Hilton Hurghada Long Beach Resort

Sahl Hashish Road, Hurghada Egypt
4 star hotel


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  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 1 beach
  • 2 service
  • 1 dining
  • 2 amenities
  • 1 food

50 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

not too bad...


"we stayed in this hotel in june and it wasn't too bad.
the best thing in the hotel are the pools but watch out as they have no rough surfaces near the pool and you can slip, as it happened to me.
The breakfast was great according to our tastes. There are some really good sausages, salami and a delicious apple juice.
the lunch was average, and the dinner's menu changes every night, every time having a different theme.
the rooms were very clean and nice but the bathroom was a bit too small and they should renovate them.
the beach and the sea were great and we could make snorkeling near the hotel. not too far from the shore there are some great corals! they're definantely worth it as they're still alive, have great fish in them and you don't even need to swim to get to them!
if you like quiet holidays with your children and don't need to go to sekalla (main shopping area, as it is pretty far away) you can stay in this hotel. it is safe, clean, with acceptable food. It is not yet a 5-star Hilton but for how much we paid it was worth it. The staff was nice.
I think the hotels are oasis of civilisation in a not too clean country.
Go with confidence but it's best to go in larger groups in Sekalla because the taxi drivers might change the price you bargained while racing at 100 km per hour. you better use the hotel's shuttle.
the sellers think that all of the tourists are a mountain of money and they think that the tourists should spend them all in Egypt."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of July 2005

Great resort hotel


"I stayed in the Hilton Resort for one week after spending a week in Luxor. I had checked this site about the hotel and must admit to feeling some trepidetion about staying there. Most of the reviews of this hotel here are fairly negative and really I cannot understand why.

Our rooms were bright and clean and looked out onto the gardens. We were in the main hotel area which I think I preferred to the Villa area but that seemed fine too. Our rooms were cleaned daily and the cleaner would come around about seven to see if we needed clean towels or anything else.

We were not on an all-inclusive deal but rather B&B only. This suited us fine as we were able to go into Hurghada for dinner as well as trying out the Hard Rock (don't bother) down the road.

The breakfast buffet is very extensive and well laid out. The are fruits, salads, breads, pastries as well as juices and a hot station with pancakes and omelettes etc. I thought the buffet was great and do not see why other people have moaned about the variety or quality! it was all first rate.

The pool area always had plenty of beds but we used to go the private beach. We never had to fight for beds and we were able to use the beach cafe if we were hungry or thirsty. They also have waiters on the beach if you really are a beach bum and like toi have everything brought to you!

Overall I would recommend this hotel. It is a good bit away from the main town-about ten minutes in a taxi-but everything is there if you want it.

Also if you are into water sports, there is an excellent diving school on-site as well as wind-surfing and snorkelling."

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  • Travel date: Wed 22nd of June 2005

Had a wonderful Time


"We have just come back and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
We would recommend this hotel to anyone.

As mentioned in other reviews, the food was a let down, but they did try to cater for everyone.

We enjoyed ourselves so much we are going back to Egypt next year. We only went for a week and will probably go for 10 days next year - we felt we didnt have time to do enough sight seeing tours!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 19th of June 2005

Abolutely massive hotel!


"Me & my boyfriend have just returned from 2 weeks all inclusive in this hotel. The hotel itself is huge, approx 1,800 rooms and they're still building! The hotel is clean and staff are friendly and very attentive as long as you tip them throughout the holiday. We never had a problem with getting beds by any of the pools and considering the size of the hotel it never seemed crowded. The food was nice although we got a bit sick of it by the second week. I would recommend the Hard Rock Cafe in Hurghada for burger and chips! The only thing I would complain about would be the all inclusive facilities as there are 4 restaurants but only 2 of them are all inclusive. There are 3 bars but you have to pay at the one on the beach and although the brochure states all inclusive drinks until midnight, the pool bar actually stops serving at 11.00pm which only leaves the lobby bar for the entire hotel to have a drink in! All the jelly fish did put me off swimming in the sea which was a bit disappointing, but the swimming pools were so nice that it didnt matter. Overall a good hotel, we had a lovely time but managed to spend a fotune because of the lack of all inclusive facilities."

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  • Travel date: Mon 30th of May 2005

Not Worth A Stay


"If you like big crowds and mediocre food (chicken and pasta). If you are happy with the same schedule everyday and no creativity from the entertainment team. If you do not mind the pool has no toilets located nearby. If you like waiters that flirt with (even married) women. If you like a mediocre hotel that has the name Hilton, but can not seriously be called a hilton... then this is your hotel.

We were lured into this place being told it is a 5 star deluxe resort. It might be called a 2 or 2.5 star resort. If you expect quality and service that you should expect from 4 or 5 star resorts, you will be hugely dissapointed. If you get this hotel on a surprise trip and are not used to exceptional quality, you might find it ok."

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  • Travel date: Mon 30th of May 2005

Biggest hotel I've ever known


"The brochures say this place has about 450 rooms, but this gives no concept of the size of this place - our rep told us its Hilton's biggest AI hotel, and can take 1800 guests. Whilst it doesn't actually feel that busy, you'll often find that you never meet the same people twice, and this makes it a bit impersonal.

Rooms are nice, main hotel area, then loads of villas with 4 rooms each. All the basics are provided. When our air-conditioning broke down the staff were in within the hour to fix it. Tip your room guy every couple of days (5-10LE) and you'll reach a new level of room cleaning!!

The AI package was very confusing. Some restaurants included, some not, some included for certain courses. Rather than be embarassed we stuck to the one restaurant. We found the food really nice, a good selection every day, and always going back for seconds. I'm on a gluten free diet and could always eat, even a pudding every day. Fresh omlettes at breakfast are to die for!! Do not go here if you are a chips person, didn't see them once.

The pools are lovely, but suffer with the typical fight for sunbeds. We spotted towels being put out at 0530. Only day we could get a bed round main pool was on the day of the German flights. There is another pool which is always empty (though you will freeze your bits off) and a real suntrap for sunbathers.

The biggest disappointment was the beach, do not go here if you want to snorkel. The coral is all just about dead. There is one small patch of coral in the shallows, and a bigger area off the jetty which is very hard to access. Unfortunately the water is very rough, and there are thousands of jelly fish. Swimming was very difficult, jellies didn't sting but are just very off-putting. Hotel feels very American, with 'We will not accept liability' signs all over the beach. Sadly nothing about not stepping on or breaking off coral.

In all this hotel is lovely and the staff were absolutely fantastic. Just too big and Americanised for us and not the place for a snorkelling holiday. Would not go back to Hurghada or any Hilton again."

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  • Travel date: Sun 22nd of May 2005

The only disappointment would be the food....which was okay


"Me and my wife went to Holland for our honeymoon and booked the trip to Hurghada from there. You got a lot more than you paid for in my opinion. The beach was nice, as were the pools and the staff.

We booked with mytravel and though it's true english speaking guest are definitely the minority that's not always a bad thing. When we took a daytrip to Cairo we had a tour guide for us and another couple while all the Dutch and Germans were in huge bus tours. All the street merchants spoke to us in Dutch at first (i guess we looked the part). We were told several times we were the only Canadians most people had met. The staff at the hotel all spoke english and we didn't run into any problems.

--The Food
The buffets weren't bad..but got a little tiresome after 10days. The food was maybe a little bland and beef bacon is not a favorite. I highly recomend going into Hurgahda to eat. The reservation restaurant at the hotel near the beach is also nice. We came back to our room to find a chocolate cake for our honeymoon one night...all the cake there is a litlle funny and it's hard to eat a cake between the 2 of you. We felt a little bad for wasting so much of it considering the effort that the staff went to.

Generally the hotel is clean, the rooms were nice, though i would have liked not to have had single beds pushed together (one of you always falls through the crack in the middle of the night). You can walk out into the water from the hotel and have angelfish swiming all around you. The scuba diving is a must!!

Its a nice hotel..it's not the Ritz Carlton, so don't expect it, but it is on par with most Canadian and American hotels and definetly nicer than the Hilton in Amsterdam.

No matter where you stay, tip the staff for the whole week the very first day you get there, then they have a chance to give you service in return.
These people are paid very little and God has blessed you with much, tip them well.

I have over 500 pictures at work..i'll try and get them on here later.

Any questions feel free to email me [email protected]"

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  • Travel date: Sat 23rd of April 2005

Best to be avoided at all costs. Some backpackers residences are better.


"Pool was nice but very cold. Don't get to the pool after 10 am or you will not get a chair or umberella. Food disgusting. Lack of variety. Lots of rice but does not cater for children or any one who would like to know what they are eating. Even cheese was sweating where it was not kept cold. Flies everywhere, nearly as common as the Egyptian salesmen!!! Room full of ants. Broken patio door locks and also loose glass. Reported to management but not repaired. Bathroom - bath needed replacing. All in all a very bad experience which for a Hilton advertised as a 4 to 5 star was very disturbing. Avoid if possible."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of April 2005

Excellent hotel


"Please do not believe any bad reviews on this hotel. I have a 5 star hotel management background myself and had a really lovely stay there for one week.
The rooms are recently refurbished and fine. Yes, they did not renew any bathrooms (which would have been nice), but i guess the hotel has other priorities since it has only been a Hilton for just 1.5 years.
The food standard was way higher than expected (knowing it' s an all inclusive resort with cheap package deals). The included local beer, softdrinks (normal brands) and red wine were fine, but the white wine and spirits where not tasty and a garanteed bad hangover!
Premises were very well maintained and staffmembers were friendly and service oriented.
People should not compare this with a down town business 5 star hotel or the non cheap package deal 5 star hotels.
I can only say it was a true value for the money we payed for 8 days. (550 euro per person incl. flight (amsterdam), transfer insurances, all-inclusive etc).
Hilton Hurghada Long beach keep up the good work!
Best Regards, Suzanne"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 6th of April 2005

We loved it...


"We have just returned from two weeks of warm winter sun.
We were apprehensive at the start not having ever been to an 850-room hotel before on an all-inclusive package, but my wife, my 2-year-old daughter and I enjoyed every minute.
We went for two week at the beginning of March and must have picked it spot on. Not to crowded and we could always find our own space byt the pools and on the beach.
The kids club was marvellous for the young one, although we had to supervise her ourselves as they only took kids from 4 up wards, but still having all the toys, paints etc at hand to keep her occupied in the afternoons was a relief.
The food was good and the staff very pleasant. The rooms in the family section were comfortable and kept very clean.
The best was the beach. Long and well spaced out with lounges.
Looking back at it now, it may not be 4 star but the complex has everything you could want. The snorkelling was out of this world and put this all together, it is going to be a tuff holiday to beat."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 28th of March 2005

Terrible, Do not try


"I have stayed for 4 nights in Hilton-long beach. I don't want to remember those days. I booked the nights online just to save time. However, when I arrived there, I gave to the front disk my credit cart as a payment method, the front disk service said "your card is not working". I gave her another one front different bank she said the same. I gave her the third one and she said the same not working. I asked her to try again just in case something happened, but she refused to do that and made me go to an ATM near by the hotel to pull money for that. However, I went everywhere in Long Beach and I used my cards in different places. Finally, I asked someone about that, he said they are cheating. I talked to the supervisor, and he was so rode by saying what do you want know?!!!! I wanted to leave at that day, but when I booked the nights they told me "they would charge me 40$ if I didn't stay!"
Than I found out also I had to pay for internet 10$ as well as 150$ for each night. No breakfast with noisy until 3 am. Truss me DO NOT TRY TO STAY IN IT. It is the worst hotel ever."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 6th of November 2010

I am very dissapointed


" 14/08/10

I wish to give my short brief about my holiday in Hilton Long Beach in July this year.
I want to tell you that I'm not a snob we were given a room in the villa's where we stayed a night the villa's are widely separated from the main building and its difficult to walk up and down in the heat everyday and there is to many step.
I would like to point my attention to Hilton management and not all of the waiters are nice some can be very arrogant and not treat you with the respect you deserve expectantly the waiters at the pool bars and the reception bar and the point is if we got all inclusive i do not expect the waiter to tell me that im only aloud to take three drinks at a time or for me to have to show the people who im bringing the drinks too.
In consideration with the food we think that there wasn't a lot of choice in that matter the fruit was old and the same fruit everyday and the food it self was very poor for the name that the hotel has.
I will not just tell You the bad stuff there is good stuff the rooms are really nice and comfortable the cleaning staff always does a great job and we found it that really hard to get a room inside the hotel usually if you are from East Europe you are usually put into the villa's and not inside the hotels but they keep the room's in the hotel for a bit more how you say richer guest's.
The entertainment at night is not good there is nothing the people are left to them selves to find something to entertain themselves and also is you would like to swim in the sea and if you like to swim in the deep the Hilton Beach isn't for you because you need to walk about 500 meters and more to get a bit deeper and even then you can still stand a bit.
We didn't have lots of problems but the impression we got made our minds up about coming back.
This is our short opinion of the Hilton Long Beach "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 14th of August 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 1 Food
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