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Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"i was looking for a relaxing holiday and in this hotel i had no other choice but to relax! there really was nothing to do! If you are going to dive then its an excellent place to go. There are facilities for divers and a jetty to go snorkelling. The hotel itself was extremely clean and the staff were fantastic. We went against review advice and went all inclusive.. really, dont bother. there is no entertainment. In fact the only entertainment if you are not diving is the pool table but even all inclusive you have to pay 4GBP for 1 hour. The food was at set times. The breakfast was as you expect abroad. Lunch and dinner was very tasty but was the same food every time just cooked differently, i didnt know there were that many ways to cook chicken and rice! You could order room service off the snack menu but you had to pay for that. Not expensive but i would normally expect it to be included with all inclusive. I must stress again it was good food. We tipped throughout the week at the bar and the restaurant and on the last day the restaurant staff put an envelope on my table with a note on saying tip for the staff. I was a little offended by this as i had been tipping so reduced what my final tip would have been. The barstaff were grateful every time and did not ask for more. We got a little bored so went into dahab town. That was another experience! There was a large choice of restaurants and food within the restaurants, and it was very good. Be careful with the alcohol in the restaurants as it is not on the price list, ask first as one charged us 3GBP for a bottle of wine and another charged 12GBP. I would strongly recommend the spinach lasagne in the green valley best lasagne i have tasted. The rooms were great and the housekeepers fantastic. beds a bit hard for my liking but each to their own. I am not sure if there would be entertainment if it were more in season but could have done with some. We ended up eating out a lot and looking for alternative entertainment so we spent a lot more that we should have when on an all inclusive holiday. I must stress we enjoyed our week in this hotel and would put that down mainly to the kindness of the staff, especially Mina the night barman, without whom our evenings would have been boring. He is a little trooper and has a smile and a joke for everyone. Nothing was too much trouble for him."

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  • Travel date: Sat 22nd of December 2007

If you want a no frills low cost holiday...

Reviewed Fri 19th of October 2007

"If you want a no frills low cost holiday this is the 1 for you. We paid only £450 each for 2 weeks AI.

The hotel sits on it’s own beach but it’s is so windy we never used it (we are usually beach bums) shame as we like to snorkel every day but due to wind and heavy sea we just could not.

This hotel has not yet got it right with AI they discriminate between guests paying for food and drink and guests on AI. We were classed as second class citizens when it came to drink measures and service. The waiters always served the paying guests first and we had to wait quite a long time for drinks in the restaurant. First time I have ever had beer served by the small wine glass, needless to say none AI got beer glasses. Food was very simple and very repetitive so we ate out at lot.

We tipped the waiter most days and the service improved, I was very annoyed to have an envelope placed on our breakfast table on the last day asking for tip money for the staff.

The rooms are good quality but again if you are AI there seems to be no balcony rooms available when you book in. We spoke to George on reception and after some cajoling he found us a very nice room with a balcony. Use George he is very helpful.

We went to the beach bar on our fist night only to be told we would have to pay as it was not included in AI (very strange).

All in all I must say you get what you pay for and at £450 it was worth the money, I would have been less than happy if I had paid the usual £600 to £700 for this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Fri 19th of October 2007

Dahab the time of my life

Reviewed Wed 21st of November 2012

"I stayed here for four nights of rest and relaxation. I had previously spent just over a week touring the highlights of Egypt. So was looking forward to not doing anything and resting while in Dahab.

The hotel reception and pool staff were very polite, but they do run on "Egypt Time" so be prepared for a little wait. Our room was lovely, it was very large, and had doors that opened out onto the pool area and towards the sea.

The breakfasts were wonderful, there was so much choise, we never ate dinner in the hotel, as we went into Dahab town each evening. We had lunch once, while around the pool, which did take a little while to come, but was very nice, when it did come. We also sampled their cocktails which we had round the pool, they were wonderful !!

The hotel had a jetty that you could go off and snorkel from, my friend did this and she said that it was really good. They hired snorkelling equipment for a small charge. Men and camels go up and down the beach asking if you want a ride, we declined having already riden a camel round the pyramids in Giza. The beach, although very beautiful, was very stoney, and you couldn't really go swimming from the beach, as there were very large stones, so you really needed jelly shoes or something similar.

As I was with a tour group, they organised a trip to the Blue Hole for a day or snorkelling, which was fantastic. We snorkelled in the morning, then had a leisurly lunch sitting on large cushions on the floor, and then snorkelled again in the afternoon. It was brilliant. I definatley recommend it !!

Every evening we went into Dahab town, there are free shuttles run by the hotel, or you can get a taxi, which are very cheap. The ride into town only takes a max of 10 mins, and is a beautiful drive through the desert, and the old parts of the town. Once in the town, you can get really cheap water and food from supermarkets, plus other cheap goods. But I don't recommend souvenirs as there are a lot of fakes. The restaurants lining the beach are amazing, they sell brilliant seafood, we had massive prawns that were really mouth watering. The atmosphere in Dahab, is lovely and we felt so at home there. There is a dance bar, for a bit of late night entertainment, they sell very nice cocktails and provide popcorn !

While in Dahab we hired quad bikes which we drove into the desert at sunset, we had a brilliant time, which I would definatley recommend.

Just thinking of my time in Dahab makes me smile, I had such a brilliant time there. The people are lovely, the food is brilliant and it is so laid back, and not commercial like Hurghada or Sharm.

My only complaint is their idea of first aid, I had an accident poolside and needed attention. My knee was bleeding, and I was in quite a lot of pain. They gave me some cotton wool, ice and a plaster ! It just so happened that one of the girls on my tour was a nurse, and she had a brilliant first aid pack, including saline, sterile gauze etc. On my return I went to see a doctor, and I was ok, but there idea of healthcare, if very different to any westeners.

On a whole I had a brilliant time, and I would definatley recommend the hotel and Dahab, as I will most certainly be going back !!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 5th of October 2007

Great time at the Tropitel

Reviewed Wed 21st of November 2012

"I have just returned from a weeks stay at the Tropitel Dahab Oasis, and as the last poster stated was a little apprehensive as I was unable to find any reviews on the hotel.

We booked our All Inclusive holiday through Orchid Travel, although all flights and info was supplied by Thomas cook, and had a private transfer to the hotel. The transfer took a little longer than expect, but our driver stopped to buy us a bottle of water each for the HOT journey. (Just as well as he seemed to get a little lost when he reached Dahab!!)

We paid £490 flying from Glasgow to Sharm. The transfer was rather pricey at £80 each and I’m sure you could get it cheaper elsewhere.

I personally wouldn’t recommend paying for an All Inclusive holiday at this resort. We found when ever we asked for anything we got the answer “not All Inclusive” which was a bit disappointing. Everything is very cheap and you can easily spend very little on your food and drinks.

The food itself was the standard buffet bar style, and much the same most nights. Rice, chicken, beef and bread! The food was okay. Some days were better than others, we made sure we filled up on the large choice of puddings they had! A couple of times, for a change we decided to buy our lunch from the bar menu. A choice of sandwiches, pizza and burgers. I went for the Club Sandwich with chips, very good and for only 25 Egyptian pounds. (around £2.50). AI drinks were served by the glass only, which meant when you were out in the sun you were constantly getting up for more. But a large bottle of water could be purchased for around 10 EP. (I think one of the bar staff took a liking to my friend as he often brought a cup (small plastic disposable size) of coke to us in the morning as we lazed by the pool!! We were told the ice they used was made from mineral water, so don’t be afraid to ask for some. I stayed away from any fruit and veg and seemed to escape getting a bad stomach.

The staff were all brilliant and very nice – they all seemed to take the time to make our stay a good one and we had quite a few laughs with some of them. And even looking out for us when we were cornered by a non-english speaking Russian (the bar staff had lots of laughs at our expence about that one!!)

The location of the hotel is quite isolated. That can be good or bad depending on how you like your holidays, but I found the location quite stunning. I didn’t go for a dip in the sea as it is very windy during the day and it looked quite rough, but not too far away I believe is The Blue Hole, perfect for divers.

The hotel was very nice and the rooms cleaned daily. We had a ground floor room with a small patio, although this was looking onto a wall, a few steps out and we could see the sea (we were room 160). All the rooms seemed to be a short walk from the pool and restaurant. I did however find the beds and pillows a bit on the hard side.

We only met a handful of Brits and we seemed to be there at a time when a lot of locals were staying. We found it difficult to get a table at the restaurant on these days and being Brits, we found the push and shove culture of other nationalities some what annoying at meal times.

We weren’t bothered by any biting bugs at all – but the flies did get on my nerves quite a bit. I didn’t bother with any bug spray.

There is a free courtesy bus that takes you into Dahab a few times a day. There you will find plenty of shops and a few bars and restaurants. (Make a point of stopping in at Tota Dance Bar). Again be prepared to fight for a place on this bus (first come first served does not work) as it can get a little busy and only has room for 10. It will however make more trips if it has to.

We spent the evenings either in Dahab at the Tota bar, or in the bar upstairs in the hotel. We were advised that the beach bar was not available for All Inclusive customers, which was a shame as it would have been a great view.

Many trips can be arranged from within the reception area and upstairs there is a small Health Club, with come exercise bikes, steam room and sauna. Massages are also available; however we did not go for one after an alarming report from a fellow Brit who had one.

All in all it was a brilliant holiday and I would be happy to return. Just this time I wouldn’t waste my money paying for All Inclusive!!!

Hope I’ve managed to cover everything. If you want to know anymore, please feel free to get in touch and I will do my best to answer questions."

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of September 2007

Excellent time at Tropitel Dahab Oasis!!

Reviewed Sat 13th of October 2012

"We have just returned from one week at the Tropitel Dahab Oasis Hotel which we booked last minute through TravelRepublic.co.uk. We had a fantastic time! We weren't sure about this resort as we couldn't find any reviews, only 1 forum with 1 posting, not much help.

The flights, transfers etc were all perfect, we would recommend the private taxi with resort hoppa in Dahab (booked with TravelRepublic), excellent service! The total cost for 6 nights/7 days, all inclusive (all flights including Jersey to Gatwick), transfers etc cost £650.00 each. I would not recommend going AI as we did as Dahab is very cheap, B&B is fine!! The food at the hotel was ok but very samey – rice, potatoes, veg, chicken, beef, fish every day but cooked differently. They sometimes had burgers and pasta also. The food did get much better towards the end of the holiday so we reckon they had a new chef?! The pool bar food is good. For a huge prime beef burger and fries - £2.50, seafood platter £7.50, large bottle of water £1.00. Bar drinks are good value – glass of wine £1.50, beer (large bottle) £2.00. These prices are a guide only. The Bedouin tea is very good for your stomach and nice too.

I consider myself a foodie; the food was ok but nothing special but you don’t go there for the food! I wouldn’t recommend the salad as this can be the cause of stomach upset.

A taxi from the hotel to Dahab city is around £4-5.00, we used Mostafa Moses Jeep Car (who is a very warm and friendly guy indeed! ) Tel: +2 (0) 127 011 240 email: [email protected] (he will arrange transfers too) The guys in the shops love to haggle/barter so don’t be afraid! Each shop I visited and made a purchase, I was given a small gift which was lovely!

The location is just beautiful! The hotel is far enough out of Dahab and has round the clock security (even on the beach!) so you won’t get bothered, but close enough to hop in a taxi whenever you feel the need for something a bit more lively! The hotels private beach is right on top of a reef which is popular with divers, snorkellers and swimmers alike and has a pier leading straight into the water, swim shoes are advisable. Although it is very hot there, there are very strong winds which makes it feel much cooler. Didn't see any bugs but used spray all the same!!

Rooms are spacious and cleabed daily, we had a nice terrace but balconies are available. The builind is only 2 story which is good. The hotel is well maintained but not the 4 star that you expect perhaps in the Maldives, it is still very good though.

The Hotel has it’s own dive school [--] which we thought was excellent (however it might be worth nothing we aren’t accomplished divers).

We just chilled on the beach and snorkelled. My partner did a trial dive which was fantastic! He saw allsorts, even an octopus which is unusual during daylight hours so he was thrilled! The cost for this was 50 euros, they charge in Euros or Egyptian Pounds.

In the evening you have the choice of the main lobby bar, the shisha tent (very relaxing) or the Oasis Disco (which was somewhat deserted), however be warned drinks outside of the main lobby bar are not all inclusive at night. There is no cheesy animation/entertainment at night and the resort didn't have many familes, nice and quiet! There weren't many British people there which suited us as we go on holiday for culture. The guests are mainly German, Swiss, Italian and there are pleanty of loungers and towels as most people are there for the diving. The staff at the pool/beach bar are great!!

Various excursions can all be arranged from within the hotel at what appeared to be very reasonable prices however we did not partake as we only went for one week. The Sinai peninsula is native to the Bedouin people. They offer camel rides along the beach or in the mountains for around 15 LE (£1.50), you can also take a Camel ride up to the famous blue hole to go snorkelling.

The staff are just fantastic! We refused ice as the water is not for British stomachs, after a day the staff offered us ice which they made from mineral water, you wouldn’t get that in many places! I would say that as long as you are polite and nice to them. They will go out of their way to make your stay memorable. We couldn’t fault them only give the highest praise. I went for 2 massages which were both excellent, I would definitely recommend them! A total chill out holiday that I would certainly recommend!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 14th of August 2007

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