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  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
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  • 3 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 4 location

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Reviewed Tue 24th of April 2018

"Me and my wife went on a budget holiday for a week in Eygpt what we got was quality staff great room. Our room was right on the beach lovely golden sands and beautiful clear sea.From the moment we arrived me and my wife was treated like royalty all through our holiday.I definitely recommend this place as a holiday and we will be going again again and again.Coral Beach staff we miss you already Michael/Donna "

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  • Travel date: Sun 5th of March 2017

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  • 4 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Fantastic resort-can't wait to go back!

Reviewed Fri 19th of June 2009

"Me and my boyfriend had a wonderful time here! It was our first visit to the Red Sea. I had mixed feelings about what to expect from this holiday after reading previous reviews- but I can highly recommend Coral Beach Rotana for couples and families alike.
I booked a last minute deal with thomas Cook online and got a good package deal for All inclusive board.
On arrival we had our bags taken to our room, and offered some dinner from the restaurant-which offered buffet cuisine. I was impressed as we arrived late about 11.30pm. We were escorted into our room by the bellman who was very friendly (didn't expect a tip) and told us of interesting things to do whilst here. The room was clean and tidy, with 2 double beds and 2 sets of patio doors which opened onto our own private terrace area-complete with table and chairs. The marble bathroom was beautiful-modern and appealing.

Entertainment was provided in the evening by various perfoming acts including cats, magicians,singers, dancer and fire eaters. friendly animation team for children and a mini disco which they loved.

Food- great! no chips everyday as I had expected-instead various types of potatos eg.roast,mashed,sauteed etc, grilled chicken, fresh fish, pasta bar and plenty of fresh salad. Something different every lunch and evening- nice and varied.

Drinks- mineral water available in the restaurant and at pool side bar (drinkable and bottled!) also one free bottle of water provided everymorning in our fridge in the room-nice touch!

Beach- not sandy-more shingle like. No problem as plenty of free sunbeds and beach towels provided. Jetty leads you over the coral near the shoreline where you can jump into the gorgeous turqoise warm waters and go snorkelling in what was like being in a marine aquarim! we saw 'nemo' clown fish, stingrays, lion fish etc! fantastic!! take an underwater camera!

Free shuttle bus from hotel into the town of Hurghada (downtown) approx 30mins away
Friendly staff, lovely hotel (not sure why other people wrote bad comments) OK there is a lot of areas which are just bare and desert like but they have tried and maintain the gardens and flowers well.
Pool cleaned each evening.

I can't wait to go back here and highly recommend Coral beach! Also the Quad bike tour-offered to us on the beach!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 19th of June 2009


Reviewed Mon 15th of June 2009

"After reading all the negative reviews regarding the hotel i was immediatley put off,however i am one who likes to make my judegemnts. Well then what a nigthmare this hotel is.As we arrived at the hotel we were welcomed by building work at the front of the hotel, i didnt let this put me off as i was more intrested about the inside. No difference just an outdated shabby hotel. After paying £750 for 2 weeks all in i exepected a decent hotel. The pool was dirty and plenty of broken tiles in the pool. I know we were told about the renovation work but didnt exepect the hotel to be a nightmare. Also the hotel is full of russians who are extremally rude. After hearing about the funny stomachs in the hotel myself and my wife ,both came down with diarrea and were ill for about 3 days. I advise you to take plenty of imodium becasue we werent the only ones with it. Now the food, if you like chicken rice and fish you will be fine, however alot of the food was cold and dry and in the resteraunt the food wasnt refilled quick enough. I spoke to the thomas cook rep about certain problems and she informed me that thomas cook were going to be taking it out of there brochure or downgrading it as a cheaper hotel. "

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  • Travel date: Sat 13th of June 2009

The wild west!

Reviewed Mon 27th of April 2009

"We arrived at Coral Beach Rotana and were immediately put off by the major building work at the front of the propery. The first room we were offered was scruffy & dated with no view. We changed rooms to one that had been refurbished & had a sea view. When we woke up the next morning our view of the beach now included 3 large diggers, a bull dozer & several trucks doing major excavations on the beach creating lots of noise & dust. We decided to go to breakfast before speaking to the rep. whilst eating our bland, luke warm excuse for an omlette, two russian women started a full on fist fight in the dining room concluding with a headbutt & lots of pushing & shoving. This was the final straw & we instisted on being moved to another hotel. Unfortunately we had already caught a nasty dose of the hotels speciality "Pharoes revenge" D&V !!!

This place is scruffy, rough & ready and full of agressive, rude & noisy Russians.

Be warned!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of April 2009

Glad we went

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"I read some bad reviews before we left but glad to say I found them to be mostly unfounded. The food isn`t as hot as we brits like it, hot you must blow it to cool it down but the management put a microwave on the end of worktop so you can heat it up if you wish.
The waiters are very friendly and can`t do enough for you. we also found the rep Vanessa to be very helpful anything you want just ask. I suppose that`s her only bad point she hasn`t mastered the mindreading yet but given time Ithink she`ll get there. Good news for wine drinkers the hotel have now agreed that thomas cook guests can have wine in the bar as well as with your meal , which I really enjoyed. The whole complex is large and well laid out with spacious single storey apartments which are well maintained. The beach front is very big and work is underway to make it bigger you are aware of the work going on but I didn`t find it disruptive. We were there for three weeks and enjoyed it very much."

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  • Travel date: Thu 29th of January 2009

just give it a miss

Reviewed Sat 8th of December 2012

"we stayed 2 nights out of what should have been 2 weeks we payed extra to be moved to a hotel (sunrise resort)
we experienced total black outs at resort that meant no air con not pleasant in that kind of heat ,rooms where spacious but not cleaned to a high standard, food only warm & not much choice!
it was that bad the resrictions had resrictions would not recommend this hotel to anyone
the hotel we moved to top class will definately recommend that one 24 hour all inclusive"

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  • Travel date: Tue 13th of January 2009

where do the flies come from

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"Well here goes. We were here a month 25/11/08 to 23/12/08 a good look at the hotel etc' The hotel is a bit isolated its about 20km from Hurghada centre, and the town centre is a partial nightmare for shopping, dirty, dusty, and constant hassle, it makes other african countries look hassle free in comparison, the taxi's are worst, but be prepared,there are other areas to go if you want to though.
The hotel, good really, the room was good, kept clean and regularly towel and sheet changes but only after reminding the cleaner of new sheets by stripping the bed regularly, but he done his job, the complex itself good, nice grounds, clean pools, good beds around pools and towels always available.
The beach, the Animation music was far to loud, and what they done was the same every day no change at all, the beach was clean, and the beds were ok, water sport, snorkelling, diving all available.
the adjoining beach between the Rotana and the Oberoy was a disgrace known as "plastic alley" more plastic bottles than you can think of, but not just that just filthy.
Now the big one THE FOOD, Cold, not much variation and generally very, very poor, it was a nightmare, they are trying to improve things, but must try harder, it was not good.
the bars are good but they don't know how to keep tables clean, the staff are very good though, very friendly.
Other guests, watch out for the Russians, arrogant, ignorant,drunken, a-------s, they ruined our last week with the way they behaved.
Watch out for Rammy's revenge, upset tummies, make sure your very careful what you drink etc' get a straw with your drink so you don't touch the glass, its one way of getting it.
I don't think I would return for perhaps 18month when they have finished the new Marina and opened the new Bungalows this will make a big improvements."

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of December 2008

I have stayed in better 3 star hotels and all inclusive ... your joking !!

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"Where do I start ..

We arrived on 12th December 2008 and couldn't wait to get back home on 19th.

Overall this hotel is not for english people, nor is it 4 star all inclusive. The hotel, rooms, pool area and surroundings etc are in desperate need of refurbishment, the photographs make it look ok but its far from it .. BEWARE !!

The building work that you are advised about to the front of the hotel does not disturb you when around the pool, in your room etc but the work extends right down the side of the hotel onto the far left hand said of the private beach (near he nudist part) and you can here it through the day.

Customer Service - the hotel staff don't know the meaning of the word, most are very rude and stare at you all the time.

I would never go back to this hotel or recommend it to anyone.

Arrival and check in:

The transfer bus dropped us off and we were told to leave our luggage on the road outside the hotel and wait inside, I wasn't happy about leaving my luggage but we were given no choice, we checked in at reception, had our passports taken off us as normal, given some information and with no explanation and told to sit down and wait to be told what to do next.

Escorted to room and cases delivered:

After about a 10 minute wait in the reception area we were called and taken around the houses to our room, 3403 which on arrival we had to give a tip for being shown where our room was, then our cases arrived and another tip was expected for them being brought to us, which we paid as we just wanted to unpack and get settled.

The room:

In the dark the room looked big, nice and clean, however in daylight they were in desperate need of refurbishment, especially the bathrooms.

After a long days travelling what could have been nicer than a relaxing bath, a bite to eat, along with an early night with a bit of tv .. you have got to be joking .. we decided to unpack and run a bath whilst trying to find a english channel on the tv, with no luck of finding a channel we gave up, the bath had ran and as I walked into the bathroom I couldn't believe my eyes .. the bath (full to the brim) was brown ... I rang reception and they told me I just needed to run the water for a few minutes and it would be ok, however I tried to explain to them I had ran a full bath and it was not ok, after a while of explaining they understood and sent along two men to fix the problem which resulted in them flooding the bathroom and walking dirty drain water through our room, the smell was not at all nice, however the problem was solved and the water was a clear as it was going to be, a decision was taken by us to have showers for the rest of the holiday at least that way the colour of the water wasn't as obvious and we didn't want to let this spoil our holiday however each time the shower was on for more than a couple of minutes the water would be cold and with two females both with shoulder length hair to wash it was not very pleasant having a cold shower every night but we just got on with it because asking for a problem to be solved took more than one attempt.

Our room was full of flies everyday as the cleaners left the doors open when they cleaned, so I spent about an hour everyday after coming back to the room chasing flies with my flip flop as asking for fly spray at the hotel reception did not work.

The room cleaners:

Everyday when we arrived back to our rooms from the beach/pool there would be a nock on the door, "is everything ok with room clean?" I would say yes thank you, he would hang around, I would say yes thank you again and close the door.. the room cleaner did this every day .. I had every intention of leaving a tip at the end of the weeks holiday however I was not going to be pressured into leaving one every single day for seven days which was what seemed to be expected.

The restaurant, food, drinks, waiters:

Having been on many all inclusive holidays there is always something that everyone likes weather it be pasta, salad, chips or something from the kids corner .. however the food was all in silver trays that were not heated very well and there was no kids corner, the food was not catered for english people, it was for germans and russians as you could see when you looked round the germans and russians had it pilled high on their plates and tables and the very few english people, probably about two percent were looking confused and hungry.

We sat back down at our table and were asked what drinks we would like (if you like wine make the most of it at meal times as you have to pay for it if you want it any other time) and the waiter seemed confused by the very little amount of food we had and how we didn't seem happy, his solution to this was chips from the kitchen, we were happy as we just wanted something normal to eat and to get to bed after a long days travelling.

Day 1 and Lunch time arrived and we were really hungry after only having chips for tea the evening before and were looking forward to lunch, however when we got to the restaurant there was not a great selection again so we ended up having chips from the kitchen again which is not at all healthy or the way I want to spend my holiday eating as I don't at home and don't expect to on holiday. The rest of our holiday was spoiled and revolved around what delights (NOT) would be for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we were that hungry we ate what we could but to be honest I would not have fed half of it to my dog as it was always nearly cold and overall unacceptable, we were not the only english people who were unhappy about the food, complaints were made to the rep as people were getting ill, the reps solution was that the food temps would be tested, I have no idea if this was done as it didn't get any better.

Snacks throughout the day consisted of pastries, bread and for children ONLY ice cream between 3 and 4pm, I have never seen such a poor selection of snacks and food in any all inclusive hotel I have ever stayed in, this has got to be the bare minimum.

The waiter we had for the first couple of days was very helpful and sometimes too helpful however he went back home and after that we were lucky if we got a drink at meal times.

One evening there was an incident with some drunk russian guests fighting with food and a complaint was made, after that there was always a resturant manager present in the restaurant but before that there was only the waiters.

The pool, the towel men and the pool bar:

Everyday the sun was shining so we went for breakfast around 7:30 am as we wanted to make the most of the sun with it being the winter time the days aren't as long as normal and by 8am we were by the pool (for the first few days), to find we were the only people there which was great as we had the choice of all the sunbeds. However by 8:30am we were thirsty and in need of drink and wondered what time the pool bar opened, we waited and waited and waited and it was after 10am when someone arrived and opened the pool bar.

The pool bar was minimal there was fizzy drinks e.g coke, lemonade etc, all the local alcohol spirits which if you have any sense you will stay clear of as they are so cheap they make you ill and water. All drinks were served in tiny plastic cups, which they ran out of all the time and you had to wait.

The pool was a decent size and looked clean however if you actually got into it you would find that it is not very nice at all.. the whole pool floor is covered and the cover isn't fitted correctly which means the pool floor is uneven, the pool floor is also not very clean, when I decided to walk around in the pool on day I could see dead insects, rubbish etc and the water was that cold I would not have dared to swim in it in case I caught a cold as the temperature was not normal at all.

The towel men were employed to give out towels in return for towel cards, clean the pool and pool area however on the first couple of days we were told off on a number of occasions for no taking our empty cups to the bin which were infact not even finished at the time of the telling off. The towels were very tatty and old, some worse than others however you would have thought they were the crown jewels and that you had came on holiday specifically to steal the towels as they were that protective of them that it was a joke, I wish I had taken my own now and not bothered using the hotel ones as I am not sure they were cleaned on a daily basis I think they were folded and reused.

The flies, people selling trips, massage, beauty treatment and the entertainment staff:

The flies around the pool and beach were very annoying and went on all day every day, flying in your face, landing on you when sun bathing and the jungle spray we brought with us to spray on ourselves didn't even keep them away, a bit like the people trying to sell you trips, beauty sessions, massage and the entertainment (animation staff) people who did not understand that you were there to relax and sun bath not play volley ball, do aerobics, salsa dance and play football, we ended up being called the "Miss mabies" because if you said no they were not happy and didn't understand why you would not want to but if you said maybe later they were ok with that... however the flies, selling trips, massage, beauty treatment and activity pestering went on ALL DAY EVERY DAY ... there was no getting away from it even if you pretended to be asleep they would STILL TALK TO YOU..

The beach:

The beach was private apart from all the flies, people selling trips, massage, beauty treatment and the entertainment staff etc however it was over run with flies as the sun bathing areas were not cleaned which attracted the flies and made relaxing impossible.

As mentioned above also the building work which came down onto the edge of the beach was noisy through the day.

The hotel shops:

If you want to be ripped off shop there, I paid £16 english pounds for a tube of pringles, a pack of sweets and some kinder chocolates, the prices are fixed and they do NOT allow you to barter.


We decided to go into hurgharda in a taxi one evening as we wanted to go and get some food and to the supermarket because we were that hungry. We walked out of the hotel up the dark lonning to the hotel security to get a taxi (there are men with guns everywhere).

We are given a taxi which we walk to the car must have been about 50 years old, we got into the car and it struggled to start, the driver told us "my car very old", which we had already worked out, the driver ot the car started and told us he would take us to the shopping centre, we said no we want to go to hurgharda, drop us off at Burger King, he said ok. The journey there was the worst thing I have ever done in my life, the car stunk of fuel and there was a container in the back with liquid in splasing around, we had no idea where we were going or if we were goign to get there alive, he took us to a garage as he needed pertrol and then put fuel in the car whilst we were still inside and the engine was running, finally we got into hurgarda and were dropped off near Burger King as we asked but outside a shop, the shop keeper got into the taxi with us which and told us to go into his shop, we said no, the shop keeper wasn't taking no for an answer, we said no and the taxi driver spoke to him in their language and he left us alone.

As soon as we stepped foot out of the car we got hassled by shop keepers, taxi drivers etc one taxi driver followed us after we said no to the supermarket waited outside for us and the police moved him on.

We got what we needed from the supermarket, got something to eat and went back for our taxi, we got back to the hotel in one piece which we were so pleased about we gave the driver a tip, he was so thankful as were we !!

The Rep: Vanessa (Thomas Cook)

We told Vanessa at the welcome meeting about the brown bath water and the flies in our room and she didn't really have much to say, however by the end of the week we were still being pestered by flies constantly in the room and our safety chain on the door had broken, we had asked at reception for these to sort this out on a number of occasions and it had not so we were more than a little upset, this was resolved when we got back to our room that evening but it was too little too late as we were going home the next day and when you ask the hotel reception for fly spray or the safety chain to be fixed on your door it should be done first time, but not at the Coral Beach Rotana, you have to ask again and again and again and when that doesnt work you have to complain to the rep who then asks and its completed !!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 28th of December 2008

stay well away from this hotel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed Sat 15th of December 2012

"Well were do i start with this hotel !!!!!. Firstly if you think its a 4 star then you are going to be well dissapointed, Il start with the good bits so it wont take very long !!!

The rooms are very spacious and are not too bad when it came to the cleanliness of them, the reception staff are very polite and are always happy to help, the pool was a good size but below freezing so it was good to look at but not go in unless you want a cold.

The bad bits, as everyone said on here that everyone wants your money as soon as you step into the hotel, the baggage boys etc etc. The food was luke warm and thats when they had just brought t out of the kitchen, the choice was very very poor and the food so repetative, if you were going for a week the maybe ok but for 2 weeks then you will get bored after the first week. The vegetables as well as the pasta (sometimes) had meat in so limited the already limited selection for vegetarians !!!!

The restaurant staff offered us a drink at meal times approx 7 nights out of the 14 so the service was very very poor. The Russians were a big gripe among the English whilst we were there, they are rude arrogant and drink Vodka like water!!!! it really did ruin our holiday.

The all inclusive selection was poor, there was no snack bar on (unless you call a few flies buzzing round some cakes that had been there all day) a snack, you were only allowed wine with meals, everything that you as a tourist would required when on holiday was chargable.

When we got a drink in the bar the glasses were always dirty and chipped, they dont wash the glasses properly just rinse them !!!!!!!!!

The beach is private but you still get he seller from the hotel hasseling you every two mins regarding excursions (as well as by the pool), the entertainment staff did try hard but need to understand that if i want to do sala dancing i will join in on the beach, i dont need them constantly annoying me whilst im trying too sunbath and relax !!!!!

We didnt venture out of the hotel as the free trip into Hurgada is a waste of time we were told by every single person that visited, you get dropped off at a tat stall and then get more hassle.

I would say that the hotel is a 3 star at the best, if your looking for a real all inc holiday then dont go to this hotel, as I would say you get full board with a tiny few extras, pay a little more and go somewhere better.

The one thing that I enjoyed was the weather, we went over xmas and the temp was 25c everyday bar two."

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  • Travel date: Sat 27th of December 2008


Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"The actual resort was nice enough, big rooms, cleaned daily and the weather was red hot everyday. So if you just want a tan and a bit of a relaxing one then Coral Beach might be for you.
If your after partying til daft o'clock then I'd have a re think. Apart from eating and sleeping theres nothing to do after 4pm.
There is a w****d out disco thing but you'll see what I mean if you decide to visit Coral Beach its horror show.
Theres far too many flies in Hurghada They'll drive you mad. I swear to God at any one time you'll have atleast 1 fly on you.
Another gripe I had with this [--] of a city is that everyone wants your money. You cant go an hour without be mithered to buy something, or do an excursion. If you decide to go shopping you'll notice there are no prices on anything and you have to haggle for things you want. I think I ended up paying about £14 for a kit kat and some pringles. The T***s seen me coming.
Even the hotels employees will try and do you out of money, with a smile on their face too, so just keep your wits about you. And make sure you know the exchange rate. It was like £1 English to £8 Egyptian.
The pool is huge and looks very nice but you'd only actually go in the water if you were on fire as its way below freezing.
Another important thing is if your thinking of visiting Hurghada centre, just dont bother, reconsider and give it a swerve. Just stay in the hotel. We got a taxi that was actually booked from the hotel and instead of taking us to our destination we ended up at his gypo brothers shop full of tacky [--], oils, hubbly bubbly and other assorted rubbish.
The owner was being nice and hospitable, until we said we didn't want anything, his attitude towards us changed he then became intimidating to the point we were worried about our safety."

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  • Travel date: Wed 24th of December 2008

4 star or not 4 star that is the question?

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"We booked to stay a week at the Coral Beach, but after 2 hours there we decided it was not the place to spend the rest of the week.

To be fair the staff and the resort seemed very nice, and the rooms very spacious, some of the biggest hotel rooms I have seen that did not come with an extra cost.

The big problem was the food, my partner has a wheat intolerance so pasta is out and with the 2 remaining dishes, yes that’s right only 2. The choice was very limited, so we chose chicken, which was blood red and runny inside. A plate of chips was offered as substitute, and after being on a plane for nearly 6 hours and you know the whole days travelling experience, a plate of chips did not go down to well.

If you like food and at a 4 star hotel you should be able to happy with at least 2 dishes or choices of food from lets say a selection of 5 then I would not recommend the Coral Beach.

We moved the following day to the Sunrise Mamlouk Palace and OH what joy."

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  • Travel date: Sun 14th of December 2008

great place shame about the food

Reviewed Mon 17th of December 2012

"Coral beach was a good venue although the site was still under construction. There was a lot of work going on on the beach as well as building more bungalows. The hotel and main reception was very good as was the beach and facilities. The resort was nearly all Russian people who we found to be extremely rude with never a please or thank you.
The staff were a bit stand-offish apart from the restaurant staff who were just a little over friendly. That did not make up for the food which was disgusting - not once was it hot, always luke warm, unimaginative slop. They really do need to do something about it. I was ill for 2 whole days and my other half was ill for 24hours. We do feel it was the food as we were at pains to refuse ice in the drinks(inagine a G & T with no ice!) and only used bottled water to clean our teeth.
Must point out that there is no tea/coffee making in the rooms.
which was a bit of a let down.
We thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks holiday and the weather was fabulous."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 12th of December 2008

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    "One huge scruffy half finished building site "

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    "Quad bike safari, Snorkelling excursion "

  • Michael C by Michael C

    "Be polite and the staff are very friendly "

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