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Dont go here if you are a 50p millionaire

Reviewed Tue 22nd of November 2011

"Hi all, I'm going to write this review from start to finish and I hope that it helps others out.
All the staff are great from the gardening guys to the cleaners.
I would like to point out that we arrived 8:45pm 3rd Nov. we were just in time to get some dinner, we stayed for 14 nights and left Tropitel Oasis at around 3:30 in the afternoon, the only down fall about that was we were made to pay for our lunch, I found that a little unfair meaning we missed lunch on the first day, they made up an excuse saying that our travel company should have told them of our late arrival. We did pay for lunch on the last day using money that was going to be used as tips (don't worry we did tip often throughout the holiday the only people that missed out were the reception staff and the management).
Be for I forget, if you book a flight with no food like we did, if I were you pay for your hotel to make you up a sandwich the one's that you buy at the airport are crap and you cant eat them, dont be a fool like I was and go for the looks of them, they do look nice but be-leave me you will not enjoy them.

Now back to the hotel, there was 6 of us, my wife, son and daughter and there partners and we had a great time, look after Mr. Bean and he will entertain you, most of the time he will find a pet name for you, he called me "big man", my wife was "bird" my son was "sillyboy" his girlfriend was "monkey" but Mr. Bean said "mankey" My daughter was called "arousea" (something like that) and her boyfriend was called quiet man. The bar staff include (who we called "chicken milk" because when we had coffee he called the milk chicken milk, look after Beshoy in the shop, he will not rip you off like in the shops at Dahab, he will treat you like a friend before a punter.
Go on a camel ride with Mohammad, (the guy in the hotel grounds, with the lazy eye, he's great) we went to the blue hole and it was great, but my wife (being so boney) had a sore just above her bum, so if you can sit on a towel or something.
We also went on the Quad Bikes (you can find them close to the towel boy) we had a great time on them.
If you want a Massage book with Passco ( I think his name is) he will look after you. I paid for the 3 girls to go and booked with a guy name Tito who come up to us by the pool, he charged me £50 over the odds and we never saw him again.
If you change money at the reception, write down the numbers of the notes that you change, I was in charge of the money in our party and give my son £100 to change, the same day the reception called his room and asked to see him, told him that they went to that bank and he had give them a dud note, my son took it and give him £20. First, I give my son that money and I work with money and I can spot a dud miles away, 2nd, it was not even a good dud anyone could have spotted it, and 3rd, that day we went into Dahab and I wanted to change a large sum of money and the banks were on some kind of a 5 day holiday. So I thing that the guy on reception (the tall one) had already had this dud note and waited for a thicko like my son to come around.

What is needed is a kettle in the rooms with tea and coffee, I like to have a drink of tea when getting ready in the mornings.

The beach party was ok, but you only get 1 drink and then you need to pay and we were on AI, the dancers were great, but you can get your AI drinks from the bar and watch them without paying.

The Bedouin meal night in the tent was worth every penny.

Dont forget, if you are on all inclusive you can get cocktails at the bar, you can also get a plate of chips with your meal.

I was a little let down with the snacks and nibbles on the all inclusive package, the only things that you can get is them sticky bun things that you get at breakfast time, they will put a plate full on the bar a 12 midnight and thats it, so if you miss a meal anytime your stuffed.

The rooms are a little dated, 7/10, but there again so is my house,

The food is OK, 8/10 but after 2 weeks it gets a bit the same, go to Dahab and have a meal out for a change.

Very Clean 9/10

The staff.. 10/10

in all I will mark Tropitel Dahab Oasis 9/10.

if you like a game of football there is a football pitch at the front and on Sundays the staff have a game, if you go up they will let you join in.

I had a game on the beach with the guy who runs the quad bikes, I fell and pulled my arm, the next I went to see the hotel doctor who sent me to the Hospital, you will not believe how concerned the Tropitel Oasis staff were.

We all had a great time and I would like to thank all of the Tropitel Oasis staff, it's a place that I would return too......Kevin & Tracy

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  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of November 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 4 Food

never never again

Reviewed Tue 16th of February 2010

"my husband and myself were here last september after 4days my husband became very ill the doctors at the hotel put him on a drip and kept him in their small room in the hotel,they said it was gastroentaritus.The food was uneatable the staff had no hygene training and every thing was washed with fingers,no wonder lots of people were ill.We had the rest of our holiday 10 days completly wasted we had to buy food else were,i even tried to get back home after the first week since that holiday we have tried to get some compantion back from them,only to be told a pack of lies from the management please if you read these reviews take notice of this one don,t go there.We have been to sharm no trouble there but this hotel as put us of going to ejypt again.i,m triying to forget this holiday,this hotel should be shut down it would be in england so be a were if you want a wasted holiday go their if you like dirty glasses and you want to lose weight you must come here. sue and derek.hull"

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  • Travel date: Fri 12th of February 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 2 Food


Reviewed Thu 1st of October 2009

"We have just returned from two weeks in the Tropitel it was just what the doctor ordered.
On arrival we were checked in by George at Reception and the cases were taken to the room immediatley, the room was basic but very clean and fresh towels were put in rooms every day. All staff were extremely helpful especially Mohammed at the Pool Bar who was also in charge of the lovely dinner we had in the Bedowin Tent it almost felt we were in his home, wonderful man. Also a thankyou to Ahmed from the Quad bikes who came to check on us every day. The only critisim I would make is that there is nothing to do in the evening which was not a manor prob for us but could be for some. "

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  • Travel date: Thu 1st of October 2009

Just don't go

Reviewed Mon 21st of September 2009

"Been to Egypt many times but have never stayed in a hotel this bad. Food let this hotel down big time. Never hot, only luke warm at best. Soups so watery it was hard to tell what they were. Wine also watered down, quite undrinkable. Cooks always had dirty uniforms which looked very off-putting. Also continually handling food without gloves or tongs. I did complain but not alot happened. Many guest were sick, one man on drip for TWO DAYS. Also, placemats at breakfast/lunch were caked with food. I refused to use them, instead putting plate down on napkin. Another let down was the beach. Camels and horses continually pass on the front of the beach, and leave their dropping!!! Ago old problem of sun beds. There were not nearly enough, even though the hotel was not full. Rooms could all do with a good overall. Best about hotel was the wonderful Staff. Nothing too much trouble for them. Big thank you to staff, but no way would I return to this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Mon 21st of September 2009

We were extremely disappointed in what w...

Reviewed Sat 13th of September 2008

"We were extremely disappointed in what was purported to be a 4* hotel. this was our 4th trip to Egypt and we are experienced travellers. However when we arrived we found our room to have: a leaking toilet; taps that were hanging off the sink; twin concrete beds which were concreted to the floor and a very small balcony - which could not be used because of smoke from the kitchen chimney blowing down off the roof. The swimming pool had loosely placed and broken paving slabs all around the perimeter which were used to cover a filtration channel of approximately 30cm depth. We witnessed two people fall down this channel when getting into the pool. The beach itself is used for camel treks and was full of rubbish and camel dung all along its length. The prevailing winds brought the fresh smell of camel urine to the noses of beach users and my son could not play near the water's edge because of broken glass around the beach umbrellas and camel dung in the sand. Hotel staff were most unhelpful and unsmiling.

The hotel is advertised as having a kids club. This was not the case.

After asking to be moved room several times and told that no other rooms were available, we decided to move to another hotel. As soon as the manager of the Tropitel realised he was losing business he was all over us like a cheap suit. He offered us another room (miraculously one had been vacated) and even offered the lad who ran the gym (imagine how impressed he would be at that!) as a babysitter to our 5 year old son.

On the plus side, the house reef is stunning and the puddings are good in the main restaurant. Shame about the rest really. AVOID THIS HOTEL AT ALL COSTS."

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  • Travel date: Sat 13th of September 2008

Me and my girlfriend stayed at this hote...

Reviewed Sun 27th of April 2008

"Me and my girlfriend stayed at this hotel for a one week all-inclusive break. We got a good price for the holiday as we booked directly with the hotel and flight via Thomsonfly. On arrival at Sharm el sheik airport we proceeded to find our pre booked taxi transfer which proved to be a little un-organised and we were kept waiting for 20 minutes with others who booked the shuttle bus. We recommend just flagging a taxi upon arrival rather then pre booking as its just the same service if not better. Once we finally got our private taxi we proceeded to Dahab. The journey took us 1hr 30min as our driver got lost on numerous occasions; we also had to pass numerous check points which was scary as the officials weren’t even dressed in uniform but casual jeans and shirt. They asked our driver for our passports a couple of times and it almost felt like we were in Iraq.

On arrival at the hotel we were directed to reception and were impressed with the speedy service with checking in. Straight away the staff were friendly and approachable and the porter boy carried our cases to our room. We asked for a pool/sea view on with our original booking but we received a ground level room on the back of the hotel, we couldn’t evaluate the view till morning as it was dark when we arrived. As soon as we did see the view we weren’t impressed, we did have a sea view but we could also see the building works next to our hotel, also the security of the doors was very bad as the lock was hanging off. However when we asked to change our room the reception staff were very proactive and we were moved to a balcony pool/sea view. This room was quite impressive, spacious and clean. The rooms were cleaned daily by the friendly cleaner and the mini bar was checked and restocked daily.

The facilities at the hotel were minimal and in my opinion lacking choice. As all inclusive guests we were entitled to drinks at 2 of the 3 bars on offer (hotel bar, pool bar). The beach bar wasn’t free, but this bar probably had the best food options (burger and chips, snacks). We did find that the hotel bar had a good choice of cocktails and it was handy that our room wasn’t far from this bar as we could take our drinks to our balcony in the evenings. The pool bar was a speedy service but we weren’t impressed with the drinks given in small plastic cups. None of the bars had any vodka as the Polish drank it all before our arrival; this limited our options with drinks/cocktails which we thought the hotel could have restocked. The entertainment at this hotel was non existent. It got very boring in the evenings but our saviour was a free shuttle bus into nearby Dahab (if you didn’t fancy watching paint dry). The only entertainment on offer was a belly dancing night at the beach bar which seems to be offered once for fortnight; we had to pay £20 each for this, although it was an enjoyable evening. The pool tables/internet/table tennis all had to be paid for.

The food at this hotel was very repetitive, chicken and beef, then beef and chicken. My favourites were omelettes for breakfast, pizza & pasta for lunch, dinner didn’t enjoy much. The food theme nights (BBQ, oriental) didn’t happen in my opinion and was misleading. The restaurant staff were responsive to take your drink requests but the drinks usually arrived just before you finished your meal. By the 3-4 day of our stay we got stomach cramps and severe diarrhoea, this spoilt our holiday. We believe we got this from the hotel food and water. Questionable if the cooks used clean water to wash salad / cook pasta.

In my final conclusion the hotel itself was nice and peaceful and would suit those that want to relax and go to bed early (certainly not for those seeking the slightest bit of entertainment). I would recommend those who come to Tropitel oasis to eat in nearby Dahab as the food is cheap and more tasteful, if you do go Dahab try the fish restaurant ‘El Fanar’. Excursions to try are Quad bikes at sunset and Blue Hole. What made this holiday were the friendly staff (particularly the towel boy ‘malik’) and the people I travelled with.

I would certainly be going Sharm El Sheik next time I go Egypt, by saving the money on transfers I would go somewhere more livelily and has more options also somewhere close to a shop that sells Imodium.

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  • Travel date: Sun 27th of April 2008

Mid range - not a hellhole, not 5* either

Reviewed Thu 8th of November 2012

"Cannot be anything other than 3 out of 5, heres why:
+++ Great peaceful location, nice sandy beach, coral reef and jetty to enter the seawater, near blue holes scuba area. Good size rooms, nice views of the sea. Food is nice, breakfasts a big up to the team who work hard to supply you with fresh omelettes/pancakes etc. Cocktail bar is nice. Reception staff helpful (egyptian time pending). Clean and comfortable
--- A little remote 15 mins from town leaves you having to rely on the transfer bus or taxis, not the best location for a lively stay. The beds are the biggest let down, the ones i saw were lumpy, hard and collapsed. There were a couple of issues with locks and security but these were fixed once reported.
This hotel shouldnt get a 5/5 or a 1/5 from other reviewers- it simply doesnt deserve either. It is a good choice for all holidaymakers, clientele there were mostly UK and Russian but any nationalities were made welcome. If going look forward to your stay, dont expect the most comfy beds but ignore idiot posters who claim its a hellhole and a nightmare, as this place certainly wasnt and couldnt be in my opinion."

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  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of April 2008

Not for me!!

Reviewed Tue 11th of December 2012

"I am fairly well travelled in Egypt (visited six times in as many years) so I get the star rating system and wasn't expecting anything more than the usual egyptian four star (which I must say in other hotels has been fab).
Dahab is not anywhere near Sharm, in fact its over an hours drive, on a reasonably remote coast line to the north (near the Blue Hole).
The area is currently under developed which I quite like, looking for the quiet life, but a considerable development program (a hotel being built either side of the Tropital) will soon increase the competition and numbers of people visiting.
Dahab town is a fifteen minute taxi ride away and is very cheap particularly for food. Try the Al Capone (just left of the bridge where taxi's drop you off) a great little restaurant that does amazing fish platters and local foods. Expect to pay about £9 for two to eat, add another £10 if you have a bottle of wine. Taxi will cost 30 egyptian (£3) one way and can be booked through the tour guy at the hotel. The Hotel provides a free shuttle bus at regular intervals.

The Hotel.
The Tropital is a small hotel catering for around 250 people.
It is not close to an egyptian four star and I guess having been built some time ago it feels very tired.
My girlfriend & I booked all inclusive and paid extra for a sea view room (with double bed) which I confirmed with the reception upon arrival. We were then shown to a twin bedded room with a view of the rear of the diving club. I promptly returned to reception and told the guy again that I had paid extra and this was not a sea view room. The receptionist told me "I know but I don't have anything else"!!! He asked me to stay in this room for one night then he would move me when a room became available. I refused. After an argument he said he would give me a 'suite' (dont get excited, this is not what it appears) and after going on with himself about how good this was I eventually got the keys.
The room was pants, and if I had paid extra for a 'suite' then I would have been well annoyed.
It was simply a bedroom & a small lounge with a table & sofa bed. There was one wardrobe with 5 coathangers (my girlfriend had two cases for one week), three small shelves and zero drawers, hence most of our clothes were laid out on the sofa bed in the lounge.
The bed is a concrete block with a matress on it and is hard and unforgiving (my girlfriends bad back was sorted by the time we came home, I was crippled).
This room was sub standard and it appeared that everything that had broken had been repaired badly. The bathroom was particularly bad, broken ceramics, poor grouting, silicon all over the plumbing and a shower head that would point anywhere but down, all added to the tired ambiance of the hotel.
The room may not have been used for a while and had a bug problem (Beetles, big buggers, scarrabs I guess) which resulted in my girlfriends lack of sleep & mine because she woke me up everytime one came out and threatened to kill her. I caught five in one night!! An unusual feature was the balcony door which didn't have a door handle on the outside so promptly locked me out the first time I used it.
No tea or coffee facilities in the room.
The hotel has one restaurant, a bar in the main building & a pool side bar (I'll come to that in a minute) and thats about it.
The restaurant I didn't like, the choice of food was very poor and although neither of us had any stomach problems was very bland and repetitive, breakfast was worst. They give the evening meals a theme (oriental, medditeranean etc) but don't expect anything close to a spring roll or curry, all was much the same.
The main bar is ok but very small (with five bar stools and one table), the bar guy was great, the drinks were fine and it served great coffee (just as well because the restaurant only has coffee at breakfast). Two pool tables are available but at a cost of £4 per hour. Bottled water is not included in all inclusive!!
The pool is small and bloody cold, but the pool side area is nice and clean with plenty of space. The pool bar is not good. There is zero pool side or beach service (the beach doesn't have a bar) which means you have to go and get drinks constantly throughout the day. Drinks are served in little plastic cups, no ice and water is served from a big water dispenser and isn't cold.
Food is available around the pool (burgers etc) but is not part of the all inclusive deal.
The beach is large and private with plenty of sun beds and has security on it all day. The hotel has a private jetty but this is not the usual floating type but rather a fixed pier which is high off the water. At the end are steps going down to a small platform and more steps into the water. Difficult to use if your not a confident snorkeler and can get busy at times. If you have never snorkelled in egypt before then this will be cool but to be honest the reef in Sharks Bay or Nabq is far better.
There were probably 10% British in the hotel the rest were German, Dutch, Russian, and a couple of South Africans, but don't let this put you off they were a great bunch and totally sociable. A lot of the people were divers so went out early each morning which left the hotel very quiet for those of you who want to lie in the sun all day.
There is no entertainment at the hotel except for a tent on the beach where you can chill and watch the stars.
There was a European Customer Rep working for the hotel who asked some customers (me included) to fill in a customer satisfaction form, which I did. When she came to collect it she asked if everything was OK, I told her not or rather attempted to but she interupted me as I was telling her what i thought of the hotel, quite rude so I sent her packing.

So in summary, the all inclusive is not worth a carrot, if there's nothing to have it ain't worth it.
The hotel is tired and apart from a couple of staff feels deflated and has a lack of motivation. Little or nothing to do and non of the luxeries offered by similar hotels of the same star rating.
Dahab is very remote and popular with divers, food in town is great and inexpensive.
One thing to be aware of Dahab is very windy (we had one calm day in a week), the locals assure me normal for the area but not mentioned in any brochures.
Building work going on either side of the hotel.

All in all not for me, but some people appeared to love it??
I would go to another hotel, try Hilton Sharks Bay or Baron Palms Nabq, I found both to be great and all inclusive means just that.


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  • Travel date: Sat 29th of March 2008

peaceful heaven

Reviewed Thu 18th of October 2012

"I went to this hotel with my husband and two children (10&14). The hotel was excepionally clean and comfortable, food above average with plenty of varity but what made the holiday was the staff, they couldnt do enough for you they were polite, helpful and just allround lovely people. The hotel promotes the fantastic diving and snorkeling of the red sea, although we dont dive we did have a go at snorkelling, fantastic.. try it...the hotel will supply you with everything you need. We went on holiday to get away from everything and we did, so if you want night clubs, shows etc this isnt the hotel for you. Want to relax by the pool or on the private beach being waited on hand and foot book now!!
The custom in Egypt is to tip for most things but just remember their cost of living is a lot lower than ours! £10 goes a long way!!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of March 2008

not the best hotel in the world

Reviewed Thu 8th of November 2012

"When myself and my partner arrived at this hotel we were given a horrible room, it was very dark and not confitable at all. The floor was dirty and the beds were so hard we found it difficult to sleep. On the 3rd day we asked to move and were given a nicer room with a sea view. But the beds were still rock hard. Concrete bases with slats and a mattress on top. (hardest beds in the world).

Dont book your trips with the man in the hotel he will over charge you, if you book in Dahab town they are much cheaper.

Their is nothing to do in this hotel, the lobby bar is so small it will only fit about 8 people in it, but the bar staff are very nice. You have to go out every night otherwise you will be bored to death.

Apart from the above everything else was great!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of February 2008

Nic and Lucy's excellent adventure to Dahab!!

Reviewed Tue 11th of December 2012

"We spent a week here and had a great time. Room was fantastic, staff were really friendly. Very relaxing hotel excellent chilled out week. Scenery at the back of the hotel was fantastic. Dahab City was an experience such a great place. Locals were so friendly made you feel so at home.
The hotel had a jetty on the beach and snorkelling was amazing much better visibility than the blue hole.
Would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a relaxing winter break."

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  • Travel date: Fri 1st of February 2008

Great vacation, that we've enjoyed

Reviewed Sat 20th of October 2012

"We stayed at this hotel since 27 dec. 07 till 03 jan 08.
The hotel itself is 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Sharm el-Sheikh airport and 15 minutes from the center of Dahab.
We had all inclusive and as everyone writes - it is not worth it. All inclusive in this hotel consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner + drinks in lobby bar (only in glasses, and sometimes in plastic glasses and if talking about cocktails - only one non-alcoholic and 3-4 alcoholic are all inclusive). We went to Dahab a few times and there was a really nice restaurant Al Capone (if you will use tropitel shuttle bus, it will drop you on a square with a bridge. al capone is the first on the left side of the bridge, right on the beach) with a really great and cheap food. Shuttle bus goes to Dahab 4 times : 10am, 12, 18 and 20 pm. So you can have lunch and dinner in dahab with a free transfer. If you want to stay longer - the taxi to hotel will cost you 4-5 euro.
The food was perfect ! I mean it. When I was reading reviews here I thought that the food will be not so good and the rooms are great. Well it came out to be vica versa. The food was the same each day indeed, but every time cooked in different way. And I must admit that it is very well prepared! We enjoyed every meal! And I will really miss their desserts :( If anyone could give me the recipe of their pudding or mousse or jelly (I'm not sure what it was, but it was so good! the yellow and sometimes brown jellylike dessert, that was served everyday) I would be really happy! :) Oh, and their breakfast omelet was also very good! We are making the same at home now. Anyway, all their food was tasty, great and very hearty, as is it was a homemade food.
We didn't have any stomach disasters at all. We bought bottled water from the lobby bar ( 2$ or 10 egypt pounds ) and brushed our teeth using this water.

We are not so satisfied with the rooms as with the food. This vacation was sort of pre-wedding vacation for us, something like a honey moon and we were going to celebrate my birthday and new year there, so we wanted everything to be perfect and romantic.
But instead of romance we've got a room with 2 beds, no balcony, no sea-view and a door between our room and our neighbor's room and we could hear everything they were talking about as if they were in our room.
The man at reception told us, that they have no free rooms with 1 king size bed, but he will do anything he can, when the room will be available. But it never happened. We even tried to pay him for a normal room, but no. By the way most of the rooms have 2 beds, as I understood. Sea view is only in about 40% of all rooms (you will get a perfect view only in a rooms, that face the pool). Other 50% have a sea view only if you come out to the balcony and stretch out and look aside. But at average there is a desert view or mountain view. And there is about 10% that have absolutely no balcony and have only mountain view.
Rooms were not 4-star clean, but I have no trouble with that.
The other thing that bothered us is that the room cleaning had no special time. In other hotels i've stayed it happened at noon, when people are on beach or having lunch. In this hotel room cleaning could come at 7 pm, when we just came from our dinner and wanted to sleep a bit :/// There was also no "do not disturb" sign in our room!!! Although I've seen some on the other doors.
The sea was perfect! Hotel has it's own reef. But during our 1 week holiday it was only 2 days, when we could swim, because most of the times the sea was uncalm. But 2 days there was no wind and no waves at all.
By the way the pool in the hotel was with freezy water, that's why none of the visitors were swimming in it. Are they freezing water not to clean the pool too often???

I can recommend this hotel, but only if you will be sure, that you will have a normal room (with a sea view and kingsize bed)."

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  • Travel date: Sat 12th of January 2008

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