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El Tesseen Street City Centre, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, Cairo 11511 Egypt
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"The hotel is difficult to find, many taxi drivers do not know where it is, negotiate a price before getting in a Taxi or phone the hotel to get them to pick you up. The Hotel staff is very inexperienced. At many times it feels like you are inconvenienceing them with your requests even for little things like ordering drinks at the bar or food in the restaurant."

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  • Travel date: Sun 8th of November 2009

Great Experience!!


"I have just returned from a trip to Cairo, the city of pyramids. I have to travel often to various destinations in the middle east that is mainly on business and must say that this was one of the finest experiences I have had over the last many years staying at various hotels.

The Cairo city itself is dry and given the climate at this time of the year was mentally prepared for purely business hours and virtually done on drowning myself in business meetings.

The entrance itself to the hotel is just magnificent , the lobby with its huge dome, hanging chandeliers and the ever so polite hotel staff ready to pour all over you will sweep you off your feet as if their majesty has just arrived. The peace and tranquility all around and the relaxed tone of atmosphere was just amazing to say the least.

The hotel I believe has in all six floors and I was at the 4th overlooking the back yard done with lot of greenery and fountains with the stone foot paths done in with green grass all over. Sitting in the balcony itself was an experience that one could enjoy with a nice self made cup of coffee and the evening breeze ready to envelope you all over.

The room was spacious that they claim is one of the biggest one could get in Cairo, luxurious in style and complimented with a beautiful restroom. There was a nice printed welcome card personalized with my name printed welcoming me to their hotel.

Everytime I called them for any room service I was addressed by my name personalizing the whole experience.

The hotel has a nice club lounge where they serve international cuisine with atleast 6 different food presentations laid out each day. The breakfast provided is a whole variety offering lovely continental spread with varieties of cheese, jams, fruit pasteries, breads and a choice of arab delicacies.

I paid USD 110.00 plus 22% tax per night for a room which I thought was excellent value. There were 2 double bed rooms which though went unused with only me staying in the room.

Overall I would say this is probably the best hotel we have ever stayed in on a trip to this part of the world. The only problem (that if you so say) is its location that is on the outskirts of the city taking at least 30-40 minutes for reaching the Nile river or the Pyramids. But frankly that also helped keeping you out of the city traffic that at times becomes just too messy to handle requiring long time if you get stuck in odd hours to pull you out of it.

Perhaps not the most convenient if all you want to do is visiting the City for seeing the Pyramids, Museum or taking the cruise etc. but if you want to mix a little luxury with the odd city trips this is an absolute delight and experience to nourish for a long time."

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  • Travel date: Thu 11th of June 2009

State of the art bathroom but no shower pressure!!!!


"Funny, I didn't find the location a problem (see previous reviews) - yes it is in NEW Cairo - not downtown but I was only staying one night and having been to Cairo before I didn't want the hassle of being in the chaos of downtown. If you are visiting Cairo as a tourist then this probably isn't a great location for you but for business, simply some sun or a stopover, it's fine. The hotel is brand new - still being finished so not all restaurants open yet. The rooms are beautiful - really modern, spacious and with tasteful muted decor. The only problems I encountered were that the bathroom needs more lighting and worst was the lack of shower pressure. What's the point in having THE most fantastic state of the art bathroom if you can't get a good shower?! This really would stop me from staying again if not rectified.
I ate in the only restaurant in operation and had a first class experience. The charming Chef from the open kitchen prepared food both off the menu and to request and the Maitre D / Senior Waiter was friendly, helpful and professional. The quality of the food was excellent - giant split garlic prawns! I was given a freebie taster of a dessert and generally spoiled with the Chef personally coming to my table to ask about the food. Excellent - how it should be.
Front desk staff were polite but check OUT needs to be faster - especially when you have a flight to catch! Check in was by far the freshest of all my Cairo hotel experiences, with a nice cool drink and cold towel. A last minute change of airport car request by me was handled superbly and quickly by the front desk.
The journey to the airport only took 15 mins and the driver (Mercedes but it'll cost you)! was great and knowledgable. It might take a bit longer at busy traffic times but the road between the hotel and the airport was new and fast. The area around the hotel is very much a building site but this is the case in general with New Cairo.
The pool looked lovely (didn't get a chance to use it) but it's very modern, all dark stone and nice loungers - and a pretty good size too.
Anyway all in all I agree with the previous review - soon to be a great hotel but not if the shower pressure isn't sorted!!!! It's a modern, trendy, spacious, quiet and elegant hotel but the Manager is going to have to keep his finger on the fine points."

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  • Travel date: Tue 24th of March 2009

Soon to be an amazing hotel.....just not YET


"We decided to spend a couple days in Cairo but found many of the hotels downtown looked a little run down, thus we decided to book at the Dusit Thani Lakeview Cairo.

Although it says on the website that it has 3 + restaurants and everything is ready to go- this is unfortunately not the case. The hotel is set to have its grand opening in July of 2009 and I truly would not reccomend anyone go BEFORE that.

The hotel itself is so beautiful- the location is not. The area- New Cairo is just that- VERY new. I know it was mentioned that none of the cabs know how to get there and while this does ring partially true - the Dusit Thani does have little mini maps with Arabic directions for the cab driver that you can give - so that helped when we were trying to get back.

The hotel staff is very nice and so willing to help. They booked cabs and tours for us and even bartered for a better price. Some employees speak English very well, while others speak quite broken English but will get someone else to help quickly.

The hotel is breathtaking- the foyer is HUGE and the pool is one for the books! The rooms are very spacious and very modern - def a highlight.

The main restaurant was the only one that was open at the time of our trip and we found it a bit in the high range of prices($30 - $40 entrees) plus when they add the 12 % hotel tax ontop of the 12% egyptian taxes...it was a bit scary.

In hindsight.....I dont think we would have booked the Dusit if we knew that it would not be ready. I think come July 2009- it will be a lot more inviting to guests."

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  • Travel date: Sat 21st of February 2009

In the middle of nowhere


"Do not believe what you read on the hotel's website. It is not 'ideally located', not is it 'linked by bridge to Giza and the pyramids'.

It is effectively in the middle of nowhere (new Cairo - 30 miles away from Cairo itself). None of the taxi drivers in central Cairo have a clue how to get to it, meaning that it can take between one and two hours to get from or to the hotel. It is also very unpleasant to be completely lost in a taxi in the dark in Cairo on small roads.

It is a pleasant hotel once there with clean well appointed rooms, and I'm sure it's perfect if you have a business meeting nearby, but DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER this for a leisure trip to Cairo - it is simply too far out and you will end up not seeing things because of dreadful travel times."

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  • Travel date: Thu 30th of October 2008
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