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Fabulous Resort

Reviewed Tue 23rd of November 2010

"I have read a lot of reviews on the Rihana Resort and I have to say that my stay there was outstanding. I travel a lot on my own and the first thing I noticed was that El Gouna is a gated community therefore safe. On arrival to the hotel, the staff were very friendly and welcoming and nothing was too much trouble. And I loved the reception area which was full of flowering trees.

I arrived in the dark and initially was disappointed with my room. It was basic but very clean and over one side of the balcony, down below (I was on the 2nd floor), was a workshop behind the trees. I thought I'd sleep on it then ask to change rooms in the morning. Morning came, I went out onto the balcony and there was a lovely view of the lagoon! I'm staying put thanks!

Room service were lovely and because I said hello, how are you and have a good day every morning, I was treated to some lovely towel sculptures on my bed (they normally do this on your last day). It costs nothing to be nice to the staff...

The resort staff from the room boys to security were just great. Most spoke very good English and they could not do enough to make your stay a great one. Ok, so the main restaurant was a bit of a free for all but the food was excellent (no Rameses Revenge!) and the service beyond expectations. Again, this was probably due to me treating them respectfully and not being ignorant unlike some people there. Someone commented about the evening meal set times. This is because the resort is very busy and they do not want people standing around for ages waiting for a table.

The whole of El Gouna is clean, safe, hassle free and I never got any grief from the men. Be polite, say no thank you and they smile and tell you to have a good day. Mangroovy beach is a short bus ride (free shuttle) away and is a mecca for kite surfers. The lagoon boat trip is well worth doing (free too!) and an excursion to Luxor and the Desert Adventure are well worth booking. Luxor was £68 for the day and the Safari was £38. There is loads to do! Dune Buggies, Quadbiking, going in a submarine, snorkling etc etc...

The resort has 2 dive centres, a windsurfing centre where you can just hire the kit or take lessons. Moses the well behaved and chilled out resort camel takes you on a lovely ride through reception, round the resort then back along the lagoon for only 50LE and there is horse riding available just up the road. Honestly, it is perfect for those who want to either chill by the pools (which were spotless) or be a little more active.

You can dine around for 40LE off your meal and Downtown has an array of places to eat, shop and watch a show under the stars. The Marina (Abu Tig) is another place well worth a visit. The Bedouin Nights are a must (only 15 Euros all in) and the evening shows, daytime activities are enough to keep you entertained.

I could go on and on raving about this place. I've only been back a few days and my personal experience of staying there was outstanding and I'm already booked and going back next year!

The bad reviews should be ignored. If there are any issues, the staff go out of their way to resolve them. I did a classic and locked my suitcase keys inside my suitcase! Doh! But within 20 mins, they had sent a maintenance guy and receptionist to my room and saved the day! Talking of which, only the room boys are allowed in your room and if you need assistance i.e. doctor, there is always someone from reception or security to accompany them to your room.

These guys at the Three Corners have seriously got it right! And I thank you for an amazing time!

P.S. This place also caters for the disabled perfectly which many do not."

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  • Travel date: Tue 23rd of November 2010

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  • 5 Beach
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  • 5 Pool
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  • 5 Dining
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Reviewed Fri 21st of August 2009

"This was my first time to Egypt me and my cousin are 27 and went with the parents, I was a bit aprehensive as have been told the the egyptians like to hassle you but it was totally fine. I wasnt really expecting too much with the hotel but I was pleasantly suprised when I got there, the rooms arent spectacular to be honest but but considering the amount of time you spend in them it doesn't matter, and they were thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. There is something for everyone, the staff are the friendliest I have seen on a holiday and made it soo much more fun, we have kept in contact with a lot of them since we have been back, they will do anything to make sure you are happy. The evening shows are hilarious and if you have children they like to get them involved as well. Peanuts Bar has live music and is great for a late drink, and very quick service and if you want to go out after that you have the Marina and Down Town where drinks are very reasonably priced, the sunset bar is good for a chilled out atmosphere. The food was excellent, we ate in Dolce Vita a couple of times as we became good friends with Ramon the waiter which was lovely and a nice change, the bbq is yummy as well, they have different themed nights so you always have a couple of different dishes but otherwise they are all pretty much the same but I am a fussy eater and had no problem whatsoever. The only other downside is the main restaurant its a bit of a cattle market. The hotel puts on a Bedouin night which is brilliant, a marina party on Friday and put on trips along the Lagoon, which is beautiful I would definately recommend going for a swim there, the swimming pools are fab, although we mainly spent our time at the Dolphin pool. We went to the Ocean View hotel as well which has a lovely setting but we were glad we were staying at the Rihana. Mangroovy Beach is lovely and if you are young like me they have a beach party on every other night which is good fun, drinks are a bit more expensive but thats to be expected, and they have a pool party at the Duport (part of Ocean View) on Mondays and Fridays which is also good fun, and Moods bar at the end of the Marina does fab cocktails

So overall an excellent holiday and we were all gutted we had to come home and will definately be going back."

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  • Travel date: Wed 19th of August 2009

Enjoyable family hotel...

Reviewed Thu 6th of August 2009

"This is our 8th visit to Egypt, although the first to El Gouna, so have a fairly good understanding of what Egytian hotels are like.

When you arrive at this hotel the reception looks quite disappointing compared to other rather more ostentatious receptions we have seen before in Egypt. Don't let this put you off as the reception staff are really friendly and helpful and deal with any query very quickly.

Our room was in the Rihana Resort part of the hotel and had a side view of the lagoon. It didn't quite match the rather elegant looking pictures on their website, so again inititally we were a little disappointed; however over the two weeks we came to appreciate the size as it was quite large, clean and the balcony was quite big. We had 3 beds in the room and could move around each bed quite easy. If I'm honest I don't think I could say the same about the bathroom. We only had a small shower with a curtain that was like glue when taking a shower. On out first day the shower tray overflowed and flooded the bathroom; it seemed the water wasn't draining away. We complained to reception who got it sorted ASAP and although the bathroom didn't flood again.

All 3 pools in the hotel seem quite busy and active. When we were there the middle of the 3 seemed the quietest so we settled there for two weeks making visits to the waterslide pool as and when (great fun!). I have to be honest that some days the water looked a little cloudy (we have stayed in hotels in Egypt where the pool attendants are cleaning the pool all day and the water has been superbly clean), I think perhaps that the hotel staff realised this and some people who looked like management came walking round inspecting the water and pool surrouding area. The water seemed clean from then onwards. You can eat ice cream by this pool from 11am until 5pm or when it runs out, our son ate our fair share each day. Drinks are available too all day. If you want sun as late as possible get your sun loungers on the bar side the pool.

The restaurant is probably what lets the hotel down slightly; it isn't big enough when the hotel is busy and has been crammed with tables that are not always easy to navigate around especially when people are sat eating their food. We ate outside in the garden for dinner, breakfast wasn't too bad, but lunchtime was rather hectic and the tables were not always cleaned very well. The food, although rather alot of it, can be a bit samey; however please note we don't eat meat so others may say different. Having said that we never went hungry!!!

Some nights we ate around El Gouna; I can recommend Dunes for pizza's, but beware they are very filling. Here we ate in a little booth, sitting on cushions with a low table all lit by little white fairy lights and candles. We also went to the marina for fantastic homemade ice cream one night. On Monday and Friday the marina hosts part nights with music and ancing on a stage; all of the hotels and restaurants have tables here; it is worth attending one of these nights, the marina looks vey pretty as all of the tables tend to be lit by candle light.

One of my son's favourite part of the holiday was a lovely litter of 3 kittens in the hotel. They were very cute, the mum was gorgeous that the dad was very big and handsome. Alot of the guests who ate in the garden area fed them scraps. If you go here and you like cats, the mum likes chicken!!!!

There is a shuttle bus to the beach. The beach is very big, although close to a building site; however unlike Sharm, there are no fish to see when snorkelling which we found disappointing. Anyone who has been to Sharm will know that you don't need to get your feet wet to see lots of fish! IF you want do some kite surfing this is your place. The hotel has a bar there, so food and drink are available.

All in all we had a great time here, it isn't the best hotel we've stayed at in Egypt but by no means is it the worst either. El Gouna is lovely, everything is easily accessible either by walking or tuk-tuk (hold on tight when in these!). Some of the yachts will blow your mind.


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  • Travel date: Wed 5th of August 2009

great holiday

Reviewed Thu 21st of May 2009

"Stayed here feb 09 for some winter sun .The staff are all great and work hard to make your stay fun. Food not bad but you can get a bit fed up at the breakfeast.The guys in the sunsetbar r stars they never let your drink run dry, had to sneek out one night as the booze just kept flowing. My 12yr old daughter loved it and begs us to go back every chance she over looked the pool and was very clean at all times.WILL BE GOING BACK IN OCT .."

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  • Travel date: Thu 21st of May 2009

Its great

Reviewed Mon 9th of March 2009

"Just back from a week here and cannot understand the previous comments about the food, I thought it was very good and much better than 5* hotels elsewhere in Egypt. Very clean and friendly and excellent location for downtown El Gouna. Plenty to do but not noisy and lots of sunbeds around 3 great pools plus the lagoon beach. Would recommend this hotel wholeheartedly"

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  • Travel date: Mon 9th of March 2009

We saved up all year and paid £670 each...

Reviewed Fri 19th of September 2008

"We saved up all year and paid £670 each to stay at The Three Corners Rihana Inn all inclusive which was rated as a 4 star Resort.
First off I would not give this Resort a 2 star rating and we are disgusted with the way we were treated and another number of things. We are not picky people usually and every holiday we have had in the past with Thomson’s has been brilliant until this one. We are deeply upset that our yearly holiday, that we have worked so hard to save up for, was a disgrace and a disappointment. Our Thomson’s rep Omar was completely useless, at our welcome meeting he didn’t even know that there was 3 swimming pools on the resort and he had no idea were the plaza restaurant was either! When we wanted to complain we couldn’t because he was off and his visiting times where at teatime and as we had to eat out most night due to the food conditions we weren’t available. As for the Thomson’s 24 hour helpline the reception staff told us it was £3.00 for 30secs and I don’t see why we should have to pay that sort of price to see and speak to our rep! When we eventually did manage to see him, after we got the Thomas cook rep to ring him, we made a complaint but he refused to write what we wanted on it saying we had to write these points when we returned! He got very angry that we had to tell the Thomas Cook rep to ring him on his mobile phone and the way he spoke to us was unacceptable! Other guest came up to him while he was sat with us mentioning they had been trying to contact him! We took quite some time out of our holiday trying to contact our rep and complaining not what you expect on holiday!
The restaurant staff where rude and we had the constantly argue with them because they wanted us to book a table in the restaurant and stick to that time every night. I am sorry but we booked an all inclusive holiday where time should not be an issue! They also kept splitting us and our friends up on different tables when we ask for a table for 6 not two tables of 3. It was like being back at school.
The restaurant was full of flies, dirty tables and old, half eaten food piled at the sides of the rooms. The table clothes were just being turned over instead of clean ones being used and crumbs and food was being brushed onto floor and left.
The waiters in the main restaurant were taking your plates while you were still eating and leaning across me to take my partners plate putting their sweaty armpits in my face and food! They also always started to take food away before the restaurant was due to close. We went for breakfast one morning at 9.30am and they were closing when the opening hours are clearly pinned up around the restaurant and hotel saying it open till 10am. Same happened at night time too.
We ended up spending quite an amount of our spending money on eating out as we couldn’t stomach the food and if I ate anymore bread I was going to look like a bread roll!
The only one good thing about this holiday was the weather! We couldn’t really give any other good comment apart from the only one polite person in the hotel was the cocktail bar waiter. We felt like there was a time limit on everything and this is not expected on an all inclusive holiday and certainly not what I have experienced on them in the past. In the past food has basically been available 24 hours a day and soft drinks all day not just from 11am!

Hope this review helps, i have tried to contact thomson with my complaints and heard nothing back, not good for a big company, they have gone down hill in my book!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 19th of September 2008

This was the most fantastic holiday my f...

Reviewed Thu 18th of September 2008

"This was the most fantastic holiday my family and i had the plaeasure of taking. The staff are friendly and helpful and can't do enough for you. The service is excellent, we went on an excersion which was a jeep safari (highly recommended) and we arrived back at the hotel after the resturant had closed, we were greeted my the security staff who informed us that they kept the resturant open for us and therre was a member of staff waiting for us to serve sandwhiches!! The food is plentiful with a lot of variety and if you have enough of the foreign food there is plenty of vegetables to choose fron with beef wellington. The room was cleaned daily with animals and other objects being made out of towels (swans, boats etc we even saw a three tier cake!) and beach towels were provided (via a card system). Hairdryers can be supplied from reception dependant upon availability. The pools were clean and there is a pool for all, we mainly stayed around the pool with the slides, as our teenage son loved it there, there are plenty of sun lounges and if they are all full the staff will fetch you one. The lagoon is beautiful with a BBQ at lunch everyday. The evening entertainment is ok the karoke is a laugh!! The bar closes at exactly 12:00 no questions but at the back of the peanuts bar there is a late disco where drinks can be purchased at a very resonable price. There is different nights that you can attend such as the oasis party night again its resonably priced. However if you intend to do any other excersions then take plenty of cash as there is plenty to do!! For my family to go to Cairo (3 adults as my son is 13) for 2 days where you stay in a 5 star hotel overnight, all meals included (except drinks), a trip to the bizarre,pyramids,museum and light & sound show cost us aroung £300 sterling fantastic trip a bit tiring as it was 6 hours on the coach but well worth it, if you want to go inside the pyramids it costs extra for the small one £2.50 sterling each adult (250 egyption pounds). Personally i recommend the smaller pyramid the same experiencce but your not in there for as long as the other one, especially if you don't like small spaces, i'm clostraphobic but managed to go inside the smaller pyramid without panicing. There is a local law in El Gouna where shop owners/workers are not allowed to hassle you, it is a relaxing holiday resort perfect. Also all hotel users are allowed 1 free boat trip aroung the lagoon, you get to see quite a lot in 30 mins (even omar sheriff's villa!!). There is even a fishing trip to go which is very resonably priced! Overall this holiday resort is out of this world, ideal for families with children of all ages, couples young and old there is something for everyone. "

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  • Travel date: Thu 18th of September 2008

me and my family went here in july there...

Reviewed Sun 3rd of August 2008

"me and my family went here in july there is plenty for the children to do and adults, the rooms were very clean the staff were very friendly, the only thing that let it down for me was the food there wasnt much really to choose from it was either potatoes or potatoes for tea. in our room we were swarmed out with ants in the bathroom and sometimes in the beds but you get used after a while and we were eaten to death by flies ive never seen as many in my life. the weather was fantastic the lowest it got was 36oc.we are planning on booking again to the samt place..i was say that when you get to hurghada airport you do need a visa which is £10 each in english money."

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  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of August 2008

Friendly and relaxing resort

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"We spent a week here in late february and had a great time. I was a bit concerned about the variable reviews before i went - particulalry about the food. But happily we found the staff nothing but helpful and the rooms clean and the food tasty and plentyful. even for a veggie like me! I'd agree with reviewers that say this is more of a 3* hotel - however i think thats the local rating.
We only had one fault with the room, when the shower head broke but it was fixed very quickly (within about 30mins) and without a fuss.

Its probably worth knowing that the hotel is run by a family from Belgium and there are very few British guests - this wasn't a problem for us as everyone was friendly.

Its also worth doing the dine aroud el gouna program and checking out the Indian down at the marina - its the best i've had in ages and really cheap as it was covered in the AI deal we had.

The weather was warm during the day but dropped in the evening so warmer clothes are a must. I'd recommend going on the trips to the bedouin evening and paradise island for the snorkling.

Overall the hotel was great value and if I were the sort to go to the same place twice i'd be tempted to go back."

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  • Travel date: Tue 18th of March 2008

Great resort for your money

Reviewed Tue 6th of November 2012

"As two single women who had only been to sharm before, we did not know what to expect in El Gouna, and I have to say the resort was great. The only thing we were a little upset with was the size of our room. The entire resort was clean, The food was lovely, well cooked and had flavour, yes, dishes were repeated on a regular basis but hey after the food we had eaten in naama, it was great to actually find something which was edible. The waiters looked after us and we never had to ask twice for a drink and they were always huge. We met some lovely british people who helped make it fun for us both. The pools were lovely and the beach was nice though we never found how to hire a canoe. Outside the resort was dead so we really had no choice but to stay in and enjoy the night time activities (they were funny in a really really bad way) and if we had been there for two weeks it definately would have become too much."

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  • Travel date: Wed 6th of February 2008

I wish I'd stayed in England..

Reviewed Tue 16th of October 2012

"Where can I start.. Lets start with a positive. The hotel building is very good. Its quite modern yet traditional and has a lot of potential. The lagoon is beautiful as well, calm and clear. The problems started the 2nd day. We woke up, put our sunbathing gear on, walked outside, and it was cold.. I mean too cold to be outside without a good size jumper at least. I'd been told Egypt is warm all year round, but it certainly wasn't then.

At breakfast, the choice was pretty much: cereal or pancakes. They had a toaster, but no matter how many times you put the bread through, nothing happened to it, it just ended up like stale bread. And if you wanted orange juice, you had to pay for it - no so much all inclusive is it?? You also had to pay for water in the room, anything out the minibar, and any drinks after 11pm.

Lunch was just as bad. If you like spag bol then this is the place for you - if you think you might get sick of it after eating everyday for a week, then go elsewhere!!

Dinner was supposed to be themed every night, and apparently the chinese eat spag bol, and also in India!?!?! Strange.

We ended up eating out in El Gouna every night, where you could find very nice food, but a bit pointless paying for All Inclusive.

The main bar at night is basically a tent, which meant wearing a coat out at night, which wasn't the greatest thing in the world.

Our rep was from Med Hotels. We decided to book two tours, one to Luxor and one to Cairo. These were charged at £500 for all three of us. Unfortunately, Med Hotels thought they could get away with taking £500 out of my bank account twice without me noticing, and left us with no money for the holiday.

When we actually went on the tours, our 5 year old son was not allowed to take a blankett from the room with him on the 5 hour coach journey which left at 4 in the morning. Not exactly helpful.

We also had no bath at all in the room, which for anyone with kids, will know is a nightmare... 3 weeks of "it's in my eyes!" did not go down well.

Just to top it all off, we left 300 egyption pounds in our room (about £30) and the cleaner took it, and then denied it ever being there. Then our little one caught chicken pox from the kids club (the people running the kids club later said they knew a girl there had chicken pox already and let her stay in the club) so we couldn't fly home. The hotel refused to deal with our insurance company directly, consequently we spent £250 on calls to them in the UK. The hotel would not compensate us for this either.


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  • Travel date: Thu 24th of January 2008

Good holiday but without delight

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"We are just back from holiday at Three Corners Rihana. We found it quite nice and good value for money. Of course as every resort this one has its own pluses and minuses.
The hotel is quite big, busy, and international (mostly Belgians and Scandinavians). It will take a while until you stop getting lost trying to find anything :) But it’s really nicely maintained (at least outside). There are a lot of plants, paths, water features, resting places and so on. The swimming pools look great (we can’t say anything about our experience of them as we are “beach ppl” ) but they exaggerate a little with animations.
The lagoon beach is alright. They have quite comfortable beach furniture and it’s very clean. If you want to get to the sea beach you have to travel about 10 minutes by shuttle bus (it goes every hour and it’s free). But the beach is not too cosy – only grey, a few buildings, some beach beds and parasols and the rest is miles of grey sand.
Rooms are very basic. You get some kitchen equipment but it’s useless as you are not allowed to eat in your room (Ninja ants!). It’s a pity they don’t provide kettles but you can boil water in a pot if you need. There are some problems with water in general. Most of the time it’s not warm enough (at least for me) or there is no water at all like for 20 minutes, then it’s back. Probably it happened because we’ve been there in January but that’s even worse as I get cold very easily and I couldn’t have a really hot shower.
What is a big advantage of the resort is the very nice and helpful personnel, everywhere – reception, buffets, bars, beach, cleaning staff. Good news for women - all service is by men ;)
What is the worst – absolutely poor night entertainment. There are 2 bars for all inclusive – first of them is very cosy but is small and you can’t smoke inside so ppl go to Peanuts Bar in the evening. It’s a place completely without any character and atmosphere with terrible, very bright lighting. You have to listen to an Egyptian couple who make poor covers of some popular songs and treat you with the same ones almost every night. But if you have nice company and enough alcohol you are able to get through it :) Forget about varying music and dancing (unless you don’t mind doing it in full lighting on 2 square metres).
A lot of people complain in their reviews about food. It could be better but we find it alright as well as the choice of it.
A few tips:
- If you go there in winter time take some warm clothes. It starts being chilly in the late afternoon and it’s really cold in the night (I didn’t have enough of them and that was my pain).
- Remember to have some English money for your visa at the airport in Egypt and for duty free shops (you’ll save money on exchanging fees)
- Be careful with tips – they want them everywhere
- If you smoke – Egypt will be Eden for you (a packet of 20 cigarettes is about £0.50) so don’t buy any in England, duty free shops or in the plane."

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of January 2008

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