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PLease please read before you go here

Reviewed 8 months ago

"I was put in this horrible hotel due to my flight being cancelled by easyjet we was taken here and straight away you can tell its run down we was shown to a room that was disgusting stains on bed covers dirty carpets the bathroom was unusable pure dirty we saw there had been complaints of bed bugs also we didn't sleep in the bed we played a towel on top of the bed and was fully dressed at all times the hotel food is digusting also and we didn't touch it when we got home my poor wife has been bit by bed bug bites head to toe she had to be rushed to hospital with a bad reaction to them her hands feet knees lips swelled up and she had to have her wedding ring cut off she has 100s of bites she has also suffered a sore throat and infection from the dust of the bed bugs bites shes on a lot of medication to stop the itching and swelling there was 180 people put in this hotel that night and many have bites I wouldn't stay here if I was you and all the good things people have said is fake it's from staff members"

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  • Travel date: Tue 1st of January 2019

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Reviewed 9 months ago

"Stayed here one night 4th January when our easyjet flight cancelled, easyjet took 171 of us here.
The worst hotel ive ever stayed in
Disgusting filthy dirty vile hellhole
Filthy sheets, blood stained,
Faeces on bathroom wall and bloid, room and corridora not hooveted in months
Broken light, tirn threadbare carpets, dirty curtains, patio doors not lock
Dusgusting vile smell
Covered in bed bug bites and insects everywhere
This place should be shut down
Do not stay here"

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  • Travel date: Tue 1st of January 2019

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Don't Go There

Reviewed Sun 26th of April 2009

"Bottom line if you are not a Russian who gets the double room on an all inclusive basis for 36 $... Don’t go there …. As I am Egyptian... got the double room on a half board bases for 120 $ and I found the hotel doesn’t worth it at all... here are some of the problems.

Ok... 1st problem:
I have requested a sea view room, I entered the room and I couldn’t see the sea by any means, so I went to the reception and ask him, he told me that this is a sea side view!!!? I never hearted the term before, but to let you know the room is facing the sea but you can’t sea it because of other hotels in front of you.

Don’t be tricked …. Paradise Golden 5 rooms doesn’t see the sea. Even the rooms in the 3rd and 4rth floor, you can see the sea from them … but … very far away …. And also you will see the other buildings rooftops which are not a very nice sight.

2nd problem:
The AC in the room was not working properly, I requested someone to fix it just after my check in, 1st night no one came, 2nd night after calling them about 7 or 8 times someone from engineering came and said that they have fixed it. And I left after the 3rd night where it was just the same where I had to open the window and the door to get some breath.

3rd problem:
The Cable Car is not working

4th problem:
Went to the beach with a good 10 min walk, then I found no place to set a foot there … as it was all fully booked, it is a big beach but it servers 5 hotels. I didn’t manage to have a swim in the sea throughout my full 3 nights stay.

5th problem:
The food, a disaster … a very limited collection and every day just only 1 kind of proteins, either one dish of meat or one dish of chicken. No varieties. And they keep a guy pretending to be serving it but in fact he is guarding it as he was slicing the chicken into 10 pieces giving each one only one piece.

6th problem:
The service and the people working are not professional at all, treating every body as if they have paid us not the other way around ….. And also I have noticed that most of the staff are guys, I haven’t seen any female staff and they are sometimes TOO friendly to female guests …

7th problem:
I was there on half board bases, when I tried to enter the discothèque they requested that I should pay 10 $ as minimum charge per person!!!? And when I complained to front office manager and the night shift manager as I am guest and I shouldn’t pay a minimum charge to enter the hotel disco, they replied that these are new orders from the hotel management and couldn’t be changed!!!!!!!!?

There were other things but I don’t have time to write them all. … I wish someone would have told me all this before I go there …….. a real Don’t go there

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of April 2009

well.....what can i say... I have travel...

Reviewed Sun 31st of August 2008

"well.....what can i say... I have travelled the world & stayed in many places ...THIS WAS THE HOTEL FROM HELL!!!!! my friend & myself made the mistake of booking without looking on this website ...BIG MISTAKE ! we were the only 2 english in the hotel ...& the only 2 ..H B ...The other 500 guests were Horrible ..lower cast russian gypsys! We couldnt get anyone to serve us with drinks or anything! & when they did ...they pocketed the money ..Every cup was cracked & black !The food was discusting! the staff ,,rude & all had THE CANT BE ARSED the 5th day We,d had enough & the new german troubleshooter michael spent many hrs listening to me...The owner also listened ...but I was aware that he was uninterested...On arrival home I e.mailed mr michael to thank him for his trouble ...only to find ...he had resigned!!!!!!!! so....DONT GO... ITS THE HOTEL FROM HELL.....(unless your a Russian Gypsy !)"

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  • Travel date: Sun 31st of August 2008

Where do I start DON'T GO TO THIS HOTEL...

Reviewed Sun 6th of April 2008

"Where do I start


We got there late at night very tired, 2 Adults and one child age 11.

There was only two single beds in the room, it took three days to get the extra bed we had booked. 2 adults sharing a single bed is not that much fun.

All inclusive you were treated very badly - food was awful, everyone of us had an upset stomach.

The resort looks like something out of a war zone and the locals are very intimidating to say the least. We got a taxi from the hotel and requested to go into the town we were dropped off else where, We were instantly mobbed and forced into a shop!!

This was my first trip to Egypt and I can say I will never return!

If you have booked this hotel, cancel, swap, change do anything you can to get out of it.

I have never complained about a holiday before - but I feel in this case people should be warned. I could go on about the awful service the drinks issues and the fighting russians but i think the other reviews on here have covered it

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  • Travel date: Sun 6th of April 2008

I have been to Sharm on 5 occasions in t...

Reviewed Thu 24th of January 2008

"I have been to Sharm on 5 occasions in the recent past and have always had the highest standards in any of the hotels I have stayed in. on this occasion we decided to have a change and go to Hurghada for some winter sun.

On arrival at the club golden city we endured the holiday from hell, this hotel on A. I basis offered very little, the food was quite frankly awful, the menu didn’t change lunchtime or night for the 7 days we were there.

None of the staff spoke any English and if you weren’t Russian they didn’t speak to you at all, the animation consisted of 2 ten minute aerobic session per day, in Russian! on having visited hard rock cafe for the third time to get a decent meal on our last night we decided to have a few drinks in the hotel bar which was open till 12.00, at 11.50 after waiting my turn I was then told that I could only get 1 drink as my partner was sat down and I only had 1 wristband on, even though Russians were being served with 8 ,10, or even as many as 12 drinks at a time.

On checkout day we paid our room account and promptly had our wristbands cut off which left us 4 hours where we couldn’t get a drink or food as there were no facilities to pay cash. I feel sorry for anybody who chooses Hurghada for their first Egypt experience and especially club golden 5!! This is the worst hotel I have ever had the misfortune to stay in."

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  • Travel date: Thu 24th of January 2008

There are many mixed reviews about this...

Reviewed Sun 9th of December 2007

"There are many mixed reviews about this resort so I took a gamble and it didn't pay off. We stayed in the Golden 5 Paradise.

They have used more expensive materials (hence their rating of 5*) but the workmanship and maintenance downgrades the place considerably. It was kept very clean but quality is of low standard.

The staff range from very helpful and friendly, rude and arrogant and extremely helpful wanting a tip. E.g. The taxi organiser - got very good prices, enjoyed a joke with us and was a lovely person. On the bad side, we organised a late check out at a certain time and was told 30$. When we checked out we found that the manager on the reception failed to tell us there are different costs on a late check out according to the time and it was actually 40$. Customer service is definitely not high on their agenda.

Food wise - plenty of choice but is of a low standard. Poor quality meat, sometimes warm not hot. Fizzy drinks not chilled etc. The staff try to do their best with their resources but don't expect to eat like a king.

The resort was huge, long walk to the beach. The Golden 5 resort was much busier than any other hotel/resort I visited. I went to Magawish - the beach was almost empty where as the Golden 5 was packed. There are many Russians that visit this hotel resort (seems to be the most popular) and the entertainment is directly aimed at them. So if you fancy doing the Conga around the beach at 10.30am then this is the place for you.

If you are looking at Hurghada for watersports then do make note that the watersports centres are totally part of the hotel resorts where they are situated and it is highly recommended you stay in the hotel resort. If you stay in a different hotel resort then you will have to justify your entry to the hotel's security, only allowed entry during the day, and pay for all your food and drink.

Note that the Jasmin, Aladdin and Ali Baba are all part of the hotel resort that servers the Procenter. We met some friends staying at Ali Baba and wanted to meet up for drinks in the evening. Neither of us were allowed into each other’s hotels and this rule was very strict.

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  • Travel date: Sun 9th of December 2007

Personally I loved the whole experience!...

Reviewed Wed 2nd of May 2007

"Personally I loved the whole experience!

Bad bits:
The fact you were unaware of exactly how much there was to do, until the last few days!

The showers were a bit temperamental with the temperature in the evening, but we put it down to the shower rush before dinner!

The rude Russians...never met nothing like em!

The walk from main gate to Al Mas Palace was a trek...we got used to it though and was worth the exercise after our nights out on the town!

Beach towels ran out after 11am, you were stuffed. The air con worked but took a while to cool the room down.

They could do with having some traditional English grub like chips burgers ect. For the more fussy ones of the group, who aren’t as adventurous!

Good bits:
There was certainly lots to do, we never got bored exploring all the different hotels, restaurants and garden areas in the end.

The staff in the billiard bar were fab and always cracked their faces; I note 2 of them constantly singing to everyone which was brill!

I loved the choice in food and restaurants, meat at times was tough, but this never stopped me from trying it all, and all hot dishes were covered from insects! Thank god!

The variety meant I piled my plate high, unlike most AI hols I’ve been on...I’ve been too scared to eat, I binged myself silly!

The staff were extremely welcoming and chatty and we eventually worked out we couldn’t judge on first impressions, as they were all genuinely lovely people with a story to tell.

Met a couple of English people there which made good fun, a few lonely Russians were partial to leering English too, which was fun!

Top Tip:

Don’t be afraid to haggle it can and will take your money further!!
If you don’t like something tell your rep! The hotel staff go out of their way to help sort it!

Overall experience was wicked I'd definitely go back, I made some great contacts, and look forward to my next trip!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of May 2007

We stayed at the Golden 5 resort Almas p...

Reviewed Mon 29th of January 2007

"We stayed at the Golden 5 resort Almas palace for 2 weeks.

The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, accommodation was very clean, maid came in every day to clean, we got fresh flowers in the room every day too.

The bar staff were brilliant especially salha and hani, they kept my 4 year old little boy entertained every time we went to the sinai bar.

The time we went there wasn’t a lot of English people holidaying but it didn’t matter at all because the bar staff made us feel more than welcome.

The meals (we were all inclusive) were plentiful and there was a lot of places that you could eat (you could use the other hotels in the complex) there was 2 beach bars one serving just drinks and the other serving food and there was a an aqua park with a bar and snacks.

The new city is 15 mins in a taxi from the hotel costing just 70 Egyptian pounds return(£7). There is a lot of hassle in the new town like in most holiday places (turkey etc) and you have to barter to get a good price.

If I could change anything it would be the menu as we had a 4 year old with us all he could eat was pasta as the rest of the food was a bit spicy and European orientated, whole crabs, everything done in sauces etc but overall our holiday was brilliant.

I would like to thank the bar staff for making our holiday very enjoyable."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 29th of January 2007

Having read all the previous reports abo...

Reviewed Thu 9th of November 2006

"Having read all the previous reports about the Golden 5 Resort I was very apprehensive about staying at the Almas Palace, however I have to report that a group of us had a thoroughly enjoyable time there. I wouldn’t describe it as a 5 star luxury hotel and agree with previous posts maybe it is only a 3 / 4 star (English scale) but that’s what you get for the money (we paid £400 for a week) I have to totally agree with the comments made on July 11 2006.

We booked through last minute and used it as a base for 3 days diving / 3/4 days sun bathing / chilling

Ok so a few of us suffered from the occasional dodgy stomach (one was bedridden for a day) but it didn’t prevent us from enjoying the holiday. Just take some Imodium just in case.

Food, ok it may be a bit bland at times, I’ll eat anything so there was always something there for me and my girlfriend can be really fussy, but she likes pasta (so that was ok as there was plenty of that).

We had the all inclusive option and whilst not everything is included like perhaps Caribbean and other all inclusive resorts I went there with the impression that food and drink were included in certain areas and there may be other freebies.

We had drinks served in plastic cups occasionally but mostly we had glasses and one of the bar staff in the reception (Honi) was constantly bringing us drinks and was extremely polite and helpful and always smiling.

We did come across the occasional staff member who was unhelpful, maybe that’s the way some of them are, a bit grumpy and can’t be bothered, mainly the ones in the billiard room in the main resort centre and the beach bar by the Almas Palace, everything seemed more important than serving the queue of people at the bar. And it seemed you couldn’t have more than 1 person serving at any bar, ridiculous but maybe that’s the way it works in a foreign country.

The negatives
The aqua park slides were rarely open, hardly a major issue. The cable car from the front of the resort to the beach worked occasionally but we never bothered using it, it’s a nice enough stroll. One of the restaurants was shut, the Sinai, still others to choose from.

Most of the time the beach towels ran out, took our own anyway. Getting sun beds on the beach was hit and miss after 11.00 but usually you got one. Didn’t try round the pool as we were up too late. There were always queues at lunchtime at the beach restaurant, mainly at the pizza oven and bar (hardly a big deal though). Yes the place is overrun by the Ruskis and they are rude and arrogant but we just ignored them. We didn’t experience any queue jumping, they seemed to ignore the staff or give them a hard time.

Lack of ‘free’ evening entertainment, you have to pay for shows albeit a couple of quid and the snooker / pool (which you might expect to be ‘included’). It was a 20 minute taxi ride to Hurghada town this is a pretty manic place with loads of shops and bazaars which meant a lot of hassle but this could be the same as other holidays

The pluses
They try really hard at most things. We got cold beer most of the time in glasses. The food is ok. The dancing fountain (have to comment on it), the show lasts ½ hour and even though I am a bloke, I thought it was quite good, it’s different.

Your snooker / pool may well improve (£4 per hour in the main resort area). Our rooms were cleaned daily / fresh towels and the cleaners even went the extra mile by adding some nice touches flowers or animals shaped from towels, they try hard and appreciate it when you acknowledge them (because the Russians don’t). We had excellent service from the bar (Honi pronounced Honey) and restaurant (Muhammad).

Tips / info
Hurghada airport has plenty of shops selling the same stuff as inside the hotel and its cheaper, we didn’t try outside the resort, where you do get hassled (like any other country). Be polite to the chefs, waiters, bar staff and you might be pleasantly surprised, thank you’s pleases and hello’s got smiles from the staff who were only too willing to help. Even the staff said they hated the Russians and it was refreshing to have English people there as clearly we are a lot politer and have time for the staff.

Don’t expect 5 star luxury and everything to be all inclusive and you might be pleasantly surprised, read up on what is included before you go like 1hr of golf / billiards per room per week (which we didn’t even use).

Remember you are in a foreign country where they do things differently and not as efficiently as you might expect, but this could be the same for Greece Turkey. We tipped our restaurant waiter about £1 each most nights and he would always look for us, save a table for us, carry our food and drinks, nothing was too much trouble. Ok so maybe they are working you for tips but so what a couple of quid here and there will bring better service, smiles and politeness, which was more than what the Ruski’s got. It is about a 15 min walk from the resort gates to the beach, not really a problem. I saw a previous post about wobbly tables, so what if there are a few, its hardly going to ruin a holiday.

We were a group of 6 so had no problems having a good time, there were only a handful of other Brits there. Showering, yes the water was sometimes hot sometimes lukewarm, same as Greece really?

We had one power cut that I know of during the day, no big deal though, just go and sun bathe for a few hours!

Anyone with a nervous disposition shouldn’t take taxis, it’s suicidal! Hurghada itself is a massive building site stretching for miles. Mini bar was stocked with 12 bottles of water and 4 litres of soft drinks at beginning of the week this is your weekly supply. Most staff do speak English.

We were not robbed of our wrist bands on the last day.

The beach does have reps on it selling branded drinks, shows, horse & camel rides etc we had a chat with them they seemed polite enough and would take no for an answer
It would appear that a lot of the comments posted on websites I looked at beforehand have been acted upon as we found very little to really gripe about.

Its not going to win an award for holiday resort of the year but could win a award for good value for money and I would define ‘all inclusive’ as full board with drinks included and the occasional other extra.

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  • Travel date: Thu 9th of November 2006

-An exceptionally poorly run resort: -...

Reviewed Wed 6th of September 2006

"-An exceptionally poorly run resort:

- Certainly was not on an A.I basis as we were led to believe and had paid for
- Air-conditioning either constantly leaked or broke down
- No water in the bathroom/toilet on some days
- Water leaked from the bath on to the floor
- Room was not properly cleaned
- One night there was a black out
- TV was in Russian or German only with poor reception
- No Med hotel rep was available despite numerous attempts to contact him, eventually the manager said "Medhotel rep was too busy receiving other guests and therefore did not have the time to see you."

- Meals were chaotic - pushing, no orderly queues, wobbly tables etc..
- Broken sun beds... people regularly bribed the pool attendant for favourite spots
- Reception had poor command of English
- Fast track were very unhelpful....once they had taken your money, they made fast tracks e.g. we called them from a mobile for help, despite promising to ring back in 2 hours, to date I have yet to hear from them
- Mini-Golf and pool are restricted to 1 hour per week, any additional time has to be paid for
- Food poisoning has been a regular occurrence
- If you complain, it falls on deaf ears
- Predominantly caters for Russians and Germans
- If you book and pay for a week at the resort, you will be asked to leave after 6 days!
- Overall it is a holiday from hell!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 6th of September 2006

Having not been on an all-inclusive holi...

Reviewed Mon 10th of July 2006

"Having not been on an all-inclusive holiday before, it is only now, after reading the many poor reviews, that I can truly understand that what we experienced wasn't just the norm, but was actually a bad hotel experience. The holiday started off not too bad, the room was clean enough and the pool etc very pleasant.

However, after a week of the same bland buffet food, same evening entertainment (which at the height of excitement was some old chap playing pan pipes style music on a portable keyboard), getting constantly hassled by the hotel staff, I would go as far as to say that i would not wish my experience on my worst enemy.

I believe that those staying in the main hotel would probably have had a better experience. The dining area seemed to have more variety although I’m not sure whether they had different evening entertainment.

Overall, as many other have said, I wouldn't consider this a 5 star hotel but i guess you get what you pay for!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 10th of July 2006

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