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Chaves beach Praia de Chaves in Boavista Cape Verde - Cabo Verde
Chaves beach Praia de Chaves in Boavista Cape Verde - Cabo Verde
Cape Verde is a ten island archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of West Africa.

Cape Verde has slowly grown in popularity since the 70s. The islands are favoured by European travellers as they offers all the highlights of a Caribbean getaway without the long flying time. The main island for tourism is Sal which is a haven for watersport enthusiasts and travellers in search of a relaxing beach holiday. Boa Vista is less developed for tourists but has mile upon mile of stunning beaches. Santiago is the largest of the Cape Verde islands and was the first to be settled by the Portuguese colonists back in the 1400s. This is where most of Cape Verde’s population live and is also home to the capital: Praia. Day trips to the islands of Fogo with its volcano, and Brava with its breath-taking landscapes are definitely recommended.

Cape Verde weather is tropical in character with year round sunshine, only slightly marred by the rainfall through the summer months of August and September. The islands are an ideal winter holiday destination during December and January where daytime temperatures average around the mid 20s.

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