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  • high speed internet in room
  • shuttle bus service
  • swimming pool
  • free internet
  • restaurant
  • fitness center
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • spa
  • business services
  • wifi
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • wheelchair access
  • air conditioning
  • room service
  • dry cleaning
  • refrigerator
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • concierge desk
  • flatscreen tv
  • family rooms
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • free breakfast
  • heated pool
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • tv other russia
  • tv channel one russia
  • tv ntv world russia
  • tv rtr planeta russia
  • evening entertainment
  • water park

Reviews summary

170 reviews
  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 4.5 amenities
  • 3.5 food

21 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Great Value for money holiday

Reviewed 3rd January 2012

"Great Holiday, We read a lot of reviews before going to this resort and found them to be unfair. The food was good, I have fussy children but they always managed to find something to eat. 7 out of 10 of of our party had tummy upsets but this is quite normal for egypt, its called yellow belly - although we took medicines of our own, they didnt work so we actually saw the onsite 24 hour doctor who gave us some tablets which worked a treat ( we did not pay for these the doctor gave them to us free)The staff were very helpful and friendly. The room was cleaned and restocked every day. The trips were unbelieveably cheap, you must try the safari, we paid approx £30 english pounds it included sand buggies AND quad bikes in the desert, then we tried horse riding and camel riding, back to the start for a buffet followed by a show as the sun set, then a look in a huge telescope at the moon. We left the hotel around 11am and returned around 20.00 in the evening. The water park is fab for kids and adults alike, the only downside is they are only open from 10am to 5pm. The entertainment was good, but a lot like most holidays, with shows and disco afterwards. There is not loads to do in the evening outside of the hotel, there is a strip of shops about 7 minutes walk away but you do get hasseled to enter their shops. Also about 20 minutes walk away there is a shopping complex with MacDonalds and a supermarket. If you go here though you might be better to wear something a not too revealing otherwise you may feel a bit like you are on show. This was a great first time in egypt and we are definately returning next year although we are going to try Sharm as more lively. I think the star ratings are not the same as you would expect in the UK. When you talk about 4* and 5* I think we expect the Ritz , this is not the case here but its clean, and friendly. This was a good value for money holiday."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 26th December 2011
  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food

with the children - don't look anywhere else

Reviewed 29th October 2010

"I took a much needed last minute, to the Aqua Blue. I have a 10, 8 and 3 yr old, who after 6 wks of being home, are pining for the place. Non stop for the older two, who dined where they wished, and the little one did not know which way to turn. Great food, although a bit boring on 2nd time around, rooms basic, but fabulous cleaner who excelled himself. Can't say much about location as we never left the resort, too busy enjoying ourselves!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 28th April 2010
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 3 Food

lovely place

Reviewed 3rd August 2009

"Ok me and my boyfriend looked at this hotel after looking at all the hotels rankings on holiday watchdog and i must say with some of the reviews we were a little worried. We went there for 11 nights and let say we would defo go back, the hotel is lovely and food was fine we did not get food poising after all we read on the reviews, apart from the hang overs but thats our own fault. The only thing that i would say is that theres not much entertainment for young couple and we got alil bored at night but if u were in a family or large group it would have been better. The staff are lovely and spoke good english and they are always smiling, Yes there are alot of russians and germans who i thought were rude to the staff but were fine to us and they did not put us off. however i do recomend using the doctor out there i had a bloked ear from the pool and had to have my ear serigned at 206 euros wich was a shock so do not use the doctor unless u really need to. I would recomend buying ur gifts when u get to the airport before u leave as there much cheaper and have prices mark. the only thing that i did not like as a women was u could not just walk into a shop and look u get harrassed and they will charge u stupid prices for everything. While we were there we booked a trip which was well worth the money. we got toke to the desert were we had an hours go on the quads then 10mins on the spider cars then camel and horse rides then we got to to a remote village about 40mins away and get to see how they live then we get taken back for a live show and dinner the whole trips is around 5 hours and well worth 30 euros per person. Anyway i would recomend this hotel to anyone. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 31st July 2009

Amazing Holiday All Around

Reviewed 20th March 2009

"After arriving at the hotel we were overwhelmed at the magnificent reception and decor of the front of house and into the hotel itself. The facilities were fantastic , rooms were spacious and spotless with clean laundry of bedding and towels everyday. The staff were fabulous and very courteous and catered for all our needs around the clock. The pools at the hotel are fantastic with the heated pool ready for any weather and with one of the pools hosting a wave machine gives great fun for all ages. Around the swimming pools beds are never a problem as there are always plenty avaliable with cushions and towels provided. Childrens entertainment is fantastic which is hosted in a number of languages. If you are lucky enough as we were to meet Mr Hany the head of hotels he will ensure that your stay is perfect. Staying at this hotel is a perfect getaway as not only are the hotels faciliities superb but you can also make use of the adjoing hotels facilities restaurants at no extra cost. Food at the hotel is plentiful and cooked to perfection and catered for all nationalities and with the kids corner there is always something for the little ones. The bbq hosted outside on a sunday evening is well worth a visit. The beach is within easy access with the free shuttle bus from the hotel. Now we have had a fantastic holiday we shall be returning in the near future. Mr & Mrs Hustin"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 18th March 2009

Even The Russians Couldn't Spoil This Holiday

Reviewed 20th January 2009

"My girlfriend and I have recently returned from a Wonderfully relaxing 11 night stay at this hotel / resort. Usually I do not write reviews but given the great food, friendly staff and well presented hotel / resort I felt it was worth a few words to positively promote this hotel / resort for potential future tourists; as I was slightly concerned after reading some in my opinion unfair reviews before our holiday. Yes the tourists are predominantly Russian and German and there was much early 'towelling' of sunbeds (as in most hotels around the world) and GRANTED many of the Russians (on the whole but NOT all) are overly ignorant and rude to both tourists and staff alike but hey apart from that what a SUPER PLACE !!! Pools and pool areas - there are quite a few pools, some heated some not and all clean and well maintained and even one pool with some great slides. Entertainment - the staff work exceptionally hard both during the day and evening events for those wishing to participate. Rooms - very clean and more than sufficient for sleeping in. Food - considerably better than many AI we have experienced over the years. Unlike many AI hotels which offer salads and a range of meats each day coated with different sauces this hotel prepared and cooked their wide range of dishes each day to a much higher standard than the norm !! OK not 5 star but for the reasonable rates charged and lets face it 11 days in the guaranteed sun for about £450 you are not going to get 'Le Cordon Blue' cuisine. If you want 5 star go somewhere where you have to pay for it. The staff were marvellous and if you take the time to learn even simple words like 'please' and 'thank you' in Arabic you will be rewarded to see the staff smile and reply accordingly; for even this basic courtesy by tourists to communicate is really appreciated. So that's it, if you want a comparatively inexpensive holiday in guaranteed sunshine at this time of year with more than enough to eat, keep you entertained and help you relax, this hotel / resort TICKS ALL THE BOXES !!! We most certainly would return there. MikE & Nicola."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 20th January 2009

ok here we go, you want the low down goo...

Reviewed 31st August 2008

"ok here we go, you want the low down good and bad read on. This Hotel is rated 4* in my opinion this hotel deserves the star rating, remeber that every country is different, and the 4 * rating is in relation to the country you are in and not the uk starr rating. First of all The Bed rooms: BIG spacious but a small bathroom, Cleaned every day with new sheets. Girls believe me if my wife can sleep in them then it is recommended. Restuarants, the main restaurant, well there is two, we stayed in the Aqua Blu Hotel block 6 so we ate in the hotels main restuarant. Advice don't listen to those who take their times going out for dinner, get there at opening time for evening meals 7pm to 7:30, you will get a nice table, hot food and a good choice. Tips, dont put every thing on your plate, choose a different dish every noight and you wont get bored., We saw many people throwing Burger and chips along with Spag bols on their plates (would you do this at home) Probably not. You also get a free meal in selected restuarants so use that to try other food. Drinks, all inclusive but served in small plastic cups, a safe idea being that you are surrounded by poolsand mostly through the day in bare feet. But lads be prepared you will have to get your selves 4 cups at the same time if you want a pint. Pools, Excellent, you have a wide choice from Wave pool, normal swimming pool, to 4 flumes. Down side with flumes is some times there is not enough water flowing down them so you end up stopping during the ride, but its fun neitherless. Entertainment, now i can aggree that every where you go you get crap entertainment. or perhaps crap is to harsh perhaps basic is better to say. At the Aqua blu it is basic but simple so your children understand, which it is really for them isnt it. I have two boys aged 2 and 8 both really enjoyed it. Only down fall is every sunday is karaoke in the night club, so all childresn enetertainment is hosted here to. Not part of your all inclusive, so if you want a drink you have to pay for it. So top tip if yopur going to do an excursion do it on a sunday. Wach out. You will get mobbed by not sellers but by the hotels own private restuarants, they will bother you every day. You must tell them straight no if you mean no. out side the hotel is a row of shops, again they will try and entice you in, especially the perfume shops. it is ok but even with a hagle youll get ripped off compared to the town prices. Dont fall for the trck about oh your english i love english people please come and sign my book to say i have met you, because before you know it ladies youll be wearing all sorts of perfume, And bombarded with fruit and a drink and walk out spending nearly £25. uk pounds on something not even Prada. The hotel accross the road also has a couple of slides but you can not use there bar, but you do get some lovely food at the beach restaurant, which includes your ai drinks. The beach is beautiful and the red see is to die for,Crystal clear water warm and you do get to see Nemo if you look carefully. Well my overal opinion is that this hotel caters more for Germans and Riussians but if you let the staff know your english they will spoil you, Why cause were allies really. Sharm is the area for the British tourist. We were 1 of 14 familys in the hotel for our two weeks who were english and they will translate every thing for you. Staff were absolutly perfect All men, but really did care. If you go see Sultan in the foye bar and tell him Little Brady sayes hello, Sultan When we were their was expecting his first baby, and is a lovely man who will talk to you and your kids. Well would i go back to this hotel YES YES YES, if my wife loes it it must be upto scratch, as she is one fussy lady, but i wouldnt change her for the world. Thinking about going to Aqua Blu, Well go it will be money well spent. Are we going back Yes in Aug 2009 Want a cheaper holiday than all the rest, we book ours through Travel councillors .co.uk Bye for now"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 31st August 2008

Like a sewage works.

Reviewed 15th October 2012

"The smell of sewage spoilt this holiday and I don't think it is very healthy. It comes from what they constantly water the gardens with. It seems to work well with the pretty flowers but wasn't at all pleasant, and was like a sewage works. Hotel had a fair bit of noise from the airplanes flying overhead as it is fairly near to the airport runway. There was no draught beer and bottled beer wasn't very palatable. Very few English people at this Hotel and so Television stations were very limited, as were English books on their bookshelves. So come prepared. Hotel was overbooked so were placed in the Albatross Hotel (Sister Hotel) which we didn't like at all. Moved after one night after a lot of hassle. New room had ants, but this was sprayed immediately and seemed to cure the problem. Flies were a real nuisance both round the pool and in the restaurant, mainly because floors and tables were not mopped cleaned properly. Be aware that there is constant nagging from people selling massage, tours and shows several times a day and it does get very irritating. On the plus side, Hotel set in nice grounds and the swimming pools were lovely. One had a wave machine which was fun. Snacks were availble at most times of the day, including some lovely crepes. Hotel was convenient for Hurghada and its shopping centre (15 to20 Egyptian Pounds for taxi outside hotel.)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 10th October 2007

Aqua Blu

Reviewed 22nd December 2012

"Over all this Hotel was great for my son(7) and I. Its set on a site with 2 sister hotels were you can use thier facilities, Albatros beach has, as its name suggests, its own beach. Meals have to be taken in your hotel dinnig room, there is a snack bar at the beach and around the pool. I found the food to be well above average for all-inclusive. Beer is all served from bottles, wine you get used to and spirits they all taste the same in these places! Kids help themselves from drink stations, cups of ice cream and bottled water is included. The rooms are a good size and are well cleaned, towels changed every day, beach towels from huts at the pools. There is a mini-bar in the room but is not stocked, so take your own. The slides and pools are great and there are 2 water parks near by, if they are not enough! Entertainment in the evening wasn't all that, but the Russians and Eastern blockers lapped it up. We paid £5 sterling for transfers each way. Hard Rock cafe is good and cheap. Locals didn't hassel us at all, quite the opposite, un-like Sharm ! We didn't do any trips as it was far to HOT! There is a lot to do in Hurghada if you want to. I think its unfair to call Hurghada a dump, a holiday is what you make of it. And a bargin price also helps!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 3rd August 2007


Reviewed 30th October 2012

"aqua blu- took bout 4 n half hrs 2 get der but yeaaa it was worth it . they love the english cos they dont get many there its all full of germans n that. the rooms are well nice except the bathroom every time i had a shower it flooded!!! all the coke n beer was free so i was lovin that stayin in the hotel all day is long yea book trips to cairo n luxor . haha i did !! the food is nuffin spesh so all i did was go down the shop n buy loads of pringles haha !! no joke the hotel is massive and the internet cafe is alright except the connection is bad , that was annoyin the beach is the bomb for divin and snorkellin n sunbathin soo if ur lookin 4 a well gud holiday go egypt ! this is gettin long im out laters"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 9th July 2007

I went through Olympic Holidays company ...

Reviewed 29th May 2007

"I went through Olympic Holidays company and was a bit disappointed when I came to Primasol Beach Hotel and there was no booking for me. After 30 min they sent me to next hotel Aqua Blue. Finally I was happy about it but what a mess in paperwork and poor English of receptionists! Hotel is very nice, no bad word against it. I recommend to everyone, especially for children. It’s new one, very nice, many different swimming pools with chairs, lots of slides, very nice dining room, and lounge in Egypt style. Food was a bit crap, but probably same as in all Egypt. There was plenty of food, but something like rice and chicken that was hungry at time alive. Definitely food needs improving. I mean quality. Some people are afraid of diarrhoea. I saw plastic gloves on cook's hands and had no problems while in Egypt or after. Staff attitude was quite good, but sometimes depending on your nationality. I noticed Arabs like Germans most. Entertainment was very, very good. Really funny, almost every evening, something that suits everyone. Club for kids, leading by girls from Germany and Russia. I wish they were my mothers, if I had children I'd leave them in kids club. Lots of activities and you could use swimming pools in both hotels. Absolutely fantastic gardens, decorations in Arabic style. I wanted to travel over Egypt but was so comfy in hotel that I stayed only there. As I said two things needs improving and it's quality of food-I'd expect it better for 4 or 5* hotel, and attitude of staff and their languages knowledge. Otherwise paradise on earth. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 29th May 2007

Great Relaxing Week

Reviewed 14th November 2012

"This was my second visit to Egypt but my first time in Hurghada. We were looking for a relaxing week in the sun to re-charge our batteries and thats exactly what we got. The hotel was very good and the cleaniless was excellent. There was a good choice of pools for you to laze by each day if you didn't want to venture to the beach. Our only complaint with the hotel was the food. The number of German and Russian guests majorly outweighed the English so all food was mainly catered to their tastes but they seemed to love it!! We went out into Hurghada town (just a short taxi ride) a few nights and visited the Hard Rock Cafe, the food was so cheap and the staff were excellent. There is a lot of building currently going on in Hurghada so I'm sure this resort will be lot busier in a few years."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 24th March 2007

Fabulous Place

Reviewed 27th December 2012

"Second Visit to Eygpt... We arrived in the early evening and the place was stunning. beautifully presented exterior and lobby. check in was smooth and easy. beds were a little hard (but still quite ok). my only objection was that we arrived as two couples and the other couple in our group were located in a room on the opposite side of the pools. that was a little disappointing, but on the whole, if that is the worst thing, life is pretty good! Food was fabulous, plenty of variety. beer was good, spirits were quite strong so had to water them down to taste. Staff were VERY VERY good. rooms were clean, spacious and well presented. It could have been a little closer to the beach, but still walkable distance, and there was a shuttle bus for those lazy afternoons. Good location for all activities. We had a fantastic time and would highly recommend this hotel. Oh and do not forget to try the desert quad biking! it is FAB!! Gabrielle!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 18th March 2007
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    "A upcoming resort a must see"

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