The Grand Resort Hurghada

Red Sea / Corniche Road, Hurghada Egypt
5 star hotel

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Useful Tips to maximise your holiday exp...

Reviewed Sun 17th of June 2007

"Useful Tips to maximise your holiday experience;

-Take English pounds (exchange rate better than here!) and it’s the most sought after currency in Egypt.

-Tip cleaners, bar staff and pool boys asap they will look after you for the duration of your holiday (also in pounds sterling)

-Although the hotel doesn't permit taking your own food or drinks into the grounds, in the grand resort shopping mall on the front of the resort is a supermarket to the right which sells 1ltr bottles of water @ 2 Egyptian pounds (around 20p) and in the hotel this will cost you 12 Egyptian pounds (around £1-20) this also goes for soft drinks, snacks and ice-creams. The beach bags in the rooms become very useful!!!

Just take a towel to cover your shopping from the guards. You will not be surprised to see a large queue of the hotel guests in this shop daily.

-Take very high factor sun cream as the weather is guaranteed to be blistering every day. It hasn't rained in Hurghada since January (10 years ago!!!)

- For you drinkers the beer in the mini-bar in the rooms is cheaper than the bars themselves.

-Don’t book your holiday through going places/Airtours/MyTravel, as the flights really let us down. (leg room, seat width, food, cabin temperature and flight entertainment very poor will never fly with them again.

Last tip- DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMCORDERS. We have always taken ours on previous holidays and carried it around and not used it much. This time we left it at home.(BIG MISTAKE) This country, all its history and culture, deserts and breath taking scenery need to be captured as real as poss, pictures don’t do it justice.

Now for the hotel review itself.

We departed the uk 8/6/07 and arrived late that night at the Grand Resort the first drop by the coach from the airport. The hotel and its staff are Truly amazing no-one can help you enough. The rooms are lovely, well set out, very clean and furnished with high quality furniture. We stayed in room 3207 very nice view from the 2nd floor overlooking one of the 3 pools.

Weather was amazing 40.c + we didn’t see one cloud till we hit the storms of the uk at home. Food was ok and took a bit of getting used to.

The only thing that let the place down was that the main buffet restaurant didn't cater enough tables for the amount of guests (hotel was fully booked) and if you went for breakfast between 8:30-10am you found yourself walking round and round waiting for people to leave, and the Germans and Russians are not the first people to let you join them even though they sat as 2 people at a six seater table!

The bigger of the 3 pools is more relaxed through the day and also by night has a lovely seating area with white patio furniture looking over the pool. This is the ultimate place to have a good drink, chill out and forget about all your troubles and be completely stress free.

This holiday was one of the best we have had considering we only booked it 3 days before we went after reading up on these reviews. We would definitely recommend it to anyone and will definitely come back for two weeks next time although we won’t be flying with MyTravel."

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  • Travel date: Sun 17th of June 2007

We stayed at the Grand Resort for 1 week...

Reviewed Thu 17th of May 2007

"We stayed at the Grand Resort for 1 week in May 07.

I don’t usually leave reviews but after reading the last one thought I’d leave my opinion.

The hotel was absolutely fantastic; food was great, pools amazing. Rooms again were fantastic and we only had a standard one. Staff were friendly and helpful and we found they liked the English much more than the Germans.

Weather was beautiful; we did the boat trip to Paradise Island - absolutely gorgeous, sea was clear and not a jellyfish in sight!

We flew into Luxor for some strange reason, stayed in a hotel overnight and then had to be transported via police convoy through the desert for 4 hours the next day, it was tiring after being up early but well worth it for the experience.

How anyone can say anything negative about this hotel I don’t know, had a brilliant week and would recommend it to anyone."

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  • Travel date: Thu 17th of May 2007

I booked 15 rooms for 30 people for a di...

Reviewed Mon 14th of May 2007

"I booked 15 rooms for 30 people for a dive trip through My Trave. Operators being, Direct Holidays and Going Places (Airtours).

I book trips for large groups on a regular basis and have been to Egypt probably 30 times by now. Date of arrival 4th May 07.

Tickets all arrived in good time, I confirmed with the hotel what person was with who and in what type of room as some had paid extra for a suite. Hotel informed me it was all sorted.

Flight out of Gatwick was delayed about 3 hours, the Excel flight was on one of their older aircraft which was very cramped. To get a bit more space you were offered the chance to get a reasonable bit of space, at £35 each way.

20kg baggage allowance unless you’re a diver, and then remember to show your qualification card to get the extra 10kg or you will be charged. Headsets £2 so take your own.

In Hurghada airport you will be asked to join a long queue to get your visa stamp (looks like a postage stamp), as of May 07 this is £10 and they want sterling so save some from the flight.

The stamp/visa could be bought from any desk or person in the arrivals area and at the same price but they like seem to keep the sales to their own company, and consequently the queues get very long. Just say you are ‘flight only’ and get a stamp from any other desk.

Once you get your stamp you have to queue for immigration to frank the stamp and take the entry card (so remember a pen)...

In baggage reclaim they will rent you a trolley for £1 or 2 Euros. They ask for £2 and try it on but just say that’s all you have. Coins are ok.

Several more checks and your outside and you find out what coach you’re on. Don’t let any of the trolley people push your trolley unless you want them to, as they will ask for a tip.

The journey to the Grand Resort Hotel lasts about 10 minutes and there are people on the desk who speak English. You will be issued with 2 room cards, check in is quick.

The GRH looks nothing like the quaint romantic pictures, it is a huge hotel that sprawls out in all directions often making it difficult to find your way about, imagine a squared number 8, with a swimming pool in each of the loops.

In the middle is the reception area which doubles up as a seating area for a bar, off of this is a disco and the buffet restaurant…it gets crowded.

Rooms are well appointed, very clean and are about 4 stars, my group had 12 de-luxe (standard) rooms and 3 junior suites. To be honest the suites are not worth the extra as the only difference is a couple of feet in size which isn’t noticeable and a bidet in the bathroom. Otherwise they are the same. There is a free coded safe and a mini bar which was never re stocked.

Towels are changed daily. There is a selection of cheap soaps, shampoos etc in the bathroom and a hair dryer.

There are 2 pools, one is large with a bridge, more for adults with topless bathing, the other is slightly smaller with a children’s pool. This is where most of the daily sports seem to go on like water polo, aerobics etc.

By the 2nd pool there is a massage tent, where 3 or 4 women give fantastic massages. Cost is 170 Egyptian for back, 200 full body and a bit more for a full body with aroma therapy oils.

They also have a package of buy 3 get 1 free. I have had a bad shoulder for a few months and in 2 sessions the made it feel a lot better.

Sun lounger's seem to be at a premium, as is all seating seems to be in this hotel, due to this the towels were out in force before breakfast reserving chairs.. I’m not sure how you would get a chair in peak season, or if in a group of 4 or more... The holiday makers are mainly German with a few Swedish and British.

Food, the buffet is ok but got very boring after a week, the speciality restaurants can be ok and depended on what you like, however even though you may be half board many of the items are extra and the bill soon mounts up..i.e. for 3 of us it came to 700 Egyptian pounds for one night.

Ice cream is available at the reception bar and is 10 Egypt £ per scoop.

Exchange is in this area as well, and the current rate is just over 11 to the sterling pound so it’s better than the UK bank exchange rate.

All bills are signed for; They will not accept cash…or are very reluctant to do so. Keep your copy and check at the end of the week as mistakes are made.

There is no business facility that we found, apart from a big conference room; internet use is outside the hotel in the plaza.

For a nice meal leave the hotel, turn right and there are places selling pizzas, salads etc, turn left or right out of the hotel and there are bars selling drinks at a lot less than the hotel.

You won’t be allowed to bring drink or food into the hotel bought outside (unless you take a bag and put it under a towel).

Should you wish to keep your room on the last day, passed midday which is the normal check out, there is a 100 E£ charge and lasts up to 6pm..However at 4pm the man who does the room will give you some hassle as he wants to get the room ready for the next guests.

For scuba diving we always use Divers Lodge, they are based at the Intercontinental Hotel just up the road which to be honest is ten times better than the GRH, but obviously costs more.

Cab fare is 10 E£ each way between the hotels but they normally ask for 20. Be aware that not all dive boats carry emergency kits i.e. oxygen so ask before you consider getting on any boat in Egypt.

Getting out of the country is straight forward, easy check in, no departure tax; however we had the same cramped old aircraft.

We had a few situations whilst we were there and I would like to run through them...

The only point I would like to mention is the attitude of a few of the staff and a fiasco at reception.

The bar by one of the pools (outside reception) must have some sort of competition on how long they can take to serve drinks and how wrong the order can be. To get 2 beers an average wait was 15 to 20 minutes, even though we were the only ones there.

On one occasion we asked for 3 filter coffees, a freshly squeezed orange, and 2 bottles of water...25 minutes later 3 espressos and 1 bottle of water appeared.

Not wishing to make a fuss about the coffee we asked for the water, one of the 5 waiters shrugged and asked a colleague who laughed and then said something in Arabic, (my limited understanding meant I could only pick up on the words wait and hell??) they then took another 20 mins to arrive with the 2nd bottle….

When we asked why it took 45 minutes to get the water he said just you come back tomorrow and I will make you British wait 100 minutes…I got the feeling the staff at just that bar had some sort of problem with us…strange the German customers got served straight away and with a smile..

On checking in 2 of the rooms were wrong, the people allocated to a de-luxe room and a junior suite were round the wrong way. Keys were swapped and we were told they reception would change the names.

Obviously this never happened, as at the end of the week the bills were all wrong. Some of the bars had changed the names to what they thought it should be so half matched and half didn’t.

2 hours later it was finally sorted, that was until we got on the coach when a bill we had just paid was produced and they wouldn’t let the coach go till we had paid the massive 25 E£ or about 2 pounds 50p!

After a short explanation on what I thought of their hotel and how regularly we would be returning, I placed the money on the counter, quite heavily, and we left.

Needless to say our stay at this Hotel was only to serve a purpose, in general the food was ok, it was clean, it had good pools, it was close enough to where we wanted to be but it was not up to the expected standard.

I wouldn’t recommend this hotel and would suggest staying at real 5 star hotels like the Inter Continental. A case of you get what you pay for."

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  • Travel date: Mon 14th of May 2007

Just got back yesterday and it was amazi...

Reviewed Sun 21st of January 2007

"Just got back yesterday and it was amazing - this hotel has it all -food, entertainment friendly service and even it's own club.

Try the cheap pizzas in the mall attached. We got hassled a bit walking down the street by shop owners trying to get you into their shops, where you then are made to feel obliged to buy something - be prepared to haggle.

If you don't like that idea, get the free bus to Siva’s hotel, walk across the road and there are fixed price stores which are pretty well priced (Siva’s bar is a friendly place with many English people as it plays all the football games).

Back in the hotel there are two main pools - one is cold and l mean very cold - l got the shock of my life when I jumped in - plus side to this pool is you can sunbath in peace - temperature was about 25 degrees- no kids so it's very relaxing.

If you have kids, then the warm pool is for you as it has a kids pool attached.

Don't drink the tap water, you can buy bottles in the hotel for about 12le which is about £1.20gbp.

There is a man exchanging foreign currency in the mornings and evenings and it's a better exchange rate than over here in England. If you decide to go enjoy - I can't wait to go back."

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  • Travel date: Sun 21st of January 2007

Absolutely fantastic holiday, booked alr...

Reviewed Tue 5th of December 2006

"Absolutely fantastic holiday, booked already to go next year.

It was our first holiday to Egypt, so at first we were a little nervous about what to expect, but once we got there we were fine.

We flew with mytravel and had an excellent flight, also managed to get extra leg room seats on check in, which made a difference. The flight was around 5.5 to 6 hours but seemed to go very quickly.

Do be careful at Hurghada airport though, the men that work there want tipping for dusting a suitcase trolley. The airport is quick and easy to get through and the grand resort was only a 15 minute coach ride away.

The room at the grand resort was gorgeous, really big with fantastic views over the pool, the maid brought us fresh towels everyday, fresh pools towels were delivered in the evening to the room and the satellite TV has a few good English channels on. Overall, the room was spotless cleaned everyday, furnishings were gorgeous and maid service brilliant.

The pools at the grand resort were nice too, the main pool was massive, the sun beds were wood and had there own pad and parasol, the lad who worked at the poolside kept our sun beds reserved every morning, and brought us drinks straight away.

We stayed on a half board basis, the food in the main dining hall was nice, but I much preferred the a la carte Mediterranean which was also included on the half board basis, but some meals on menu were a little more such as lobster (which was fantastic!) there is also a Chinese restaurant over in the grand hotel which again, is included on half board. In the grand mall there is an Indian, which is very authentically furnished and the food is very tasty.

I know a lot of people who have wrote reviews have slated the entertainment a bit, but I quite enjoyed it, although it was quite repetitive the African and Egyptian dancers were brill. Just don't go every night.

Not many decent shops in the grand mall, full of touristy tat, but near the Siva grand hotel, there is a large shopping mall, with marble walkways and exclusive shops with nice coats, handbags, clothes and shoes.

We also took a taxi down to sekalla, which is the local town/village. If you fancy seeing some real culture, it’s a must. Loads of cheap jewellery, perfume and leather goods. Don’t fall into the trap of paying for perfume in the local shops, they don’t last long at all.

Another good night out is the hard rock cafe which is about 5 minutes walk away from the hotel and is very cheap. Try the vanilla cheesecake, its heaven.

Overall, we had a brilliant holiday and can’t wait to go back in June, brilliant holiday for families and young people alike! Really didn't want to come home we had such a good time."

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  • Travel date: Tue 5th of December 2006

Once a Grand Hotel

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"My wife and I stayed at the Grand Resort in Hurghada from 29 September to 6th Oct 2006. We are much travelled people who believe that a holiday should be a real treat and relaxing. Unfortunately this was not the case at this hotel. Dont get me wrong, it was by no means an awful experience however 5 star it is not. First thing is a plus, the transfer from the airport was just 10 mins. The local airport staff are a real pain in the neck with asking for tips constantly. I recomend you take $1 US bills for tipping, approx 70p for good service goes down well when the average wage of a waiter is £50 per month. Being processed in the reception went ok, no problems getting to the room. The room was a lovely size however it really stank of smoke, the air conditioning was poor and the decor looked really tired.

The usual German trick of putting out the towels at the crack of dawn is a really annoying feature of many of my holidays, and this was no exception. The hotel seemed fairly quiet until meal times. The food choice was poor and I found it difficult to make up a decent meal. Breakfast was boring and if you accepted the glass of orange juice offered on the way in u soon found you was paying a fortune for warm fly infested sweet stuff. The hotel is situated on the wrong side of the road for the beach, however you can use the beach in the hotel opposite as it is part of the hotel chain. This is a so called 4 star Hotel called the Grand Hotel and it looks more like a Butlins Challet. You can also use the dinning facilities in that hotel (Not Recommended) and vice versa, hence the 4 star people loved to dine in our 5 star hotel making it busy and noisy. I wont name our tour rep but she was useless, she failed to book us a place on any of the trips so we had to arrange it ourselves at a cost of £185 (Cairo) via the tour operators 24 hour help line. This was also a rip off as they convert it to Eygptian pounds to put through the bank then back to sterlins to charge your bank, making the cost £220. However as for the previous report advising you to use Eygptian tour operators .... dont, with British operators when you fly the Flight is £55 with egypt air, then there is the entry fee to the musiem, sphinx etc, the transportation costs to the pyramids and various factories, the tour guide who was fab, lunch on the nile etc so i thought £185 (take cash with you) was good value, better than the 9 hour coach trip that left at 1.30am.
I wont harp on any more but i will say this, if you have got a bargain price i.e less than £300 per person then why not try it, its a 3 star price after all, and i have stayed in much worse, but if you want something a bit more exotic and special dont be fooled by the star rating and try Antigua. For the right price you wont be disapointed, we booked a few days before we left and paid £490 between 2 of us.... good luck"

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of October 2006

Arrived at Hotel Grand Resort with my hu...

Reviewed Sat 14th of October 2006

"Arrived at Hotel Grand Resort with my husband for a weeks break and was amazed, the hotel was huge and stunning. Two pools a lagoon plus a couple of children's pools too. Plenty of room and sun loungers are very comfortable. Pool boy (Said) and our waiter who's name I have forgotten were very efficient, had a laugh with them, didn't tip straight away but used the same waiter and promised a tip at the end (£20 sterling) well worth it, ice cold beers brought to you in an ice bucket, can't stand warm beer! We tipped Said and room maid at the end too.

Buffet restaurant very good, there’s loads to chose from, chefs on various stations cooking/carving different meat etc. We ate in the A la Carte restaurant once and that was pleasant the lobster was nice.

The room was a really good size more like a suite, the balcony was big too. Our room was very well cleaned, fresh towels etc. Mini bar reasonable, and fresh beach towels brought to our room every evening. The place is so big we did get a little lost at first. Thomson Rep was around a lot and very knowledgeable. Not very many shops but ok and prices seemed reasonable. Used the Pharmacy for tablets and they were ok as I had an upset tummy in the early hours of departure day, think it was an under cooked beef burger. We had access to the Grand Hotel over the road but didn't bother.

Altogether a fantastic break and definitely would return maybe at Christmas."

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  • Travel date: Sat 14th of October 2006

Every time things get better and better, a truly fantastic Hotel!!!

Reviewed Fri 12th of October 2012

"This is the third time I have visited this hotel and it gets better each time. I fell in love with this hotel in January of 2006 when both my mother and I visited. I am a 22 yr old midwife who likes peace and quiet away from all the hustle and bustle I experience daily. The reason I love this hotel is due to the fact that I get 100% relaxation with the added benefits of being treated like royalty. Nothing here is too much trouble for the staff and they will generally accommodate all your personal needs. You are not even allowed to move a sun bed, as the pool attendant will quickly come and position your sun bed in the sun or under a parasol should you wish. Shortly after you are greeted by waiting staff that are happy to fetch you drinks and food should you feel the desire to eat or drink.
In the hotel itself the surroundings are simply beautiful. It has so much to see what with its own night club called club orange and the bar which serves alcohol until you are ready to go to sleep! The restaurants are what I describe as being perfect due to the massive diversity in food available. For instance generally the main restaurant serves food on a theme basis. This is for instance English food on Monday, Italian on Tuesday and French on Wednesday along with the other restaurants serving Chinese, Mediterranean and other Eastern delights. I noticed that some reviews don’t rate the food highly; I would say that unless you are a food critic or a wine expert the food is more than excellent. What can be confusing however is how drinks are paid for at meal times. I would like to mention that you can have what ever drinks are available; this is simply added to a tab system which you pay for at the end of your stay.
The entertainment is too something to enjoy, they have many shows which include Grease, The Rocky Horror Show and Cats along with singers and other forms of entertainment. This is situated left of the building in a designated theatre.
Rooms are delightful, clean and all have a good air conditioning system which does work! You generally have a bed big enough for a large family with a three piece suite, television, telephone, mini bar and dressing table and large wardrobes. The bathroom is large with a bath, shower and granite sink unit, large heated mirror and hair dryer. Each room comes also with its own digital safe which is free to use. The balcony is nice to use of an evening and has its own table and chairs. I’m sure if you are visiting this hotel or are planning a visit you will enjoy it as much as me. Below I have listed some tips which could benefit your stay that I do to make my holiday extra special.

I often have afternoon tea with a pot of Nescafe and a selection of cakes and sandwiches, this is £3 English money. This can be purchased from the bar located directly off the dance floor with its own seating terrace outside.

The currency exchange from dollars or English pounds to Egyptian pounds is better in the Hotel than it is anywhere in the UK.

Take some spare change especially English pound coins for tipping; this is better, cheaper and much more appreciated than giving Egyptian pounds. Egyptians prefer English money especially children which you may see when visiting different places.

I would also recommend that if you were planning to visit the Pyramids in Cairo or whatever activities you feel like doing book with Egyptian companies. Tour operators inside the hotel itself will try and sell you trips and activities for very high prices. For example a trip to Cairo could cost you £180 which would be planned with many other holiday makers. A trip to Cairo with a reputable Egyptian company travelling on a much smaller scale could cost as little as £50. I would however like to point out that you must make sure they hold a valid insurance policy and are licensed to perform trips.

I hope this has given you a slightly more detailed evaluation of the hotel and hope you enjoy your stay. I am travelling back there for Christmas this year on the 15th of December so could possibly see you there!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 6th of October 2006

Generally good hotel

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"Just back from 4 nights here and, generally, pretty pleased.

The hotel itself is huge - about 800 rooms, 2 large pools, several restaurants and bars. All of these are impressively presented, especially at night. The beach is just a few minutes walk away, accessed through the sister hotel across the street.

Our bedroom was huge, clean and nicely decorated but lacking a tea/coffee centre which would have been preferable. The bathroom also flooded very easily.

The staff are generally helpful although the bell-hops are a bit rude when it comes to asking for tips - but this is common in Egypt.

The only let down, really, would be the food. We stayed Half Board which gave us the choice of 3 "restaurants". 2 of these are little more than glorified canteens and the buffet-style food is average - but they are serving a lot of people. The other restaurant - Mediterraneo - is actually very good. The food is served to your table and is of good quality. However, you do have to book for this restaurant and I'm not sure if they would let you do this every night."

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  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of October 2006

Loved every minute of it, can't wait to go back

Reviewed Mon 5th of November 2012

"Amazing hotel. We were given a map on check-in to help us find our way around the hotel (and boy we needed it!) Its huge! Proper Arabian nights, the sun went down around 5 or 6 every day and the sky was deep, deep red, like a dream. After dark the lights around the hotel come on and words cannot describe the beauty. You simply must experience it. Very friendly staff, nice food, huge bedrooms (the double beds are large enough for 3 people with room to spare), clean pool, lots of activities throughout the whole day. The chambermaids come during the day to clean the room and then again in the evening to draw the curtains and turn back the bedclothes which I thought was a really nice touch. Really good value for money. The locals can take some getting used to - when they try to get you into their shops say no thank you politely but firmly and they leave you alone. But you must be FIRM unless you have a couple of hours to kill because they do like to talk until you buy something. When you get off the plane at Egypt everybody is given a free guide of Egypt which includes simple words, sentences; the culture, the rules of the land, places of interest, etc - well worth looking through at the start of your trip. Cannot say enough nice things about the place - in fact I'm off to book my next holiday there now."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of September 2006


Reviewed Mon 5th of November 2012

"my wife and i went here for a 7 nite stay, i must admit it was one of the best times we ever had. the food is great with plenty to choose from. theres plenty of resturants about the resort itself. they are doing a lot of work around hurgada itself but this does not affect you at all. all the staff are very helpful and friendly. they all speak good english. the rooms are very spacious and comfy. cant really complain about anything . we will be going back to this hotel again. asap."

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  • Travel date: Sat 23rd of September 2006

Not for lovers of food and drinkable wine.

Reviewed Sun 11th of November 2012

"Profile; Four adults mid forties going to Egypt for some fine wine and good food. Physically the hotel looks great on the photos, it does have a fantastic cool swimming pool, good size rooms and friendly staff. The problems with the hotel is that it suffers from German occupation and it can be very difficult to get a sunbed. The water in the room is slightly brown and stains your clothes. The inclusive hotel food is not five star and the only drinkable bottle of red wine is "chataue de rives" at 25 Euros a bottle. The rest of the awful white wines and beers are all luke warm and expensive for the quality. Having said this don't bother leaving the hotel in search of better wine it deos not exist in Egypt. In terms of good food the only thing to do is spend money to get it. The following are great resturants,: Maximes, Mumbai, Raddicio inside the resort and Heavens Bistro in Sikali or Captains Inn in El Goona. If you are not bothered about food, drinking alcohol and sitting on the toilet for two weeks, then the Grand resort is fine. Finally, I spoke to one German who said he has been three times in a row and every year the price goes up by 50%. In summary you can get better value elswhere. Regards F. Pellit."

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  • Travel date: Sun 10th of September 2006

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