Beach Albatros Resort

Safaga Road, Hurghada Egypt
4 star hotel


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Loved it


"We stayed ay the Beach Albatros early December 06 and i have to say that overall it was fantastic value for money. However i feel i must point out one or two things that have already been reported.
1. The rep who dealt with our transfer to the hotel was going to send us to the Albatros (no beach) it was only when we insisted, that he took us to the correct hotel.
2. The first room we were allocated was extremeley poor, dirty carpets, busted air con units and a dirty lav. I complained and asked for another room which we got the next morning.

Thats when the holliday began. From their on the service was fantastic, the food was good when you consider that they are catering for aprox 6 different nationalities. The hospitality in the tic tac bar was wonderfull, particular thanks to Ami.

I dont agree with the statements about Germans and Russians being rude and arrogant. We met with a group of Germans and had a great night out with them (even with the language barrier) the holiday is what you make of it.

To summerise the hotel has fantasic facillities tho you may not be offered the best when you get there. insist that you get what you paid for and you will have a great holiday. We are going back in Jan."

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  • Travel date: Wed 20th of December 2006

great hotel


"my husband and i stayed in this hotel
everything was very nice and we had a very relaxing week
couldn't fault this hotel food beach all lovely"

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  • Travel date: Sun 17th of December 2006

Enjoyed It !!


"Date: 24th November 2006

Very big hotel. We stayed on third floor with sea view. Room average although very clean. Hotel spotless, food excellent with a wide variety on offer. Weather very hot, windy early morning, and cool in the evening. Felt lonely as hotel full of Germans, Russians etc. We would recommend you go in a group instead of a couple. We stayed in the resort and did not go into the towns as we were unsure. Lots of excursions on offer so take plenty of money. We were boring and just sunbathed, but have got a lovely tan for a weeks stay. Hurghada airport not upto uk standard and a bit mad at times. Duty free really cheap though.
Would recommend you barter all the time. We took just english money, beware they were unsure about notes which had a little mark on them or a slight rip dont even mention any with sellotape on. We dont care in uk about any of that all our money changes hands. Hope you enjoy your stay we did and would go back the Primasol Beach again."

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  • Travel date: Mon 4th of December 2006

Good Hotel for first trip to Hurghada


"This hotel was sold as a 4 plus star rating but was more like a European 3 star.

On the plus side:
1) Great choice of meals during breakfast, lunch and dinner
2) A variety of restaurants to choose from
3) Good selection of drinks if on the all inclusive board basis
4) Good pool side area
5) Children catered for well
6) The snorkelling trip to Giftun island was a really good day out but be aware that there is little shade on this island so pack your hats, water and sun cream!

On the down side:
1) Lack of hot water in the mornings and evenings (when the rest of the guests are in their showers!)
2) The hotel is large but has only 2 lifts and with the rooms spaced far from the reception. I would not recommend this hotel for immobile or wheel chair bound people
3) The animation team and entertainment geared only for the Germans, Polish and the Czech
4) Beach not great. Have seen much better
5) Diving ok. Too commercial. At one point about 20 divers were swimming around one moray!

Personally I thought the positive points outweighed the negative ones and would recommend this hotel to people (especially families with young kids) who haven't been to Hurghada."

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  • Travel date: Sun 5th of November 2006

Loved It !!!


"We have just come back from 2 weeks at the Albatros Beach Resort and we loved it ! We knew that it was going to be full of Germans, Russians etc so we were prepared for their bad manners etc. The hotel itself was spotless, our room was stunning. Because we had paid extra for a sea view in the main building we were given a family room overlooking the beach. The food was really nice - they work so hard to try and keep everybody satisfied and you have to take this into account. If people could not find something they liked for breakfast lunch & evening meal then they have something really wrong with them !! The staff are so polite and very kind to the British. There were plenty of sunbeds on the beach for everyone. We booked a snorkelling trip to Mahayma which was really good value for money - the Medhotel rep is rubbish as he told us there would be other English on the trip but there werent - this didnt spoil our day at all. I agree that the alcohol is not wonderful but I didnt miss this as too hot to drink anyway !! We had 2 wonderful weeks in the sun, chilling out and relaxing. We had fresh linen & towels every day & the room was cleaned every day. I would go back to the hotel this afternoon !!! I would recommend this hotel to anyone - ok its not a British 5* but they try very hard and want to make their guests happy. The only complaint we have is the non-english guests - the vast majority of them were VERY rude, had no manners at all & didnt believe in queues !! They certainly lived up to their reputation. Fab holiday Fab hotel LOVED IT !!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of September 2006

OK, but not great


"This hotel is certainly not 4 or 5 star.
We have just returned from a weeks stay here and although we had a good holiday in general, we would not go back.
The food was disappointing, very repetative to say the least and very "canteen" like. The local alcohol is awful and they were trying to sell fresh orange juice and melon in the dining areas, which is not really all inclusive??? I think the longest we sat around the pool without being hassled by a salesman was 1 hour!!!!! One thing I would recommend is the massage - it was fantastic and cheap."

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  • Travel date: Sun 10th of September 2006

It was as great as last year !


"This hotel, quality price is exceptionally good.
Have visited twice - two new restaurants have been added as well as the slides.
There is food to meet everyone's taste.
Great for teenagers, freedom, security, disco. Gives the parents a break too.
Nationality wise a majority of Germans yes, but I met english, french, italians etc.
Rooms are very clean and the service all round very friendly and helpful.
The animation team this year was not as good as last year, but next year a new french team will be on board which will be good.
The shows are good and not only in german as some travellers have said.
Shopping wise obviously in the hotel it is more expensive as they have to pay expensive rent.
Only 2 km. away there is a nice shopping mall only 10 Egyptian Pounds to get there, then it is up to you to discuss the prices.
This winter there will probably be an outdoor heated pool which will be a plus.
I had fun, my kids had fun and I will return.
Only one thing I would add, water tanks would be good at the disco. Being an all inclusive resort, I did not agree on my kids signing for paid drinks after midnight. However this entails stocking up before midnight. It maybe arranged in the future."

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  • Travel date: Tue 8th of August 2006

Lovely Oasis in the dessert


"We have just returned from a week all inclusive at this hotel and felt the need to share our experience with you all.
Firstly let me say that we paid £215 for a weeks A/I in Egypt and as we do this late deal thing every year we are always prepared for the worst and have no high expectations.
Apart from a few hic ups we were plesantly surprised!!!
The only thing that we could really complain about was that initially they would not let us in to the hotel, trying to fob us off that we were booked into the primasol albatros (no beach) over the road. We stuck to our guns and after having our cases taken out of the taxi, put back into the taxi, taken out etc we threatened to walk to the reception and they surcomed and let us in.
We feel that this may be a factor in other people's not so good reports. we did take a look over the road and you would not be impressed believe me if you thought you were staying in a 5* (more like a butlins and everyone looked miserable).
We are not sure if this is a regular things but we definately met people who thought they should have been elsewhere.
If you have paid for Beach Hotel then insist in being let in (its the one with the beach don't let them tell you that there is a beach in both there isn't, there is a shuttle bus from the non beach to the beach, again full of miserable looking people).
Maybe because of the initial misunderstanding we were given a welcome reception and a really lovely room.
It was a family sized two roomed suite. (we saw them putting a family of 5 in it on the day we left) there were the inevitable teething problems which everyone mentions. they expected one of us to sleep on the sofa. we stuck to our guns and when they turned up with a camp bed we didn't even let them in the room. they eventually put a normal adult sized bed in the bedroom and everyone was happy.
Yes this hotel is for Germans but as stated in previous reports they have high standards, and are absolute entertainment to watch. they really do put their towels out at day break!
The staff are very accomodating and the so called hawkers to come to your sunbed to sell you something will go away if you say no politely. being English has its advantages here as alot of them don't speak the language or know how tight we are so they leave you alone.
Speaking of being tight, it really is good advice to wait till you get to the airport to buy gifts and ciggies as the shops there are plentiful and have set prices.
We didn't spend a penny in the hotel all week.
The food was fine (some people have high expectations for an all inclusive) and there is a couple of paying restaurants if your daft enough. I am a veggie and a very fussy one at that and I managed to stuff myself at all meal times insisting on going to look at lunch which we never really wanted but felt obliged to try. Yes the spirits are yuck but believe me it was far to hot to drink anyway. there are plentiful supplies of bottled water and a fridge in your room to store them in.
The entertainment is hysterical and you can see that at least the team think they are good which makes it worthwhile really, anyway entertainment is what you make of it!
Apparently there was a disco that opened later but after only being offered 2 camels for one of our party we gave it a miss.
The pool by the main gate is the best for adults who want a quiet life.
We would definately recommend this hotel to anyone. families, couples, threesomes we saw the lot!!
our only complaint was that it was too hot 46 degrees and it gets hotter later on in the day. We would have prefered something slightly cooler but that was just us."

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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of July 2006

Not for the 'Brits..'


"We've just returned from a weeks last minute stay at The Beach Albatros hotel, I believe this is the superior sister hotel to the Albatros Resort over the road. This is a big complex and yes it does cater more for Germans/Russians, but how many hotels do the brits 'take over' in the Costas?? You will not find two pints of larger and a packet of crisps here. The hotel was lovely, plenty of swimming pools to chose from (including the indoor one which we found!), we found everything clearly signposted. If you dont find it - ask!! Hotel right on the beach. Food basic but again plenty of it and they do freshly cooked pizzas while you wait if you cant handle experimenting with the local food. Loads of salad and bread! The drinks were a bit poor. Bar was always out of ice and the drinks were not very cold. The AI drinks stopped at midnight, then it was about £2 bottle of beer. The entertainment was poor, there was a local guy singing and there was an animation team that did a show, but that was in German too! You will need some good conversation to pass the night time! There isnt anything within walking distance outside the hotel, its definately not like strolling around most resorts. Hurghada still looks very undeveloped, well certainly the areas we went looking. Hotel has a few shops but they are pricey and you get approached and hassled to buy so dont bother!. We had nothing to compare it to until we got to the airport. Save all your shopping for souvenirs till you get to the airport. Make sure you have cash or visa. The shops dont take Maestro or have ATMs once you go through passport control through to duty free. You do get approached a lot from the animation team but they are there to help you enjoy your hols. If you join in and try to break the ice, you do get to meet others, even if they're a different language. The rooms were clean, roomservice every day. All the staff were really friendly and really tried. I would go back to Egypt, not to this hotel - but only because of its location. I would like to go back and do a twin centre stay. This hotel is a 6 hour coach trip from Pyramids - but fantastic for diving!! Take a snorkel and have a go!! Its full of amazing little fish even on the hotel beach! This is an experience, accept it for what it is, its clean, friendly and hot! Maybe a realistic 3* - 4* but not 4 1/2 *- 5*. Enjoy!!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 10th of June 2006

Ok 2 Chill take some cards


"I had a lovely time, food was good, drink was plenty, Beer was nice, although served in small glasses - just order a few. Red & White wine both very paletable. Spirtis were a bit poor, I only liked the vodka. The hotel was clean and our room was cleaned every day, we had a great view of the front pool and the sea which we specified when booking - which I would reccomend. We didn't really have a dodgy tummy the whole week, which I thought I would. I would say to go to the pool at the back of the hotel away from the the beach as this has slides and the best lunches. It is packed with Germans and russians who were miserable but we just went for a chilled out week - which this was perfect for - as long as you don't take any notice of the misry guts - the entertainmant is all in german but make your own entertainment don't you!!

I'd defo go back for a chill - one word of warning stay out of the shops - you don't need papyrus or perfume!!!! Yep we got dunn.

Enjoy xxxxxxx"

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  • Travel date: Tue 30th of May 2006
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