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Reviewed Wed 12th of December 2012

"Though the hotel is far from being luxurious, it is lovely, full of arabian charm(as long as you have taste for it).I do.
Hygiene?- It met all my standards and I am a doctor.I am talking about the rooms,the pool,the food,everything.
Comfort?- Definitely! Well, not 5* comfort(it is not 5* hotel), but I would call it very "practical" comfort.The bed is 2 meters wide and as soft as it is healthy to be.Very good airconditioning in every room.Lovely small balcony with a pool view.
Hotel Staff?- I liked them all very much.They are very,very friendly and try to speak every possible language.If you know a word or two in arabic, they will love you.We got very good service,timely and efficient.And I would only like to remind you that in eastern countries like Egypt tips are highly appreciated.
Food!- Great variety, but no hamburgers!There are french fries, though :)
So we had a great time at Alf Leila, but I must admit that we are eastern people(Bulgarian), we had no children with us and we enjoy life as a whole."

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of May 2006

This hotel in my opinion was superb. The...

Reviewed Sat 11th of February 2006

"This hotel in my opinion was superb. The standard of cleanliness could not be beaten. The staff were very friendly and made you feel at home.

The food is typically Egypt so do not go there if you want ham egg and chips. The pools are secluded in small garden areas. There is a good children’s playground and free horse riding and camel rides daily for all inclusive guests. You also get pool towels for the beach and pool.

Daily a bus runs down the there sister hotel the Dana beach for which you can get free drinks and lunch. All inclusive drinks are serve yourself fizzy soft drinks and Stella beer no spirits.

Entertainment was a bit scarce in the evening. If you want to book any trips do not do it with the hotel or the med hotels rep, go down the road to the shops outside the Dana beach and the last tour shop is called spider tours.

You can go snorkelling for the day for 9.80 including lunch and drink. We will visit this hotel again.

Ps. There is also a movie channel on 24hours in English with all the to[p movies. Have a nice trip."

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  • Travel date: Sat 11th of February 2006

My wife and I have stayed in some wonder...

Reviewed Fri 13th of January 2006

"My wife and I have stayed in some wonderful hotels throughout the world and this was by far one of the worst holidays of my life.

The Hotel architecture was pleasant and the hotel surroundings also. The rooms were very basic for a 4 star hotel but they were clean.

The food was the biggest problem, breakfast was okay if you like eggs. Lunch and dinner was disgusting, we met a family there who had 3 children and they had been there 4 days and not eaten! We ate out every night either in sekalla which was about a 2 pound and 10 minute taxi ride where we found some excellent eateries (Fish house, shanghai Chinese, McDonalds!! Even this was better then the restaurant).

We also ate at the Hard Rock cafe in Nawarra which was also great although expensive.

The entertainment in the hotel was awful ( unless you are German/ Russian)the only good bit was the fact you could ride the horses and camels for a half hour every day free of charge.
In sekalla there are various pubs, clubs and shisha bars which are brill.(papas bar, liquid lounge, joli bar)

The beach (500 metres away) was also disgusting there seemed to be a puddle of water right down the length of the beach. The sand was like grit and the sea was filthy with rubbish floating in it. The food although better was still only German hotdogs, cold pizza and undercooked chips.

This was our 5th visit to Egypt with the other 4 being in Sharm El Sheikh and if we go back it will certainly be there and not Hurghada."

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  • Travel date: Fri 13th of January 2006

When I looked on the net at this hotel i...

Reviewed Wed 11th of January 2006

"When I looked on the net at this hotel it looked lovely, and upon arrival it was very nice apart from the remote location. The staff were very helpful apart from one of the girls on reception who was very helpful with my partner but not with me. We felt very out numbered by the amount of Germans (some would even pay the pool attendant to put their towels on beds at 6am) there also many other nationalities to the point where the entertainment staff did most entertaining round the pool in every language but English, as a result we were not included in anything.

The food on a whole was terrible unless you like to eat cakes 24/7 but the omelettes in the morning were gorgeous also it is worth paying that little bit extra in the A La Carte as the food is delicious, however watch out for getting stung with Lanson champagne, we had a waiter holding two bottles one with the label facing us and the other turned the other way looking identical and was offered to us for £15 English pounds, so we had two bottles but they were actually £60 each, he hid the sparkling wine label (which was £15)

No need to get Egyptian pounds as they prefer to use euros. Evening entertainment was rubbish. Planet Hollywood in Hurghada was nice, local taxi ride fun but hair raising, they all turn their headlights off when there are no other cars around. Snorkelling trip with the turtles a complete rip off as you don't actually get to see any.

However it was a wonderful country to go, you feel very safe with security everywhere but not over powering, where the weather is guaranteed, no time difference and a flight of just under 5 hours. Best not to take children in summer months as it is so, so hot. We are going back to Egypt but to Naama Bay for a bit more nightlife and a central location.

We wouldn't recommend this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of January 2006

Well, slightly positive...

Reviewed Sun 18th of November 2012

"Hotel is nice and clean. You will really like the building. It is biiiiiig. Four pools, at least three restaurants. I was there for 12 days, and last day I found a part of hotel in which I have never been. There are some replicas of famous monuments of Egypt. Great place for a kid.

Rooms are nice, I did not hear anybody from my group complaining. Climatized, TV, phone, two bed, every room looks at the pool. Nice terrace where you can hang out in late hours. TV channels are awfull.

The hotel is far from city (I think about 20 km).

The beach is about 1km from hotel. You can walk or take hotel's minibus, which should go every 15 minutes, but usualy he is not.

Food is diverse, but nothing special. You will often find same meal - same food. But you have many kinds of food, fruits, vegetables, cakes, soups... Somebody say "great for losing weight" - it is. You can eat healthy.

They will tell you that you will get two 0.5l bottles of water every day, but you wont. They will tell you that they will change your towels every day, but they wont. If you ask for anything (hairdryer), they will tell you that they will get one for you, but they wont. But, they will not steal from you. I forgot my wallet once in the room, the room-service cleaned my room, and my wallet stayed intact.

Do not use hotel phone for international calls. Do not use hotel post-office phone. They will rip you off. Egypt-Serbia, less than a minute is ~6 euros, and Serbia is about 4th european country closest to Egypt (Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia).

Hotel have Internet Caffe, 5 euros per hour. CD burning is also 5 euros per disk, so if you have a digital camera, prepare your memory cards, do not waste money on this.

The darkest side is personnels in shops in hotel. These shops are on your way to the restaurant, so you cant miss them. They are, as many of the hotel personnel, so invasive and dissrespectfull to females. I have to be very rude in one case. It goes so far, that the guy will follow you, sit at your table and start on your female accompanist, regarless of her "function" (girlfriend, daughter, friend...) and your presence. You should understand this behaviour, because they have hard time with "their" females (cultural reasons), most of them are not and will never be married, so they are trying to get what they can. But they really go far than acceptable, their problems are not our problems, so if they harras your lady, be rude. If you want to make trouble to them, get one of the hotel managers and shout. I'm stressing this, because this almost ruined my vacation. If they harras your lady, BE RUDE. BE RUDE!!! They will not stop if you do not make trouble.

At the pools, as on the beach, you can be disturbed by people offering you services - massage, body painting, entertainment... They have trouble hearing "No", so find a way to be clear enough to them.

Whatever you can buy outside hotel (food, water, juices), buy it.

Hotel and the beach are safe. They have their own security personnel, "white policemans" - tourist police oficers recognizable by white uniforms and "green policemans" - egyptian police officers in green uniforms.

Do not miss the Paradise Islands and scubadiving. Buy a bottle of eteric oil. Smoke water pipe.

Whatever happends to you in this hotel is something you can expect in whole Egypt. The bitter taste stays when you realize that they watch only at your wallet, and do not care too much about you. My whole impression is slightly positive, but this hotel is not for young people. It is to far from city, and this is big limitation if you want to hang out.

Some general notes about Egypt:

If you are giving a tip, remember - 20 EP are big money in Egypt. Sallary is about 100. Whatever price is, it is too expensive.

Alcohol is forbidden in Egypt, and can be bought only in hotels and bars, where is really expensive.

Possessing drugs in Egypt can lead you to lifetime imprisonment or death penalty (You will see this warning at the border). If you are practicing this kind of entertainment, keep this in mind. DO NOT PLAY WITH YOUR LIFE, THEY ARE SERIOUS."

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  • Travel date: Thu 15th of December 2005


Reviewed Sun 18th of November 2012

"took my wife and 4 children here .there was no entertament.the food was rubbish.were told they hate the english.had to wait 2 days for 2 extra beds for my children.they hassle you around the pool.and in the shops"

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of December 2005

The best thing about this hotel is the u...

Reviewed Sun 13th of November 2005

"The best thing about this hotel is the use of the Dana Beach Resort, but more on that later...

The hotel has a very usually appearance - looks like a cross between Las Vegas and a Disney version of Ali Baba's castle. LOTS of fairy lights, multicoloured flashing palm trees and so on.

Room was spacious and clean, with plenty of new looking furniture. Bathroom large (shower only though). Large fridge in room, which was very handy as we bought plenty of duty free on way out as spirits are extra in hotel.

I was on the ground floor, and my balcony looked onto an enclosed corridor, so it was always dark, and people were walking past occasionally. So balcony was not really used, and I couldn't even dry clothes there (for fear of theft).

2 small pools in the hotel - both too small and shallow for swimming. Pools are not heated, but just about bearable at beginning of November (Egypt's winter).

Food was all horrible except for bread, room service (which is extra - a Lot extra), omelettes (morning only) and pizza (2-4 pm only). What the hotel calls Snacks (2-4 pm) are just the lunch leftovers carried to a different room, although the addition of pizza makes it slightly preferable to lunch (12-1:30 pm).
Ate out every evening bar one in Sigala, which has very nice and reasonably priced restaurants (although many do not serve alcohol).

Wine was foul as you might expect, but beer (Egyptian Stella - no similarity to Belgian Stella) was fine and served straight from the bottle. It didn't taste watered-down as I read in some other reviews.

Staff nice and friendly (especially Ramon), but they are trying to sell trips, massages, facials, hair braiding, etc constantly.

Guests are mainly Russian, then next biggest group is German. There were only 4 other British guests whilst I was there.

Found the evening 'entertainment' very irritating (even from as far away as my room), and tried to go out every evening.

Sigala is quite far away at 17 km (Ed Hadar is even further) and 1 way can take anything from 20 minutes to an hour (longer in the minibuses than the taxis). We took to getting a taxi direct from the hotel, getting them to wait and then bringing us back when we were ready (about 45 Egyptian). Although the minibuses seemed a bit cheaper, they took longer.

There is a shuttle bus from the hotel every 30 minutes that takes you to the beach at the 5 star Dana Beach Resort. At the Dana Beach Resort you can help yourself to free food and drinks - the food is far superior and you can have spirits as well as beer and wine to drink.

The sand on the beach is a bit gravely - I heard that it is a man-made beach, but don't know for sure.

If you go snorkelling in November, take a jumper for the boat ride.

I would look for alternative accommodation unless this is by far the cheapest option.

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  • Travel date: Sun 13th of November 2005

The hotel itself is very nice- the rooms...

Reviewed Thu 30th of June 2005

"The hotel itself is very nice- the rooms were lovely and cleaned every day. The location, however, was something of a disadvantage. Definitely not the place to stay if you want to go out in the town in the evenings. There are hotel buses, but these are irregular and expensive compared to the other possibility, which is to use to transport of the locals- minibuses. Don’t be conned into paying ridiculous fees. We paid 5 Egyptian Pounds to be taken to the town during the day (and apparently even this is a lot more than the locals would pay for a similar journey). In the evening, between 15 (if you are good at bartering!) and 30 is reasonable. Anything more and you are being royally ripped off. A good trick is to say that it cost you 10 EP to get from town to the hotel, so you know it is cheaper.

The staff are generally helpful, but full of promises that will not be kept. They will also try to send you on expensive daytrips when these very trips may be booked for much less from other providers. There is a man called Alex who has an office along the traders gauntlet who offers trips and diving etc for half the rate your tour operator will offer it for. Probably a better bet as well because there are likely to be less people on them than on the massive commercial trips.

Finally, beware of the food. Everyone gets sick- its unavoidable- so I would recommend taking lots of medicine with you.

Oh, and the orange juice and cocktails (which incidentally cost a ridiculous 6€) are not included in the All-Inclusive offer.


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  • Travel date: Thu 30th of June 2005

Excellent value. Hotel very clean and co...

Reviewed Tue 31st of May 2005

"Excellent value. Hotel very clean and comfortable, staff helpful and friendly. Beautiful building, very ornate. Excellent selection of food, especially at dinner. Particularly liked the home produced breads, pastries and puddings. Chefs clearly took a pride in what they produce and were on hand to cook to order omelettes (at breakfast), pastas and various meat dishes (lunch and dinner). All inclusive drinks limited to wine, beer and soft drinks, but we knew that in advance and were happy with what we got.

Hotel is a bit remote, but the beach at the sister hotel is close enough to walk (10 to 15 minutes stroll) and there is a courtesy bus service. Animation team not the best, but it always is difficult to cater for varied nationalities. Not much to Hurghada, but trips (especially snorkelling) are very reasonably priced.

Ideal hotel for a relaxing break - but take plenty of reading material! Would recommend and would be happy to return at any time. Take Euros rather than Egyptian Pounds - local currency is the least used!

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  • Travel date: Tue 31st of May 2005

We have just arrived back from a fabulou...

Reviewed Thu 31st of March 2005

"We have just arrived back from a fabulous holiday at this hotel.

There were plenty of guests there from all nationalities, but enough English, so you didn’t feel outnumbered. The rooms were spotless and were cleaned everyday. The pools were great there was plenty of entertainment and the staff were wonderful.

The food was okay there was always something available that would be classed as English, chicken, beef pasta chips etc. The breakfast was continental but you could have omelette made by the chef as you waited, or cereal or yoghurt. The hotel was a bit isolated as are the other hotels in Hurghada, but hey you’re in Egypt not Benidorm!

There are shops at the hotel and although the staff can be a bit persistent for you to come and have a look in their shop they were harmless and very nice. I would definitely go back to Egypt and wouldn’t mind going in this hotel again.

Oh nearly forgot to mention, there are horses and camels at this hotel if you are all inclusive you can have 30 mins a day free of charge horse riding or camel riding in the morning. If you want to do this in the evening you can for a fee of £6.50 for one hour riding in the desert, it was great and I would recommend that you try it."

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  • Travel date: Thu 31st of March 2005

Nice hotel extremely clean, room not too...

Reviewed Tue 1st of March 2005

"Nice hotel extremely clean, room not too bad although not 5* food eatable (did not get a funny tummy at all).

Entertainment - what can I say might have enjoyed it if we had been German, Italian, Dutch anything but British. Having said this I went with my daughter for a week just to chill and that’s what we did very easy to find a spot round the pool or catch the hotel’s bus to the beach.

The only complaint we had really was that it was in the middle of nowhere so were rather trapped once it got dark, still early to bed for us most nights!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 1st of March 2005

Terrible hotel. Shoddy rooms, awful foo...

Reviewed Mon 31st of May 2004

"Terrible hotel. Shoddy rooms, awful food - was ill for weeks when I came back.

Had my mobile phone nicked by one of the animation team (Jack).

Supposed to be all inclusive but they find ways to charge you for loads of extras. The animation team tell you inclusive drinks at the disco and then they charge you when you get there. You even get charged extra for fruit juice at breakfast.

The night time shows are some of the worst forms of entertainment I’ve ever had to sit through.

Worst holiday ever - would never go back!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 31st of May 2004

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