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Reviewed Sun 13th of November 2016

"All i can say is avoid this hotel at all costs. A concrete rundown dirty hotel. If you want more than a holiday tummy then this is the
place to go !!!!!!
having encountered many human poos in the pools, and not once did they empty them (just chased them around with a net!). One day emptying a large tub of chlorine around babies. A dead rotten bird in the pool for several days.
many many many people had severe runs and sickness, even on the floors outside restaurants and i mean everywhere in the public toilets.
the reception staff are terrible, liars, rude and arrogant.
i am still fighting for them to answer my complaint (which they knew about in resort and would resolve). But they will not answer my 10000s of emails "

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  • Travel date: Thu 13th of October 2016

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  • 3 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

PLEASE READ, worst holiday...

Reviewed Fri 7th of October 2016

"PLEASE READ, WORST STAY..We visited in January 2016- for a week, lovely holiday but we did do quite a few excursions
On our second visit this year in August/September
From the food not being nice, same sorts of thing throughout the two weeks
There was about two English families no one spoke English
The room was dirty, riddled with red ants !
SO many of our bits went missing, from designer sunglasses to vape pens
Pestered by the spa people constantly
The staff was so unhelpful,
As for the people in the little shops, I got sworn at also did my sister. They tried to charge 3x the original price when my nephew went in there, just not very nice people
The guy who rents the pool tables in the evening, he ruined our last evening
We had played pool quite often, my nephew an my brother was on they're last ball, no one else was waiting there was 4 other tables spare he came over said FINISHED an took the balls. Made the children upset, I asked could they not just finish? Him another guy from account were standing there talking in Arabic laughing at me. Thinking I didn't understand Arabic! So I left them, then they started to be rude about me swearing etc..I said why are you saying those things. They was shocked, I said that's fine when all 11 of us get home an write these reviews online - then he changed an came over an started saying you can play for free tomorrow I'm sorry.
We spoke to reception on the way out, manager came over an was also not very helpful after explaining that I've been ill for most of our holiday because of the ice cubes!!! Had to wait 6 hours for some clean bedding, a whole day of complaining just to get some bottled water. had to be put on a drip.


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  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of October 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

great taxi service

Reviewed Wed 27th of July 2016

"I would like to say i got a taxi from airport to my hotel the young man was so polite his English was great he was very presentable the car was new very comfy I am from Scotland so anyone wanting a safe great prices trans fare from airports to Hugada or Luxor please just call my number i will put you in touch 07424630130 [email protected] please remember to put +44 when calling from abroad you wont regret using this taxi "

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  • Travel date: Wed 13th of July 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

absoloutley brilliant!

Reviewed Wed 10th of October 2012

"love,love,loved this holiday! beautifull hotel,rooms,pools,restraunts and of course on site aqua park!
we couldnt fault this holiday would go back tomorrow. all the grounds and rooms were well kept great main foyer with a atm machine inside which of course is helpfull for getting more cash! so many on site restraunts to choose from with such variety of lovely food. great pizza bars and other fast foods available during the day.
we travelled in a group 0f 3 adults 1 9 yr old and two 3 year olds and we all had a great time. there are so many pools around the hotel that we never had more than a handfull of people in a pool at a time, of course the aqua park was busy but not so that you had to quee for more than a coupleof minutes to go on a slide. we often spent the day at the aqua park were the men went on the rides the ladies sunbathed an the smaller children played in the shallower pool complete with many slides and water falls and swings etc while being within arms reach of mums on a sunbed at the pool side, then after our fast food type lunch at the poolside bars which was burgers pizza chips etc we would head back to our villa to subathe directly outside our room on the four poster sun beds complete with plastic mattresses and pillows before going in to shower and dress for dinner. our room was also just a walk over a wooden bridgeto the main reception, we feel we had the best situated villas in the hotel. rooms were spotless and comftable, modern and even had 40 inch flat screen tvs! come evening time once u have chosen which restraunt you will be eating in or outside bbq, the children have a mini disco and games which was great as adults the monday night pool party in the aqua park was the best with music, disco lights and entertainment all within the back drop of the aqua park was brilliant, will never forget dancing in the beach graduated pool with our daughter an freinds at night in the warmth of the egyptian weather.
also wait to go to the nearby shoppin mall untill the sun has gone down as its just too hot the take the 10 min walk in the piercing sun, but is worth a look we visited the mac donalds there an it tasted just as it does here but the portion were much bigger for no extra money so that always went down well with the kids!
there is a big supermarket type place that yoy could get anything that u might need, blow up pool toys all toiletries, baby items, food drink really is just like a supermarket and the prices a rock bottom! the short transfere time from the airport is also a bonus think it was bout 20 mins.
as my partner says he would go back there every year now (although i like to go to differnt countries but do admitt we would be hard pushed to ever beat that holiday now!)
also something we stumbled across was the smaller aqua park down by the beaty treatment rooms which was also brill for the children with sea saws in the water an slides, platforms, split level pools, was nice for a change sometimes. we did have full body massages too while we were so close to the beauty rooms an it was divine! the bus service from outside reception to the beach was nice and quick although the beach is a dissapointment but we had read it wasnt uo to much on the internet befor we whent so we werent surprised, beautifull blue water but about 1cm depth of ash rock sand so the children werent able to make sand castles or play so we were back on the bus bout 10 mins later o our wayback to the hotel. its only a short ride an bus is free so it was worth a look.

we would deffinetly reccomend this hotel to our family and freinds especially if you have children!
dont delay book it today!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of October 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Great holiday, would go back.

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"The good points
We stayed in the jungle having been upgraded from alf leila. The hotel is huge, we got lost a couple of times trying to find our way round.The rooms were one of the best we have stayed in. The service is great and really friendly. The pools are excellent with free access to a waterpark which was fab. The food was nice, lots of choice and good quality. No problems with tummy upsets.
There are about 5 restaurants and several bars.
Brilliant weather, we went for 2 weeks and had one day when it was overcast.
The down sides.
Location, great if your a pool lover, but not great if your a beach lover. You do get a free shuttle bus to the beach every half hour which takes about 5 mins. From what i could tell its a Man made beach where they have crammed in about one hundred beach beds.
Hurghada is one big construction site. We have been told it has been this way for some time.
Bars, the cocktails were poor, especially seeing that it was supposed to be 5 star. They used boxed juices which were just awful which was a shame when they had so much fresh fruit on offer. And the vodka gave you heart burn.
**Holiday Tips**
We hate having to barter while on holiday and got told about a shop in hurghada called cleopatra bazar. This was a god send, all fixed prices and very cheap and no hassle you can shop in peace without having people following you round and forcing things on you.
Take sterling with you, you will get a better rate. The uk rate was 7.2 when there it was 9.2. You can use just about any currency there, Dollars, Euros, Pounds. But If you use egyptian pounds you wont get stung when the traders use there own conversion rates."

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  • Travel date: Sat 5th of December 2009

Best holiday we have had so far... would deffo go again

Reviewed Mon 15th of October 2012

"We stayed here from 13/11 till 20/11 and had a brilliant time.
We only found this hotel by accident after checking out reviews for another hotel... We were immediately convinced we wanted to stay in this hotel.

We arrived around 6 pm and check in was very smooth, and were in our room within half an hour of pulling up in the coach from the airport, which is just what you need when you've been travelling with a tired grumpy 5 year old... We stayed in room 4008 which was a 5 minute walk from reception, and very close to all the restaurants. Our room was spotless, nicely finished off with nothing to complain about really.

we tried all 5 restaurants and they were all very nice and all had a good choice of food. Obviously when on holiday you cant expect to have the same food as at home, its all part of the holiday experience (as i have read some reviews on here about the food not being up to scratch and only catered for germans... not true at all! my 5 yr old is quite a fussy eater and he found something different to eat, that he liked, every single day!!!)

The whole place is spotless, staff is cleaning 24/7, and yes there were some flies, but i wouldnt go as far as saying it was a problem... when in england in the summer, there are also insects everywhere... Also there is securety patrolling all through the night

The pools (all of them) are cleaned daily and they were great, a bit cold to start with but once you are in them they are very refreshing.. Always sunbeds available... we had no problems getting sunbeds anywhere we wanted, the towel guy even comes and lays you towel out for you! they even have a guy coming round offering you drinks, which ofcourse is nice not having to go to the one of the bars yourself :0)

The water park is brilliant, we spent 2 whole days there, again no trouble finding sunbeds, close to the kids pool so you can keep an eye on little ones, all pools have their own life guard even outside the water park, and also each slide has their own life guard to help you on and off, which was good! there are slides for everyone, from slow ones to dare devil speedy ones... guaranteed fun! At lunchtime there was no need to walk back to the main area as there is a section for the all incl guest to eat and drink, again plenty of choice, but i would recommend the pizza at the food court cos they were really nice!

We also did 2 trips, the 1st one was the safari
we got picked up from the hotel at 1 pm, and were driven to the dessert. When we arrived we got assigned to and english speaking guide, who explained what we were going to do that day. We started off with a quad ride through the desert which was extremely fun but quite bumpy! then we got a camel, horse and donkey ride... this was very funny! Then we got to ride the dune buggy, sadly this was only for about 10 minutes, but again so much fun! We then all got put in jeeps and drove 18 kms through the desert to go visit a bedouin village, which was very informative and the sunset in the desert was amazing. after a very bumpy ride back to the camp we got a really nice meal which was included in the price and then it was time for the show, belly dancing, fakir, and king cobra show which was very impressive...
well worth doing this safari!

the second trip was a snorkling trip
we took the shuttlebus from the hotel (free and every half hour ) to the beach were we met up with our guide at the aqua centre. from there we went to the boat which took us to 4 island for snorkling, they provide mask and life jackets if needed. we saw some amazing fish and the sea water was so clear and warm it was great.
A meal was also included and a 2 hour stop at paradise island mahmeya, very nice indeed.
Would also recommend this outing, even with kids!

so, there wasnt really anything we can fault with this hotel, apart from 1 thing.... the russians! they are the most ignorant, arrogant people i have ever met in my 32 years... they are everywhere in Egypt and even the locals and the staff dont like them! from as soon as you land in Hurghada airport you are confronted with their arrogance, they push in, are loud and ignorant. Eventhough we were amazed at how bad they really are we didnt let it spoil our holiday and ignored them.

All in all this has been the best holiday we have had so far and i would deffinitely recommend this to everyone! you will not be disappointed!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 22nd of November 2009

An experince I want to forget quickly, a big German Butlins with water slides and no beach

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"We were moved to Jungle Aqua Park after our original hotel (Dana Beach) was overbooked. We were told that this was a 5* hotel and was an upgrade from Dana Beach, that immediately set the alarm bells ringing.

It would not have been the hotel I would have chosen to stay at and it turns out for good reason. It's relatively new and only opened earlier this year (2009), I think. Its new enough not to show up on Google Earth too, so you can’t have a look at it from above.

Our room number was 4067, which is about a 10 minute brisk walk to reception and one of the rooms closest to the main road into Hurhgada.

As we had transferred from Luxor on a coach and been royally messed around at Dana Beach, we both needed to use the toilet and have a shower. Here the problems started...

We immediately noticed that the walls in the bathroom we bare rough stained plaster. Sure there were some ceramic tiles but the plaster was rough and honestly I thought it was unfinished, as though they ran out of tiles half way through construction. The shower taps were ill fitting and held into the wall with grout, which still hadn’t been cleaned off from installation.

The shower tap was actually from a bath too, not a proper shower at all. The soap dish hung at a funny angle and was hardly attached at all. It was impossible not to notice the paint splashed on the door frame. The room looked like it had been finished (quite recently) in a hurry on the cheap.

And this was supposed to be a 5* upgrade?

The toilet as we found it was in a disgusting and unhygienic half flushed state, the reason for which we found out about very quickly. Once the toilet was flushed the cistern took about 1hr to refill! We had to overcome this by filling bottles of water up from the shower and refilling the cistern.

This was inconvenient for 2 adults (and I am being kind there, it’s completely unacceptable), but our room was designed to hold 2 adults and 2 children. Just imagine what would happen if a family DID get our room.

So we overcame this problem and decided it was time to use the shower, but we couldn’t. The temperature of the water fluctuated from scalding hot (honestly it was hot enough to make coffee with) to icy cold, all in the space of a minute, leaving a window of about 15 seconds every minute to wash in.

We had been travelling all day and this was NOT what we needed.

Then when come onto the bedroom. Paint peeled from one of walls, it was COMPLETELY FULL OF FLIES (I’m talking dozens not just one or two) and the sheets was scratchy and bobbly (which we took to be old).

How odd is it that the only place in the world where I have found Egyptian cotton scratchy is Egypt! Actually in fairness to Egyptian cotton the sheets actually felt like a cotton/polyester mix (or just really really old cotton).

I can’t understate how bad the fly problem is here. There are fly traps all over the site, in fact one was just outside our front door (and you can add a RAT TRAP on our patio to that).

This problem doesn’t apply all over Hurghada, when we moved to the Sonesta Pharaoh Resort they didn’t have any such problem, and I actually stopped using insect repellent as there were no insects to repel. They had no fly traps either as they were no flies to catch.

The suspicion we had was that as a newer site built inland it was probably close to a rubbish dump, as most of the outskirts of Hurghada away from the coast and tourists was pretty scruffy.

The fumigation clearly wasn’t very efficient either. All the fly traps were completely full.

Jungle Aqua Park has a terrible fly problem that they have not got under control I can’t say it any clearer than that.

And still we found problems with our room...the safe was not securely attached to any surface, so all a thief had to do was take the whole thing and open it later at their leisure. We were particularly worried about this due to our room being in such close proximity to the road. Someone could have jumped the wall. Waited until everyone went to eat, stolen all the safes (and their precious contents) and then disappear into the night.

Rather comically even though the safe wasn’t attached to anything it had been painted AROUND! It just reinforced the theory that the room had been finished quickly and on the cheap.

And still more...the fridge didn’t work so all the water in it was warm.

We went out for a drink (much needed by this point) and on our return found our bags just left outside our room. Literally anyone could have stolen them and we wouldn’t have been any the wiser. Surely they have a universal room key? Room service do.

So food and drink. I will cover this part of quickly as I can. If you liked school dinners, then you will be fine here. The site mainly caters for Germans (who by the way were lovely and really polite) and their children. The biggest catering problem I had was in the morning. I had an orange syrup drink that was 90% liquid and 10% syrup, with the syrup lying at the bottom of the glass. Not nice. Then I tried to make some toast. There was an old 4 slot top loading catering toaster, which I duly dropped four slices of bread into. Sadly only one slot worked, and by this point I was just too fed up with the place to care so I had the one slice of toast and left.

And this was the 5* upgrade we were promised?

On our way back to the room in the morning we saw something much more worrying.

To return to our room we had to use a path that splits two parts of the swimming pool. It’s a path used by many people to return to their rooms. I have to say up front that I am not the greatest fan of some of the stupid health and safety regulations we have in the UK, but I think this may have been a good example of where they WERE needed.

As this path splits two pools, children often leap out of one pool and leap back into the other pool. So far, so good. The trouble is every time they do this they leave a trail of water behind. The hot sun usually burns it off pretty quickly, but more often than not someone walks by before it evaporates.

Both of us lost our footing in this area. We actually watched a small child (about 4 years old) fall heavily here, she was lucky not to have knocked herself unconscious.

What made it even worse was she was actually holding her father’s hand at the time and was just slowly walking. She wasn’t even running.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, guess what? They did.

On our return to our room after breakfast we tried to use the taps (after all how do you expect us to fill the bottle of water up to fill the toilet cistern?).

To our astonishment (and it really needed something special to amaze us at this point), the water supply had been air locked and ALL the taps (bathroom sink and shower) spat air and water at us in equal proportions! A completely useless water supply. I didn't shower once at this hotel.

The entire group that had been displaced from Dana Beach met with our Rep later that morning and we all agreed that we would not be spending another night at the Jungle Aqua Park resort.

Our Rep went away and made some phone calls and managed to get us moved. It was particularly noticeable that we originally met in the lobby, but were moved to the downstairs bar for the meeting proper.

Was this just so that no one else saw or heard us complaining?

(Oh and the Rep was told the 3 day delay was now a 4 day delay just to make things worse).

Jungle Aqua Park made no effort what-so-ever to help move our luggage. They roughly cut out wrist bands off us once they knew we were going. They even cut the Dana Beach ones, therefore denying us access to the hotel we had paid for.

Even more astonishingly (and by this point it really would have taken a lot), as we (the guests that is, the hotel staff stood around idly) loaded our bags onto the coach 3 members of the Jungle Aqua Park staff started verbally abusing our Rep!

I will just repeat that so it is clear:


Now I have given this resort a pretty hard time, with what I think is an honest assessment. Just because I loathed it doesn’t mean you will. So I will be clear who I think will enjoy it:

•Families with children under 16.

•Young couples 18-21 (although the night life might be a bit quiet).

•Anyone who stays in room with a low room number. The original rooms close to reception may be older, but they were much better. The newer (higher numbered) rooms have been hastily and cheaply thrown together.

•Someone who understands that the 5* rating in Egypt is given for the available facilities, not for the quality of the facilities. The facilities can be very poor, but as long as they are present that’s all that counts.

•German speakers. I will be absolutely clear here, the German’s I met were lovely and I won’t have a bad word spoken against them. (The Russians? That’s a different kettle of fish altogether...they have taken over the “Bad Tourist” mantle that the English used to have).

In conclusion I cannot recommend this hotel.

It still has too many creases that need ironing out before it is ready for the big time. As it stands it is a big German Butlin’s with water slides and no beach (no offence intended to Butlin’s or the Germans!)"

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of November 2009

Great place for kids - not very good for adults

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"We were moved to this hotel after being told on arrival at Dana beach they were over booked despite our booking being made over 4 months ago, we were given some story about a flight being delayed over 3 days. We only stayed at jungle park just under 24 hours and found the following:
- Room we were placed in was large but was the furthest away from the reception it was possible to be ~10 mins walk.
- Room over looked busy main road
- Rat trap at the front and fly catcher at the back of the small building we were in
- Dozens of flies in the room
- Fridge in the room didn't work
- The safe was pointless as it wasn't secured you could pick it up and walk off with it
- Bottom half of bathroom walls were tiled the top was just bare rough plaster
- Having a shower was impossible as mixer didn't work, it was either blazing hot or freezing cold, that was actually when water came out, as much air came out of the shower and taps as there was water
- cistern in the toilet took an hour to fill after each flush, so if desperate had to fill the cistern with water ourselves
- Toilet dirty and not flushed when arrived
- The food in the few restaurants we tried was of very poor quality, only thing we found edible was chips and I am not a fussy eater

The hotel is very much geared up for children which I am sure they will love the place but since we had no children with us as well as all the problems we encountered the place was a nightmare and most definitely not 5 star"

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  • Travel date: Thu 29th of October 2009

very good famil resort

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"we booked to go to albertros gardens after checking it on trip adviser. When we arrived there we got told they were upgrading us to jungle resort it was 5 star and newly open. Was very hesatent but we went 3 hrs from our arrivel at abertros we got our room. The first six days we has problems with bad smell in air com and problems with our safe we thought the house mager had moved in as he spent that much time there. We could not get to our rep as people were complaining about being moved there the problem being that the resort was not offichally open it opened on te 23rd sept at 4 stars.. We gave the rep a list of the problems with our room, he got us moved and what a diffrence the room was so much nicer and no problems and we had a biger swimming pool. So our hol started then, The resort is big it has 35 swimming pools 2 kiddies one, 21 adult slides in the aqua park, 5 resterants food is best i hav had, 2 snack bars, other bars, Disco, entertainment in some of the bars the entertainment is the best i have seen for AI. Very family place plenty for children of all ages, part of the AI ur safe, water in ur fridge, towels, hardryer. very clean they never stop and friendly amination team are brill.... only problem was the amount of russians and there dislike of an english accent even though we are scottish.... and teres a shopping centre just finished 5 min walk away it has a cheap supermarket.."

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of October 2009

AWESOME vacation

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"Me and my wife just returned from a 12day stay in Jungle Aqua Park and I must say that We had the best vacation we had so far. Our children 8 and 3years were spending their time at the children aqua park and there is 2 aqua park places for kids-near the restaurants and at the aqua park for adults. The rides were amazing. The food at the restaurants was even better, There is 5 restaurants and the best of all was Asian Plant that serves: Chinese, India, Thailands cuisine. The staff is very friendly and the hygiene was at the highest level. Our room was close 50m2 and most rooms are like this in a bungalow style. There a big swimming pool around the all of the hotel and close 12other smaller pools for approximately 30-40rooms. Must say that this is one of the best hotels Egypt and for that reason we never went to downtown or other trips. We recommend this hotel to everyone especially to families with kids"

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of October 2009

Amazing holiday

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"We've just returned from our 2 week holiday at Jungle park and had an amazing time. Like most people staying there at the same time as us we had had booked the Aqua blu but on arrival were told it was over booked and we're were being transfered to a better hotel. I was a bit worried when told this as we were traveling in a large group (14) with 4 young children and had spent month's reading reviews before deciding to book Aqua blu. There was no need to worry.....the complex was amazing, with its 36 pools (so we were told) and huge aqua park, beautiful grounds and lovely staff.

When shown to our rooms they were beautiful and looked on to a pool which we shared with about 15-20 other rooms with more than enough sun beds. Emad who was our pool guy was amazing, he was great with the kids and even after working 14 hour days (6.30am- 8.30pm) he met us a few nights and took us into town to show us round and made sure we were ok.

There are 5 restaurants so there was alway something for everyone but please don't expect to find fish and chip or anything like that, the food it more for Germans and Polish.

The only bad things i would point out was the flies.....the are a nightmare and they are everywhere. There are loads of guys going round the pools trying to sell you trips please don't book with them, we did then found out from our rep that they don't have any insurance. Book your trip with your rep, it may be about £5 or £10 more expensive but worth it if anything happens.

All in all we had a fab 2 weeks at Jungle park, we would recommend this hotel and would return our selfs."

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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of October 2009


Reviewed Tue 20th of November 2012

"We were booked to stay in the Alf Leila but on arrival we were told it was fully booked and would be upgraded and transferred to the Jungle Aqua Park Hotel which is the new PickAlbatros Hotel situated behind the Alf Leila. As a bonus we were given all inclusive wristbands for both hotels.
The Jungle is a couple of minutes walk through the Alf Leila complex. The Jungle had the largest swimming pool I have never seen and a brilliant Aqua Park to keep you occupied. The rooms were of chalet style situated in small cul-de-sacs throughout the hotel grounds, each of these cul-de-sacs had their own good sized pool and sunbeds for those who wanted seclusion away from the other guests.
The rooms were spacious with air-con and balconies overlooking your pool. The only gripe i would have is that a bit more attention to the basics are needed - NO WELCOME PACK - NO TELEPHONE CONTACT DETAILS - FRIDGE DIDN'T WORK.
The staff did their best but their English wasn't very good as this hotel has a 90% eastern europe occupancy.
We did find that the staff at the lower end of the pay scale were friendlier than the majority of the "yellow shirt brigade" that stood behind the reception desk
There was a variety of restaurants to eat in and the food was of very high standards - possibly the best i have had on holiday.
The bars were well stocked and the bar staff very pleasant. The Hotel is spotless- on our last day we even witnessed the restaurant roofs being swept !!!
Entertainment on the night time left a lot to be desired - Various singers populated the bars belting out "Hotel California and Lady in Red" which seemed to keep the Russians highly entertained. This is where we got the benefit of using the Alf Leila. The bazzar at the Alf provided with us with a variety of shops and the bars offered quieter laid back entertainment. The sound and light show was well worth a visit. We booked our trips from the boys at the Alf Leila. The Quad trip was fanastic, the boat trip to Dolphin House was good but the trip on the Sinbad Submarine was a waste of money. The coral was mostly dead and the only fish were saw was those being feed by a diver who accompanies the sub- you can see more snorkling off the beach and can save £35 each.
I would have been very happy staying solely at either of these hotels, but having experienced both i can recommend them both. If they offer you an upgrade to the Jungle Park take it and have the best of both worlds like we did.
One word of warning there seemed to be an "understanding" with the taxi drivers which resulted in guests being taken on unexpected visits to family shops located in the back streets of Hurgadah instead of the tourist area, with many being put under pressure to purchase items they didnt really want
If you want the tourists area make sure that you ask to be taken to Sheraton Boulavade"

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  • Travel date: Mon 5th of October 2009

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  • Andrew C by Andrew C

    "walk around the whole complex to find lots of swimming pools. "

  • Traveller1234 by Traveller1234

    "Get out of the hotel with excursions as much as possible "

  • Trueidentity by Trueidentity


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