Hilton Hurghada Resort

Safaga Road Touristic Pedestrian, Hurghada Egypt
5 star hotel

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  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 5 value
  • 5 food
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 5 location

24 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Nice Room, Poor Food

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"Rooms are a reasonable size and are clean. Housekeeping good....arrived back several times to find decorative displays on our bed, along with rose petals!
I took a small (female) school group to this Hotel together with a couple of other members of staff. We all found the food rather bland- breakfast was OK, but I would definitely NOT recommend the half board option!! It is much cheaper and far nicer to eat out in the tourist part of Hurghada. The half board option confines you to only one out of the 5 restaurants on site, which is dire!!!!- so you can only eat in the other restaurants by paying yet again for your food, albeit at a 20% discount rate.
We did occur a few issues re:- staff entering rooms without/with knocking without any apparent reason- only happened a few times- but it did freak out a few of my female students.
Windsurfing is offered off the beach of the hotel, but the price is expensive, and he was not particularly keen to let my novice colleagues try windsurfing as if they fell off too much it would ruin his reputation!?!!
Would agree with other reviews re:- tourists- seem to be mainly Russian/Italian- not a problem, just means as an English tourist you get treated quite well as not many visit the hotel!
Overall nice hotel, but do not eat lunch/dinner there!
One more thing...the trips offered in the hotel are DIRE- do NOT touch them with a barge pole!!!!- we tried the safari.....what a con!!! it was not a real bedouin village...even the guide admitted it was fake, the camel ride lasts 5 minutes, very little drinks were provided, it was CRAP!!!! - sorry for my language, but it needs to be said!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of July 2008


Reviewed Sat 10th of November 2012

"We were on a 10 day tour through Egypt and the Hilton Hunghada was where we were spending our final two nights. This was meant to be a relaxing two nights in a 'Five Star' resort after all the sight seeing in blistering heat. We were in for a shock. We arrived at 1pm after traveling from Luxor in the tourist convoy, on arrival our group of 40 were told that book-in was at 2pm but they would try to accommodate us earlier. Our rep suggested we have lunch and he would get us as the rooms became available. We were eventually given our rooms at 3:30pm two and a half hours after our arrival and an hour and a half after offical checkin!!! This delay was just as well as it took between 45 mins and an hour and 20 mins for our group to get our lunch after ordering. For any 5 star resort to use the fact they could not handle the numbers (40???) as an excuse to the terrible service is a joke.

The rooms were 5 star quality and the pool was lovely. While the beach was clean and there were plenty of beds there was no one to assist you to get a bed. This is fairly standard for any 5 star resort I have even had this service at better 4 star resorts.

The food and staff were definitly not up to 5 star standard. The staff didn't seem to have basic training never mind that of a 5 star establishment.

A very serious word of warning to any girls taveling by themselves. All house keeping staff are male. We had house keeping enter our room even though the Do not Disturb sign was on the door. After this occured we put the bolt on the door. Even worse while in the shower I heard the room door opening and when I went to the door I saw the same house keeping staff member with their hand inside the door on the bolt. On speaking to other members of our group they all reported similar things as well as some of the single women receiving phone calls in the middle of the night. We made a complaint to the hotel and to our rep but even though the hotel stated they took our complaint seriously and would deal with it the same member of house keeping staff walked into our room on the last morning while the Do not Disturb sign was on the door."

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  • Travel date: Sat 14th of June 2008

3 star at BEST

Reviewed Sat 10th of November 2012

"we stayed for 2 weeks, Hurgadah airport is a cattle market as is Hurgada town, if you can call it that very dirty, continuously hassled by traders none stop. When i arrived at the hotel i wanted to treat my partner to the Presidential Suite, i paid $600 extra, the next day i got the mony back after the only prsedent who could have possibley stayed their, would be something like president Zulu from deepest africa, it had string holding up the shower rail from the ceiling tiles that was about to pull the tile down. The hotel is NOT as described, it is very very busy, full of russians who get 2 weeks for $400 incl. flights to a so called 5 star luxury hotel, as a result the hotel gets the lowest class of rude, pig ignorant noisy , greedy russians, the net result destroys the quality of a holiday one expects. The staff are very helpful, and genuine, who also get a misery from their low life attitude. With regards to food, it is extremely bland, boring, poor quality, bbq fish heads!! which of course the russians love, the final straw was a cockroach on the salad bar on the day we left.
Bon Appetite!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 10th of March 2008

October- Novemeber in Hurghada

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"Generaly, the hotel facilities were very good, the room and service was very clean, staff quite polite and friendly. Hotel premises very quiet, suitable for families or older generation. Young couples or singles might find this hotel very boring.
We stayed for 10 days and enjoyed trips via Lighthouse diving centre to the open sea - recommend it for snorkeling or diving trips. Take a trip to Luxor - it is worth it! Food and buffet selection provided variety of vegies , fruits, meats , desserts. Every night had a defiirent cuisine theme. We have not had any troubles with stomach ache. We missed ice cream at the dinner table.
Annoying things - egyptian flies, egyptian shop assistasts draging you into their shops trying to sell their goods, coctails gennerally not served right - even in hard rock cafe or ministry of sound - very dissapointing selection and quality . if you want to have a drink just take a spirit with soft drink.
Advice - give tips to the staff as much as possible - they will give it back in return in the form of better service to you, especially.
NIghtlife - not what you expect at all - very poor in the city. Streets and towns busy with restaurants and shops hoewever discos and club places no as crowded. Overall, we recommend this hotel for your stay. Laguna restaurant in the Hotel Hilton area worth to visit if you want to try good seafood.

enjoy your stay, we had lot of fun and definitelly plan to return,
garf and wewe"

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  • Travel date: Sat 10th of November 2007

Very pleasant stay at the Hilton Hurgharda

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"Just returned from a one week vacation in the Hilton with a generally positive experience to report. Had a hic at the beginning ( we got a room with a view - and the noise - of the tent of the Cafe where they hold their "shows") but this was efficiently and charmingly solved by Camelia at the reception desk: we got a different room on the second floor with poolside view. Perfect.
Room was always clean and had all the necessary stuff.
Generally all the staff were very friendly and efficient.
Best meal of the day was breakfast - really good buffet.
Dinner was also buffet but fairly greasy, monotonous and bland. If they would just improve this it would be great.
Good diving and snorkeling facilities but you have to go by boat (1 hour) to get anywhere reasonable but definitely worth it: the crews are really great and knowledgeable.
Both pool and beach are clean and well kept. Safe swimming for the kids too.
I wouldn't recommend this place to the 20's-30's crowd or anyone expecting a culinary festival but it is a good family place.
Yeah, there are a lot of Russians but, with few exceptions, they are mostly friendly and well behaved.
Jon, Geneva"

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of October 2007

it's good

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"it's good does exactly what it says on the tin - massive complex - exactly what you'd expect of a Hilton not in the UK - bit old hotel - but very clean etc - loads of attentive helpful staff - on site restaurants not great - beach nice, funny when it does salsa classes in the afternoons - superb for diving, emporor diving based in the resort brilliant"

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  • Travel date: Fri 12th of October 2007

Disappointing - Just like any other hotel resorts !

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"Stayed here three nights after a wonderful tour in Egypt; Cairo, Aswan and Nile cruise.
Arriving here was a geat downtrip!!
The huge hotel was just like any other beach hotels anywhere in the world. Inattetive staff, not helpful, no smile, always busy. The hotel guests were mainly charter tourists on full or half board, and we (4 people) travelling individually, had to fight for everything from a chair at breakfast to a sunbed on the beach. Chartertourists NEVER seem to learn how to behave; put there towels upon the sunbeds early in the morning and only use the beds for a couple of hours, have never heard about queuing up in front of a buffet or not use their fingers to get something from the buffet !
Our room was ok except for the view - or should I say - lack of view. Two queen size beds, clean room and bathroom, small towels to be an American hotel chain, a small balcony which we hardly used because of the lousy view. We asked at the reception to change room and was shown another room in another building. And guess: the room ( an upgrade room to a junior suite) had the same lack of view.Most of the view from both rooms were a big tent used as a cafe/restaurant in the evenings in the middle of the beautiful garden, and some small local shops next to the tent.
So, if you ever think of staying here;be very observant and ask in advance what kind of room and what the view is like.
The breakfast buffet was ok (except for the "fingers"), we had one lovely dinner meal in the Lagona restaurant by the beach (shrimps in carry), and also one dinner not that good (lobster - too well cooked) and a nice pasta dinner in the Italian restaurant .
A quick lunchmeal was ok to have in the lobby bar, but service was too slow.
The beach was ok (except for the "toweltourists", and the quickest service we found here from the barwaiters.
The bar in the lobby did not allow you to bring your drinks out of the bar area. We asked once to bring our drinks to our little balcony in the evening (when it was dark and the view didn`t mean anything).NO - beacuse they where afraid of broken glass. But the minibar in the room was empty, so ????
Next time I want a beach resort, I will defenitely not travel to Egypt, but stay in Europe. The water temp was the same as the Med. The air temp. too hot and the water not as clera as the Med."

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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of September 2007

First time in Hurghada

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"I've read a lot of the reviews here, and agree with what a lot of the reviewers have written. I booked the hotel primarily to do scuba diving with Emperor Divers, on the recommendation of a friend at work. This was my first visit to Hurghada having done most of my diving in Sharm El Sheikh. The same problems occurr at both locations, with large amounts of Russians on cheap package deals, a lot of whom are buying cheap houses/aparments to rent out. Until recently you couldn't buy property unless you were an Egyptian citizen, hence the large influx since the laws were relaxed. I think just by simply seeing the amount of buildings being thrown up, you can see expansion is being positively encouraged. Having said that, I like Hurghada and hope it doesn't end up like Sharm. The dive sites weren't overcrowded, and I was very impressed by the standard and safety of my dive centre. I did see some awful practices going on with other dive boats. What impressed me with Emperor was that nothing was too difficult, and if you had a problem it was sorted with ease by the dive centre. I'd recommend them to anyone thinking of doing a course, or just some fun diving. The hotel was at the quiet end of the strip, and I was glad I went b & b. The food was alright, but overpriced in some of the restaurants. I went out for most of my meals at night, and being a lone female traveller, had to run the gauntlet of street hawkers. I found speaking to them in Spanish put them off. If you are a lone female, not just in Hurghada take care. Experience has taught me that Egyptian male attitudes differ greatly from Western attitudes towards women. The whole hotel was impeccably clean, and although I only spent one day by the pool, it does get very crowded. The beach was even worse. I felt lucky I was on a dive boat. The room I was in was comfortable and although not as big as the one at Hilton Dreams in Sharm, served it's purpose. I would go back to both the Hilton Resort, and Hurghada, simply for the dive centre. From what I saw whilst I was there, the resort really suites couples, Russian entreprenuers, and divers, rather than families."

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  • Travel date: Sat 15th of September 2007

Great hotel.......... not so great food

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"We stayed here a couple of times over the course of the month and enjoyed it, however the food was not very good, but not horrible either (both room service and the buffet were not very good). Even though our meals were included, it was not worth the effort to eat dinner at the buffet. The hotel has an excellent gym and spa and is in a great location. Hurghada is spread out so no matter where you stay you have to take a taxi to leave whatever area you are in. There were lots of tourist stores and a pharmacy close by and also an onsite doctor. All the staff at the hotel are very hard workers and go out of their way to make sure you satisfied with their services. Overall the hotel is very comfortable and I would stay there again when visiting Hurghada in the future. There are lots of options for food elsewhere.

Emperor Divers is a great dive operation and they are service oriented. Unfortunately due to the destruction of reefs close to shore, diving is done at reefs which take an hour or more to get too, so diving is an all day thing.... which is a bit of a hassle. That being said, Emperor makes the best of it by providing large and comfortable dive boats, excellent food which is freshly cooked on board, all the soft drinks and water that you like, and dive masters who are very knowledgable of the dive sites. Safety standards are high and all dive masters are required to be instructors. The staff on the boats are very effiecient and work very hard to make sure everyone has a great time."

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  • Travel date: Thu 16th of August 2007


Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"What can I say.
Our second Holiday at this Hotel, Yes it is starting to look tired but what a wonderful place for a rest.
As soon as you get in your room all your troubles seem to melt away.
On this trip I had a small accident on the third day.
Took trip in desert to a bedouin camp in the back of a jeep.
Bounced around so badly I put two discs out in my back.
Spent four days in the Nile Hospital Hurghada having the best treatment I have ever had in any Hospital I ever been in.
Then spent the last couple of days being wheeled about in a wheelchair by the staff. When I say staff I mean ALL staff from gardeners / waiters/ room boys /management ,even the guy ( Emad) who calls Taxi's for guests.
I could not have been looked after any better anywhere.
My Wife was left on her own in the Hotel and everyone looked after her wonderfully.
This Hotel appears to be getting some negative reviews on here but I wont hear a word said against the staff at this Hotel they went out of there way to help us when they had no need to.
For this I truly thank them.
Neil & Lynn Cook"

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  • Travel date: Fri 10th of August 2007

Lovely hotel, wonderful staff, beautiful beach, perfect relaxing holiday

Reviewed Wed 30th of December 2015

"We stayed at this hotel as part of a cruise/hotel package, so we had 2 nights before our cruise and 5 nights following. We found the staff to be friendly, helpful and courteous at all times, and the rooms were beautifully looked after, with complimentary bottles of water and quirky towel sculptures on the bed every day.
The gardens are worth a mention, as they are immaculately kept, although we only saw one gardener, who was as pleasant as the rest of the staff.
The beach is beautiful, and just a short walk from the rooms, with a small restaurant, where lunch and drinks are available, served to you on your recliner on the beach if required!
A friendly camel, Oscar, with his partner, Saiid, gives rides along the beach, which are very pleasant and not bumpy at all.
The only think which prevents me giving this hotel a perfect score is the entertainment, which starts very late and is not really very good. Also the lounge where it is held is arranged in such a way that most people can't actually see what is going on.
I would come back to this hotel and would recommend it."

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of December 2015

do not beleive what some people say about this perfect hotel

Reviewed Tue 10th of July 2012

"ireally dont know where to start my family and myself have been here in the last 3 months 4 times 3 times for 1 week and 1 time for two weeks we could easily stay a month and will do so in the very near future.this hotel from checking in to checking out is absolutely perfect.my family and i have been holidaying in all egypt for the last 15years and we always stay in 5 star all inclusive hotels but by far this 1 is the very best.right here we go firstly private transfers from the airport a limo or a people carrier with hilton hotels written all over it very posh..check in is very quick a cold facecloth and a cold drink on arrival.all the front desk team are fab.then taken to your room you can either walk or get a buggy the hotel is not huge but this is just out of kindness.soon as you open the door of your room its wow.gorgeous furnishings and spotless in every way big screen t.v,fab bathroom with bath and power shower all toiletries are there and completely free,but not cheap shampoo and conditioners,shower gels and moisturiser,soap and body creams very nice indeed.then into the room big beds and i mean BIG comfy beds leading to your balcony which is fully furnished and for us ladies a pull out washing line great.the resturants ALL of them serve tasty very hot many varietes of food.the lobby is very inviting with lots of suites to sit on or big comfy chairs.then out to the pool beautiful really clean with a well equipt snack and bar area.now the beach is something out of the carribean really it is so inviting and gorgeous.no wonder it is rated the 5th best beach in hurghada.the beach bar is fab for all drinks and food its paradise out there.they have a great animation team my sister and i have no children but we always join in the water play its so much fun.evening meals are the best serving the best choice of food we have ever had in egypt top marks for all the chefs.then either a relaxing drink at the lobby bar or into champs a sports bar or outside for some very good shows.come on we need more of us brits to go there and enjoy.the staff are secound to none and they make this hotel from the gardeners to the top managers.far too many to mention but many thanks to all the staff on front desk nothing is a problem with them and if you have 1 it will be sorted very quickly.all the waiters and resturant chefs and mangers thankyou very much tamer.the pool boys the beach boys ala and his staff.the beach resturant mohammed on the bar walid,sameh chef yasser and many more.but special thanks to lovely miss sherine she is beautiful and always there to help,mohammed hotel director,tareq food and beverage manager,christina gguests relations manger.and everyone else sorry if i have not mentioned your name but there are so many which is very very good work.see you all very soon in our secound home suzy and karen xxx"

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  • Travel date: Tue 10th of July 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

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  • missy_01 by missy_01

    "If you like stuff to do this is not for you, it is a place where you sit by the pool all day. "

  • ol by ol

    "We preferred to go right to the end of the bus line to shop as there are very few tourists there. "

  • Gano by Gano

    "surrounding area is quite fine for walking and souvenir shopping "

  • kamfam10 by kamfam10

    "relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings.its very easy to get a cab anywhere and you can walk out on the prom at night "

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