Hurghada SeaGull Beach Resort

Sheraton Road, Hurghada Egypt
4 star hotel


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Rating by feature

  • 3 room
  • 3 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 1 service
  • 1 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 1 value
  • 1 food
  • 3 cleanliness
  • 4 location

17 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Awful hotel


"Very bad service, they're giving you one bottle of small water for 24hrs, in the bar they're giving tap worm water, when you ask for ice they says no ice, they're charging for Wi-Fi, they're charging for spa and Turkish both, food is not good at all, my children couldn't eat, I had to take them to KFC everyday, kids shows are very far from the hotel, no AC in the restaurant and bar's not enough beds in the swimming pools, the works are not serving you good unless you give them tips, I would say this hotel is not more than 2 stars."

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  • Travel date: Sun 1st of July 2018

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

Bed Bugs in the rooms


"I stayed there for one week, this past August 2006, with big family, six rooms in total, my brother found many bed bugs in his kids bed (hungry for blood) it was a nightmare. They changed the room for him, but the damage was done. This was my second stay at this hotel, but no more. Otherwise , pool is great, food and beach are OK."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 19th of November 2006

There are better hotels


"We stayed here for our honeymoon from 15th Sept to 29th Sept 2006. I booked this holiday through Olympic holidays (via Appollo Travel) earlier in the year. Whilst I was pleased with the service from Appollo Travel, Olympic were completely unhelpful and rude. I suffer from a severe allergy to nuts and both companies were made aware of this due to the difficulties this causes.
I read a review regarding this hotel on tripadvisor a few weeks before we went and was very concerned with remarks made about lack of labels on the food. I called Olympic to ask about this and whether we could either move hotels or they could help with the situation - I was told "this is not our problem, you should have thought of this when you booked"! They refused to speak to me about this issue and when Appollo tried to help, they refused to speak to them also. Not the sort of customer service I expect from such a company - avoid booking with them, we won't be again.
The hotel itself is certainly not a 4 star - 3 at a push. Our room was very clean, spacious and comfortable. Housekeeping was wonderful, cleaned every day by a very polite chap who turned down the bed and folded any clothes we had left out.
The pool was ok, refreshing in the heat but be prepared for the many Russians, Polish and Czechs taking LOADS of pictures all day, every day!
The reception staff were very poor and didn't really take any notice of questions asked.
The hotel was absolutely packed with Russians, Polish and Czechs - there was only 5 British in our 1st week and 10 in our 2nd. We felt extremely alienated and ignored, no other guests were friendly and you have to fight for a drink or any food. Don't expect any queues, pushing and shoving happens in the restaurant at every meal. We found the food ok but due to having bad stomachs, being pushed about and there not being much left (due to the gluttony of many guests), we ate out most evenings. We had actually paid for all inclusive but if you want to go, half board would be better.
Our rep from Odyssey (Omar) was brilliant. He told us all about the resort, food, money, excursions and wrote in arabic a sheet about my allergy for the restaurant and shops. He organised 4 trips for us - Cairo, a glass bottom boat trip, Shalm el Naga and Mahmya beach. We paid a very reasonable price for these, they were all accompanied by very knowledgable guides and we thoroughly ejoyed them all. The snorkelling was fantastic, Cairo was manic but wonderful (the museum especially) and the beaches great.
Please go to Papas bar and Rossis Italian resturant - the staff were great and the food lovely.
Tipping - you will find that everyone wants money. You can't even go to the toilet without the women making you pay for toilet roll - take your own!
Overall it was an ok holiday - not what we expected for our honeymoon and when we go again we'll be booking through a better travel company.
Weather was fabulous though....."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 30th of September 2006

appalling service - dont go here


"Here is an extract of the letter of complaint I sent to Olympic holidays, our travel agent as soon as I got back to UK. Dont stay here you will be dissappointed.


I have just returned from 2 weeks in Hurghada Egypt, 11-25 Aug 2006, staying at the Sea Gull Hotel Resort. I am sorry to say that the hotel and the service it provided was appalling, and not up to the standard I would expect from Olympic Holidays.

I am not normally one to complain, but I do feel driven to bring this to your attention so something can be done about it. So many British people in the hotel spoke of the same points that I have outlined below.

I do not believe the The Sea Gull Hotel in Hurghada is providing the kind of service and customer satisfaction that Olympic Holidays customers deserve and expect. I would encourage you to investigate my points thoroughly, and consider removing this hotel from your brochure.

Food. The food was bland, repetitive and despite being well presented was of poor quality. Too many guests are expected to eat in too small a restaurant, resulting in a “feeding time at the zoo” scenario with everyone barging and jostling. The chefs who were ‘show cooking’ did not understand the concept of vegetarianism, and used the same utensils and pans with meat and vegetables. They spoke no English and efforts to explain that my wife was vegetarian were met with very blank expressions. The pre-prepared buffet style salads often had meat mixed in them. No food was labeled as vegetarian at all. Vegetarians and nut allergy sufferers went hungry.

All of the English guests who traveled to Hurghada and stayed with us in the Sea Gull complained of stomache upsets after eating in the restaurant. I am not surprised as the hygiene of the waiters and chefs was appalling. Wiping their sweaty brows, hair, nose, moustaches with their hands then the next second laying the table in front of you, or pouring a drink from the bar. Several of the waiters really smelled bad, even at 7.00 am, this was very off putting. I attempted to complain several times but the language barrier was unbreachable.

At no time were any all inclusive drinks offered to dining guests by the waiters, only fresh juice that you had to pay for was offered (it was hardly fresh the waiter had been walking around with the ‘fresh juice’ for hours). No real glasses were available, all drinks were served in tiny, disposable, plastic party cups, hardly the 4* All Inclusive treatment I was expecting.

Drinks. The all inclusive drinks, although of fair quality were poorly presented, I believe in such a way as to discourage you from wanting one. A dirty dripping cola dispenser with a mountain of filthy, tiny, cheap and disposable cups next to it is not appealing, and attempting to relax by the pool with a tiny, cheap, filthy disposable plastic cup of warm, stale beer is impossible and not what I expect from a true ‘all inclusive’ resort. The bars looked awful, had no atmosphere and the bar tenders again often smelled bad, displayed poor hygiene, spoke little English and were not welcoming. Bottled water was only available at meal times, the rest of the day filtered water was served by the tiny plastic cup.

Health Club. The health club at the resort was thoroughly disappointing. The reception hall was always full of clouds of smoke from the 3 ‘health club’ professionals there who smoked continuously. When I challenged them about this they told me the manager goes there to smoke too! The health club equipment was from Eastern Europe of low quality, and too small for me to use (I am only 6’1) as my legs were too long for both the exercise bikes. The running machine was out of order all the time. When I told the smoking staff about this they just shrugged and puffed away. I did not feel like a valued customer at all.

Pool Side. Relaxing by the pool was continuously interrupted by salesmen from the marina trying to sell you diving, snorkeling, boat trips, massage, mouldy ‘fresh’ juice. This is not acceptable in a 4* All Inclusive resort. If a quiet moment could be found it was often shattered by speaker shakingly loud music played at random times throughout the day.

Check Out. Check out was at 1200 hrs, there was a massive queue to check out but only one of the three staff at reception was processing checkouts. Our flight was not until 1810 hrs. No courtesy room was offered for changing or showering (and when I asked the receptionist just laughed). There was no secure area to put our bags in, and our all inclusive wrist bands were removed and we were told “no more food, no more drink unless you pay”. We were also accused of wanting to steal the beach towels because we asked if we could keep them until just before we left. As you can imagine we did not feel like respected and valued customers.

I invite you to re-assess the quality of service Sea Gull Hotel Resort in Hurghada provides your valued customers. I am sure you will come to the same conclusion as me that it is sub standard.

You should not be happy presenting this resort to potential customers as a 4* All Inclusive with the Olympic Holidays seal of approval in its current state. Your customers deserve and demand much higher standards.

Your chosen airline carrier – Excel Airways has also delivered sub standard service. On the return flight XLA5247 HRG-LGW on 25 Aug 06 they managed to loose about one hundred passengers luggage, mine included. A copy of my letter of complaint to them is enclosed for your information. I would urge you to use another more competent carrier.

On the positive side, your resort representatives were excellent, spoke perfect English, were friendly and knowledgeable, always available and smart and tidy. The excursions arranged by Odyssey were also excellent. The massive let down was the Hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 28th of August 2006

never ever again


"Me and my boyfriend visited hurghada in first week of August. at home, at our agency, we were told, that the hotel is nice, but just on our arrival, our local guide started waring us... do not be surprised to get bad rooms, we can change it the day after. ... And so was, our room had a nice view on roof of building next to the hotel, just below our room was a bar with live music, the started to sing at midnight and finished around four... the sound was terrible, like being in the middle of disco... we are young, but, this was really somethnig that you are not pleased to listen. The smell on our balcony was also something I will never forget... mixture of perfume and garbage.. and this smell was almost everywhere... also on the way to the restaurat and the result of it was, taht I could not eat anything... the most of dishes was tasteless... nad at the end, we, just after two day, get sick... As we can say, that we did not eat or drink, nowhere else tan in the hotel, we get the bacils or viruses in the hotel... As we are quite aware of waht to do in such occasions, and had the hole pharmacy with us, we did not visited doctor, the most of our group, had to do some, and some had to visited also the hospital... The staff was quite nice, except the guy at the door, who kept on asking us if we were the guests of the hotel... for about two times per day... it was really unpleasnt, as we cuold be some terrorists or someone alike...the hotel was full of Abarbic pleople....and so on... I don't want to continue!
Really dissapointed!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 20th of August 2006



"Only wish could have stayed 2 weeks!!!! WE really enjoyed this place! We were treated very well.
Came with a tour group at very cheap rate-were upgraded to suite-but saw the regular rooms-which were large-and had nice balconies
Service was exceptional!!!
The buffet got really old by the third day-but the food was okay. Breakfast was really good. We just did HB and that seemed to be the best value.
It's a very touristy area-but the resort is great. Nice beach area-and pool. Left valuables in room, no problem.
PROBLEM: The only problem we had in 8 nights is that we were close to the outdoor speakers and the music doesn't get turned off until 11pm.
Also, everyone in Egypt got sick-it just happens. But, get travelers insurance and you can visit the clinic there and get meds that will fix up your stomache in one day.
Take a day trip to Cairo-and check out the coral reef!
WE had a perfect trip and I would recommend SeaGull to friends and family."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 21st of April 2006

all inclisive ' i dont think so !


"we visited this hotel on 30th decemeber this year, being away for news years eve would be amazing & what more could we ask for a 5* luxury ALL INCLUSIVE resort. all our food & drinks all included it would be so good not having to worry about carrying money around to pool etc for drinks & food.
we arrived at the hotel it didnt look much from the outside but when we got inside it was really nice. the staff seemed very freindly although they spoke little English. the porter showed us to our room which was basic but clean & had a lovely view.
we woke on 31th & went to welcome meeting the rep spoke very poor english & didnt know general infomation. there was only 1 restuarant that was all inclusive for breakfast lunch & evening meals. as we was not told when we booked it was a german & russian resort all the food was russian & german. the poolside bars only served pasta & cold chips and there was only 5 alcholic drinks you could have. all fruit juices & cocktails had to be paid for and to on site retaurants was not included in all inclusive. we was very dissapointed as this was not a cheap holiday. all the other all inclusive holidays id been on we EVERYTHING INCLUDED. on the night of new years eve the restaurant was shut because there was a party on the private beach. (oh this we had not been informed of even though it was the biggest event of the year.) when we was refused enterance to the party we was sent to a man at a desk who told us we had to pay the equivalent to £30 each entrance fee after refusing to pay he let us in for free but several other paties all paid differnt prices. once in the party we had to pay for ALL our drinks. the place itself is lovely but they try to rip the english off for everything. they never have any change in there tills that way they get to keep the change. the cleaners we also were extremely over friendly making guestures to all the women. i would NEVER EVER return to this hotel. i wouldnt feed the food we got to rats. 5* i dont think so i would rate this hotel 1*.
If you could change the food, drinks and over friendly staff it would be a lovely place to visit. if your travelling here dont pack as many clothes just pack a supply of you own food & drink"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 24th of January 2006

don't go All inclusive


"I stayed a week at Seagull resort in December 05. The hotel is large and in need of some tender loving care. The rooms are taty but clean. The lounge area is smokey and dull and the bars are little more then wooden tables. However the hotel is clean and the beach is clean. The beach is manmade and gives easy access for diving and snorkling. Do not do All inclusive as the resturants get very busy and you must fight for your meal. Half board is perfect never to many people waiting and the food was good and very cheap. Out side the hotel is a hive of activity and pleanty to do and see. The shops are in abundance and barter for everything. All in All I had a good time just dont expect to much luxury from this resort.One more thing the Health spa has great massages"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of January 2006

No return


"We have just returned from a weeks holiday in the Seagull Hotel and can only say that having visited Egypt twice before this can only be described as our biggest disappointment to date. Having chosen all inclusive for many years this as the first time we were made to feel like second class citizens. We were only allowed in one restaurant, as part of the package the others had to be paid for and the beach bar for all inclusive was literally a shed whilst the beach bar for the half board residents was a fully stocked bar. It should also be mentioned that although the Union Jack flew at the front of the hotel it was the only National flag missing on the beach side of the hotel.
The restaurant did not appear to have more than one item of crockery which was not chipped or cracked and the food was reheated and was never hot. That could be the reason why so many guests had upset stomachs for the whole week. The bar in the hotal did not stock enough glasses and for a four star hotel beer served in a wine glass is not acceptable. The majority of the staff were friendly but the staff in the pale pink shirts who just appeared to sit at the end on the bars and scowl did not do anything for customer relations. The animation team were fantastic and the belly dancing lesson at 4pm and the aerobics at 4.30 were not to be missed. The faults with this hotel are down to the management and not the staff who tried very hard with extremely limited supplies. We left after a week and I can honestly say that in 30 years travelling abroad it is the first time I can remember where the people on two or three weeks holidays actually envied us. Even at Hurghada airport when the name Seagull was mentioned passengers who had been on trips with other Seagull guests told of the same stories.

No next year its back to Sharm."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 22nd of October 2005

really enjoyable


"We spent a 7 day 'cheap' break here in january. We have been going to the Canaries in January for a number of years and decided to try Egypt for a change. The hotel was fine, if you expect 5* then it isn't for you, but for the cost we found it above average. The basis we stayed on was half board and it was a buffet restaurant and although the choices were the same, there was enough of them to vary the meals.

The beach was 'feet' away and was peaceful and clean, with its own dive centre, which I was looking forward to trying being a diver, but could not for medical reasons.

The rooms were clean, but basic with fully working A/Cond and a lovely pool view. The hotel is on the main street and there is plenty of bars, restaurants and shops within walking distance.

We went on an overnight trip to Luxor with the hotel and it was fantastic, apart from the Novotel in Luxor which was dirty.

All in all, we thought it was very good value for money. If you are prepared to pay a lot more you can get al-a-carte menus etc, but we would definately go back here."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 1st of October 2005

Good and bad, but good value


"We stayed at this hotel 5 nights in April 2005, while on a 10 day tour of Egypt. As seems to be typical in Egypt, there were good and bad things about the hotel.

Bad: The most annoying thing by far, is that hotel employees tried to rip us off. For example, bartenders tried to shortchange us, and the concierge tried to tell me I need to pay 12 more pounds for stamps on my postcards to the US (they had 1.5 pound stamps on them, which was correct). Never pay cash for anything in the hotel. Put it on your room no matter what. If you do pay for anything in cash, always count your change. It is small sums of money by western standards, but you expect better from a hotel that claims to be a 5-star (by egyptian standards, not mine). I wrote a long letter to the general manager about this, but I don't see the situation improving. Beware!

The food in the hotel is hardly edible. Egyptian food is just bad in general, it seems. They served Tang as juice (remember tang? it tastes really bad) for breaksfast, and of course, if you like bacon and sausage for breakfast you can forget about it. The dinners were equally bad. All beef is cooked extra well and resembles and tastes like shoe leather. We ate at McDonalds three times in Hurghada--the quality and taste is much better. Don't expect any culinary excellence here.

The hotel had a tendency to play very loud music all day. This was incredibly annoying if you wanted to take a nap during the day.

Little things were broken and not fixed over the hotel--locks on doors, toilet seats, etc.

Good: Nice pool and beach area, lots of beach chairs. Many nice, honest employees. Good location in central Hurghada. Close to some nice bars. (In particular, try the bar right to the left of the hotel, the bartender there makes real drinks with more than 2cl of booze in them. ) Our room had a great view of the red sea and the pool. We had it changed though--our first room had to single beds and overlooked the airconditioning unit. The room was clean and the maid was very good and made our towels into cool shapes. The great weather seems to make up for most if not all of the faults. All in all though, not a bad hotel for the money, you can definitely do worse. Watch out for slimy employees!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 24th of April 2005

25th wedding anniversary


"This hotel is AMAZING!! the people are lovely, the food was fresh daily. the view was just as the photos showed.
this is a lovely spot, nice and relaxing!
Recommend it to anyone. families would be grand over there too, its a safe place despite all the police reports. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 5th of March 2009
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  • ahmed o by ahmed o

    "Good customer service, given customers more water, bringing ice in bar's, Wi-Fi and spa should be free, make some food for children too. "

  • nayana by nayana

    "Amazing! Worth a trip.. "

  • nayana by nayana

    "Sardina fish restaurant "

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