Roma Hotel

Al- Hadaba Road , Hurghada , Egypt , Africa
4 star hotel


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  • 2 room
  • 2 beach
  • 3 service
  • 3 value
  • 1 food
  • 2 cleanliness
  • 4 location

10 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

never say never! ! !


"We were a party of 7 adults 14th/21st august. Hotel very spacious,staff work very hard.They are not geared up for all inclusive as they only have use of 1 bar area which has to cater for all.No variety of food(didnt go hungry) only ate out 1 evening, had a roast dinner at P Js irish bar. Hotel needs to replace all crockery as it's find the plate without a crack/chip on it. Staff are very friendly and helpful.Bedrooms were spacious and comfortable, towels and toilet rolls every day not a problem, plenty of hot water. One of our party celebrated a birthday while at Roma and a cake was asked for (offered to pay) i was delighted with cake and they would take no payment.Have read other reviews and i wonder what some people expect for their money.Having read reviews before i went i was not looking forward to it, but it was better than i expected.Would i go back? Never say Never."

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  • Travel date: Wed 26th of August 2009

Don't go there!


"This hotel is the worst i have ever been to. The food is chicken and rice or diced beef and rice. They make a chicken leg last for three people, and you feel like 'Oliver' asking for more and then they toot at you, but if you were german or Italian you got 1 or 2 whole legs. The plates all had v shaped chunks missing out of them and cracked. Cups didn't have handles and glassses were all cracked and chipped and they wonder why no one would tip them. The bar was a complete joke! They won't serve you a bottle of beer or pint but make1 bottle of beer last for 5 people. They tip the bottle up quickly so the 1/2 pint glass is full of froth and a mouthful of beer and give it to you. If you ask for more they say "no". There are only 20 glasses so you had to hold on to them all night which they did'nt like. There is a limit to the drinks too, they only stock a few bottles in the bar and they say they have run out when the bar that is not AI has loads of stock but they won't use it. They also say the bar is open till 12 but it is open till five to 11. There was a bar at the pool which was never staffed just so they did'nt have to serve you, not just alcohol even soft drinks. The staff work very hard and long hours but the management
of the hotel let them down, but saying that ,they are only following the owners orders. This hotel is not for children, oaps or anyone that is not using it as sleeping base because that's all it is good for. If you want good food and drink go to sams bar next door as they know how to make you feel welcome. I am so glad that it was'nt my first trip to Egypt because it would have put me right off. Go to Sharm el sheik they know how to treat guests of every nationality."

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  • Travel date: Tue 25th of August 2009

roma hotel v v v v v poor


"just returned from roma hotel for ten was the worsed all inclusive we have ever been on. not many english people there and are not catered for in the one resturant they had. the food was terrible and there was no snackes in the day time.
the only good time when it was breakfast time when we had egg on toast.
all the plates glasses cups was chipped or cracked.
when you went to the beech you had to cross a main road.
we got our drinks and we ordered some food and we had to pay for the food on the beech.sports just windsurfing
all the drinks was warm they had no friges
after a couple of days we was drinking and eating at sams next door
the water to have a shower was off and on
the only good thing was the trip to paradise island it was beautifull.
and the jeep safari.
a part from that egypt was great.
roma hotel is not a 4 star
its more like 2 star at the very most"

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of August 2009

Roma hotel experience


"I really enjoy staying at this hotel, great location, great service , clean rooms, hotel is little out of shape needs some renevations overall it was nice, I love the beach altough it was little dirty . My friend Bob excellent indvidual very attentive and friendly was able to help me out , he is also offering a great island tours for only $18 U.S excellent price for what you see love the snorkling , beautifull water, I really enjoy the paradice island. They also can offer you a video of yourself spending time on the boat and snorkling , for about $20 I would recommed to buy it , great memories. It is a great hotel for a young person who is doing a lot of sightseeing but not spending too much time at the hotel, they also have nice spa , by the way nice massage and excellent price you can get 2 hours massage for only 20. Very nice. Little note to all your women travellers be aware of very friendly egyption men.

Hope you get the opportunity to visit roma hotel , hurghata

excellent service and great people.

Violetta, Oakville Canada"

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  • Travel date: Fri 31st of July 2009

The horror of the ROMA Hotel


"Just back from this terrible Hotel with our local diving club Don't even think of it to book this hotel. The food very bad. The first day there were no towels. The pool was dirty. Nobody of our group has been swimming there. Nothing was clean, the bath, the floor, the sink,the toilet, the cook, the dishes, the tables. The only thing that was changed before arrival were the blankets on the bed. The all -in was limited to a little bar inside, where you had to wait a long time before getting a drink. You don't believe it when you hear that the hotel is only 6 years old and I think that people who were there a few years ago, don't even recognized it any more. It is worth 0 STARS !
So people, if you aren't a sadomasochist DON'T GO THERE !!!!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 12th of October 2008

most Terrible place this is an


"A bad hotel. Food is bad. Service is heavy under level. You don not get toilet paper even you ask. Towels are changed or you get no new towels. Chambers stinks. Foods of the previous day are served. None glasses, no cups or plates. The government must close this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Tue 30th of September 2008

Not 4 star hotel, probably only 2..


"Stayed there with my mum during 2006 Christmas. The hotel looks very good in photos but not for real!
Rooms are in need of urgent attention - patio doors doesn't close, toilet seat is moving, sealant is black around the bath, no hot water (just warm).
Beach is very small, beach towels are used and dirty.
The food was awful - we were eating the same food all 10 days! Dried cucumbers, overcooked sausages and vegetables...
Staff was nice though.
Would NOT recommend to anybody to stay more than 1 night unless it is connection trip for Nile cruise and there is no alternative hotel.

It suppose to be a nice gift for Xristmas but turned into unpleasant and problematic stay.
Would not go there again.

E from London"

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  • Travel date: Wed 18th of April 2007

One of the better hotel ...


"I had a lousy perception of the hotel after my stay in cairo but we have a lovely time at Roma hotel that I almost didnt want to go back to cairo.

The rooms were clean and big and my view from the 4th floor facing the Red Sea and it was lovely aside from some contruction right in front of the hotel the view was perfect.

The breakfast was average although most tourist didnt touch their local dishes. I guess it was too salty for most of us.

We had a problem with taking a hot bath when we check in. Apparently they have some heater problem and we bath in cold shower which is not what I have in mind in the middle of cold Feb. However the glitch was corrected and we had hot water thru out after the 1st night.

Locationwise it was convenient because you can stroll to the restaurants and shops easily within 5 minutes. they have a 24 hour supermarket just a stone throw away so you can get water and what's not easily.

They also have a housereef although there were no more corals but you can spot some fishes here and there. Nice enough to laze on the beach chair and they have a small make shift bar where you can get drinks and lunch right at the beach.

My recommendation for food is this place right at roma hotel named 'Sam place' or something. you will spot it when entering from the entrance of the hotel from the beach. Good food at great prices!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of March 2007

You get what you pay for!


"We had mixed feelings with our stay at the Roma Hotel. On arrival (with our luggage having been lost), we battled to confirm our room booking, only to be the butt of the joke with the receptionist who had our key in front of him the entire time! The room was average. Very clean and spacious but basic. We frequently didn't have towels or warm water but occasional had both! The 'mini bar' was an empty fridge and we had an average view over the hotel pool and construction sites. We advise to politely stroll past the shop owners inside the hotel who continually invite you into their shop. We found this slightly off putting, although must expect it given the nature of Hurghada. On the upside, the food was pretty tasty with a good variety. The beach was generally clean with beautifully clear water and a fair amount of fish to view snorkelling. As expected, the coral here is brown due to the sheer volume of tourists exploring the waters. We used the dive centre for a days diving once qualified but would perhaps not recommend learning to dive here. We used Emporer Divers (based at the Hilton), who offer a highly professional service with free shuttle, great lunch and excellent instruction.

The Roma Hotel is one of a plethora of accommodation Hurghada has to offer. We enjoyed our stay but would possibly pay out a little more next time to ensure a high quality stay. Overall, you get what you pay for! A cheap and average hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sat 19th of August 2006

THE BAD, THE UGLY and a little bit of THE GOOD


"It’s difficult to know what to write about this hotel. We didn’t pay very much for twenty-one days b &b, about £11 a night for the two of us. We weren’t on holiday but using the place as a base, just sleeping and breakfasting there while we found an apartment.

Russians partied around the pool on our first night and kept us awake until 4am, and a couple of nights later, the room next door was a full on party venue until six in the morning. Our next room appeared to be better, a sea view, a nice fluffy blanket on the bed, and a full range of toiletries in the bathroom. We retired to our new room looking forward to our first full night of sleep since we had arrived. A disco across the road, put paid to that idea. At midnight, we swopped rooms again, and this time we did get a quiet room, for the remainder of our stay, but with two single beds rather than the double we wanted.

The management and staff were very helpful and changed our room (twice) without quibble. The guys cleaning and preparing the rooms, there are no female doing this job in Egypt, made up the beds as a double, and after we ran out of toilet roll at 11pm gave us two toilets rolls, instead of the regulation one that comes with each room.

There is only one key for each room and this is an issue if one half wants to go out and the other to catch up on some missed sleep. The key fob acts as a master switch for the room’s electrics so you have a choice, take the key so you can re-enter without disturbing your better half’s slumber, or leave her in darkness. That is until you realise that taking the key off the fob solves that little problem. That also means you laptops will charge while you are out and it allows the fridge to work uninterrupted so your drinks are properly chilled. Sounds bizarre, but it is the case that in this hotel the mini-bar turns off when the room key is taken out of the switch unit.

Breakfasts were, for the money adequate, pastries, eggs, Egyptian beans, and other local breakfast dishes, and one-egg omelettes are cooked to order. Butter and jam are random events, some days one or the other, some days, neither, and occasionally both! Coffee is instant, and the water urn struggles to achieve hot.

We were given a complementary meal as an apology for the noisy rooms, the food was bland and the beer and white warm served warm. We had to pay for the drink, at twice the price of local restaurants. The hotels free internet, available only in the lobby is flaky, and the internal phone system does not appear to work.

If you like very loud music played through an amplifier/speaker combination that distorts the sound the hotels beach is the place for you. Its bar has a randomly available stock of almost cold drinks and the only coffee available is instant with milk powder. There is constant hassle from hotel concession holders, including the medical centre who told us that if we needed any pills or treatment, it would be free if we had medical insurance. This is a half-truth at best.

For us, the hotel served its purpose, problems were sorted out quickly, but we didn’t eat lunch or dinner there or use the bar. The location of the Roma, a few minutes walk (4-5 minutes) from Sheraton Road, the tourist centre of Hurghada, was a major reason for choosing it.

And that is where this review should end, but as the purpose of a critique is to allow others to make an informed choice, it would be remiss of me not to add this final thought.

In my view this is a hotel to book only if you get a good price and understand what that entails. Other English guests, particularly those on all-inclusive packages were very unhappy, the bar for these guests closed at10pm, meals on the beach were not included in the package, and there were no snacks available throughout the day, which I understand are a usual feature of that type of holiday.

The Roma did right by us, but any thoughts of staying their again would involve a price-based decision. If I were booking for a holiday, I would think very carefully whether the price would be worth the shortcomings, and if there was no or little price advantage, definitely go somewhere else.

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of April 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness
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