Hilton Hurghada Long Beach Resort

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Terrible, Do not try

Reviewed Tue 9th of November 2010

"I have stayed for 4 nights in Hilton-long beach. I don't want to remember those days. I booked the nights online just to save time. However, when I arrived there, I gave to the front disk my credit cart as a payment method, the front disk service said "your card is not working". I gave her another one front different bank she said the same. I gave her the third one and she said the same not working. I asked her to try again just in case something happened, but she refused to do that and made me go to an ATM near by the hotel to pull money for that. However, I went everywhere in Long Beach and I used my cards in different places. Finally, I asked someone about that, he said they are cheating. I talked to the supervisor, and he was so rode by saying what do you want know?!!!! I wanted to leave at that day, but when I booked the nights they told me "they would charge me 40$ if I didn't stay!"
Than I found out also I had to pay for internet 10$ as well as 150$ for each night. No breakfast with noisy until 3 am. Truss me DO NOT TRY TO STAY IN IT. It is the worst hotel ever."

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  • Travel date: Sat 6th of November 2010

I am very dissapointed

Reviewed Wed 18th of August 2010

" 14/08/10

I wish to give my short brief about my holiday in Hilton Long Beach in July this year.
I want to tell you that I'm not a snob we were given a room in the villa's where we stayed a night the villa's are widely separated from the main building and its difficult to walk up and down in the heat everyday and there is to many step.
I would like to point my attention to Hilton management and not all of the waiters are nice some can be very arrogant and not treat you with the respect you deserve expectantly the waiters at the pool bars and the reception bar and the point is if we got all inclusive i do not expect the waiter to tell me that im only aloud to take three drinks at a time or for me to have to show the people who im bringing the drinks too.
In consideration with the food we think that there wasn't a lot of choice in that matter the fruit was old and the same fruit everyday and the food it self was very poor for the name that the hotel has.
I will not just tell You the bad stuff there is good stuff the rooms are really nice and comfortable the cleaning staff always does a great job and we found it that really hard to get a room inside the hotel usually if you are from East Europe you are usually put into the villa's and not inside the hotels but they keep the room's in the hotel for a bit more how you say richer guest's.
The entertainment at night is not good there is nothing the people are left to them selves to find something to entertain themselves and also is you would like to swim in the sea and if you like to swim in the deep the Hilton Beach isn't for you because you need to walk about 500 meters and more to get a bit deeper and even then you can still stand a bit.
We didn't have lots of problems but the impression we got made our minds up about coming back.
This is our short opinion of the Hilton Long Beach "

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  • Travel date: Sat 14th of August 2010

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  • 1 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 1 Food


Reviewed Sun 8th of February 2009

"Hi Well Just to drop by my review of my latest holiday!
Well i would just like to say that overall me & my family had an excellent time, As you probably want to know How the food & cleaniness was, well The food was amazing excellent lots of variety plenty of choice, The only downfall was the sweets were not that sweet they had little flavour but some you pick are lovely, But definately the food is very good, always stocked up never to run out and all around was very clean! The restaurants Were very clean and pleasent lots of staff, help, The staff were very nice always talkative, happy! Staff amazing couldnt ask for better helpful happy there for you! Around the hotel was always pleasent very clean, never cramped easy way around. Our rooms Were very nice pleasent, cleaned evryday, and evn flowers on the bed which were unexpected but very nice. 2L bottles x2 of water everyday clean sheets new towels overall very good. one moan the bathroom could of been cleaner! The entertainment is alright they could make the show and things a little earlier as it didnt start till 10.15 which by then everyone is tired after a hard long day at the pool. New fresh towels everyday's for the pool which was brilliant, One thing take fly spray, fly's are out there and can be annoying whilst sunbathing! But overall its an excellent holiday lots to do and explore, trips quad biking (recommended) an amazing day ! also snorkling well worth the money ! The beach is very nice to Lots of near by pool bars, snacks, drinks, its just excellent and i definately reccommend to anyone...We will also be thinking of going again next year ! "

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  • Travel date: Sun 8th of February 2009

just my opinion...

Reviewed Thu 15th of January 2009

"i just wanted to give a quick and brief description of my holiday here goes(i am 18 i went wih a male friend and i just wanted you to know that im not a snob, or unopen to change and different cultures)

the good things about this place:
it was very tidy
staff were helpful and friendly
the hotel was beautiful
the swimming pools are child friendly, but are also deep enough for a good swim
the beach was ok
there was a wide selection of drinks alcaholic or otherwise

the things that wern't so good:

i cant actually pin point one thing that was bad, however i must just advise uo about the food there, it was not up to the standard of the hilton, yes there was a wide selection of food but it had been sitting there for a good few hours, it did not look taste or smell very nice,we spent a lot of time just eating in the italian resturant or eating salad, which wasnt too bad, but it wasn't great either. thank goodness they kept it authentic there was no fish n chips anywhere.

there was always a lot of things to do, entrtainment was good in the evenings and it is lovely being pampered in the spa area, we went qua biking in the desert and it was a once in a life time experiance, and we also went scooba diving (it was my irst time and hoperfully not my last it was brilliant!)there were activities to do in the daytime, i cant say if they were any good, i was too busy sunbathing or sleeping!

just a little word of advise, if you tip well you will be looked after. ive never been to egypt before but i know i wouldn't go back to hurghada again. the town itself is under development with a lot of biuldng works going on, it is a shame and its not what i imagened, but again i think that was down to not reserching into it enough!

all in all i had a good time, it was rerally nice, its just a shame that the food and the location let it down!

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  • Travel date: Wed 14th of January 2009

I thought the resort and food etc was ok...

Reviewed Mon 6th of October 2008

"I thought the resort and food etc was okay, it was acceptable although I wouldn't rave about it. But overall pretty good value I think. Generally staff were friendly and helpful.

However.... I would not recommend the dive centre (called pirates... and they are!). The equipment is old and faulty. I had an o-ring explode in my ear just before the first dive and it affected my hearing for a good 48hrs, plus affected my balance. My partner's bcd had a hole in it. And if that wasn't enough, they tried several times to rip us off when it came time to pay, trying to add on mysterious extras and miscalculating credit card fees, all the tricks in the book. DO NOT dive with this crowd. Do yourselves a favor and find a good dive centre in hurghada. we dived with panorama divers which is beside head candy beach bar. it was infinitely better, better sites, better equipment, better bigger boat, brilliant french-canadian guide and even cheaper than the resort was.

One other word of warning, check the prices of anything before you accept it or you might get a rude shock when you pay your bill on checkout. I had a double bourbon and coke and my partner had a double baileys, my drink cost 125 egyptian pounds (about 12 pounds sterling) and hers was about 10 quid!!!! it was a bad note to end the holiday on.

Also don't go here to meet other english-speaking guests. We only met one other english couple staying there in a week (the hotel holds 2000 people). Mostly russians and polish stay here.

Apart from these gripes, it was an enjoyable holiday! We are both kiwis and I think fairly experienced travellers. This is the first time I've been motivated to write a review at all but the experience with the dive centre motivated us to say something."

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  • Travel date: Mon 6th of October 2008

My sister and I ( in our 50's) spent a w...

Reviewed Thu 18th of September 2008

"My sister and I ( in our 50's) spent a week at the Hilton. After the initial shock at the size of the place, it was huge, we settled down to a relaxing holiday. The pool area was superb as was the beach. Please go snorkelling, it was wonderful. Or try scuba diving. Rooms large and very comfortable. Not many English people there but it wasnt a problem, all the staff speak English (just about) and are very polite and helpful. Only bad side was the food. Not very good at all. Lukewarm, rice with everything, best meal was burger and chips. And the desserts? well, looked lovely, plenty of choice but 9 times out of 10 were absolutely tasteless. Hotel is isolated, nowhere to walk to so you will need to get the shuttle bus or taxi into town. We didnt go but another couple did and said it was like Cairo, noisy and dirty. Would we go back? Probably not, would've prefered at hotel nearer the town. One last thing, the beer ran out 3 times, twice at the pool bar (4 o'clock in the afternoon) and once in the restaurant. Maybe not working but who knows. We did enjoy the holiday but wouldnt choose this hotel again."

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  • Travel date: Thu 18th of September 2008

The arrival at the airport hailed the wa...

Reviewed Sat 9th of August 2008

"The arrival at the airport hailed the wave of people trying to carry bags, all for tips. This wasnt too bad and we got on the transfer coach to the hotel. The Rep was very informative.
The hotel itself is idealic, the grounds are well kept and the rooms are well tended.
Around the pool, as has been said, a few tips to the attendants means towels every day in your desired location.
All the staff are extremely helpful although with two blond daughters the over attention given to them by ALL male staff was slightly worrying.
So the hotel, grounds, cleanliness, pools and staff were superb.

I ought to say that 90% of the people staying were from Russia or Poland but caused us no problems.

Now the food. I have never been to a hotel that offered such poor food. There are two resturants, one Italian the other theme based.
In each the childrens choice from the area were hard boiled eggs, sloppy mashed potatoes and waffles !!!. I ate omelettes for two weeks.

In both dining areas there are five steel pots, and thats the choice of hot meals. I can explain what they contained 1/ Rice 2/ Hard boiled potatoes 3/ Grissly beef stew 4/ Eggplant 5/ Chicken of some sort. Three of these never changed. I sat for a fortnight watching peoples faces when they look at what was on offer. Of cause they have the speciality each night, which is a man standing there serving roast beef (tough) or a pasta, cooked in front of your very eyes. Three times a week this speciality is a chhese and tomato pizza,, the type you normally see on the kids counter. On these nights the crowd was 10-15 deep trying to get a slice.

Im sorry to say it but the food was DISGRACEFUL. There wasnt one person there that said any different.

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  • Travel date: Sat 9th of August 2008

If you want to relax this is the place t...

Reviewed Wed 6th of August 2008

"If you want to relax this is the place to go!

Lovely place hotel is lovely, People very friendly (give a tip to the bar staff and you wil have drinks waiting for you before you have chance to finish!) Hotel & complex are fab! Food was not so. It was ok but nothing to write home about. Rooms good size, very clean and housekeeping done everyday! FULL OF RUSSIANS! Only spoke to 1 british couple while there! "your the first english person i have seen in 2 weeks!" was the greeting i got!" ;-)

Overall the place was lovely, would go back weather fab!

If your like me you go on holiday to spend time with loved ones, relax, and have fun! No one or nothing can spoil that!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 6th of August 2008

Well I think this holiday was absolutley...

Reviewed Tue 5th of August 2008

"Well I think this holiday was absolutley amazing! I went with my husband and 2 kids. The kids loved it! The food was lovely unless you like a variety of choice. I thought the staff was lovely and there massages were just as good! Me and my oldest daughter did belly dancing on the beach it was an amazing event and a memory I'll never forget aswell as the rides on the lovely camels.

The rooms were lovely and big with internet access. they even upgraded us to a massive lovely room with a lovely sitting lounge! The bathroom was lovely it was marble everywhere it was sparkling clean with twice a day cleaning service!

The beach was just amazing! The lovely palm umbrellas and comfy sunbeds! The pools were even lovely specially at night when they lit up it was a lovely view from our rooms.
The pools were cleaning and the water was crystal blue! Seeing as we had seven swimming pools to choose from!

I think this was an amzing holiday and a memory that I'll never forget and we're even going to come back next year! I recomend this hotel to everyone. But then again every one has there own opinion but in mine I reccommend it to everyone!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 5th of August 2008

just returned from the best holiday ever...

Reviewed Wed 2nd of July 2008

"just returned from the best holiday ever.went with my partner 4year old daughter.my 16 year old and my best friend.well what a different story we read from reviews.the welcome we recived from the reception ,lobby bar all the lads where fab polite and help you in any way you need.seats for you ,drinks and always come and chat.booked the safari trip with the lads in the hotel.a must we went quad bikes in desert, trip into the desert, met the bedowin village people, and camel ride ,sunset scene and supper. brilliant day trip thanks to the lads at hotel.well no fighting over beds by pool, look out for sayed he always got 4 beds with towles by kids pool everyday small tip goes along way.pool bar lads where great spent great night with them all most nights.hotel clean always water everyday in room, to put in fridge. pizza place on site, ask lads at lobby bar spot on .if you fancy diving go to pirates at hotel see yasser brilliant lad best dive hubby has done.and don't forget my friend joana the jewelery shop made me necklace for my birthday gift of hubby love and miss you my friend.well we could write a book about this hotel we always go all inclusive and this was the best holiday we have had and we do go twice a year.so next year we are going back for 2weeks cant wait to see everyone .we all hope you have a great time that we have."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of July 2008

First of all i would like to say, where...

Reviewed Fri 16th of May 2008

"First of all i would like to say, where did the people in some of the previous reviews stay? because after our trip to the hilton long beach i cant see how some of the bad things were said. I work for Thomson holidays and after booking this holiday for my family and being so excited looking at the beautiful pictures of the hotel, after reading reviews i was dreading going and dint know what to expect. As a travel agent i always say, ignore them, go and make your own mind and make the most of your holiday...some people are never happy.
Anyway my holiday, after arriving in Hurghada i discovered my case and some other peoples, was left at manchester which i was devestated about. After hanging around the airport half an hour fillingin forms off we went on the transfer which took about 20 minutes to the hotel with our rep who gave us alot of useful and interesting information. Be aware that it is £11 sterling entry tax you need to pay so make sure you have the change! The airport is small and at first i was slightly scared with men coming up to us asking if we need taxis. But when we found our rep Omar and Gordon we were put at ease and taken to hotel. We arrived and were checked in very quickly in the reception which is lovely, not smoky and noisy, full of russians like was said. We got 2 fantastic rooms with fabulous sea and pool views, right next to the main block of the hotel...even though we were next to reception we heard no noise.
We went for a quick look round then ordered some pizzas which are £3.50 each and a free can of coke. Spoke to the guys in the aqua bar who were lovely, very friendly and good fun. It is amazing how the staff ask your name and then remember you all holiday.
Plenty of sunloungers around the 7 pools, we tipped the pool guy 500 egyptian pound which was £5 and he couldn't do more for us all holiday, our towels were waiting for us every morning in 'our spot' and he kept coming round seeing how we were. They work so hard there, the gardeners were out everyday and the gardens and pools were immaculate, cleaned constantly and very pretty surroundings.
Only went to the beach twice, the corals are amazing with all kinds of fish, loads of sunbeds, sand like said a bit gritty but all in all fine.
Rooms were cleaned and linen changed daily by our lovely cleaner. We come in to flowers on our beds and nice things like that. Bedrooms were great, big balconies, very clean, lovely bathrooms with power shower..couldn't fault them.
Food,..the one thing everyone complains about on here..maybes not 5* standard and dont expect british food, there was chips on about 3 of the 7 days. The food is fine, hot but maybes not to everyones taste. They had themed nights in the main buffet restaurant where we always found something nice to eat, just keep an open mind and dont expect pie and chips! You can however order in the bars for a few quid things like burgers, salads, sandwiches, pizza if you like nothing,
Only place you had to pay onthe all inclusive was the marhaba a'la carte restaurant, oasis bar and pizza corner, cocktails you paid about £2.50 for but not bad prced at all.
If you get the tummy bug go to the chemist and get there tablets, they clear it up quickly, dont take british tablets like immodium..they dont work.
Entertainment was on at 10.30 which i found a bit late and it was ok but nothing great, things like mr and miss hilton!, dance shows etc. The entertainers however were fab and always plenty of activities through the day.
The best bit for me was my birthday which i celebrated there. I went to the pool to find by my sun lounger some flowers and all the staff wishing me happy birthday. My room was filled with balloons, flowers and a cake. This was so nice and thoughtful, the staff were just amazing and i couldnt fault them.
Absolutely excellent holiday, couldnt fault it, i would definatly go back anytime. Sorry for waffling just needed to rave about everything.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 16th of May 2008

Just back from Hilton Long Beach, Hurgha...

Reviewed Sat 10th of May 2008

"Just back from Hilton Long Beach, Hurghada. (10th May 2008). (Male. 62yrs. Female. 52yrs).
Arrived at around 11pm and checked in (less than 5 mins) and was taken to room by courtesy shuttle. We were allocated room 776, fantastic location 20meters from beach out of patio door. Being so far away from reception it took a while (1hr.5min) for luggage to arrive so thought not a good start, but kept calm. Room was nice, and huge king size bed which turned out to be very comfortable. Bathroom big and nicely set out with fantastic shower over bath. All-inclusive finishes at midnight so went to Oasis for food and drink (£11 for pizza, 2 beers and a coke). Then unpack and bed!
Up and out by 8am next morning, temp around 31deg. Went to see towel boys on beach to organise a good spot (more later about them) then off for breakfast. As said in previous reviews, don’t expect bacon and eggs (go to Blackpool Benidorm for that) but found that a chef makes omelette or fried eggs to order and plenty of continental type breakfast food. Plenty of nice fresh bread and preserves if all else fails and good supply of fresh coffee and tea. The complex is set in one of the best-kept gardens you will ever see. At the time we was there all flowers in bloom and looked beautiful. Passed through pool area and looks nice and clean with a couple of all inclusive bars to hand though we preferred to go on beach every day.
So, overall review….
Accommodation. Cleaned twice a day, fresh towels every day and bottle of water (2 if you tip man) not 5 star but maybe 4.
Food. If you’re willing to experiment (curried liver or birds tongue soup!) you’re ok but otherwise could be a problem with choice. Don’t expect chips every day. Maybe 3 star.
Drinks. Local beer and wine ok, named drinks not all-inclusive expensive (Jack Daniels, Brandy etc) so be warned!
Beach area. As others said, man made so sand gritty. We decided, as a windy area if had been fine sand would have been like a sand storm! If you tip towel boys 10 Egyptian pounds (around 98p) a day, they will treat you like Royalty and save your preferred spot each morning.
Bars. The one in reception (All inclusive) always busy but not like smoky airport lounge as some said. Aqua bar. (All-inclusive) Lovely to sit outside by pool at back. (again if you tip 10 Egyptian pounds to waiter he remembers your drinks). Pool bars. Didn’t really use them but looked really nice.
So to sum up! If you want a relaxing do nothing holiday with guaranteed hot weather in May this is the place to come. Sorry if long winded but we had a fantastic time and would definitely return. Oh and do the trip Mamhya island. Lovely day out!

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  • Travel date: Sat 10th of May 2008

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    "Hotel! And Quad bikes, snokling, Marina, beach pool "

  • Rom by Rom

    "Do not try to stay in it "

  • jasminbayliss by jasminbayliss

    "you have to go quad biking in the desert! "

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