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  • 2 service
  • 2 dining
  • 2 food

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i was about to hate Hurghada because of it.

Reviewed Tue 21st of September 2010

"Terrible service, aweful food that some of the foreigner tourists call what they get as (pharoanic curse) because of the food that can cause GIT diseases, the workers are rude, the bar is very limited and the animation team -oh my god- i don't wana remember those aweful shows...
And i have been to hurghada since my birth, i have been there like every summer in many hotels...but that was the worst , i even can't imagine how did they got those 4 STARS"

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of September 2010

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  • 3 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 2 Food

lovely area, and fab weather. the hotels...

Reviewed Sat 19th of July 2008

"lovely area, and fab weather. the hotels was clean upon arrival. my daughter who was 15 yrs old was hounded constantly by the locals which totaly ruined our break. so much so that we had to run down the street in the evening as she was just not left alone.
she wishes never to back again. locals just didnot understand no thank you leave her alone.
have to say my mother was very well taken care of when she became very ill, and the doctor was fantastic.
will go back but not to this hotel.
best part of the hotel was the animation team who were fab"

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  • Travel date: Sat 19th of July 2008

I went to Hurghada two weeks ago, with m...

Reviewed Wed 12th of December 2007

"I went to Hurghada two weeks ago, with my Partner. We stayed at Sultan Beach Hotel on a all inclusive basis.

We got the holiday at a reasonable price - so at first we were happy! When we arrived at the hotel - we were not impressed. Firstly - the staff who show you to your room - would not leave until you gave them at least £5 English tip. I was absolutely disgusted at this. Also, you had to tip the cleaner everyday at least 10 Egyptian pounds - or he would not clean your room. There were no television channels for English - only Russian and German - NO surprise there then.

At reception, the staff did not understand us properly, they did not give us a tour of the hotel on arrival - yet everybody else did who came to the hotel - all Russian!

The hotel was 100% Russian and we were the only two English in the Hotel - the Russians were rude, arrogant and disgusting. I had a fully grown man push me over because he wanted to get in front of me in the food queue.

The food was disgusting. Fully catered for the Russians, soup was water, and the meat was like rubber. Every night it was the same food but in a different sauce - so there was no variety.

For all inclusive - we still had to pay to use the tennis courts and the billiard (snooker) table. It was a huge con for money.

Outside the hotel the Egyptians lure you and literally drag you in to their shops, they con you and won’t let you leave until you buy something. We had one man who locked the door and got three other men to stand in front of the door - we have never felt so threatened or humiliated! We were called 'English Pigs' and they expect you to pay more than the Russians because they think English are rich!

Around the pool area of the hotel - you are always harassed by staff who own the spa and diving centre for trips and also the henna man who does fake tattoos. You could never relax.

There were not enough sunbeds, and the Russians were up at 6am most mornings putting their towels on the beds - then not returning for hours - which was unfair. The night club inside the hotel 'Tati's pub' was ok; you had to pay for all drinks though. The staff were brilliant - the animationists made us feel at home - but one night we were the only two in there, and then a big group of Russians came in - saw me and my partner - and walked out again. They refused to return until we had gone. So we left because we felt threatened - and yet again humiliated.

The only good things about this hotel were that the Egyptians were lovely to us. The Italian restaurant was lovely, the food was excellent - shame we had to pay because the all inclusive food was disgusting. Our rep was amazing! Sherif who works for Olympic holidays. He made our last few days outside the hotel enjoyable.


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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of December 2007

Booked the holiday through Regal Dive as...

Reviewed Tue 12th of December 2006

"Booked the holiday through Regal Dive as a last minute holiday and got it cheap, so no complaints at all on that front. The Regal Dive Rep was good too.

When I arrived, the hotel was welcoming, especially the Egyptian staff and they did their very best to make my stay a pleasant one.

The remaining guests were 99% Russian. Not the most pleasant of people, extremely arrogant and very rude. Even the staff couldn't stand them.

Meal wise, breakfast was just about acceptable, dinner was filthy, mainly catering for Russians again. Hurghada is a relatively new resort so eat out, because it is better value for money, good and safe to go walking in the evening.

You can eat out for £5.00 (English pounds) per head, that's very good, with beer included.

Putting all that aside, I dived with Emperor Divers in the Hilton, up the road from the hotel which made up for the stay. The diving was fantastic, so were all the divers on the boat of which I have kept in touch with some until this day.

So non-divers, try a DSD (discover scuba diving) course, then work your way up to PADI Open Water, if you get a taste for it. Diving can become hugely addictive and enjoyable.

Concluding all of this, I'd go back to Hurghada, even possibly buy an apartment there, I would not stay in the Sultan Beach again, but either The Hilton Plaza or The Marriott.
Good luck all!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 12th of December 2006

Went to this hotel on a dive club trip....

Reviewed Sun 27th of August 2006

"Went to this hotel on a dive club trip. Would I go back there? NEVER IN A THOUSAND YEARS!

Ok, first impression- the road was just being dug up to lay new pavements, but the dead rat outside the main door stayed there all week. The first room we were allocated was a very dirty, damp, dark pit.

After complaining, we were moved (big tip helped) to a reasonable room. The hotel was full of guests from Russia, and standards were very low indeed. Breakfast best described as unpleasant.

With regards to the beach, no way would we go in the water here, it was dirty with a scum of oil, and building rubble under the surface. Only good point about the hotel was the Italian restaurant- always empty but was clean, excellent service and piping hot tasty food was served.

By the way, this was our 6th time in Egypt, and the first time we have been disappointed in our accommodation and resort. The diving - no house reefs as all damaged by hotel development, but diving from boats good.


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  • Travel date: Sun 27th of August 2006

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