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Outstanding Staff!! Great Hotel!!

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"We stayed at this hotel for six days and the staff were outstanding!! We contacted the hotel via email several times before we left to schedule vacation dates, the room, meet and assist from the airport and to find out about tours and they promptly wrote back every time with the information that we needed.

We were met at the airport, assisted with VISA information and taken to our taxi. Once we arrived we were checked in and shown to our room which was a spacious two bedroom two bathroom suite overlooking the golf course with views as far as you can see with the pyramids in the distance. We were able to book any tour we wanted through the concierge with a personal tour guide who would meet you at a time that you request. (They have tours to the pyramids. egyptian museum, step pyramids, alexandria, a nile cruise and the citadel to name a few). Each one has a cost per person and you pay the tour guide when they arrive. The golf course was great and my husband was out there almost everyday that we stayed there.

This hotel is outside of the city of Cairo, but that was fine for us because Cairo traffic can get very noisy ( they use their horns alot!!). We went with our teenage sons and they still had a great time even though we were not in the city. They were able to roam the hotel property without us having to worry because security was very good.

At first we were skeptical about staying at this hotel after reading some of the previous reviews, but I'm glad that we decided to go with it. We did not have issues with our room, the staff, or nitetime bugs!! For us everything went just the way we expected. The hotel room was great, all of the staff ( concierge, front desk, housekeeping, fairway restaurant staff, security) were absolutely fantastic. It was definitely a vacation that our family will not forget!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 20th of April 2007

Beautiful Golf Course with adjoining hotel.

Reviewed Wed 26th of December 2012

"The Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort Hotel is approximately 40 minutes drive west from Cairo. It is in a fairly isolated location surrounded by a superb golf course.
The location is perfect if you want a relaxing holiday and to be able to play golf every day.
Sightseeing from this hotel is not a problem but you will need to book a taxi or take one of the organised tours (recommended).

The hotel itself is really very good, the food was excellent and all of the staff were friendly and extremely helpful. Room service was quick and accurate, housekeeping was brilliant.
The room was large with a huge bed that was very comfortable.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would be happy to recommend this hotel, especially if you play golf!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of February 2007

Loved this Hotel !!

Reviewed Wed 12th of December 2012

"Me and my husband went to Egypt in May 2006 and stayed for a week in this hotel. We simply loved everything about this hotel. The rooms were very nice and the staff very friendly. Every morning, they have a wonderful buffet breakfast with tons of food. Actually one of the chefs who would make eggs there got to know our taste and had the eggs ready when he would see us :).
This hotel is a little bit far from downtown but very good for a relaxing vacation. They also have a wonderful shuttle service to the downtown Hilton from where you can decide to explore the city on your own. Our room had the wonderful view of the pyramids from the balcony. Overall a great and a wonderful experience."

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  • Travel date: Thu 25th of January 2007

A high standard hotel

Reviewed Thu 18th of October 2012

"My wife and I stayed in Egypt for 10 days, with 2 days in Cairo. Hilton Pyramids is certainly not the type for those travelling on tight budget, but I found the location of the hotel, the spacious room as well as the service povided there were really good. I would recommend it to couples who really want to enjoy his stay in Cairo."

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  • Travel date: Thu 4th of January 2007

best golf vacation we ever had

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"we booked the 7-day golf package and we were met right at the immigration line by two two very smart young men in suits who whisked us through immigration, luggage collection, and customs right to a waiting hilton limo. we were somewhat overwhelmed by this service because the airport was very crowded and chaotic. the limo whisked us to the hotel located in the middle of a quiet oasis in the desert way on the other side of cairo. everything there was 5-star including the beautiful golf course with immacuate fairways and greens that appeared to be under continuous maintenance by scores of workers in overalls. the food was incredibly good and at reasonable prices too. the small filet mignon steaks served in a tub at the iftar buffet are not to be missed. we should also mention, that in spite of ramadam, the restaurants, fairway bars, and minibar were fully stocked with food and drinks including excellent meister beer. of special note is the staff. they were at once professional, friendly, and helpful. we hated to leave and when we did we said a very fond farewell to ahmed, sara, mohamed, and the many others who have a way of treating their guests as f they were special. we also appreciated the welcome champagne in a bucket of ice with two flutes waiting for us when we entered our room. what an incredible vacation. we will not soon forget it and we plan to return next year. thank you, hilton.
jamal and pentipa
cha-am, thailand"

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  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of November 2006


Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"To begin with the hotel is completely out of the way of Cairo, it took about 90 mins to get there. Which if you have travelled to Cairo you will know - sitting in a taxi in Cairo for that long makes you value your life that bit dearer!
Hardly anyone knows where it is so if you do stay here take a map of where it is and ask to go the Ring Road to 6th October city.
Upon arrival it is clear that this hotel has been thrown up quickly and neither the spa nor health suite was even finished. (the hotel has been open 2 years) It is surrounded on one axis by construction sites and literally is in the middle of no where. The front of the hotel is a golf course (which despite what the hotel advertises costs $50 per person + additional charges for club hire, cart hire etc...) The golf course looks very nice but for what it costs it really is not worth it.
Check in was efficient and staff were very friendly - i was charged LE£5000 (£500)for the seven night stay. The interior of the lobby is very nice, i was shown to my suite. I looked out of my window and was faced with a building under construction. Not the pyramid view i had paid for. After complaining i was moved to a suite overlooking the golf course (on the bottom floor). Now, i looked and i looked and i pulled out my video camera and zoomed in all around the hotel and could not see the pyramids. This is false advertising at its best.
The room looked suprisingly tired and was dirty. The curtains were hanging off and were a mission to open and close.
Suspiciously every day housekeeping would leave a random window or door unlocked???
Half way through the stay i requested a copy of the room charges and it seemed that housekeeping must have been raiding my minibar because i was sure getting charged for stuff i hadnt had!
In the restaurant (a very basic menu) i was told my drinks cost LE£85, i asked to see the bill and it had mysteriously been reduced to LE£62.
The shop short changed me - the day after he had given me more than he should have and i informed him! Thats gratitude for you.
The staff appear very friendly, but unless you give them hefty tips they are very sub standard and unreliable.
The concierge seems to make up taxi prices off the top of his head and dont be surprised if a journey that costs LE£50 one day costs LE£100 the next. Then when you do get in a taxi expect the driver to drive you to all his favourite locations before actually taking you to where you want to go to - oh and of course, every where he takes you costs YOU to get in/do.
By the day i was due to check out i honestly felt as though absolutely everyone was out to rip me off. So off i went to check out.
I got my room bill (not including charges) LE£6031 a sharp increase from the LE£5000 i had 'supposedly' paid at the beginning of the week. When i questioned this i was told it was a fluctuation in currency. I argued until i was blue in the face but suddenly no one spoke English. A few bottles of water and a pack of crisps from the mini bar cost LE£250 and the taxi i had booked to take me to the airport had risen from LE£120 to LE£200.
The positives of the hotel are that the pool is reasonable but nothing special and that the hotel is secluded(ish) However i have to say i would deffinitly NOT reccommend this hotel. Its a shame because it seems to have real potential but is let down by the irritatingly repetive instances of being short changed and the fact everyone wants money.
As a guide if you stay at the hotel expect to pay the following taxi prices:
Taxi to Cairo LE£50 (each way)
Taxi to Airport LE£120
Taxi to Pyramids LE£30 (each way)
Make sure you grab loads of small bills too, surprisingly no-one in Egypt has change.
In conclusion i would NOT recommend this place to anyone, it is mosquito ridden and a complete con. So much so that i will never stay in another Hilton in my life. I would say this Hilton is a 3 star at the most and deffinitly not worth the trouble it WILL cause you.

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  • Travel date: Thu 13th of July 2006

You could do much better in Cairo - can't recommend this one.

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012


- Upgraded to nice, huge suite with a view of the pyramids due to my Gold HHonors status.
- Grounds are secure and nicely landscaped.


- Luggage not delivered to room in spite of advance tip.
- Dinner choices were not available on a small menu and quality of the food was below average. No local (Egyptian) food on the menu. 12% service charge automatically included.
- The bar did not know how to make basic cocktails (screwdriver, long-island ice tea)
- Bathroom products are cheap and not very nice.
- Internet Access is slow and expensive (120 EGY/ $22).
- Required me to come back and provide another credit card authorization after check-in because they felt my balance was getting too high (about $350).
- Tipping culture is ridiculous, I sent out laundry at the hotel. It should have been delivered in the evening after I dropped it off. For 3 consecutive days I complained at the front desk about my laundry not being delivered. Every time, they said they would take care of it. Same thing happened to my co-worker. Come to find out, they would only deliver if I was there to give them a tip for delivery. So, my laundry was held hostage for 3 days for a $1 tip.
- Unless you are doing business really close by, there is no reason to stay here versus the much better hotels in Cairo. This property is a 45 minute ($10) taxi ride to Cairo and a 25 minute ($6) taxi ride to the Pyramids. There are NO restaurants or other attractions near this hotel - so if you want a nice restaurant for dinner, you will be going to Cairo anyhow.
- Fair amount of bugs at night – mosquito attack at dinner!! My legs are still recovering.
- No executive lounge.
- No free bottled water after first 2 bottles.
- No writing utensils or pads of paper in the room.

Told by many locals that this is the nicest hotel in this city (6th of October), but I just had a lot of issues with this being a 4/5 star Hilton property. I recommend staying somewhere else."

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  • Travel date: Sat 24th of June 2006

Nice golf and vacation place

Reviewed Wed 12th of December 2012

"Sayed there end of February 2006. The hotel is out of the way for Cairo city but it's a nice vacation place, if a little bland. Aimed very much at golfers it has got good facilities and a nice pool, heated in the winter. The staff at the hotel and at the golf course are fiendly and helpful. It's an OK place to stay, although it was not very busy when we were there."

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  • Travel date: Mon 6th of March 2006

Complain letter

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"I sent this letter yesterday to Mr. Ahmed Hagazi (Hilton, Dream Land - Cairo, Egypt),


From: --
Sent: June 6, 2005 2:44 PM
To: --
Importance: High

Dear Sir,

This is regarding our membership card of Hilton,

I contacted your hotel 4 times (Mr. Allam) reservation department and unfortunately the service was not performed well.

I am disappointed, couldn’t accept the way your employees dealing with us.!!!!!!!

On Saturday 28th of May 2005 I have contacted Mr. Allam at the reservation department and I asked him if there is any availability to get our free day-use (as we "my husband and me" have membership card) on Saturday 4/6/06 and I told him that we have two other couples with us (friends), they want to take the same day-use but they don’t have the membership card, I asked, may they just use the pool without taking a room?, he answered that for the two couples, the day-use will be for LE 75 /person as a minimum charge but for us (my husband and me) he will check the availability to take a room on that day (4/6/06). He got my cell phone no. and told me that he will call me within 2 hrs.

Actually he didn’t call me, next day (Sunday 29/5/05) I called him again for the same request...first, I asked him again for the day-use without the membership card for my friends and may be for my husband and me (in case he

couldn’t find a room on that date) and I got the same answer 75 LE /person as minimum charge, I repeated is it minimum charge or just to use the pool, he answered no it’s minimum charge, I asked again so the food will be included within the 75 LE, he answered again yes it’s a minimum charge and not just entrance fees, then I asked him about the room availability for my husband and me, he said sorry up till now I don’t know, please give me one more day and I will call you tomorrow morning .. (He got my cell phone for the second time)..

Unfortunately, he didn’t call me on Monday (the next day) as he promised, I called him (for the third time) on Tuesday 31/5/05... same questions and story.. He confirmed same information (75 LE minimum charge /person....) and he still don’t know anything about the room availability for us, he asked me again to give him the last chance and he will call me around 4:00 p.m. on the same day (Tuesday).

Same ..... same... story..... he didn’t call me on the same day or on next day (Wednesday), finally I called him again on Thursday 2/6/05 (for the forth time)... same questions, he answered re the room , until now I still don’t know let me check and will call you back !! But for your friends (the two couples) sorry I discovered that the 75 LE it’s just for using the pool (entrance fees) and not a minimum charge !!! I can’t imagine !!! I told him but I asked you 3 times before (on 3 different days) and you gave me wrong information .. How come?? We didn’t check the rates at any other hotel depending on that information thinking even we didn’t find a room will come all (our 3 couples - including me and may husband) for the day-use only (without taking a room), and we already mad our plans without checking other hotels .. He answered (was very careless) sorry what should I do now?? yes I gave you a wrong information and it’s my mistake but what you want me to do ?? Do you want me to pay the amount instead of you and your friends?? Any way regarding your membership card still I don’t know let me check again and will call you tomorrow (means on Friday)!!! I told him today is Thursday and until now you don’t know if there is a room on Saturday or not?? .. I asked him not to check again anything and to cancel everything then I closed the line.

....... I have no comment..


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  • Travel date: Mon 6th of June 2005

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