Europa Hotel

300 Pyramdis Road, Cairo 11511 Egypt
3 star hotel


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Europa Hotel only a crash pad in Cairo


"My family of 6 stayed at this, maybe at one time lovely, hotel. It has seen it's better days. The rooms are nice size and the sheets are clean as well as changed every day. The rest (all surfaces and carpet, curtains, etc. ) is pretty grimey. We had 2 rooms for the family and neither tub would drain properly as you took a shower. Do not think about taking a bath. There are 3 elevators and usually 1 is working. The twin beds are comfortable, the king sized saagged terribly in the middle. The TV was large and each room had a mini fridge that worked. The breakfast is okay not wonderful. As we stayed in winter the roof top pool area was neglected and absolutely filthy! Only 1 of the 4 days we were there could you actually see the pyramids through the polution. Be careful of the bar down stairs. They will pull you in and not let you leave. It doesn't matter how old you are. With the advances of the women that worked there I would say brothel would be a better name. The hotel boasts a 4 star rating on the reception wall. All the research I read gave it 3 stars. I would say maybe 2 on a good day. Now the guy who runs the currio shop just outside and next door was the most helpful in finding out about the area. The hotel should actually hire him. He showed us where to buy water and fruit and anything else we needed."

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  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of January 2006

My fiance and I stayed in this hotel for...


"My fiance and I stayed in this hotel for 4 nights and quite frankly I was glad to get out of there. The hotel was full of nasty bugs, filthy and the hotel staff cannot be trusted.
Our sheets were actually black and stained and smelled, as did the towels. The seats were black with dirt and it was very noisy. We got ripped off by the hotel staff on the first full day of our holiday and we made sure we didn't book any more 'trips' through them. The food was absolutely awful. The hotel is apparently 4* but not by British standards. I wouldn't dream of staying there again. The only good points was the relatively good air conditioning and fridge."

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  • Travel date: Sun 21st of September 2008

When I booked this hotel it was a 3* so...


"When I booked this hotel it was a 3* so I am quite shocked to see i listed as a 4*. I went in August 2005 for my 21st birthday and Had a fantastic time in Egypt!!
The hotel is really a 3* standard.
Carpet everywhere, in the heat that can make you feel a little itchy, but mostly I dint mind it. my boyfriend felt the same until he saw one of the men in the lift spit on the carpet as the doors opened. We never looked at it quite the same again. lol.
The room was quite dated, but it was satisfactory.
We tried the breakfast once but didnt really like it, so we ventured out. Because of the excellent location of this hotel, there are a number of restaurants on the same road as the hotel. As well as the comforts of a McDonalds and KFC for quick snacks.
Crossing the roads is CRAZY!! some times we were there for about 3-4 minutes before we could cross. the drivers out there just seem to be doing whatever they want. On a few occasions a local would take pity on us and help us across the road. lol.
Be prepared for the beggers. I wasn't and ended up giving all the little children I saw food or money. It is really sad.
August is extremely hot and sticky, so I would suggest going at a more bareable time.
The pool on the roof is not really that clean. my boyfriend lost the key in there and we couldn't see the bottom to find it. Also, it seems like the pool is open to locals as well as guests.
But the best thing about that roof terrace is the view of the pyramids. You can see them from the hotel. Its so cool. Our room was facing them so we saw them the whole time, which I thought was fantastic!!

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  • Travel date: Sat 31st of May 2008
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