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About Ali Baba Palace

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • shuttle bus service
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • fitness center
  • spa
  • free parking
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • wheelchair access
  • air conditioning
  • dry cleaning
  • smoking rooms available
  • refrigerator
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • concierge desk
  • flatscreen tv
  • family rooms
  • banquet room
  • multilingual staff
  • airport transportation
  • breakfast buffet
  • outdoor pool
  • conference facilities
  • free breakfast
  • minibar
  • private balcony
  • breakfast available
  • beach
  • reduced mobility rooms
  • heated pool
  • paid internet
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • swimup bar
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • babysitting
  • tv other russia
  • tv channel one russia
  • tv ntv world russia
  • tv rtr planeta russia
  • water park

Reviews summary

1098 reviews
  • 2 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 2.5 service
  • 1 dining
  • 1 amenities
  • 3 value
  • 2.5 food
  • 3 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

19 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Highly recommend!!

Reviewed 27th June 2016

"Beautiful location, grounds are wonderful and the beach is just perfect. The rooms are clean. The staff are friendly, and there is tons to do for the whole family, ice skating, bowling, aqua park, swimming pool, spa, all wonderful. I highly recommend this hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 27th June 2016
  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

We booked to go to the Aladdin but without warning were put in the Ali baba

Reviewed 24th October 2013

"Be careful when booking a holiday through SUNSHINE.CO.UK when they use MEDHOTELS to suply your accommodation! As SUNSHINE .CO.UK will Not and cannot help you if you have any kind of dispute, furthermore MEDHOTELS who they booked the accommodation with are NOT ABTA bonded! We booked a holiday to go to the Aladdin hotel in Hurghada Egypt for 26th August 2013 ( before any trouble started) On our arrival at 03:30 we found our hotel was closed and empty & were told we had now to stay at one of her sister hotels next door the Ali Baba. When we complained to the hotel management basically we were told your hotel is closed so there is nothing the can do. We then complained to the tour rep but got the same reply. We then asked why had we not been told of the closure of our preferred hotel prior to our departure they had no answer & tried to say we were being upgraded. I pointed out how can it be an upgrade when the rooms are basically the same but you have closed almost every amenity within the complex? We had stayed at the Aladdin several tines over the past few years its very good that's why we return to this complex of 3 sister hotels, Aladdin Jasmine & Ali Baba. We have a choice of 8 different restaurant's, 8 bars 3 pools 3 beaches 3 shopping centres & much more. But not this time we had almost nothing open 1 restaurant 2 bars I pool & that's about it, the food was absolute slop old school dinners were far more nutritious and tasty compared to what we has served daly at the Ali Baba. When we got home we complained once more through our travel agent namely SUNSHINE.CO.UK all they did was to forward my complaint's to MEDHOTELS who then used every excuse in the book to not compensate us the told lie after lie they even tried to say there was a curfew imposed in Hurghada LIE there never was, then blamed other country's for not sending enough tourists. Then told us that they did not know the Aladdin was closed until we arrived LIE they had spent the previous week emptying it & it was also in the proses of closing the Jasmine. Now to top it all SUNSHINE.CO.UK tell me to contact ABTA to sort my dispute only to be told by ABTA that MEDHOTELS are not bonded by them and now my only course of action is to take them to court myself and start legal proceedings through the small calmest court! So after being given the runaround by MEDHOTELS for almost 2 months all I can do now is warn everyone out there be careful when booking a holiday through SUNSHINE.CO.UK because they may just send you on a holiday that is Not ABTA bonded with deceitful hotel providers like MEDHOTELS. Finally yes I am going to start legal proceedings, after all the lies they have told I can't wait to have my day in court and show every conflicting email they have sent sunshine.co.uk 0/10... Medhotels 0/10..... Ali Baba in Hurghada 2/10 nice pool! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 22nd October 2013
  • 2 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

English people avoid - Good staff - Bad Management - Old Fashioned

Reviewed 15th August 2011

"We stayed at the Ali baba palace hotel for four weeks - this was a family reunion which had been booked many months earlier! We had problems from the moment we entered the hotel! - Including second floor rooms for infants - rooms not booked at all and a reception staff that spoke practically no English! The senior staff and management appeared to be anti-english and were very unhelpful! dismissing anything and everything we said! We were a party of fourteen - all one family! Staying in seven rooms (7). The youngest member of the family slipped on very wet stairs attempting to get to her room which was on the second floor! She was grabbed by a member of staff and taken to the medical centre on site - where she received stitches - to a cut which was minor! They then presented us with a bill for two hundred pounds for the privelage. The medical staff - refused to let relatives in and were very unprofessional and rude. Of the 28 days we stayed at the hotel - 5 days were spent at reception attempting to rectify serious and alarming problems. Including racist comments from management against English people. One pool attendant deliberately annoyed the whole family for over twelve hours - absolutely ruining our day at the pool. If a seat at the pool was required - It was necessary to wake at five am to reserve one. As the Russians bribed the pool staff to secure their seats very early. Four of the rooms were infested with insects and had to be sprayed daily. We were badly bitten on the legs. Every member of the family suffered serious diahorea. My son and his girlfriend paid to attend a romantic dinner by the pool - which resulted in serious food poisoning and being unable to eat for over a week. When the romantic dinner is on or the foam party at the beach is on - the hotel offers no entertainment whatsoever! This is to encourage you to buy tickets at extortionate prices. These events occur every week - so for 8 days we sat bored silly or went to our rooms to watch television. We had laundry done twice and both times - we had to hunt for our clothes. The wiring in the rooms was down right dangerous - and the bath plugs were removed to prevent anyone from taking a bath instead of a shower. I received a serious electric shock twice while plugging in my camera. Apart from Sammy - the excursions were absolutely fraudulent and miss-leading - with no means of recourse - as the holiday representative - who infrequently visited the hotel - was absolutely useless. The other two hotels were disgusting - with no hygene standards whatsoever. We were appalled by their standards. And their rudeness. I could write pages and pages here - but it still would not cover the problems we encountered here. If you are English - stick to Sham el Sheik - we went there last year and they were awesome. Hurghada does not like or cater for English people - avoid at all costs."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 6th August 2011
  • 4 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 1 Food

All round good holiday

Reviewed 30th July 2009

"Myself, husband and two teenage daughters have just returned from the Ali Baba Palace. We stayed 7 nights all inclusive, although there are a number of items that require payment if you choose cocktails, fresh juice or drinks in the disco. Staff badger you constantly to buy tickets to go to 'snow party' or 'bbq', don't bother! The pool is beautiful and big enough to not be overcrowded, but be aware that the poolside floor is very slippery and many people performed some spectacular gymnastic displays in a wild attempt to retain their drinks and dignity. The evening entertainment is fair so long as you are not looking for 'quality' and passes an hour after dinner. We suffered the odd frustration with coffee machines regularly breaking down, lack of glasses/cups to self serve, and an inability to 'wait their turn' by Russian guests. The Aladin and Jasmin Hotels are available for your use but you need to get a ticket from reception in the morning if you wish to eat there. The main restaraunt in the Aladin is worth a visit. There is a shopping mall across the road which is about the only place you can walk to. You will get hassled in all but the supermarket at the end of the row, which is a pleasant place to browse and quite cheap. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 29th July 2009

Ali Baba Palace Hurghada

Reviewed 24th June 2009

"I recently stayed at the Ali Baba Hurghada, I really enjoyed the holiday, weather great people freindly, hotel really clean great value for money I would reccomend it. Food is average, although impossible to be hungry as there is plenty of food available and lots of variety. Staff very freindly, it was a great holiday. Jill London. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 19th June 2009

its ok

Reviewed 21st May 2009

"Denise and Karl We have not long returned from the ali baba, the hotel is generaly clean, the pool area is great. be up early if you wanr a sun bed!.Food is not good at all and is the same most days.They claim to have 3 restaurants serving different foods, however its the same in all of them. The one main thing that spoilt it for me was the very rude Russians, its full of them they are in your face all of the time. They push n shove and are so greedy, they are rude to the staff who hate them with a passion,needless to say the staff are fed up and it shows in the way they are, always arguing with each other.They also constantly want money of you for fresh orange, tickets for bbqs {dont go to one },we got asked one day at least 20 times for money for different things. That doesn,t make it all inclusive just a rip off. It,s not geared up for the brits and they certainly dont get it right on any level. which is a shame because the hotel and gardens are lovely. The beach is ok very stoney, beach bar is ok to. Without wanting to sound like a kill joy,i wouldn,t recommend the Ali Baba,, because nothing is as it seems. There is no where to go outside the hotel except the other sister hotels which are the same, all full of Russians ruling the place.Entertainment is very average to, thank god they had some English chanels on the tv. Well hope this review helps,because i wish i,d have read them properly first because i wouldnt have gone. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 20th May 2009

The hotel staff are rude and inconsidera...

Reviewed 5th June 2008

"The hotel staff are rude and inconsiderate. i would not recomend this hotel for women traveling alone or in groups because of the hotel staff being sexual predators, DO NOT travel into Hurghada alone also beware of white mini-van taxi's they are not registerd and they WILL have pick pockets aboard ! The main clientele are Russian's who in my experience at the hotel were rude and pushy e.g at the bar crowding for drinks. All Inclusive DOES NOT mean All Inclusive, you have to pay for everything e.g drinks and food. the three All Inclusive restaurants all serve the same menu for two weeks then change to a virtualy same menu for another two weeks and alternate between them. the smaller heated pool is packed with nearly the entire number of guests because the big pool that has boosted the star rating from a 3-4 to a 4-5 is a steady 1-2 degrees below freezing and is only kept from freezing by being constantly pumped, i had jumped in it on the first day and it was that cold i had nearly had an asthma attack because it was such a shock to my system. the staff are constant pests and will not let you relax i would not reckomend this hotel to anyone with a brain who isnt willing to be prayed upon by sexual predators. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 5th June 2008

we have just stayed in the Ali Baba pala...

Reviewed 6th April 2008

"we have just stayed in the Ali Baba palace for 2 weeks which was fantstic the overall rating i wouldgive to it is 8as i would say that the rooms need updating and also that the meals need to be served hotter! the red sea is fantastic for snorkeling and scuba and its really cheap to qualify as an open water diver , the people are generaly plesent you just have to watch for being ripped off. weather was fantastic 40 some days but there is a great breeze, suitable for all ages there was 3 generations in my group and we all enjoyed it . tipping people is the norm now but our rep told us what is exeptable happy to answer questions if i can help, beautiful place hurgahda is up and coming loads of development for the future just looking for next year."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 6th April 2008

My husband and I booked this hotel at th...

Reviewed 16th January 2008

"My husband and I booked this hotel at the last minute, mainly due to the pool and the facilities offered. The hotel is impressive, vast open space, plenty of sun beds by the pool, free mattresses and towels, don’t forget your towel card, and the ability to use the facilities in the sister hotels, including the bars. The hotel staff can’t do enough for you, they are friendly, and once they find out that you are English and will use every opportunity to talk to you. I will warn you that the Russians are loud, rude, and impolite and treat the staff like something you would find on the bottom of your shoes, needless to say, if you ignore them and don’t let them spoil your holiday you will have a good time. The food is slightly repetitive, the pool bar offers chips and pizza at lunch if you don’t feel like a main meal, kids can help themselves to soft drinks and there is a beach 3 mins walk away from the main hotel. There is a smell in the evenings, which is a bit unpleasant but that is only in the grounds, once you get into your room, which is cleaned on a daily basis, the views over the complex are relaxing. Take a taxi into the New Town, Sakala, you shouldn’t pay more than 30 Egyptian Pounds, our equivalent of £3.00, and that includes the tip. Barter for everything, nothing has a price tag on, and to be fair its good fun. Again the shop keepers are a bit persistent but if you are firm with them and say No, but thanks, they will let you alone. We are going back again in September but to a different hotel, mainly because we are looking to buy a property - stuff Spain, Egypt has sun 365 days a year, and the last time it rained was about 9 years ago. What more could you want. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 16th January 2008

Not a 4 Star plus Hotel - Rude staff

Reviewed 18th October 2012

"We stayed at the Ali Baba Palace from April 3 to April 10 2007, and booked this through a travel agent. The stay started off on the wrong foot when on arrival they told us we would not get the family room we had booked. After much arguement (we were not the only ones) we were given two rooms (not adjoined) which resulted in my wife and I needing to stay in separate rooms for 2 nights as we had 3 small children with us. It was not until 2 days later that we got the room we had booked - and only after intervention from our local tour operator. They were also very cagey about what a family room actually was - changing their story several times, saying they did not exist, to that it was just two adjoining rooms to finally admitting they had family suites consisting of 2 bedrooms (which is what we had booked). In the end we got it but 2 days later. The rooms overall are not 4 star - they are dated, with furniture damaged, our family room had serious water damage to one of the walls (mold and paint comming off) and the shower tap was broken. Not what you would expect from a 4 star plus hotel as they advertise. Also the extra bed is not really an extra bed - it is more of a pull out couch which is effectively a mattras on the floor, when we asked why not a bed - they enquired as to why we were making such a fuss as it was only for our five year old child!! The pool and outside facilities are nice - especially the gardens are well maintained and very pretty - such that from the outside it looks like a very nice hotel - but given the rooms and the dining facilities this is a bit of a facade. Although the pool is huge - only the front end is heated - hence if you are going in the winter or even April period - be prepared for a pretty cold pool 17-18 c, with exception of the front part which as a result can get quite crowded. Also if you want a deck chair by the pool be prepared to get up early by 8 am most mornings all deck chairs were taken with towels on them marking them as reserved. The hotel is also under the flight path of Hurghada airport so you get to see the landing planes, and although one got used to this after a while and there were only about 5-10 planes landing per day - the Russian charter flights are older planes and very loud. The food is not great and is the same buffet style everyday. The lunch buffet is often the same as the dinner served that evening, and the lunch outside at the pool bar consists of fries, soggy pizza or lasanga - and its also the same every single day. Although we heard of people with stomach problems - we did not suffer any ourselves during our stay - but were careful with pealed fruit etc. Twice we went outside the hotel to enjoy food in town and at another hotel. (Marriot has a great Italian but pricey). The staff can also be quite rude and unhelpful. The way they handled our problem with the rooms on day one - was not acceptable,. Drinks can take a long time to get served during dinner (twice we finally got them during dessert), several times we needed to ask for a 5th towel in the room given they kept giving us only 4 (when we clearly were a party of 5), and one day they didn't clean/make up the room at all. This hotel is also frequented by primarily Russian tourists - 80% when we were there. The Russian tourists on the whole did not bother us too much although they did get a bit pushy in the food lines, some of them walked around drunk by 11 am , and for the most part they are very rude to the local hotel staff - which probably explains the staff's attitude to the guests on the whole. I would be quite tired of them if I had to put up with the same day in day out. In summary - very nice grounds outside, the rooms are poor just barely worthy of 3 stars, the food is poor and the same day in day out, and staff can be rude and disinterested in the guests. This is not a 4 star hotel by any normal standards, (with the exception of the grounds) so if 4 stars is what you want or expect you will be dissapointed. We will never be returning to this hotel again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 10th April 2007

Girls be ware

Reviewed 23rd December 2012

"Rooms are ok about American 3 stars. This hotel is very clean. The spa is awesome, the beach is awesome. Pool is great too. Food..... not so good, especially if you are looking for variety. Pretty much the same old thing every day. Although there are many types of deserts if you are into sweets. Hotel staff are all men (women dont really work in tourism industry in egypt) who are total sex perverts. Waiters, security, poolboys, cleaning personel, cashiers, all tried to grab or kiss or ask out on a date my friends and me. My biggest regret is not telling hotel adminstrator that hotel staff is complitely inapporipriate. I had a bad experience, where one of my credit cards got stuck in the ATM machine. This was on thursday night, and on Friday, Saturday, adn Sunday the bank is closed. This ATM was in the hotel lobby, however hotel's administrator refused to help. I had to cancel my credit card from Egypt. Other than that this hotel is ok. I think Hurgahda in general is geared toward Russian tourism, so not many people over there can speak English. For American tourists I recommend Shrm el Sheikh cause hotels are nicer, people speak English, and it is more westernized"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 8th March 2007

Lovely Egypt

Reviewed 26th October 2012

"Me and some of my friends have visited this hotel from 27th of January till 6th of February. The "+" are: - very nice territory - there are 3 hotels (Jasmin, Alladin and Ali Baba) connected together witj beautiful huge territory. A great place for those who likes to go for a walk. You can also use the facilities of all 3 hotels. - very good sandy shore in Jasmine hotel, even with corals about 10meters from the shore. - very good italina animation The "-" are: - the rooms need to be restored - the service in the restaurants is bad - the food could be better If the green territory and sandy beech are the main criterias of the hotel in Egypt for you - it is the right choice."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 23rd February 2007
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  • by Paularrund

    "None book with local tour guides for same trips at less than half the cost"

  • by pumpkin cottage

    "snorkelling conditions are great even for young children and complete novices."

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