Three Corners Ocean View Hotel - Adults only

Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada 84513 Egypt
4 star hotel


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  • 5 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 4.5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 4 food

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The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth....!


"After reading all the reviews of this hotel before our holiday, ranging from the exceptional to the out and out terrible we were a little aprehensive and unsure of what to expect...

My wife and I have just returned from a 7 day break (20th-27th July) at the Three Corners Ocean View in El Gouna and here is our take on the week....!

Starting with the positives the weather was faultless... It was between 32-38 degrees everyday and without a cloud in the sky (seriously, we didn't see one all week) there was sunshine all day long. It sounds hot, and maybe between 10am-2pm it can be a little uncomfortable when not in the shade but with a breeze coming in off the red sea it is very pleasant. But beware, even the rep said that in August it can be unbearably hot so pick your dates carefully.

And what a view.... Absolutely amazing! You have the Red Sea on one side and the Abu Tig Marina on the other... a fantastic location. The Marina houses some beautiful yachts and is also home to the local areas bars and restaurants. So whilst all the other hotel's visitors are making there way down to the Marina each night.... you just have to walk out of reception and turn left!

The hotel itself is nice and clean and the room we had (even though we didnt ask for anything in particular) had a lovely balcony with a beautiful view.

The staff are friendly, helpful and speak english. If anything was wrong in the room (a/c not blowing cold air, remote control batteries dying for tv and shower basin not draining) once we reported it to reception it was dealt with fairly promptly.


The rooms whilst clean and spacious didnt really live up to the 4 star rating.... there is no minibar, no room service and the bathroom wasn't the greatest.... whilst clean it was a little run down and in need of updating. Not what you expect from a 4+ star hotel.

The sunbed situation is a free for all..... you need to be up at the crack of sparrows to get a poolside bed or you may find towels drapped over all the sunbeds and yourself walking around aimlessly. You could go to the hotel's Marina Beach which is a 5 minute shuttle ride, but the sand is very coarse and hurts your feet... and if you want to swim in the sea you'll need to walk for miles... we walked out for at least 10 minutes and the water was just up to our knees, very very VERY shallow water.

In terms of entertainment, if your after a loud, clubby, girls/guys pulling type holiday, this is definetely not the place for you. It's more suited towards couples and romantics looking for a complete break from the rat race. I don't think I could have managed 2 weeks in El Gouna.... there is only so much resting you can do before you get itchy feet and want to do something productive; and if it is not water orientated you could be hard pushed to find it.

We visited Cairo and Giza and took in the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum which are a must so book trips early to avoid disappointment. We missed out on flying to Cairo but we couldn't go to Egypt without seeing the only original remaining wonder of the world and so we booked a coach trip instead which involved a 2am start... and a 3am the next day return..... a very long day but well worth it!

And finally the food..... We were not impressed with the food on offer at the hotel. Although we were All Inclusive we found ourselves eating out for 5 of the 7 nights as the food was poor. Dont get me wrong, there was plenty on offer but everthing just tasted like cardboard. Being on the Marina there are plenty of other places to eat.... so I'd suggest going Half Board as I feel we didnt get value for money on our AI package.

Food at the hotel bars by the pool and beach is an extra charge so its not really AI. And with the breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7am-10am, 1pm-3pm and 7pm-10pm and the bars only serving food 12-5pm (and no room service) there are hours of the day where although you are AI you have no access to any food at the hotel what so ever which can be a little annoying if your peckish!

And with the AI finishing at midnight you find yourself paying for drinks after 12 so it is an All Inclusive package with a couple of stipulations.

Overall, it was a good holiday but it did have a couple of down sides.... but we still managed to enjoy ourselves and have a great time.

You must visit El Gouna, and the Ocean View Hotel has the best location of all the hotels but the food lets it down....

I've rambled on abit but I hope this review will help you decide if El Gouna and the Ocean View Hotel are for you...?!?

Enjoy your holiday!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 27th of July 2007

What a Hotel


"We stopped here from the 22nd June till the 7th July and I can sum it up in one word WOW.
Yes it is that good, and this is coming from someone that loves beach holidays. Yes the Hotel does have a beach and it is only five minutes away via the Hotels free Mini Bus. When you get to the beach the all inclusive does not stop, you can still get free soft drinks and a lunchtime meal. There is also very clean toilets and a shower area, O/K the sand is a little course but me with sensitive feet managed to walk down to the sea.
However if you are a pool lover there are plenty of sun loungers for you to laze away the days with the pool being ever inviting. As below the Animation team try very hard and the activities go on throughout the day, but the dreaded water polo always became a nonsense with little respect to the others that were sat beside the pool.
Food was excellent, no complaints, the choice was good and the food always well cooked. Drinks, well depends on your taste but I found the Sprite, Fanta, Coke and the Water to be of the best class. When I did want alcohol it was served generously.
Well the Staff from the cleaners through to the Executive Chef they were all so helpful, kind and gracious. If you are lucky and land a room on the second floor and your cleaners name is Ramesis then you have won the lottery, for a young lad he is so keen to please you. He changes your towels daily, your bed is changed daily and the room cleaned top to bottom each day.
One final mention for Peanuts, do not miss out walk out of the hotel go around the corner and then to the Peanuts bar, It is part of the All Inclusive."

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  • Travel date: Sun 8th of July 2007

2nd time....better than the first !


"Just back from another week having been in November 2006. SUPERB !!

Weather...... hot hot hot...... 90's during the day and glad of the breeze. 80's during the evening (no need for anything other than t shirt and shorts).

Alot of the same staff there which is always a good sign. These staff are second to none. Absolutely faultless. Smiles on their faces, great sense of humour and excellent service.

Once again the food was excellent.

I could write a book on this place about how good it is... but I wont ! All I will say is go there if you are after a sunshine holiday and a relaxing time away from it all. Not the ideal place for youngsters and teenagers as they would become bored pretty easily unless they are into just a pool with plenty of activities around it from the animation team.

I look forward to my next trip...... I will not be considering anywhere else for a sunshine holiday !"

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  • Travel date: Sun 8th of July 2007

Great holiday - Great hotel


"My sister and I stayed at the 3 Corners OV from 22nd - 29th June. All the hotel staff were all incredibly friendly and willing to help - we didn't encounter a bad, grumpy or slow service during the whole week.

Our room was on the 1st floor - room 2258 and was a very good size. Twin beds, large tv with a range of English speaking channels, fridge, balcony and great air con made the stay comfortable. The room was however above the restaurant and outside eating area so there was a small amount of noise in the mornings but not enough to really bother us. Some people we spoke to had much smaller rooms than us and only had french doors rather than a balcony so I think we were quite lucky.

The pool was great and we never struggled to get sunbeds despite not getting to the pool until 9.30ish somedays (in fact surprisingly we were quite often the 1st people at the pool at 9am-ish).
Towels are provided although they are quite small so we asked for an extra one each to cover the very hot sunbed.

The Entertainment Team, particularly Yankee, try hard to get people involved in the activities but aren't too annoying! A polite no and they get the message! The water polo in the pool at 3.30pm everyday was very annoying as it means that unless you're playing you can't go in the pool and are fairly likely to get the ball hurtling towards you. After the 1st couple of days we learnt to move further away from the edge of the pool to safety.

The main buffet restaurant was very good and we found something to our taste pretty much everyday both at lunch and dinner (despite being a bit picky normally). There was a wide range of international food including a bbq on one night. Breakfast was very good - pancakes, fruit, pastries and the usually continential style meat/cheese type stuff. The staff are very good at bringing you drinks and are very prompt at clearing plates etc.

The dine around deal the hotel offers means that you can eat at a range of other restaurants at a discounted rate. The only restaurant included in the all inclusive is the buffet restaurant. We did try the Italian restaurant one night but weren't very impressed - although the dine around credit meant that it only cost us about £9.

The all inclusive deal finishes at midnight each day so if you want to drink later than that you have to pay which we thought was a bit poor.

Overall we had a very good stay - temperatures reached 42degrees some days so bring lots of high factor sun cream!!!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 5th of July 2007

Another excellent holiday in the Three Corners Ocean View


"Just returned from our second visit to this hotel and yet again had an excellent holiday. All the staff were very friendly from the cleaner to the manager. The food was excellent. I'm a vegeterian and a very fussy eater and I was spoilt for choice every day. We will be returning next year."

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  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of July 2007



"Had 2 great weeks at this hotel. Staff very polite & friendly. food very good and the dine around option is nice for a change from the hotel, the hotel location is excellent you can walk around the marina day or night with no hassell from the shop traders .
so would we go back YES (and thats from a person who never goes back)"

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  • Travel date: Sat 23rd of June 2007

Fab, relaxing holiday!!


"We have just returned on Saturday 26th May from a lovely two week holiday at Three Corners Ocean View. If its a total chill out and cheap holiday you want then this is for you.

El Gouna is a purpose built man made gated resort. It is very secure and everywhere is new and clean. There are 2 marinas, couple of golf courses, shops, usual watersports, 2 kite surfing areas plus the usual bars/restaurants. You don't get hassled by shop keepers in the
same way as you would in other resorts (Hurghada / Sharm etc).

The hotel is lovely - very picturesque and a great location right near the Marina (definitely must be the best location in El Gouna). The rooms are above average in size, and kept very clean. Our room was ground floor, sea view just near the restaurant. Little bit of noise from restaurant but was fine. Large balcony as well. There is some building work going on for the marina extension, you can hear faint bangs throughout the day but nothing too bad. There are some renovations being done in the hotel between 9am and 5pm and you can hear this depending on how close you sit to the hotel.

We found animation team very funny each day, although we didn't actually join in, yes the music is loud but you just get a bed a bit further away and its fine. The team are such a good bunch they are just having fun and encouraging others to do the same. There was a bit of a problem with sunbeds, people were paying the towel guys to get them the best beds. There are loads of beds but to get them in the shade you were having to be round the beach area at around 7.30. We complained about this by filling in a comments card at reception and in the next couple of days a notice went up by the towel station saying if beds are reserved but not used within one hour, towels would be removed. This seemed to solve the problem. Each day we sunbathed on the sandy platform at the back of the main pool as you get a lovely breeze here. There is another beach you can go to as part of AI but we didn't as didn't look too good, but we really liked the sandy platform. The staff are polite and helpful.

Re the food - it was ok, probably above average compared to some hotels. Stomachs were both fine. We ate plenty of salad etc and no problems. We took some hand disinfectant gel (from supermarkets in uk) and used this before eating/after handling money so this may be good idea. Evening meals bit like a canteen, to be honest we're not generally keen on AI because you get this everywhere but got such a good deal we went for this. Still think good idea for AI as you drink
so much during the day to keep hydrated it ends up being a good deal.
Dine around scheme is good, we ate at the Belgian restaurant (gorgeous fillet steaks cooked to perfection) and the Italian both on site and enjoyed both.

We went on a snorkel trip with the Blue Brothers Diving place by the hotel. This cost 20 Euros each, plus extra for lunch (delicious) and drinks. Whole day was only about 16 sterling each!! Did 2 snorkels one at a wreck site and one at a reef. Brilliant value and the team on the boat were really good guys. We saw some trips advertised at around 75 Euros offering the same as we enjoyed.

Be aware of paying for items in another currency other than that on the price tag. Some areas for example duty free shop at airport make up their own exchange rates and you end up paying more. Take your own food to the airport or eat before you leave - its incredibly expensive. 6 Sterling for 1 packet of pringles and a twix!!

All in all we had a great time and would def return."

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  • Travel date: Sun 27th of May 2007

Good Break in a Good Hotel


"Well, we have just returned from a week at the 3 Corners OV and generally had a really good time. This review is a bit long, but I wanted to do more than a ‘rose tinted sunglasses’ paragraph.

We too had a ridiculous delay at the airport on arriving. El Gouna is about half an hour away from the airport. We arrived at 9:30pm, sat on the coach at about 10.15pm and didn’t actually get to our resort until about 00.30am. No real reason given, and when we got there, the hotel had put some food out, but of course the all inclusive had finished at 12 midnight and if you wanted a drink then you had to pay for it.

At the airport we queued for our visas and wanted to pay by dollars (we had loads left from another holiday, and somewhere on the advisor forums it had said that we could do this). They wouldn’t accept anything other than stirling, euros or Egyptian pounds. Good job we had some other money on us really.

I really strongly suggest that you contact the hotel directly before you go away regarding your room. Although we had booked a balcony room (and double checked it with the tour operator before we left) – when we were given our room it was a twin room with French balcony (i.e. windows). Lovely view over the lagoon and the Sheraton but felt like we were closed in. We do like a balcony to be able to relax on and have a drink before going out, so this was quite important for us, but when we went to get it changed they didn’t have one with a view so we ended up with a room overlooking the gardens.

The rep wasn’t much good to us in this situation as she said we weren’t booked for a balcony room despite it being in black and white on our documents?? I don’t think we were the only people this happened to – the hotel has a fair proportion of rooms without balconies, and as there was also some decorating going on (the smell of turps sometimes was quite strong) then room availability probably wasn’t at its best.

Still the room was just as nice as the first, and the room boy pushed the beds together and made the bed as though it was one big one, which was really helpful.

If we were to go again we would try to reserve a room overlooking the marina I think. The views at the other side were beautiful but you would be over the restaurant area, and if you were at the marina side you could see a bit more activity.

We were able to borrow a hairdryer from reception for the week which was great, but be warned that apart from the socket that the TV is plugged in to, there aren’t really any sockets around the mirror – so make sure your appliances have long leads or take another mirror with you.

If you are worried about missing anything on telly (football for instance). Don’t. There was plenty of sport stations, and all important games were covered in real time. It also felt a little weird watching CSI, Friends and Greys Anatomy occasionally. Plenty of good film channels but most had some form of subtitle at the bottom but still ok if you are laid up for any reason or just watching whilst you are getting ready to go out or having a siesta.

We had towels changed whenever we needed them. They run the “if its on the floor we change it” rule, but if you don’t do that, they think that you are ok with the towels for another day. We seemed to have clean sheets every day too. Our room boy was very good and the room was kept spotless, and we did get a couple of towel sculptures including a quite intricate crocodile.

The bathroom is big, and the shower good enough – there was always hot water.

There is a few bottles of water in your fridge when you arrive, and of course it is free at the bars during the stay, but the hotel also has chilled water butts on every landing, so you can re-fill your bottles whenever you want – which I think was a great idea.

The Weather was very hot. It got hotter as the days went by, and the wind dropped to the point where on the next to last evening in the Marina the heat was quite stifling, and this was at 9pm in the evening.

During the day, chasing the shade becomes more of a way of life than anything else as people move beds around, reposition the wind breaks and generally lay wherever the sun can’t get you.

We found the staff in general to be excellent. What they didn’t understand they took pains to find out and come back to you. They were smiling, courteous, kind and friendly. Yes, sometimes the waiters could be a little more than charming – but you have to take this in its stride. Its not meant as being anything other than flattery with a little bit of flirtation. A special mention from us for Ali the towel guy who was just absolutely smashing, and to Ezak the chief charmer in the restaurant – we think that was his role as he seemed to do not much else but smile and flatter.

As a vegetarian I was a little wary of how well the All Inclusive buffet would cater for me, never mind everyone else, but I shouldn’t have worried. We never got bored, the food was always well cooked (if not well explained – they could do with more detail on the food cards) and whilst sometimes it could get a bit ‘euro’ i.e. hot dogs or burgers at lunchtimes with chips at one of stations, well, there were other options always available. Breakfast had a good variety of things including fresh fruits, cheeses, breads, yoghurts, fresh eggs in whatever form you wanted, fresh pancakes and the usual warm foreign breakfast options, potatos, beans etc., There was even an Egyptian breakfast station, and a diet corner including skimmed milk, 0% fat yoghurts, bran flakes etc., (not for me though).

Lunch and Dinner would often include egyptian food, italian and a variety of other cuisines all at the same sitting. Plenty of meats and fish and always lots of different types of vegetables cooked in interesting ways. I never ever walked away from the buffet feeling disappointed. There was even a joint of lamb with mint sauce one day for those who just wanted plain basic meat and two veg.

I have to say that I am half a stone heavier after a week, and I can only put this down to the puddings, that were really excellent. Eating a variety of puds in one sitting (every day) isn’t very clever, but it is rather delicious and it was my holidays and rude not to.

Having said that, my husband got a tummy bug half way through the holiday – but we dined around the night before and ate at the Morrocan Restaurant in the marina – and I have a sneaky suspicion that it came from there to be honest.

Drinks – phew!! Well we had heard they would be strong but blimy…. They were really unbelievable. We had to get an extra glass with mixer in it, and mix it ourselves at the table – so if lots of booze is your thing, then you would be happy here without a doubt. The red wine was very palatable, and the cold beers were good too. The brandy, I am led to believe, wasn’t so great but its mostly local stuff, so all in all – ok.

The Hotel itself is actually quite small in comparison to others even though it feels bigger when you travel past the other building. Hence the public areas such as the coffee area, reception, the main restaurant and the beach can all get quite crowded.

The Beach area is more of a strip around the hotel which circles the pool area. It feels more like builder sand than soft sand, but it doesn’t help much when nice guests use it to stub out their cigarettes rather than use the ashtrays provided. The sea is partly lagoon, partly sea and because the lagoon is used by motorboats when the tide is high enough, you cannot swim freely. There is a small cordoned off area where you can swim, but you have to walk onto a very small platform with two sets of steps leading down directly into the water.

There are a few fish here, and feeding them great fun to watch, and a few more unusual types including a couple of quite large angel type fish near the steps but in general not much to see when snorkelling at all. There were also jelly fish on a regular basis, and although it was thought that they didn’t sting, no one really made much of an attempt to go in the water when they were around.

Regarding Mozzies – well, yes Im afraid to say that I did get bitten towards the end of the holiday despite using sun lotion and after sun with mosi repellent, showered with citrus shower stuff and sprayed with mosi spray every night but the blighters still got me. I do wonder if sitting on the end of the decking near the sea didn’t help though, as the back of my knees had been given a good few nibbles by something,

The pool area is very attractive, and is enclosed so if there is any wind coming in, it doesn’t get too bad, although to be honest it was getting so hot, that you really needed that breeze to cool you down.

Again back to the size of the hotel, we noticed as the week went on that if you didn’t get down early (and I mean before 7:30) you didn’t have a chance of getting a good spot on the beach or around the pool. Im afraid we joined the sunbed huggers towards the end – and the only reason we did this was because of the ………. Animation team!

The Animation station is right at the start of the beach area and next to the pool. At 10:30 am every day and more or less through the day from then on, they slapped on the music so loud it was ridiculous, yelled their way through every activity, and at times it felt like we were in a dodgy euro nightclub in the middle of the day.

We chose 3 corners OV because we thought it was quiet . It would be if someone took the mike and the speakers off the animation team though. The activities came thick and fast and were announced loudly for atleast ten minutes beforehand by both the mike and by walking around the beach/pool yelling at the top of their voices. I know there has to be something for everyone on a holiday, and animation is something most hotels think they have to provide, but this was probably the loudest most intrustive entertainment I have ever had to put up with. Each to their own I guess, and a handful of guests seemed to really enjoy the entertainment, but I come on holiday for rest and relaxation, not to listen to Ru Paul singing Its raining men, or the Nolans Im in the mood for dancing at the top level on the sound button at 10:30 every morning.

Because the hotel is quite small, you couldn’t really get away from them and the only place where the noise was slightly less was on the beach as far away as possible facing the sea.

There is a fair amount of building work going on around the area, and you are never far from hearing it although it isn’t very obtrusive. You can see the building work going on at the beach club opposite the hotel, and when you take the free shuttle bus down to the hotels other beach this again has building work going on right at the side.

Evening entertainment faired only slightly better to be honest. The resident singer was funny without meaning to be probably, but was atleast calm and quiet. When ‘the crazy’ animation team took over we had bingo, quiz, euro vision contest, and karaoke although thankfully these last two were away from the hotel.

Of course the OV is on the marina, and this is where it comes into its own. Perfectly positioned, you can enjoy the AI at the hotel, then go out onto the marina and enjoy drinks or shopping or just walking and looking at the enormous yachts (especially the glorious Aquila – has anyone worked out which British guy owns it yet?)

The abu tig marina is a very clean, safe place. At times it felt a bit like a film set it was so perfect, and definitely for tourists. I didn’t see one animal anywhere – but there are of course the trips to Luxor and Cairo if you want a slice of the real Egypt and had we been there for more than one week, we might have done this.

The Marina party is now on Fridays AND Mondays. Which is great for those who arrive late on a Friday (some later than others!!). Its fun, and free and has great live entertainment. Definitely worth wandering around when its on.

Lots of trips available from everywhere, the rep, the hotel, the company outside the hotel etc., so plenty to choose from, and an HSBC CASH POINT just on the corner of the hotel too, so no nasty last minute panics without any money. If I were going again, I wouldn’t worry about currency – I’d just bring some euros with me, and get my Egyptian pounds from the machine.

All in all, to be honest, we had a really nice time (although reading back through this, it perhaps sounds worse than it was). We would recommend it to most people as a good value, clean, safe place to go with guaranteed sun and minimum travel time from the UK (as long as you don’t get the two hour delay on arrival)."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of May 2007

3* at very best ! .. Deadful Beach !


"Having booked this complex partly as a result of reading some reviews on here, I can only say that some fellow travellers either have low expectations or have never been too a top class resort/hotel. I don’t mean to offend but how on earth can this place be called a 4 & 5* in some brochures and receive rave reviews on here I will never know. Quite simply its a 38 at the very best.

Fors: Fantastic staff at bars and generally at the complex. Clean and well presented hotel. Good restaurant 'Chez Pascal' attached to hotel. Decent bathrooms and clean w.c.'s etc. Set in quite a pretty Marina. Great variety of restaurants in the Marina itself.

Against: Kept waiting at airport for 2hrs plus on arrival.. Worst effort for a Beach I have ever seen at rear of pool, infact its not really a Beach and the bus up to the 'official' Beach where all the Kite Boarding is done and further a field is nothing more than hard core gravel and a few huts where you pay through the nose for a can of beer, its dreadful ! .. Towels only changed twice in 2 weeks of being there.. Buffet is tasteless, repetitive and lacks variation, the breakfast whilst plentiful is very 'continental' and most mornings comprised of mini sausages in onion (hot dog sausages) and white hard beans in ketchup. Several folk including us had very bad upset stomachs, even at the welcome meeting you are warned and shown where the chemist is ! .. Food 'IS NOT AVAILABLE ALL DAY' even for 'AI' guests, you can get it but you have to pay.. No tea or coffee making facilities in the rooms.. Some rooms do not have balconies, we did not and asked to be moved.. Awful smell of raw sewage came in waves from our bathroom.. The safe did not work.. Be very aware of being ripped off at the shops, even at the hotel complex, whist the hotel staff are excellent, the shop keepers are very different and ladies be aware, if your other half is not with you, you will be seen as pray as these guys are like dogs on heat and rather intimidating.. The downtown area is nothing shout about, its also very dark there at night.. Trust me I could go on about negatives.

To be honest we got about what we paid for and there were folk there whom paid considerably more than us, its ok but do not go here expecting anything more than a 2/3* hotel and remember the beach is none existent"

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of May 2007

Loved it there


"We have just returned from two weeks in the Three corners Ocean view and it was just fantastic. The staff are great all very friendly there english is good so you can have a joke and laugh with them, they all make you feel welcome from the start to finish. No problems with the food there plenty to choose from, and it's all cooked well, no tummy bugs when we were there, not like another hotel in the area that we heard about. The rooms are clean and the towels just look great every time we went back to our room we looked forward to see what they had done with the towels next. The Animation team well they are just great such a lot of work put in to keeping everyone happy there, we did the quiz night and won a bottle of wine, which was thanks to some other english that gave us some tips so thanks guys yes we won it for you...
As for El Gouna, it's a lovely place and we felt very safe there. We also did some of the trips and enjoyed them, but had to be up early in the morning for the Cairo and Luxor one's but it was worth it, if you have to choose one of them I would say go to Luxor as that was the better one.
Tipping can be a pain but it's how they make most of there money, just try and get lots of small money if you can as it can end up expensive when you only got big notes, we tipped the cleaner in our room every other day but not because we had to it's just that we were happy with his work, we tipped about a £1 each time and they don't mind what you give them."

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of May 2007

Brilliant Hotel


"We are going back to TCOV in December this year and this will be the 4th year we have been back. The members of staff are brilliant as we know them very well now so hope they will all be there when we go back. The food is great and the choice of places to eat in downtown and around the marina is fantastic as we have eaten in quite a few and apart from the Indian opposite where the tuk tuks are, everything was delicious.

It is well worth a visit."

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  • Travel date: Tue 18th of October 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

Another great value holiday


"Already booked again. Good spacious clean rooms, excellent staff in all areas of the hotel, most speak several languages which is always helpful. previous menu's have been repetitive but this has been improved. Guest relations are most helpful and readily available. The animation team never cease to amaze me, working hard all day and still full of energy in the evening. Speaking as a well travelled woman i have never felt safer anywhere else then this hotel and el gouna in general. Value for money, hard to beat this hotel and would have no problem recommending this hotel to family and friends. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 25th of May 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food
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