Montillon Grand Horizon Beach Resort

Cornish Road Sakala Square, Hurghada 5300 Egypt
4 star hotel

Reviews summary

( 408 reviews)
  • 3 beach
  • 1 food
  • 1 cleanliness
  • 3 location

2 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Dirty hotel

Reviewed Wed 21st of September 2016

"Extremely dirty urine on toilet seat,
Bathroom is not working water in floors.
Very poor hotel, flies everywhere in lobby.
Hotel director refuse to correct anything.
Restaurant smells very disgusting."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 9th of September 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

Avoid at all costs!

Reviewed Thu 1st of November 2012

"My husband and I stayed at the Grand Azur Horizon for one week. When our shuttle drove up to the gates, we were really impressed. It wasn't until we got into our room that we realized all the money is spent on the exterior of the hotel. The room was huge, but the construction was like putting a band-aid over a gaping wound. Nothing seemed sound. Almost daily the "maintenance crew" would knock on our door and say they had to check on the toilet, lights, etc. On one particular day we actually did need maintenance. I called three times to the front desk requesting assistance. I was told the first two times that "someone is on the way immediately". After about one hour I called for the third time. The man insisted on speaking in German even though I was clearly speaking English. When I became obviously angry he asked "Oh, do you speak English?" in a very arrogant tone. The food was unimpressive, and the tip jars were out everywhere. The man who gave me a towel at the pool expected a tip! If you come to Hurghada, whatever you do, do not stay at the Grand Azur Horizon."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 25th of October 2005

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Montillon Grand Horizon Beach Resort is also called

  • Grand Azur Horizon Hurghada
  • Grand Azur Horizon Hotel

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