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hi to any1 concerned just got back from ...

Reviewed 20th July 2008

"hi to any1 concerned just got back from aquavista on 19/7/2008,having booked for aquablu which we went to in nov 2007 i was a bit disappointed to be put in aquavista but this was short lived. After getting our rooms sorted out after the 1st night it was great. Initially they put us on the 2nd floor in block 5 and my sister on 1st floor in block 6 when we had asked for rooms next to each other ,after we complained i asked to get moved in room next to her and family on 1st floor in block 6 and this was done. I think aquavista eas better because you have 4 restaurants to choose from including thai italian seafood and oriental. The only downfall was we all booked a meal at the mandarin chinese restaurant which is next to the viking bar and was very disappointed with the service especially as we were paying for this when we could have eaten for nothing in 1 of the four restaurants.The entertainment is a bit basic but as we did in our party of 10 we made the best of the situation especially after a few drinks. If you drink vodka try and stay away from the 1 they serve in a round bottle because tastes awful ask for the square bottle which they say is the same but its not.We also went to luxor booked through taxi in aqua blu which is cheaper than rep any Qs contact me danny"

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  • Travel date: 20th July 2008

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