Alf Leila Wa Leila

Safaga Rd., Hurghada Egypt
4 star hotel

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( 1829 reviews)
  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 5 food

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Best ever!

Reviewed Fri 29th of October 2010

"this hotel was the best ever,
there was alot of selection of food and it was nice,
there was alot to do and it was nice for the kids to go off and enjoy themselves"

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of May 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

loved it!!!

Reviewed Fri 20th of March 2009

"at first Egypt just didn't appeal to me at all..i only went as a family holiday ...but as soon as i got to the hotel... i was in awe .. it was huge... it was so clean the people were very nice, pleasant to talk to and very helpful ...the food was delicious...u could go n order ur eggs n pasta just the way u wanted... fresh bread every morning ...rooms wer spotless...beautiful balconies... they had their own theatre at the bac n a huge chess board lol .... i would go bac to Egypt just for the hotel :)

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  • Travel date: Thu 19th of March 2009

great holiday

Reviewed Thu 11th of December 2008

"An amazing place. My girlfriend booked this holiday last minute as a surprise so i had not had a chance to look at any reviews. When i did it looked a bit grim. However when we arrived i was surprised (pleasantly). The hotel itself is situated in lovely gardens that are as immaculate as the hotel itself. It is the cleanest place i have ever stayed. The rooms are of a very good standard with a choice of poolside or garden view. The only bad thing to say was there was no kettle provided. The staff from cleaners to bar staff to porters, waiters, chefs and all the rest were extremely courteous, helpful and eager to please. Whilst their are a lot of Germans and Russians you do get the same level of service (actually if anything they did tend to prefer English). The food was varied with a good choice that was clearly identified. A choice of three restaurants offering differnt types of food was available.Snacks during the day and all drinks all day were abundantly available. The animation team were brilliant throughout the day and night offering all sorts of entertainment especially at night in the ampitheatre (check out the buddah buddah sketch).Having read some of the reviews i think they must have stopped in another place. I know peoples opinions differ but all the English people we talked to said the same as us "an amazing place". "

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  • Travel date: Thu 11th of December 2008


Reviewed Sat 3rd of May 2008


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  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of May 2008

Well....I love this hotel... and everyti...

Reviewed Thu 1st of May 2008

"Well....I love this hotel...
and everytime i go there i wana go back!

The people there are so friendly..i always have fun with them...and they always recorgnize me everytime i go back..there are my little egyptian friends..

The rooms are just normal..i hardly ever spent any time in there so i wasnt bortherd about them. they were always cleaned everyday..the cleaner used to fold my pjs and sort out all my products in height size and everything! bless him...lool. If you have the room by the main pool..there is a down side because they stat playing music at like 8 in the morning...but its still good to have a room by the pool..

The pools are really fun! I always got a sunbed and I didnt need to go in the heated pool cause it was too hot...and the fact that you could go to dana beach and have food and drink there was really good..

The food got kinda boring towards the end of the holiday..they do the same thing everyday but with a twist...but i just got used to it and i brought some sweets and stuff with me so i could taste something different!

Dont even get me started on those germans and russains! they are sooo rude! and they always stare at me and my friends like we were aliens or something! I used to just wave at them! lol...I think they are the down part of the holiday..but if they push in the qeue or something just shout at them.. they wont say nothing back lol..

I would recommend the hotel to anyone! I love that place soo much everytime i leave i wana go back...ive already been twice this year and will be going back before the year ends =]


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  • Travel date: Thu 1st of May 2008

We have just returned from our holiday o...

Reviewed Wed 9th of January 2008

"We have just returned from our holiday of a lifetime or so we thought. We booked an all inclusive four star 2 week family holiday, where we could eat and drink and enjoy entertainment, we got very excited at having an inclusive spa sauna ect.

The hotel was lovely from what you can see in darkness, lit up by lights. Which was our first impression. You only notice the building works in daylight.

We waited 2 and half hrs for our room, as our transfer and booking in guy had left without returning our hotel voucher. We were told "they couldn’t give us a room without the voucher as they wouldn’t get paid. We’ll have to wait.

After an hour the receptionist said we could go to eat and he will sort it out.

Not that the directions given were very easy to follow... Others weren’t much help with directions. More for what you should buy.

After eating and feeling totally exhausted from travelling from uk to Egypt from till 9.30pm they gave us our room we were assured we’d really like.

No we didn’t have a room over the pool(s) we did not have two rooms with a connecting granddaughter and I slept in the kitchen. We did get moved but it was one let down after another.

What was supposed to be included was not. The hotel manager said that we had booked our holiday on last year’s all inclusive programme (2006). And what’s included in our booking is not in his hotels and its down to the operators.

The food was the same thing every day, fish chicken beef. Eggs rolls cakes and more cakes. Most of the time the food was cold as workers and other people left the lids off. When the food was nearly finished they would empty hot food on top. We were even expected to pay for our included xmas gala dinner. Also to have entertainment u had to buy dinner as well. (not included??)

We did try to contact the rep from Hurghada. He came to see us a total of 3times during 14 nights. He met we us and the hotel manager to discuss the whole holiday issue. The boss has a big job on his hands, as he has only taken over the hotel in the last 5months. And most of the uk holiday makers I and my family spoke to were all very disappointed.

The manager did get one of his office workers to print of a map of the hotel grounds so we knew where we were going. ( they should have them in all rooms for all holiday makers. Oh he also gave my gran daughter a card, so she could get her free ices. But only one scoop a day. Strange how you could get a free drink but not ice cream for the kids. (also not included).

We did try to contact Youtravel(freedom direct)I’m still holding. I have complained and given an insight, more details you only have a little...people need to be aware Hurghada is up and coming, and like a building site in most areas.

Most of the hotels we saw were nicely decorated. Well cleaned. But do we now have to check with our hotels before we go (that what we booked as all inclusive, really is the same all inclusive as the hotels programme. (oh and make sure the kids club is running. Mm) this experience has ruined what was expected to be a holiday of a lifetime. It’s not every day you can afford that holiday.

We feel very let down."

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  • Travel date: Wed 9th of January 2008

This has to be the worst all inclusive h...

Reviewed Thu 20th of December 2007

"This has to be the worst all inclusive hotel that I have ever been to. It is supposed to be 4 star but I would say that it is barely 3 star. The hotel itself is fine and kept clean and the rooms are ok.

The food and service are an entirely different matter. In the main dining area the food is spread throughout the whole of what is a very large room and so you are walking around the whole time holding plates and being knocked about by others walking in all directions. The food is all in tureens covered with lids with no indication as to what is in them and so you need to hold a plate, large lid and then try to serve yourself as there is no where to put down your plate.

Meat is only available served to you but expect dirty looks if you dare to expect more than one ounce of chicken, but there is plenty of bread available. Flies which could be controlled in the dining room are everywhere. Wine and beer are available in the dining area but no waiter service. Want fresh orange for breakfast? Yes of course if you pay. Keep hold of your tea cup if you want a second one but there will only be herbal tea bags left. In general the food is rubbish.

The main dining area gets very crowded and tables are difficult to get but do not expect to be able to sit at a table for four if two Russians or Germans are already sitting there.

Brits are probably below 5% and the Russians and Germans will push in all the time if you let them.

Entertainment? Forget it. At the bar expect to pay money if you want a glass or else you will get a plastic cup with one inch of beer and the rest froth. You will also be ignored by the staff if Russians or Germans come to the bar. There is only ice for drinks that you pay for.

The pool area is fine and has enough loungers although many are broken and seem not to be repaired. I only once saw anyone doing anything with the children and that was just one hour on a stage in the evening. Around the pool you are bothered the whole time by people selling trips, meals, aerobics, cocktails, massage etc. It is constant.

Others have said that the hotel is fine. I can only assume that they are speaking of the building itself or else they have had very few holidays elsewhere.

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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of December 2007

The staff were very nice and welcoming a...

Reviewed Sat 15th of December 2007

"The staff were very nice and welcoming always happy to see you and once they got to know you they left you alone a bit more.

The hotel was nice and clean the rooms was big and lots of space. The cleaners are very hard workers they are always cleaning.

I enjoyed my stay pools were very cold and the food was edible.

You have to do a lot of wheeling and dealing and you can get pretty much any thing at the price you want to pay.

I went on some trips which was very good well worth your money.

Talk about being invaded by Germans and Russians when we arrived there was only about 2 other English people there so found it very hard to talk to any one throughout the week, more English people arrived which was nice!

The Germans and Russians are very rude the push in front of you in any queue and are arrogant.

Other than that I did get a bit of a tan so that was good."

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  • Travel date: Sat 15th of December 2007

The hotel itself is lovely and clean and...

Reviewed Thu 19th of July 2007

"The hotel itself is lovely and clean and the rooms are much larger than average. Outside the hotel was disappointing as it is located on a building site & the smell was not very pleasant either.

The shop keepers within the hotel at first seem quite pushy but once you get to know them, they are extremely friendly & spent most lunch times playing football with my partner & kids.

However for those of you that have got young daughters beware, we had a nightmare fending off the unwanted attention from just about every male member of staff. It was frightening & really made us & our 14 year old daughter feel uncomfortable.

The food was not very good & most of the time you had trouble trying to figure out what was actually in the dishes, not good when you are a vegetarian! However saying that none of our family had any upset tummy's during our stay. The plus side is that you can get vouchers & eat at the sister hotel which is much better.

The all inclusive is terrible, the entertainment is poor, you have to pay for any shows & the only are soft drinks & wine, you have to pay extra for spirits.

Not a hotel I would return to."

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  • Travel date: Thu 19th of July 2007

I have been to Hurghada so many times an...

Reviewed Sun 8th of July 2007

"I have been to Hurghada so many times and I try to stay in a different Resort to get the feel of them and find the one I like best. And I must say this resort is one of my top 5.

The place is not only great to look at, but its clean and the food is fabulous which caters for all tastes.

The staff were great fun and the swimming pool was a piece of paradise.

But as I always say, never, never drink the tap water no matter what anyone says; even to brush your teeth.

Other than that I would say the place is almost perfect...A+++"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 8th of July 2007

Very disappointed. The area of Hurghada...

Reviewed Mon 26th of March 2007

"Very disappointed. The area of Hurghada was like a building site with no plan attached. Maybe 5 years down the line it might look better. The hotel was supposed to be 4 star but.... There were no hairdryers in the room, we had to wait a day for a safety deposit box as none were available, had to ask a couple of times for towels & flannels as they had been taken by the cleaner & not replaced.

There was constant music in all public areas including the pool areas from 7 AM each morning until 12 midnight. You do not expect shop keepers to hassle you to buy their wares or go on their trips from within the hotel but this seems to be the norm in this hotel. The food was poor with no advices as to what was in each tureen. By looking you could not tell whether you were taking white fish or chicken! All looked the same.

The staff were friendly if they thought that you might give them a tip. Many things you had to pay extra for, eg juices & coffee with your evening meal although this was by the food counter. No wine waiter about. The swimming pools were very good and had no trouble getting a sun bed. The shows were terrible.

The sound & light show could not be understood as the speaker was drowned out by the loud music & as for the show in the amphitheatre six year olds could do better! Will not recommend going to this part of Egypt although have had a wonderful time in Sharm el Sheik & on the Nile cruise.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 26th of March 2007

The hotel is very, big our room was also...

Reviewed Tue 13th of February 2007

"The hotel is very, big our room was also bigger than I would expect, with a huge bed and cleaned everyday.

We went all inclusive, food was good, always lots of choice really enjoyed it. Breakfast was aimed at Germans and Russians as it wasn't typical English breakfast but was something for everyone.

Pop was available to serve yourself which was good. The alcoholic drinks available were beer, wine and local spirits which don't taste the same as ours but drinkable.

Plenty of sun beds around the pools could always get one. We went in February so the pools never really got hot, although there was a heated one which was nice.

The hotel is mainly German and Russian guests, who can be rude, pushing in the queues and quite miserable.

Free bus to the beach but it wasn’t very far away and we walked back only took 10-15 mins. Lots of sun beds on the beach and drinks and food available for all inclusive guests.

Also bus to Hurghada which cost 2 euros each it is not the main part of Hurghada was the outskirts. Didn’t enjoy going, was hassled from shop sellers out of every shop.

Not much entertainment on a night but it was a relaxing holiday and we all enjoyed staying here."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 13th of February 2007

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