Sea Sun Hotel Dahab

53 Blue Hole Road, Dahab 2345 Egypt
4 star hotel

Reviews summary

( 313 reviews)
  • 3 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 2.5 service
  • 3 dining
  • 2 amenities
  • 2 value
  • 2 food
  • 1.5 cleanliness
  • 3 location

14 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Faulty Towers- 2 star

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"Very angry this hotel is a four star rated; we are basic travellers but this hotel was apalling, shower never worked, its miles out from dahab in middle of nowhere, charge £1.50 english for a tea, the shuttle on saturday night took us into town an hour late as there were more than seven guests that wished to go into town, they only provide two transfers a day, at 2.30pm and 8.30pm if you can get onto one; they charge for a beer what you can eat out in dahab for a dinner!! Our valuables were kept in an unlocked cupboard behind reception and not in safe as we were told, staff are nice but useless; food was disgusting considering the amazing cheap dinners in dahab, same everynight and no fruit most the time. We are so so disapointed as we are not fussy travellers, we woul rwcommend you stay in town in a hotel. If you want to get drunk on cheap fake alcohol all inc and you dont want to leave the complex it might be ok but it is at most a two star. Much better and cheaper places in Dahab which is gorgeous."

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  • Travel date: Wed 5th of May 2010

Was awful but could have easily been amazing - big disappointment

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"Lovely location - great reef, convenient for divers and snorkellers with jetty access. Easy to get into Dahab town.

Hotel staggeringly poor and wrongly described as 4*, if it was finished and fully staffed it might be but it certainly isn't! 1 restaurant and 2 bars (if you're lucky) instead of the described 3 restaurants and 4 bars. Not sure if other amenities like Wi Fi were available.Food was cold and ran out well before end of service and basic items often didn't even appear (butter, fruit and yoghurt at breakfast etc). I had no breakfast on leaving day with no effort made by staff to try and get me something.

Staff - some staff were very helpful and hardworking, the majority, unfortunately, weren't which made for a difficult time - the water was off constantly, from 11 am until 5.30 pm one day with no explanation, apology or offer of assistance. No water means no flushing toilet - pretty gross and horrific for anyone with kids.

Health & Safety - non-existent. No poolrules, no depth markings or life buoys poolside, pool cleaning and filtration looked insufficient to me and could be responsible for bad stomachs, no jetty info or lifeguards, no reef safety info. Beach is covered in rubble and rubbish including broken glass, certainly not OK for kids. Garden is sprayed with treated sewage all through the day around the pool area and restaurant making both unpleasant to use - only stopped when a guest twisted the hose after repeated requests were ignored.

Rooms - shabby but one cleaner we had was excellent and did his best with a difficult job. Our room (the third!) was OK but had an awful sewage smell and was full of mosquitoes and already had numerous blood splats on the walls when we got there, much added to during our stay. The last straw was when a very large bug appeared in the bathroom. This got in through the improperly fitted toilet; the vent space had a sewer access standing open and was responsible for the smell and mosquitoes. All reported to hotel management and we were moved to a suite but only when we insisted. Nothing was done to the open drain.

I could go on and on, the biggest shame is that the Sea Sun could be a lovely small hotel in a great location, what you get is a frustrating let down. The only time we had reasonable service was when the Canadian part owner was staying. If the owners want guests to keep coming they need to make sure their staff actually provide service at all times or give the owners itinerery!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 11th of April 2010

Dissapointing,, be sure to beware of last paragraph ive written

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"firstly to say,i traveled with girlfriend ,and my 2 friends, with Russian tour company PEGAS ,from Ukraine
the hotel is beachfront ,and does require reef shoes to get out to the coral and fish, once out their it is amazing coral and fish ,as good as ive seen elsewhere in the world.and the water a good temperature.
Staff where okay, poorly trained and lacked quality management, seems the management used to sit in more of the seats in the lounge than the guests.
the food for all inclusive was tasty and varied, if a bit cold. typical of Egypt or Turkey 3* , i didnt lose weight ,:). could do with better hot coffee/tea facilites .
for a new hotel, yes other comments are correct, it is unbelivable poor workmanship ,it looks old, But the staff do keep rooms clean. sadly the sewage smell i think comes from maybe the hotel using the sewer water for watering the grass, not sure, but it sure does smell bad, and makes you nervous to walk on grass, i was scared maybe you could get hepititus .
the pool area was great to use,
I would have been happy to consider to stay again, except for the following event ...
well we booked for a day trip to Israel, at the hotel via PEGUS tour company..
To leave hotel at midnight ,and arrive back following midnight. 24 hours
well after early evening sleep ,when we came to reception at midnight to leave for our excursion, their where guest who had arrived whom they did not have rooms ready for ,(weather they arrived early or where overbooked ,who knows) well the guests where angry,
as we went to leave, the reception asked for our keys, we asked why they wanted our keys, as we where concerened that if we handed our keys back they would possibly use our rooms.
The reception assured us that would not happen,and they wanted our keys for security.
Well you guessed it, when we arrived back the following evening at mid night , all our gear was mixed up from having been removed to accomodate other people.
( i considered this hightly unacceptable for a hotel to do this, an invasion of our property ,and we had fully paid for the rooms for full period. ( I considered they did this thinking we where amenible Ukrainian tourists and would not complain )
We complained bitterly upon discovery ,and they denied it . we where tired and went to sleep, the next day we complained again, i asked to see the manager personnaly , and told them it is not acceptable to do this, The manager had many excusses, ( the reception manager was fired ,etc etc,)
I asked, he ,needed to decide what compensation he was offering us, he could see i was serious, i said our money back, or a dinner in the town, in the end he offered us a upgrade for last 2 nights to a suite with jaccuzi, Okay we thought this acdeptable ,, and would have been if the jaccuzi worked, ??? hate to have paid for a suite with a jacuzzi that didnt work.
well all in all , it could have been an okay stay , but was ruined by the dishonesty of the hotel management . it could have been tradgedy if we had lost any valuables,, ( we did think things where missing, as it took us the 2 days to locate the items that had been moved at night, put in different places, when they put our stuff back in the room to look as if it had not been used by others.
also , gues what, at our departure the so indicated fired reception staff where on duty to check us out ,?????

so sadly for a wonderful coral beach and lovely fish, and reasonable food,the holiday was destroyed by the hotel dishonesty ."

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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of April 2010

They couldn't do enough!

Reviewed Fri 12th of October 2012

"The staff at this hotel can not do enough to please you. They are hapy and go out of their way to make anything you want happen. The owners were both staying at the hotel while we were there and they were fantastic as well.
There are a few negative points but the way it was dealt with was fantastic.
We arrived at 11.15pm - the all inclusive had finished at 11 so we attempted to buy a drink, but they didn't have what we wanted so we went without. They promised to get us our preferred drink for the next day and they did and didn't run out for the rest of the week. There were 3 of us and the room we were given was not really big enough, we had a chat with one of the co-owners the next morning (who is Canadian) and he arranged for us to be moved to one of the newly finished villas - which was absolutely lovely, on the beach front and had a fantiastic view of Saudi Arabia..
The food was completely to a couple of our liking but one of us didn't eat much all week. The only downfall I think of the food was that I would of preferred it a little bit hotter and the salad kept in a chilled unit.
There were quite a few other brits there who were all friendly and got on well, there were also a lot of people that were on solo holidays, it's the kind of place that you could go and feel fine on your own.
A bit of a downfall was that the water kept running out. They have tanks that are filled up twice a day, and they kept running dry. It got a little bit annoying but we overcame with bottled water.
The hotel is in Dahab and nowhere near Sharm el Sheik, it is an hour long taxi ride away. So if you want to be near the action then don't go here. If you want a lovely relaxing holiday with fantastic views and friendly staff and guests then choose this hotel. But just don't expect too much and then you wont be dissapointed!
It was great value for money and I would go back and I would recommend it to my friends!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 26th of March 2010

It was very good vacations

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"The service in a hotel is very good. Everybody is friendly and helpfull. The food in the restaurant is deliscious. Housekeepers cleaning the rooms every day. Condition works, tv also. Great view from the balcon. Nice and quiet place for the family vacations. For swimming in the ocean you have to go to the bridge near another hotel, but it's not a problem. It's 5 minutes. The New Year party in a hotel was great! And they have a free bus to Dahab 2 times a day. Very comfortable."

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  • Travel date: Fri 15th of January 2010

Magic Hotel, great service, good value!

Reviewed Mon 22nd of October 2012

"Clean room with beautiful gardens. The staff were friendly and nothing was too much trouble. A free shuttle bus service to Dahab city twice a day. Food was buffet style and catered to all tastes. A quiet and peaceful stay. The beach is at the door stepand Bedouin camel trains frequently pass by. I would recommend it to all our friends."

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  • Travel date: Sat 21st of November 2009

Staff tries, but this is a sinking ship!

Reviewed Wed 10th of October 2012

"Worth about 25 USD a day tops!

If you have been to Egypt or Eastern Europe before you know that it’s normal when a Non big brand Hotel says x number of stars, deduct 2 and you have an idea of what to really expect.

So I knew I was going to a 2 star hotel before I arrived, what I did not know was;
-Huge problems with plumbing, smell of sewage and poor water pressure.
-Bland food, no fruits
-Unreliable and slow Internet access and only in lobby

On the plus side:
-The staff was really good, they seemed to try to help, and we changed rooms 3 times and finally got one without sewage smell or mosquitoes.
-There is a shuttle to town go 2pm, return 5pm and go 20:30, 23:30 return

Bottom-line, this hotel is only 11 months old and is already falling apart, the men that build this clearly knew nothing about the hotel industry and were just trying to build as cheap as possible, and sadly it shows. From what I understand he planned to sell packages to the German market, they quickly dropped the hotel and now sell his hotel mainly to the low budget Russian market.

Final words, if you get a package were if works out to 20-25 bucks a day for this hotel it’s a good deal, but for even 40-50 a day you can have much nicer places in Dahab."

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  • Travel date: Fri 13th of November 2009

Don't believe the review that hotel is good

Reviewed Sat 3rd of November 2012

"I have stayed at the hotel in November 2008. It was only a couple of months since it has opened. Even then it looked as if it's not new at all. Toilet's equipment has been rusty in some places. Cheap chineese water taps. Also there were damn lot of flies - they were everywhere: in the room, at the reception, on the territory.
I won't describe all disadvantages of the place as it has been done by previous reviewer, but for me main disadvantage was that even though the sea is extremely amazing and beautiful at that place and the beach was also fine, and there was a cute staff-boy Akhmed who worked on the beach :) it was impossible to enter the sea from the territory of the hotel as there are a lot of corals and it's dangerous trying to enter the water without a pontoon and everybody had to go about 5-8 minutes to the next hotel's beach to be able to enter the sea from their pontoon.
In general, staff was pretty nice but not enough qualified.
The area around hotel is mostly in construction so there was no really great view of the territory. Nop clubs, no shops near. Just the hotel in the desert :) The only thing worth seeing there is the sea which really is wonderful! And the hotel is not a 4-star at all!!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 16th of October 2009

Worst Hotel Ever

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"We touched down on Sharm airport and it was a lovely sunny day. In front of the airport a small bus was waiting for us. We were like 10 people in the bus. Our luggage was placed on top of the bus and we rush of for Dahab.
The road was ok, country deserted, mountains, sand and few dead animals (camels and goats) next to the road. Few kilometers before Dahab, we noticed that one luggage felt from the top of the speeding bus and felt down on the road and broke… Now I see this was a warning to not go there…
On our arrival we went to lobby to get our rooms. A receptionist with few teeth took one key and showed us a room with a view to a building site next to hotel. We wanted another room so we need to go back to reception, take another key and up to another room. The room number was 114. First we went to balcony to see the view, which was quite nice, so we decided to stay in this room. We did not check the cleanness of the bathroom as you would expected it to be clean in new room. The parents of my fiancée got another room, 508, which was not so bad (at first sign).
When we started to packed our things out, I need to go to bathroom. There I found out, that the toilet was not cleaned at all; there was still “some dirt” to be polite, in it. So I have called the cleaning man and told him that the toilet is dirty. He told me that he will take care of it, which he not did. The toilet brush was so dirty wits some “left over’s” that I did not dare to touch it. So we decided to use the bathroom of the parents till next day when we should have meeting with the travel agency representative. We wanted escalate this. It was still time for lunch so we went to the beach where the food should be served. I can’t describe with words the “quality” of food there. But I will come to food later. So we set down and started to eat when an Arab on a camel came to the beach part next to the hotel. He went to the sea, pulled his pants down and made his “thing” in the water, washed his bottom and genitals and went away. Welcome to Sea Sun.
Next morning I could not sleep so I woke up early and went to the lobby to wait for breakfast. I saw the man from reception sleeping on a couch in the lobby, his bare dirty feet on the cushions.
We met with the travel agency representative in the afternoon. We told him about our problems and he called the manager and left. So we were stack with the manager. He promised us new rooms on next day.
He enlighted us with his vision of the hotel. It should be a “boutique” hotel, as it is small hotel (~60 rooms) where the people can meet each other. Yes, it’s true, we met everybody’s bacteria as all the cups for drinks were cleaned with bare hands of the personal under water from tap (which you can’t use for drinking, as it stinks and we did not dare to use it for cleaning teethes), without ANY soap, whatsoever.
We asked why there is no ice. All drinks were server by gals from the personal, and they had only small fridges so most of the time, all the served drinks were warm (not to mentioning the “clean” cups). He told us that they had ice, made from the water from tap, but the people did got stomach problems, so they decided to make ice. But apparently coca cola should provide big fridges for the drinks… we were there 13 nights (unfortunately) no fridges came, so apparently the coca cola in Egypt is really slow or there was never such request from the hotel side.
Next question towards the manager was, why there are clean water dispensers only at bars, so you need to ask someone to give you clean water (so before the bars opens at 10 am, you can’t get clean water). He told us that there were free water dispenser but some tourist in the night has played with the water so they had decided to not have it as a free access. I doubt that, as there were 3 bars, lobby bar, pool bar and the one on the beach. The water you could get only on lobby bar and the beach bar, so if they would have another one, they would put it in the pool bar
On the evening, as we did not wanted to use the toilet in our room, I went to the bathroom of the parents room. When I flushed the water, I noticed that the water was not floating away. So I went to reception to ask them to fix it. They have promised that they will send someone in 5 minutes to take a look. I was waiting 20 minutes and nobody came. So the problem was not so urgent apparently. Next day we had excrements floating out of the toilet. So I came again to reception and told them about my problem. The receptionist told me, that it is too early (it was ~ 7:30 AM) and that I need to wait 30 minutes for someone to fix the “issue”. I was speechless… I found the hotel “engineer” and he was very helpful. He took some stick, toilet brush and begun to fix the toilet full of excrement with bare hands. Of course he was then opening doors and touching the room with those hands… We did not touched anything near the bathroom, packed the luggage and took it to our room. I found the hotel manager and complained and he promised to move us to better rooms. He got a “brilliant” idea to move the parents to a suite rooms… for 2 days. After that they should pack the things and move to another room… We declined this brilliant option, so after few hours, at 2 PM we got new rooms, which were much better… but not such much as we thought. As you could see on my photos (when they will be available for this review) the bathroom was a disaster. I have waited for the cleaner to left the room, then I took the photos, I gave him a chance… But I do not have the words for it, you must see it by your selves.
So, new rooms, nice view, sea, beach, green grass, fine. First night when we went to sleep, we left the window open to get some of the fresh sea air in the room and to fall asleep with the sound of the sea waves. We woke up at ~1 AM. Our room was filled with such a terrible smell that we could barely breathe. I was near to throw up. In the night, the nice green grass was watered with water from the sump. The air was full with urine and excrement smell. Unbelievable. Apparently, when we asked the manager what is this about, he told us that everybody is doing it like this…
So from that moment on, we slept with closed windows.
The pool
Pool was dirty. The water was so dirty, you could not see the tiles when you were looking down to the bottom of the deepest part of the pool (~2.5 m) you could see the bottom, not the tiles… Each day at 5 PM a hotel guy had put some chemicals in the water (Calcium Hypochlorite Hydrated) to make it usable.
There were two local kids selling stuff at the hotel. After I saw them to use the pool, in underpants, no bathing suits, I stopped to use the pool. It was anyway dirty. The pool showers were unusable. The taps were broken; actually only one in the middle was usable after removing the tap (which was loose) and open the water by turning the pin. But the water coming from the showers was somehow smelly. I did a test. There were tons of flies there (no wonder if you are watering your grass with excrements). So when you were lying on at the pool on the banks (which nobody cleaned them since the hotel opening so we did not dare to sit on them without a towel) after bath in the pool or taking the shower, you needed to move all the time to make the flies to fly away. When I did took shower in the room with soap, I could lay at the pool with 70% reduced number of flies hopping on me. So I think, the water was not so clean at all.
The breakfast
No water to drink, only some strange warm mixture of juice, which was not drinkable (we needed to buy clean water in the shop to drink it till the bars opened).
Some mixture of bread, with no taste, nor salted nor sweet. Tomato with “mozzarella”, cut sausage with onion named “hot-dog” some cheese, yogurt, some cereals , milk, boiled eggs and salami which tasted awful. There was a man making omelets and pancakes on demand. He cut his finger nearly each day, so he had blood on his finger, covered only by napkin, no gloves on, in this way he was mixing the eggs on demand with cheese, chopped tomato, paprika or onion. Only on one day he had glows on (during our 13 nights stay). The floor was so dirty right when you came as first in the “restaurant” you can’t imagine for a place you want to eat in hotel. I have a photo of it.
But back to yougurt. On 31.8. my fiancée decided to try out the yogurt. After opening the cup it looked strange, so I have checked the date on the packaging and it was due. Expiration 25.8. I checked others that were there and most of them were due (some 24.8. expiration period). I wanted to take picture of it on next day, but the personal saw me checking the dates so on next day the yogurt was served in bowl…
As nobody was eating the “salami” in few days you could find the salami on pizza, rice, in meat “food” etc…
Most of the time I took pancakes for breakfast and my fiancée took boiled egg and mixed it with chopped onion and some salt and pepper, nearly all days in the row as we did not wanted to get food poisoning.
The Lunch
Each day more or less the same. It was server at the beach. Each day there was a soup with same taste (salted, made from the local water) wit variation like onion in it, pasta, vegetables etc. Then there was rice, potatoes and some warm vegetables. One type of meat (nearly all time with same spice which we could not eat after few days) , pizza and pasta. Two types of desert (if you are lucky) and 2 types of fruits, covered by flies. Good luck they had ketchup. When we got lucky, there were fries so our lunch was like fries with ketchup and one or two slices of pizza.
The Diner
There was more food to choose from. But again, same spices. During 13 nights stay I can say I had 3 – 4 meals that were ok in taste. But as the whole hotel was dirty I had not much courage to eat much…
I need to mention something here. On the official webpage of the hotel is statement:
“SeaSun Hotel will be famous not just for his uniqueness of the locality but also for the exquisite, creative cuisine and affectionate hospitality.”
The hotel manager’s family was staying at the hotel. He got a special made meal for dinner, his kids got special made pizza and hamburgers delivered to rooms. If the cuisine is so creative and exquisite, why they did not eat the same food as us?
The hotel and surroundings
The hotel is one year old and it is already falling apart. It looks like after 10 years of heavy usage. The furniture is used up, bathrooms are dirty, and the whole area smells. Don’t get fooled by the photos from the web page of the hotel. Most of them are not true, and one of them is purely visualization. I did not found any room that looked like the bar with the cigar on their web page.
The beach is covered by camel excrements and outside the hotel area there is dirt like plastic bottles and different garbage. If you want to go for diving/snorkeling you need to go to next hotel, it has its own pier with direct water entrance. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy the walk on the beach and look at the sea as you need to look on your feet to not step on some excrement of broken glass etc. So in the evening it is better to stay in hotel premises. The wind is blowing all the time, which is good, so you don’t smell the excrements. There are several “fountains” and “waterfalls” in the hotel area, the water is running only in two of them with a very weak stream you can’t barely see the water flow. All others are just places where the dirt can settle down. The hotel has glass dors and glass tables in the lobby, which were cleaned by napkins etc. so there were not clean most of the time. Not to mention the other “hidden” areas of the hotel which are better to avoid. The “beduin tent” is a very dirty hole which smells. There is a “hotel camel” in the area, for anyone who wants’ to ride it. But there is nobody to clean the excrements of the camel. (You can check the photos)
The Stuff
In general, friendly. Most of them. I remember one waiter. We were trying to eat lunch (one of the most difficult things here) and we ordered 2 fanta. One of the cups had still lipstick on it so I stand up and went for the bar for cup exchange. The waiter came and asked for problem. I showed him the cup. He took it and went with me to the bar. I saw him cleaning the lipstick with his finger while we were going to the bar. At the bar he began arguing with me, why I want new cup when this one is “clean”.
The entertaining
We did not expected anything. But what we got was something, something BIG. Once a week there is a group playing live music. Based on the manager’s statement, it is “international disco”. I did took a video of the group playing and I have posted it on the youtube ( because nobody would believe me that this is evening entertainment at the hotel. The “Star Light Duo” begun to sing at 9 PM. After 15 minutes, there was nobody who would be able to listen to them. And they sung till like 12 PM.
There were 4 girls going to hotel each 2 -3 days. They made like gym in the grass (which was funny for me as I saw the watering in the night and now there were people lying in that grass doing gymnastic) and once a week some “dance performance” which was terrible as well. Nothing else
The beach and sea
The sea was the only nice thing there. Unfortunately, you needed to go out from the beautiful sea with thousands of fishes and go back thru the dirt and excrements to hotel.
Not a 4 stars hotel as promoted by agency, none star whatsoever. Bad food, dirt, no hygiene, awful smell, dirty pool and surrounding. Sanitation on a very low level. Furniture used up. Sometimes there is no water on the hotel (my fiancée, her father and I got diarrhea so we needed to go to the bathroom few times a day. Unfortunately, at the most critical day, there was no water for half a day so we were not able to flush the toilet so we had a really hard time to hold up till the water was running again)
In simple words, avoid this “hotel” and don’t go there. I would not recommend this hotelt to anyone, not even to bitter enemy."

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  • Travel date: Sat 19th of September 2009

Perfect affordable luxury hotel

Reviewed Sat 3rd of November 2012

"What a wonderful place to stay. Beautiful resort and great team of staff. So freindly and nothing too much trouble. Stayed in a suite and was just in awe of the perfect view right on beach front. In fact it appeared that everyone has a great view. Excellent design.Great for couples looking for a quiet surrounding. The room are so new and very clean so comfort factor was A+. Already booked in for a return trip next month. Can't wait to experience it all again."

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of July 2009

The worst hotel experience I have ever had

Reviewed Mon 7th of January 2013

"This hotel is completely falsely represented in it's website I have just returned from there. Facilities described simply do not exist. Photographs of furnishings must be from a very long time ago, they do not represent the hotel at all. There are a lot of lies being told. I'm left very angry about being ripped off.
This is a one star hotel at best and even then I've stayed in better."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of January 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

So Relaxing, perfect setting....Hotel Generally needs some tender loving care!!

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2012

"Perfect place to relax,on beach, watch the camel train with Bedoin owners, Majestically walking along waters edge, take a ride ...?
Camels allowed their freedom at times,will graze on Hotel shrubbery or 'Slurp water from plug hole' of shower on beach, they are good natured & no problem, or relax by pool to soothing music,Visit Dahab in the Evening, shops,restaurants people try to sell but not too pushy.
Rooms are basic with empty fridge,not overly clean room.
Meals are repetitive, generally chopped chicken with skin,liver, pasta, veg, salads, continental style breakfast.You can however purchase food from alternative menuWaitersdo take away used plates etc. but do not wipe tables over for next diners, you can finish up searching for clean table.
On arrival at the Hotel, Reception gave a worrying first impression of the Hotel & need to learn lessons on greeting their Guests & giving information,making them welcome.
Having said this, we did have a lovely holiday,thank you to the friends we made, special thanks to our lovely Waiters Nour & Omar & the laughs they gave us.Alsoto Marco ' A Diamond Geezer who also provided us with a lot of laughs & worked so hard to provide us with wonderful trips, always there to see us off & welcome us back.
Thank you also toMr Mohammed,hotel owner & his Nephew.Good people who are always ready to assist."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 26th of October 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

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