Alf Leila Wa Leila

Safaga Rd., Hurghada Egypt
4 star hotel


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  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 5 food

36 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

mixed feelings....


"hi we stayed at this hotel for two weeks all inclusive with our kids aged 1 and 9, first impressions are good(the photos dont do it justice!) this is a huge hotel with 7 different pools dotted around the feeling about this place was general dissapointment, it could be a great hotel!! but it is badly managed for example there is 1 heated pool and a section of another heated but there is 2 kids pools and both are freezing!! they are building a whole new section of rooms plus another kids pool !! but the ones they have already are below standard ....just lots of things that you think " why? it would NOT cost the earth to sort that out but it would make our stay so much better!" the main pool looks vey impressive, all bridges, palm trees, swim up bar with underwater stools and underwater sunloungers but the bar is not used!!(saving money??) there is 4 bars around the pools but.... just 1 fly infested bar open(when i say infested....well u will find out! we started taking food from buffet and getting an xtra drink to put a few sun loungers away from us in the hope that they would attract the flies away from us...i cant tell u how bad this problem is, we couldnt sunbath for a minute without having to deal with them swarming and it pissed me off because all they have to do is put some blue lights and all the usual stuff to attract them away, your talking a few pounds! the food was fair....i didnt see any flies on the buffet and none of us were ill during our stay, its your run of the mill all inc deal! this hotel should be great for kids its straight out of a story book but you have to be very careful, highchairs with no restraints, cot was a none starter!(if you have a baby pleeeeze take the travel cot!!our baby slept with us the whole time) pools with no proper markings(im not a precious mummy by the way! my brats are always falling, bubba has a permanent set of devil horns!) but the safety in this place was not good to say the least..... its difficult to get yur moneys worth for all inclusive as you only have 2 bars, one is the mentioned pool bar and that closes at 6pm and the other is the tiny bar at reception, that said we got spirits included but i think that depends on the mood of the staff!! a couple we met on the first day had paid an xtra 10 pound a day for spirits but when we went to reception we were told local spirits were included !!!i dont want to put people off!! end of the day you get what you pay for! we booked a last minute deal and thought we had booked a bargain 4* hotel we ended up with a 3* at best....the things ARE there but if u dont ask u would never know!make sure ur ur drinks in room are topped up every day as the cleaners will just take it home!! this hotel is a 4* gone wrong!! completly.............."

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  • Travel date: Sun 10th of December 2006

Holiday from hell


"We have just returned from a 2 week holiday at this hotel. When we arrived on the first night we saw a rat and another lady opened her room door one night to see rats. My sons clothes were covered in ants. We had no air con for 3 nights our bedding was not changed for 6 days even though we complained to management. The mattresses were stained and had no mattress protectors. The food was rubbish and cold. 7 other families left while we were there and we left after the 1st week to anothe hotel which we had to pay for. The hotel could be fabulous and has everything you need, but the staff were unfriendly and we found out that kids icecream was not included with the all inclusive even though it is advertised as been. Even the rep said it was a disgusting hotel and offered to move us without us even asking. The manager laughed at one english couple who complained. I could go on for ever. I have had my first holiday from hell and i am writing this to let others know that this hotel is not what is advertised standard wise."

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  • Travel date: Sun 16th of July 2006

very disappointing


"My family of 5 from N Ireland stayed for 2 weeks, last week of june and 1st week of july.
Place is beautiful and well cleaned.
All staff are lovely EXCEPT for the reception staff who are awful
Egyptians are very child friendly people,
The 'gauntlet' is not as bad as it's made out to be. Women ARE safe. The shop owners are happy if you visit them once and will speak to you afterwards but will pester you if you don't try them the once.
Animation team leave a lot to be desired. Most kids stuff is in German, but they're not bad. The adult entertainment is pretty pathetic and very loud if you need an early night.
Now the bad stuff...
It's full of Eastern Europeans who are fine but also Germans who were very rude people both in the hotel and on trips. They were loud, pushy, shoved in in front of everyone else, and a serious pain in the backside.
Because there are few British, the language is a problem especially with the entertainment.
But the biggest problem is the food. It's sitting around half heated and covered with flies. Looks good and tastes OK but NOT safe the way it is. We were all sick all the time, vomitting, diarrhoea, fever and came home to be diagnosed with worms and dysentery, NOT a joke.
Couldn't go there again due to the food and rudeness of other guests"

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of July 2006

you will love this hotel If Your German


"If you think travel Sickness is bad, i.e. stomach cramps, Diarrhoea, sickness, etc, you will wish thats all you had after you have stayed at this hotel!!!

Advertised as a magical hotel?, yeh you could say that as the staff magically disapear when ever you a have question or a complaint, and then re-apear later when you are trying to relax by the pool constantly banging on about henna tattoes, massages, and day trips.

Altough we went half board, all inclusve guests didnt get a great deal extra. No spirits, just bad food infested with flys, beer, and wine, of which only the red was any good.

I could go on and on about the state of this hotel, everyone reading this will probably gather that its a hotel to avoid, unless your german, then you will love it.

However, if you have already booked there least you got the travel sickness to look forward to, because there is nothing else going for this hotel.

Oh yeh one decent bit of advise. Don't bother buying any medication in enlgland for this trip, the hotel has a hardcore pharmacy selling anti bacterial wonder drugs. You WILL need them. they WILL save you.

Anyway the excursions were good, snorkeling, safari etc, I certainly recommend these, but you don't need to stay at 1001 nights to do them. i would rather sleep under a camel, at least the shower would work in the morning

Anyway to round it all up, for us, the only thing that made our holiday experience any good was sharing the unfortunate surroundings we found ourselves in with our english comrades.

Ironically, alot of good memories.

Hello to english out there from the 23rd June to the 30th June


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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of July 2006

Wouldnt let my dog stay here!


"Ah where to start :), The food was terrible, now im not a fussy eater at all but after a few days of the fly infested (not exaggerating) concoctions they produced I was put off, even looking at the food turned my stomach..... Literally as I had Dioreha for the 2 weeks I stayed here. No air conditioning in the restraunts at all which made it all the worse to eat there.

The receptionist’s were about as helpful as a chocolate tea pot!! They acted as if they didn’t want to know. I had complained numerous times about the constant cleaning outside our room that started 1.30am and finished around 6.00am, our fridge didn’t work and there was a low level humming coming from the air conditioner (I assume) that made it sound like a plane was landing in our room. When I complained the first time about the noise directly outside our room they tried to say it was guests and there was nothing they could do, but luckily I had recorded them on my camera so they were a bit stuck then, but my concerns were completely ignored for the 2 weeks.

Entertainment is non-exitant! Unless you like seeing 6 people miming to Grease....badly. I didn’t see any decent entertainment the whole 2 weeks, luckily the footy was on.

The beach was ok if you like to sun bath the whole time, the sea was murky but that is to be expected as its a man made beach, it was ok to cool off in but no snorkeling there at all. The resteraunt on the beach must have had the left over’s from the main restaurant same muck.

I could go on forever but really, if you are going to book here DONT! You will regret it I guarantee it!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 4th of July 2006

Hurgada..Never again..


"Just got back from this hotel..the food was terrible and fly covered..6 days constantly diarrheic. lack of information..staff constantly cleaning floors doors eta but seem to lack basic food handling experience.

Was placed in the new building project..the fantasisa pool area which was one week from from completeion, the rooms round the new pool were still under construction...constant drilling, hammering, plastering from 7.30 am to sometimes 10pm

The all inclusive deal, is NOT all inclusive, just food, soft drinks, local beer and wine. Karim Abu Ali the owner of the hotel should be ashamed

Was offered a sahrai, this was declined because l had just 2 days to go of holiday. Given an upgrade to Ultra All inclusive, which l accepted..this ment l could have the occasional local spirit. very slow incoming..THIS HOTEL IS NOT 4 STAR"

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  • Travel date: Fri 30th of June 2006

A mediocre holiday


"I stayed at Alf Leila Wa Leila for 7 nights 23/06/06-30/06/06 with my male friend. This review is to help potential visitors.

On arrival to the hotel the decor and building are very impressive. The reception staff seemed rude and uninterested. They tried to palm us off with one double room when we had booked for two rooms. This did not take long to sort out though. We were handed a plastic hospital-type band for our wrists which we had to wear for the remainder of the holiday to prove we were all inclusive - not that it means much.

The rooms were clean, thankfully well air conditioned and generally bright. My friends room had a few problems including an broken door lock and dodgy tv set - this was sorted out quite quickly. The electrics in the room sound unsafe and the tv set made a ominous buzzing sound every now and again. There were building works going out outside our rooms and the workmen were banging and drilling from 07.00-23.00hrs everyday, building a new impressive swimming room which for our troubles ironically, did not open till the day we were leaving. We were given the opportunity to move rooms but as we had unpacked and wanted to relax so did not bother.

Breakfast is continental style mainly catering for the German guests including sweet cakes and pastries. Omelette and fried egg on toast is an option is you want to queue for 15 mins fighting off the heat. The toaster looks like something which Carter discovered. Air conditioning was a big problem in the restaurant as it did not seem to work and many people fainted trying to cope with the hot weather and heat produced by cooking. The food was buffet style and included a lot of vegatable, chick pea salads with different breads - nothing too stodgy. There is water, orange/tropical cordial and fizzy drinks available which were often warm. Fresh orange juice and fruit smoothies are not included in the A/I package and cost LE 10 (10 Egyptian pounds approx £1). The many melon carvings which adorned the buffet table were swarming with flies which was quite off-putting.

En route to the restaurant we had to walk past a row of shops selling perfumes, clothes, ornaments etc. The shopkeepers were generally friendly and you could have a laugh with them although it was quite obvious they were only interested in getting your money. Being a woman I got a few looks and whispers but no inappropriate touching or anything offensive. If anything the shopkeepers were a hindrance and we got them off our backs by saying we would come back tomorrow (tomorrow never came). On the second to last day we discovered a route from our rooms to the restaurant which would avoid us walking past the shops.

The entertainment inside the hotel was nil apart from one dreadful show which the animation team put on. The World Cup was shown in English and they even gave us our own room away from the other residents and offered table service - which is more than what the Germans got the previous night when their team was playing. The tv channels are appalling and there were no English speaking channels available. Air conditioning inside the bar and reception was good but not always working.

There were 3 pools whilst we were staying. One which played music, one for children and a quiet one. We ususally chose the quiet one but had to be up at 7am to reserve a bed. Vendors pester you at the poolside offering massages, henna tattoos and comestics. they are again friendly but it becomes a little tiring after telling them for the fifth time that day you don't want their services. If you are pretending to be asleep or genuinely asleep they will still wake you. We tried out a pharaoh massage in the hotel spa which was very good and relaxing (cost LE 250 each).

On the second day we were visisted by a rep from a tour company with whom we booked a trip to Luxor and a jeep safari. The Luxor trip was tiring and was a 8.5 hour round trip on a air conditioned coach. All the coaches have to move in a armed police escort to Luxor which was quite disturbing seeing a multitude of policemen with AK-47's. The heat in Luxor is stifling and quite unbearable (45 degrees) this makes it difficult to take a interest in what the tour guide is saying about the various temples. Valley of the Kings, Karnak temple and Hatshetsup temple are impressive yet again you are bombarded with street vendors who are a lot more pushy and rude than the hotel. Saying 'shuk-ran' which is 'thankyou' in Arabic generally gets them off your back. We went across the Nile on a speed boat and ate by the riverbanks. A horse and cart took us to Karnak temple but beware of men there who want to take photos of you for money.

The jeep safari was excellant and well recommended. You get to spend a day with the nomadic Beduin in the Sahara desert. They are welcoming people and not pushy in the slightest. You do camel riding, tour their camp, watch the sun set over the Sahara then enjoy a lovely cooked meal and traditional Beduin song.

The driving in Hurghada is much to be desired. There is no lane discipline, a lot of tooting on the horn, no indication and most do not use their headlights at night! Also, agree the price before setting off or you can be stung. A lot want payment in English Pounds too. Be careful you don't get ripped off.

There is plenty more I could say about this hotel and resort. I would probably not go back there again and I am glad to get back home mainly due to the unbearable heat.

Just make sure you thoroughly review your accommodation before booking and I would not recommend staying at Alf Leila Wa Leila. There are better hotels in Hurghada for the same price and I visited a few which had better entertainment, no mithering shop-keepers and better bars/food and restaurants. Alf Leila Wa Leila could have been worse but could have been a lot better too."

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  • Travel date: Fri 30th of June 2006

My favourite place on Earth for this month!


"Though the hotel is far from being luxurious, it is lovely, full of arabian charm(as long as you have taste for it).I do.
Hygiene?- It met all my standards and I am a doctor.I am talking about the rooms,the pool,the food,everything.
Comfort?- Definitely! Well, not 5* comfort(it is not 5* hotel), but I would call it very "practical" comfort.The bed is 2 meters wide and as soft as it is healthy to be.Very good airconditioning in every room.Lovely small balcony with a pool view.
Hotel Staff?- I liked them all very much.They are very,very friendly and try to speak every possible language.If you know a word or two in arabic, they will love you.We got very good service,timely and efficient.And I would only like to remind you that in eastern countries like Egypt tips are highly appreciated.
Food!- Great variety, but no hamburgers!There are french fries, though :)
So we had a great time at Alf Leila, but I must admit that we are eastern people(Bulgarian), we had no children with us and we enjoy life as a whole."

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of May 2006

Well, slightly positive...


"Hotel is nice and clean. You will really like the building. It is biiiiiig. Four pools, at least three restaurants. I was there for 12 days, and last day I found a part of hotel in which I have never been. There are some replicas of famous monuments of Egypt. Great place for a kid.

Rooms are nice, I did not hear anybody from my group complaining. Climatized, TV, phone, two bed, every room looks at the pool. Nice terrace where you can hang out in late hours. TV channels are awfull.

The hotel is far from city (I think about 20 km).

The beach is about 1km from hotel. You can walk or take hotel's minibus, which should go every 15 minutes, but usualy he is not.

Food is diverse, but nothing special. You will often find same meal - same food. But you have many kinds of food, fruits, vegetables, cakes, soups... Somebody say "great for losing weight" - it is. You can eat healthy.

They will tell you that you will get two 0.5l bottles of water every day, but you wont. They will tell you that they will change your towels every day, but they wont. If you ask for anything (hairdryer), they will tell you that they will get one for you, but they wont. But, they will not steal from you. I forgot my wallet once in the room, the room-service cleaned my room, and my wallet stayed intact.

Do not use hotel phone for international calls. Do not use hotel post-office phone. They will rip you off. Egypt-Serbia, less than a minute is ~6 euros, and Serbia is about 4th european country closest to Egypt (Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia).

Hotel have Internet Caffe, 5 euros per hour. CD burning is also 5 euros per disk, so if you have a digital camera, prepare your memory cards, do not waste money on this.

The darkest side is personnels in shops in hotel. These shops are on your way to the restaurant, so you cant miss them. They are, as many of the hotel personnel, so invasive and dissrespectfull to females. I have to be very rude in one case. It goes so far, that the guy will follow you, sit at your table and start on your female accompanist, regarless of her "function" (girlfriend, daughter, friend...) and your presence. You should understand this behaviour, because they have hard time with "their" females (cultural reasons), most of them are not and will never be married, so they are trying to get what they can. But they really go far than acceptable, their problems are not our problems, so if they harras your lady, be rude. If you want to make trouble to them, get one of the hotel managers and shout. I'm stressing this, because this almost ruined my vacation. If they harras your lady, BE RUDE. BE RUDE!!! They will not stop if you do not make trouble.

At the pools, as on the beach, you can be disturbed by people offering you services - massage, body painting, entertainment... They have trouble hearing "No", so find a way to be clear enough to them.

Whatever you can buy outside hotel (food, water, juices), buy it.

Hotel and the beach are safe. They have their own security personnel, "white policemans" - tourist police oficers recognizable by white uniforms and "green policemans" - egyptian police officers in green uniforms.

Do not miss the Paradise Islands and scubadiving. Buy a bottle of eteric oil. Smoke water pipe.

Whatever happends to you in this hotel is something you can expect in whole Egypt. The bitter taste stays when you realize that they watch only at your wallet, and do not care too much about you. My whole impression is slightly positive, but this hotel is not for young people. It is to far from city, and this is big limitation if you want to hang out.

Some general notes about Egypt:

If you are giving a tip, remember - 20 EP are big money in Egypt. Sallary is about 100. Whatever price is, it is too expensive.

Alcohol is forbidden in Egypt, and can be bought only in hotels and bars, where is really expensive.

Possessing drugs in Egypt can lead you to lifetime imprisonment or death penalty (You will see this warning at the border). If you are practicing this kind of entertainment, keep this in mind. DO NOT PLAY WITH YOUR LIFE, THEY ARE SERIOUS."

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  • Travel date: Thu 15th of December 2005



"took my wife and 4 children here .there was no entertament.the food was rubbish.were told they hate the english.had to wait 2 days for 2 extra beds for my children.they hassle you around the pool.and in the shops"

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of December 2005

Best ever!


"this hotel was the best ever,
there was alot of selection of food and it was nice,
there was alot to do and it was nice for the kids to go off and enjoy themselves"

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of May 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

loved it!!!


"at first Egypt just didn't appeal to me at all..i only went as a family holiday ...but as soon as i got to the hotel... i was in awe .. it was huge... it was so clean the people were very nice, pleasant to talk to and very helpful ...the food was delicious...u could go n order ur eggs n pasta just the way u wanted... fresh bread every morning ...rooms wer spotless...beautiful balconies... they had their own theatre at the bac n a huge chess board lol .... i would go bac to Egypt just for the hotel :)

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  • Travel date: Thu 19th of March 2009
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