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Reviews summary

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8 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Great place to recharge the batteries!!!

Reviewed Thu 22nd of November 2012

Check out both Thomson and First Choice website, the Albatros Palace was priced differently on either website and we saved nearly £100pp by going via First Choice. On arrival at Hurghada you find it a bit disorganised, basically if you book via Thomson or First Choice you are transported to the main building by bus where you are herded over to the visa area where you pay about £13pp, if you pay more they will provide you change in E£ so best to have about £15 ready and waiting as it's a bit of a free for all....no ditherers. You then go through the initial arrivals/passport control then on to collect your bags. On leaving the baggage reclaim area you a directed outside, head over and down to the right before crossing the road to the buses on the left where you will meet your rep who will direct you to the appropriate bus where a further rep will be waiting with your welcome pack. You will need to load your own luggage onto the bus. Bus journey is about 15mins. On arrival at the hotel you will need to retrieve your luggage and leave it on the step outside the hotel, once you have your room number you can return to your luggage and let the bell boy know your room number and he will bring your luggage to your room shortly afterwards.

Watch out for the Albatros Palace and Albatros Hotel options, definitely booked the Albatros Palace. Albatros Hotel is an older hotel and it appears run down in comparison not to mention the building work that was going on out the front of the hotel from morning to night. The Albatros Palace was rated a 5* in our booking, I would honestly rate the whole complex a 4* and as far as the locals are concerned they recognise it as a middle range hotel albeit a newish build in comparison to its surrounding competitors. Basically the pictures found on the Thomson/First Choice website are true to form. Everywhere you went it looked clean and tidy . Being Egypt smoking is everywhere however being a non smoker you didn't really notice it especially inside as there was good ventilation and incense being burned majority of the time. The only time we were enveloped in the fumes tended to be when sitting next to a group of smokers in one of the bars but only to be expected. On arrival you're more than likely to be directed into a bar area off the main reception on the right, this is to allow the reception staff to issue forms for completion before you obtain your room key and towel card. This has been known by other reviews as the vomit room, we believe it was the incense and cheesy nibbles etc left on the side at the bar sweating away in the heat...not great I know but it is a minor thing not to put you off before your real experience begins. We had a twin room on the 1st floor which was ideal, very clean, fresh and tidy. Oversized single beds, with duvets on them which was strange considering the heat. Balcony with 2 chairs and a table, with room for a make shift washing line if required. TV which had a couple of english speaking channels (Fox Movies, Fox Series), Fridge and for the ladies an ok hairdryer. We were on the outer side to the rear right side as you face the beach, beach view but also a view of the hotel being built to the right as you face the sea. Never had a problem with construction noise but not to say this has changed since our visit.

All very friendly, most speak very good english and those that don't really try and make the effort. They love the British people in comparison to the Russian, German and Polish visitors so make every effort to make your stay a good one. They love it that we have manners and tell it how it is...No is No and Yes is Yes so they clearly know where they stand. They don't expect tipping but the odd one was cheeky enough to linger on the off chance. We occassionally tipped for good service but mainly left this until the end of our stay and tipped the people within the main areas we used along with the room servants...I say that because it will be a man cleaning your room. You will not find any women at the complex on show except in the Spa, they tend to be behind the scenes as chefs etc if at all. Being fair haired and blue eyed it did draw attention but not in a bad way, they respected me and I felt at ease not like previous experiences in places like Turkey.

Was the length of the inside U shape of the complex and was great for adults and families, the kids section looked great. Being tall I did on occasion knock my knees due to the fact the pool is really waist height but overall I think it will suit all. Be aware of the pool bar area, they served in glasses when we went and I did manage to get glass in my foot nothing serious but be aware it could happen.

Preferring the beach this was the let down for me, it was man made with sand you can only compare to builders sand. The water itself was clear but reasonably full of rocks, so you will need sand shoes if walking in from the beach into the water, It;s ok for paddling and for the little ones to play in but for those that actually want to swim etc you will need to walk out across the jetty and join the sea from there. Off the end of the jetty platform to the left as you face out to sea you will find a reasonably good coral reef with plenty of sea life however if you look directly in front of you at the rear of the jetty and across the right you will find 4 more reefs with slightly better sea life.

Plenty of choice for everyone you just need to work out what you like from where. We ended up having breakfast most mornings in the Italian due to better choice for us. Evenings was a cross between the Tagine which provides Moroccan style food, Mediterranean and Italian which are self explanatory really. Lunches were spent mainly at the spalsh bar near the beach, served great pizzas. We lived by the rule if you couldn't peel it or cook it don't eat it which worked for us, no upset bits n bobs at all. We had the fruit but took it with us and washed it using the bottle of water.
Drinks were a bit poor, small glasses so more trips to the bar etc than needed really. I'm a vodka drinker and didn't even manage to down my first drink it was awfull. Beer was ok but as for the spirits you'll just have to try your luck. Water available by the bottle from all outlets and you could have as many as you like.

To be honest from an adult point of view you made your own. There is a disco on site but not for everyone, more opportunity at the marina in Hurghada for the disco divas. There were children entertainers who looked really busy and the kids looked like they were having fun but hard to say as we had no children in our group. Activities such as Table Tennis, Volleyball, Mini Golf, Water Sports - diving, wind surfing, boarding etc available.

Sun loungers across the complex are wooden with foam mattresses, very comfy for those long lazy days. Parasols are made from straw like material and provide ample of shade amongst the palm trees but you may find you're playing musical shade spots with the sun for those not so keen to get toasted. Just be aware, although there are plenty of signs asking you not to reserve beds we found them mostly booked up by 9am at the latest so whomever was first up did the honors. You will receive a towel card per person on arrival, you exchange your card for a towel at the beginning of the day either by the pool or at the beach and likewise at the end of the day - no towel no bed and in some instances people just took the bed so handy to leave a book or something to claim your bed(s). If your lounging around on the beach don't forget to discretely bring the life guards a bottle of water now and again, they'll really appreciate it an look after you as they have to pay high prices if they want to purchase a bottle.
Whether at the beach or pool you will get hastled by the Spa people, basically if you're not interested just say no and be firm. They'll keep asking each day but eventually they'll just get to the point of passing the time of day if you're friendly enough with them.
Doctor on site if you need them, don't go spending heaps of money on British tablets for the 2 bob bits etc as apparently they have a super dooper pill which conkers all in comparison to our British remedies. Pharmacy available below the hotel but a bit expensive even if you haggle.
Haggling - it's a regular thing, just fix a price in your head and don't go any higher. Basically if they say a figure divide it by 3 and never go above half and you'll more than often reach the price you wanted to pay originally. If out and about, remember No means No so just be firm and they'll leave you alone but show weakness and they'll be in there in there hundreds trying to sell sell sell. Polite but firm is what the recommend and respect from us Brits.
Internet/laptop available to use for a fee, located near reception. Bank for currency exchange, good rates.

Luxor Day Trip - long day but worth it if you've not been before. Take a high sun screen if going during there peak summer time and a large brim hat as you'll not find much shade once out and about. The breakfast boxes are not much to be desired but to be honest in the heat we drank more than we ate. If I had children under 10yrs I would think again about this trip unless there into the history of it all, it's a long day and I feel more catered towards the adults.
Sea Submarine - great for those who can't swim, snorkel or dive. 15-20 min bus journey depending on who you are picking up on the way. Basically a boat with a glass bottom section which you go down below once the boat has reached its destination and sea the under water world. To be honest, I've seen better sea life if NZ and Cuba and even off the jetty at the hotel but for my friend who didn't swim it was a nice experience to share.
Mahmya (spelling??) Beach - great white sandy beech with tropical parasols. Not a bad day out, the main section of the beech used by Thomson is clean but sea life limited. Snorkelling trip from the island as part of the package was like the submarine trip, I had seen better. So if going for a change in beach scenerly it's definitely worth it. My friend loved the fact she could walk out into the sea being a non swimmer and not have to worry about crossing the rocks etc.
Quad Biking / Desert Safari / Cairo etc - we ran out of time but general feedback was positive."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of July 2009

A real holiday delight....from start to finish.

Reviewed Wed 12th of December 2012

"My family and I have just returned home today after two delightful weeks at this hotel.

The main reason for this review is to highlight the effort that this hotel goes to to meet the stretching demands of todays travelling public and the specific needs of my family gave them a real test at times!

I went to the hotel from the 5th June 2009 til the 19th June 2009. Included in the party was my 90yr old Grandmothher and my Mother who is a Vegetarian and Seliac (allergic to Wheat and Gluten).

Unlike some of the other reports I have read on here, we had no problems with our rooms. We mentioned upon arrival that my Nana was 90 and would appreciate a room on the lower floor, this was no problem for them to arrange, infact, they reallocated all our rooms to be on the ground floor and as close a possible (all 3 rooms were only a few doors apart) and we were put close to the restaurants so that my Nana could get there with ease.

Next was deitary requirments of my Mother. Being Seliac can be extremley difficult to find food to eat safely without causing illness. Even in the UK we are very very limited on places to dine when we are planning family events so with this in mind we were prepared that keeping Mum fed was going to have to be a group effort of scanning the various restaurants for tit bits of food that could be put together to form some kind of meal for her to eat ( we also have the added factor that she is vegetarian and only eats fish). We happened to mention this problem as a passing joke to our Rep and she suggested that it might be a good idea to say something to the Maitre D' and he could guide us on what would be best to eat. So, at the next sitting for lunch we mentioned this to one of the waiters who got the Maitre D' who inturn got one of the Head Chefs to come and talk to my Mother about what she likes and what she can eat. From that day on Mum had all of her meals specifically cooked by her own chef and had all her meals delivered at the table!!! The food was fantastic and freshly made everyday for her at set times during the day. The food was so varied and of such a high standard that we all considered becoming Seliac for those two weeks!!

In summary, this hotel is FANTASTIC, the staff are FANTASTIC and are fully capable of dealing with all of our awkward ways of dietary needs or just our personal preferences. I would like to thank....Mustafa (Maitre D') Yassa (Chef that cooked for Mother everyday) Manchester (Barman that made me smile everyday though his energy and zest for life) and also the Barman from upstairs who made my Nanas holiday one to remember, unfortunatley his name has escaped me but he would always kiss her hand and say to her "Hakuna-Ma-Nana""

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  • Travel date: Sun 21st of June 2009

A Dreadful Experience

Reviewed Sat 3rd of November 2012

"We lasted about an hour here before deciding to find another hotel. The room we
had booked was apparently not available. Plenty of other British people seemed
to be having a similar problem.
The guy on reception was rude and very patronizing. Much more interested in
keeping all the Russians happy I think.
We ended up having a great holiday at The Siva Grand Beach, but as for The
Albatros it seems aptly named. Avoid............."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 19th of June 2009

Good value sunshine break

Reviewed Mon 22nd of October 2012

"The hotel itself is very big but is very well laid out from the pool and gardens to the public areas so it doesn’t feel overcrowded. It is also spotlessly clean. The staff are very pleasant.
We had no problem with our booking but like many others my parents and sister booked a family room and did not get one despite the reps intervention.
The hotel did create 4 extra rooms when we were there from the space in the stairwells. One being right next door to our room! No notice given and front desk even denied it was actually happening!
The pools are big with plenty of sunloungers but depending on where you pick you may have to keep moving them around with the sun! We lay in the non action area which was great as the touts for the spa, trips etc can’t bother you. The temperature of the pools was fine, the “heated pool” (with the Jacuzzis) felt no different to the others. The pools were kept very clean and the filters changed twice a day.
The beach was a bit of a let down as when the tide went out it was mainly rocks and rubble. However the snorkelling of the jetty was good as there are 5-6 different coral formations a few feet away with loads of different fish.
The food was fine. The best one was L’Asiatique as the food was always tasty but could be very spicy. The fresh pizzas in the adjacent restaurant were good as well. It is a bit of a lottery though as most of the food is not labelled so until you eat it you don’t know what it is.
All 5 of us had dodgy stomachs at some point during the week, so stock up on Imodium in case.
We found it quicker to get our own drinks in the restaurants and bars as the waiters were very busy as it was spring bank week.
The entertainment seemed more geared for kids, although we never ventured down to watch it.
The La Pasha bar, behind the billiards room had a lovely atmosphere and attentive waiters. We went into the disco once and there wasn’t anyone in, although it was early.
We took a trip to the Marina early one night and personally I think it was a waste of time. There were only a handful of bars, shops and restaurants open. The rest are not yet occupied. A few minutes walk for the marina is Sekalla where there a loads of shops selling handbags, T-shirts, gold, Egyptian cotton and the usual tourist tat. There is also KFC, McDonalds and Pizza hut there. The hotel has 2 groups of shops, one lot inside and another few outside below the hotel selling similar items.

We did a trip to Giftun island with 2 snorkelling stops with lunch included which was good value.
As other reviews have commented there are some very rude ignorant guests, luckily none of them were brits!
All in all for a cheap week with guaranteed sun this fits the bill."

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  • Travel date: Sun 7th of June 2009

Beutiful hotel - hassle over rooms AGAIN emailed confirmation means nothing

Reviewed Sat 3rd of November 2012


Just got back from the Albatros palace and have to agree that the place is excellent and even nicer than it looks on the photos excellent kids pool for families, 99% of the staff are very friendly and have unbelievable memories for names etc. "Manchester man" in the upstairs bar is particularly amusing. and everything about the place lived up to or exceeded expectations.

If I had to whine about anything it would be the lack of ice for drinks and the ignorant Russians and Germans but then I think it is there culture to not use please and thank you and bark orders at the staff. The hotel was almost full when we were there and all the sunbeds had towels on by 9.00am even though there are signs everywhere saying they cannot be reserved.

Right now for the real moan..........

I read all the reviews about rooms not being available etc. and I had booked with "on the beach holidays" I paid extra for a family room which has a a second bedroom for the kids off the main room. We booked this because we have a 3 year old and if she wanted to go back early we did not want to have to sit in the room in silence so we could sit in the other room and not worry about waking her. About 2 weeks before going I emailed the hotel direct and sent a copy of the reservation stating that I DO NOT want a different room and will not accept an alternative hotel if there is going to be a problem let me know so I can cancel and book a different hotel of my choice. I received an email back saying that there was no problem and that the room was booked for me in my name. When we arrived we were greeted and taken to a room which was quite clearly a standard room with two single beds which could be pushed together to form a double only there was a double bed squeezed in at the end so it was like three beds in a row. I was non to pleased and refused to let the luggage man unload my cases. I asked to go back to reception but the luggage man rang the manager who insisted on coming to see me in the room because he did not want a scene in reception. I said no and walked back to reception. basically after nearly 2 hours of arguing in reception and the kids now in tears with them trying to fob me off with a family room in the hotel next door or stay in the room with 3 beds for 3 days until a family room became available it was clear there was no room reserved for me and we basically spent the first 3 days trying not to unpack and then had to move rooms 3 days later to the complete opposite side of the hotel.

I told the manager that I would be leaving this review and was p*****d off with the [--] about this being a one off and blaming the agent. So if you have not booked yet its up to you whether you want to take the gamble. The hotel is excellent IF they have a room for you.........."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 4th of June 2009

Lovely hotel...great value, staff and food..nightlife is a letdown though

Reviewed Thu 22nd of November 2012

"Me and my girlfriend are both 23 years old and have just returned from a week in Hurghada and the Albatros Palace. Before we booked the holiday we researched a lot into Egyptian hotels as we have a few friends who have stayed in bad ones and this put them off Egypt for life. After reading the good reviews on the Albatros palace and finding a good deal through first choice (on their website) we went ahead and booked it. We paid £450 each for 1 weeks all inclusive which we thought was very reasonable. Please note that First choice and Thomson have now merged and are pretty much the same company and both of them offer this hotel so check both websites before booking to find the best deal. As a lot of other reviewers have mentioned, overbooking seems to be a bit of an issue and we were slightly concerned about this before we booked it but my advice would be to definitely book through large, reputable travel agent such as first choice or Thomson as everyone we met who booked through them had their reservations honoured. It seems to be those who book through companies such as med hotels etc that are having problems. Plus, booking through a large travel agent means you get an on-site rep who would no doubt be an invaluable help if they did try and put you in one of their sister hotels. Anyway, enough of the boring stuff, the hotel, in summary, is great!!!
It certainly has the wow factor when you first get there and especially when you realise just how big it is when you look out from the main lobby balcony. The checking in process was quite hilarious...They take you all into a room that smells a bit funny (a mixture of sick and cheese) and you have to fill out a form and then you are aloocated rooms and you luggage is duly delivered by some nice egyptian man soon after. The funny smelling room is the only one of its kind in the hotel and everywhere else smells nice. Don't ask me why it smelt so bad...it just did. As a room to put brand new guests in it is not the best as it does not give the best first impression but trust me do not be worried as the hotel is great. Our room was 1450 and was pretty much next to the beach. The beach is man-made and to be fair isn't the best so don't get too excited. The walkway out to see is good as their is now some inflateable decking at the end which you can dive off and the water is very clear indeed. The pools in the hotel complex are absolutely huge, by far the biggest i have ever seen. 2 are not heated and one is. The non-heated ones are very very cold and are only for the brave, although if the weather is extremely hot they do seem to warm up slightly. The weather was brilliant...during the course of the week it got hotter and hotter. I think towards the end it was about 36-37 degrees. God knows what it is like in July/Auguest time.

The restaurants are very good and the choice is excellent. I would imagine that even the pickiest of people could find something they liked. It helps that there are 4 restaurants, the oriental restauant was my personal favourite...They had a mixture of thai, chinese and indian cuisine and the food was always very authentic. All the food i had was always piping hot when it should have been and was always fully cooked through and because the hotel is so busy and thus they get through so much food, they are always cooking fresh stuff which means it was never sitting there for very long. My girlfriend and many other people we met did get tummy upsets but i do not think this was due to the poor quality or poor cooking of the food, i think it is our bodies getting used to the changes. Apparantly, the doctor told one british couple not to mix lots of different meats together in the same meal as this can bring on upset stomach...i don't know how tgrue this is but thought i would share this with you. I was fine throughout the holiday...i must have a strong stomach. From what i gather british stomach upset remedies are pretty much uselss. There is a 24 hour on-site pharmacy where you can get some super duper egyptian take your head off medication that seems to put an end to the dicky tummies...i would love to know what is in this!!!!! My girlfriend rode it out though and the upset tummy lasted for about 2 days.
The drinks were very good. None of the soft drinks or beer was watered down at all, but the glasses the yserve the drinks in are far too small, i guess this is to avoid wastage which is fair enough i suppose but a bit annoying sometimes.

We tipped some of the waiters at the beginning of the holiday and we got silver service from then on. We had drinks brought to us before we had even finished the first ones and we even had a selection of deserts brought to us one time too. The service is very very goof, almost too good sometimes They are so quick to take away your glasses and plates that sometimes you may put a full drink down whilst you go to get dome food and you will come back and its gone as they think you have the left the table. I found this quite amusing though and at least they were on the ball!! I would suggest tipping 10-20 egyptian pounds as an amount...they really do appreciate your gratitude too and are very thanking. One waiter though did ask me for a tip once though as i had tipped his waiter friend the previous night. I duly told him to go away as he hadn't even served us and just wanted money for nothing. I don't mind tipping where its due but i'm not a bank...this was a one off though and i didnt see it happen to anyone else...maybe he thought i was a soft touch!!

We went on a first choice/Thomson organised trip to Mahmaya island (paradise island) and it was just unbelievable. It was extremely well organised and a great day out. If you didnt know you would think you were in the caribbean or indian ocean as the water is so green and clear i cant put it into words. The sand was as white as any i had seen anywhere in the world and the snorkelling was excellent. There are so many fish to see of all different types and colours and they even take you to a well known coral reef about 10 mins from the island to do about an hours snorkelling there too. It cost £59 quid each and although an operator who tried to sell us a similar trip at the hotel offered us his version for £40, we wanted the security of knowing that the company/boat had insurance, as many of the independant operators in Egypt do not and i am sure a reputable company like first choice would check the companies that they use out before they let any excursions commence.

Whilst sat on your sunbeds you will get hassled a fair bit, especially when you first arrive and have no tan as they know you are new guests. You do have to be stern and stand your ground as they do try and worm their way in and but they are friendly enough and normally get the message. The sunbeds incidentally are very comfortable and although there are signs up saying no reserving....our good friends the germans were out in force early doors putting their towels out in the best spots. This annoyed me and on a few occasions so i took some of their towels off and hid them been the child that i am. It was quite funny saying their confised faces though when someone else who was following the rules had taken their bed. hahaha!!!

If you are a girl and have blonde hair...prepare to have a large male following. My girlfriend got a lot of comments from the locals, as did another blonde haired girl we met. They seem to be mesmerised by it. If you go into the commercial centre of Hurghada apparantly they get quite touchly feely too. One guy we met who had a blonde girlfriend said he was getting that annoyed whilst in a bar trying to watch football that he nearly lamped one of them. Naturally, me and my mrs didnt venture into this part. The marina thought is worth going to as this is really nice and has a lovely boulevard with about 100 shops/bars and theer are some cracking yaughts to see too.

There are not many english people at the hotel which some might say is a good thin, however, these are replaced by germans and worst of all Russians whol i had never really seen on my travels before and all i can say is that i hope i never come across so many of them again. They have got to be the rudest race in the world and the way they talk to staff and fill up their plates with food like its going out of fashion is just wrong. I know its all inclusive but the amount of food/drink they wasted could have fed half of the starving egyptian population. I intervened one time when a russian man was shouting at a cook for putting onions in his omelette. Honestly, this riled me so much i shoved him out of the queue and said some lovely english words to him. I don't think he understood me but he realised i wasn't best pleased and walked off. The egyptian cook thanked me and smiled. I don't know how they put up with that. I'm not one to get angry but the rudeness they showed was beyond belief. You will see plenty of russian men in their 40's/50's too with nice looking girls in their late teens/twenties. I don't think they were with them for their looks though.....if you see what i mean.

The nightlife in the hotel was a real letdown. They have to say everythng in about 15 languages doe to the varying nationalities that visit the hotel. A couple of the shows were good, but in general the standard for a hotel like this was very poor. Most couples on an evening were playing cards which kind of suggests what they thought of the evening entertainment.

If you are a couple or a family though wanting a relaxing holiday then this hotel is perfect. Again, the food is generally very very good for an all inclusive and certainly a lot better than i was expecting. I would say this hotel for Egypt is probably a 4 star plus, especially after seeing some of other hotels out in Hurghada...ours felt like the Ritz. The other albatros resorts were not great. We went to the beach albatros and the albatros resort to have a gander and it was concrete central and didnt look very good so we were very pleased with the palace. Egyptian craftmanship though does leave a little bit to be desired when you look closely. In your rooms you will see cracks in tiles etc but i think this is pretty standard of egyptian contruction. There are so many unfinished buildings in and around Hurghada that it makes you wonder what is going on with them. It is, as someone else pointed out, a bit of a building site.

One last plus point is the cleanliness of the hotel. I have never seen so many staff in my life. They were forever cleaning something, whetehr it was the rooms, the pool, the floor, the gardens. We even saw one guy on his hands and knees with a small piece of sandpaper, sanding the bridges that lead from pool to pool. I felt really sorry for him and tipped him and he loved me from then on, lol
The staff are excellent though and they do like the english a lot more than the germans and russians. They make an effort with the english and just seem to be a lot more polite to us...probably cos we in general are a lot politer than the germans and russians i saw during my stay..plus we tip well, something else i didnt see many germans or russians doing.
I hope i have covered everything. Me and the mrs did have a cracking time and all in all loved out trip and the hotel and i would recommend it to anyone wanting a hotel with great service, great food and a relaxing holiday. p.s. the coffee in the cafes is lovely too!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 20th of May 2009

Fantastic Holiday!!!

Reviewed Wed 12th of December 2012

"My partner and I returned home on 8th May and had a wonderful time!!

We were part of the first group to use this hotel under Thomsons and First Choice and it couldn't have gone smoother!!

Check-in was fast and you were made to feel extremely welcome by the hotel staff. We were directed to our room and our bags followed us up shortly.

The hotel itself is beautiful and always being maintained day and night. The top terrace of a night is lovely to sit and chill out and have a cheeky shisha pipe which is brought to you when requested, drinks are also brought when requested. The barman are funny and are always ready to put a smile on your face.

The food - After staying in Egypt last year in a different resort, i must say i was slightly jubious of the food but that soon went out the window!! There are 4 restaurants Oriental, Italian, Meditterenean, and Continental. Being English and having Chinese, Indian and Thai in just one restraurant on tap was like heaven!! If we were not in there we were eating freshly made pizza's and the way the restaurant staff remember what you like and have it served for you without even asking is brilliant!! There are also crepes served from 3 in the afternoon and also ice cream at the pool bar and Crepes corner!!

The pool area is beautiful and there is never a fight for the sunbeds (including with the Russians)which is a pleasant change from normal!! You will be harrassed by people offering trips and massages and this can be a little annoying however there is an area called the 'non active area' where they are not allowed to come, my partner and I found this wonderful. The beach is also beautiful!!

The rooms are very clean and are a decent size. I dont understand why people are moaning as you dont go on holiday to spend it in your room. If anything, my partner and I wanted to bring the bed home as we haven't had a decent night sleep since we have been back!! All the rooms are fitted with air conditioning, on our first night our air con was broken. We went to reception the following morning to let them know and by lunch time we had a cool room again!! If people complain about their view it is because they haven't paid for a pool view room. We overlooked the water slides from the Beach Resort, which isn't the best view but we got what we paid for.

I have to agree that the hotel really does need to re-think its entertainment programme as it is shockingly awful. The Germans and Russians love it but they are going to have to work a little harder to please us English!! We tended to sit in the terrace bar with our favourite bar man 'Manchester' adequatly named for his love of Manchester United and being one of the only words he knew!!

We took a trip to the marina one night to get out of the hotel and it is beautiful. I was worried again about being harrassed after a bad experience in Naama Bay last year but it couldn't be anymore different. The marina has round the clock security and nobody is allowed to harrass you into bars and restaurants. It was nice to have a walk without this. Papa's bar is the local English bar where you can play pool and watch the sports.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Palace and if we go back to Egypt i am 100% sure it would be here!! Don't listen to stupid reviews by people who have nothing better to do than complain about the Russians, communism, size of rooms and how much noise the sunbeds make when they move. These people obviously have nothing better to do! In fairness it is not a 5* hotel as many people seemed to think, in First Choice it is rated 4* plus and i think this is a fair score!!

Have a wonderful holiday, im sure you will enjoy as long as you're not too picky!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 20th of May 2009

great holiday but not much to do in the evenings

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"We have just arrived back from a weeks stay at the albatros palace.
We are a couple in our mid 20s and simply wanted a week away to relax with decent weather. We paid £497 each for the package holiday with Thomson, which was an online offer at the time.

I must stress that anyone looking for a proper 5* hotel may not find this hotel suitable, although that is not to take anything away from this hotel as we found it a lovely place to stay. The standards in Egypt are not of that you would expect for a 5* hotel elsewhere, however I was fully aware of this when booking and so went there with my expectations lowered and was pleasantly surprised.
I would rate this hotel as an average 4* and also Thomson does rate this hotel at a 4+ (I feel some tour operaters have advertised it as a 5* which is misleading).

The hotel seemed to employ hundreds of staff who were constantly cleaning throughout the hotel. The pools were constantly being cleaned and rooms were cleaned everyday and towels changed, although bed linen was not.

Majority of staff were very friendly and made the effort to help you.
Tipping is customary in Egypt and although hotel staff did not ask for tips (as they do outside of the hotel) we tipped some of the bar staff on the first day and we were then treated favourably- having drinks poured for us before we needed to ask and constantly having our glasses topped up. Some of the bar staff would also work in the restaurants and so we received the same treatment here.

Food and drink
we chose this restaurant for the choice of places to eat, as meals at all inclusives can often become repetitive. There are 4 restaurants to eat at, all serving slightly different cuisine. Pizzs were also available and were freshly made in the pizza oven while you waited as were croissants for breakfast. The choice of food was very good and the standard of food was also quite good, although not 5* but still tasty.
The food court and beach bar were also open for food during the day with plenty to choose from.
Soft drinks depended on which bar you went to. some bars had more of a choice. Bottles of water were always available.
Beer also varied- some bars had larger on draught and others had bottles which the staff poured into your glass (these were sometimes left out and were warm). choice of wines was basic- either red, white or rose.

Pools were excellent, one was heated and sunbeds were always available.
There were 3 bars in the hotel- one near reception (smells of cheese) one past a row of shops which was our favourite, although shop owners would often hassle you to come into their shop. There was also a disco, which was a bit lame- music was mostly dance music which the russians seemed to love!
The evening entertainment was a big downside to this hotel, as the entertainment team put on shows each night but these were more geared for kids and were quite tedious. However this was not such an issue for us as we had gone on holiday to relax and so weren't looking for vibrant nightlife.
Also sales people would hassle you at the pool for massages, trips etc. If you are not interested you need to be firm with them, although we actually booked an excursion through them which was miles better than the Thomson one and cheaper. (although you take the risk as to whether the company has substantial insurance). We went snorkelling in the red sea and stopped off at an island in the red sea which was an excellent trip out.
There are some shops within the hotel and you wil need to haggle for everything. I nearly paid £15 for a water inflatable before working out how much it cost in sterlng!! The locals will start off with ridiculous prices and we were informed by our travel rep to get at least 50% off the original price stated. Unless the item is priced, you will be able to haggle for the price. There is also a pharmacy at the hotel- we used this as my partner developed egyptian tummy. The course of tablets cost £15 but were worth it as ordinary immodium were useless.

the hotel is on a main stretch of road near other pickalbatros hotels. The Beach albatros hotel is situated next to albatros palace and shares the same beach. The beach is sandy with some patches of shingle. there is a pier out into the sea for guests to swim from, due to the hotels reefs.
Hurghada centre is about 15mins in a taxi. we used the hotels taxi service which worked out £14 return. we arranged a time to be picked up and the taxi was waiting for us on time. Hurghada marina has some bars and restaurants and like the rest of Hurghada is still under development. Much of Hurghada is a building site at the moment!

Our room was comfortable and clean. we had a standard room with two twin beds (the beds are larger than an average single bed). We did not experience the issues other people have reported with overbooking of rooms, although it seems these overbookings have occurred with people booking through medhotels and hotels4u.
Rooms had a walk in shower room and balcony. (balconies were not completely private though). There was also a hairdryer, free safty deposit box, fridge, TV which had fox movies channel.

Overall the hotel is massive but lovely. Staff were helpful and friendly, although some did hassle you to buy from their shops/ excursions. The choice of food was great and pools were lovely. The nightlife left a lot to be desired for people looking for busy evenings.

This hotel would be good for families and people looking for a relaxing break."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 18th of May 2009

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