" The service you can't fault and the staff are in general very friendly. I did tip our waiters, bell boys and maid anybody I thought deserved it. You only need to give them a couple of quid and they will look after you. I took Dollars for tips. I changed about £20 into Dollar bills at the post office and dished them out as they can't change Pound Coins.

Well if you have booked have a great time it should be really hot out there, I think July and August would be unbearable as it was getting hotter by the day when we went. Mind you the pool will be warm by then!!
I would recommend this Hotel mainly for families.
Sorry I have written so much!!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 27th of March 2006

Worth a visit

Reviewed Sun 11th of November 2012

"Having just got back from the Titanic resort I was so relieved when we arrived and discovered that it was not half as terrible as some of reviews I have read. There are some things that could be done to improve your stay but overall it was fantastic and we have come back after thoroughly enjoying our week in sun. I found the food to be ok and there was plenty of it. Some of the food there is obviously for the Russians / Germans however there is PLENTY for the English to enjoy and I certainly didn’t go hungry. The pools where cool but the temp was so hot last week that it was nice to be able to jump in and cool down. I totally enjoyed the water park although beware the Russians / Germans do try to hang on to there inflatable rings. The good thing was I never had to queue for longer than a couple of mins to get on a slide. The entertainment was the real let down for me however some nights it was so bad it was almost funny. You will find the animation team are all Russian / German and they tend to ignore the English and not involve them in what happening. Our room was big and extremely clean and our fridge was restocked with bottled water every day. The thing that really makes this hotel is the staff they work so hard and for absolute pittance. There where four of us who travelled 2 couples and the staff could not have been nicer to us.
Just a couple of other points make sure you haggle I got most things down to under half price they first offered. If you do go into town be aware the hotel taxi driver will take you to a shop where you will have to go in and get a card for them to call him back. If possible avoid taxi and use shuttle bus. Also try out snorkelling on beach it was really great and there is a bus running every 15 mins to beach although you can work across if you like."

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  • Travel date: Sat 25th of March 2006

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