Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Cruises


At the time of launch, the worlds largest cruise ship with the fastest internet connection, the tallest water slide and the most varied culinary options. Symphony of the Seas isn't just about being the biggest though as it boasts many top class features based on feedback from Royal Caribbeans customers. These include a central park area with over 20,000 tropical plans, a bar with robotic bartenders, a VR dining experience and an augmented reality features allowing passengers to take a peek behind the ships walls to see a virtual reality representation of the staff working behind them. The ship is also more energy efficient than some of it's predecessors and has a zero to landfill recycling system.

Key details

  • Cabins 2845
  • Crew 2200
  • Passengers 6680
  • Decks 16
  • Launch Year 2018
  • Registry Bahamas

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