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Reviewed 17th November 2012

"First of all, the hotel is just ONE floor hotel. The brown building in the background is NOT the hotel as I was thinking. It's a residential apartments NOT the hotel. You can see the hotel in the 2nd picture. Its height is below blue umbrellas in the photo. Hotel in generally is well furnished and well equipped. To know what you are going to check in, you should know that this hotel is a very small part of the whole compound. The compound is mainly consisted from residential apartments that has been sold to Egyptian citizens. So, in the official vacations of Egypt, you enjoy your stay and will find all services you need because the place will be crowded. In regular days, you will miss many services even the daily newspaper. Beach is not directly connected to the hotel. There is a highway road separates them. You have to cross the highway on your foot. They claimed that they will build a bridge over the highway next year. No telepheric is existed but they claimed to be ready next year. You have to double check your invoice because the accounting system is very bad. I found that they have charged me with some items that I didn't take. They removed them after I asked to see my signature. Food quality is horrible. They are using the cheapest brands in preparing the food. However, try to stay BB to enjoy the international restaurants there like Chilis & Studio Misr. All staff members are friendly. BTW, it is not in Ain Sokhna. It's 28km south of it."

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  • Travel date: 30th September 2009

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