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  • Launch Year 2002
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Navigator of the Seas traveller reviews

We had a fortnight on the Navigator, aro...

Reviewed Thu 26th of July 2007

"We had a fortnight on the Navigator, around the Med. The crossing from Southampton to Gibraltar was quite rough(husband was sick ). There was plenty to do, lots of activities.

We all found the food was very nice, it was the same in the dining room as the informal restaurant, we felt the portion sizes a bit small, so we asked for 2 starters most nights, sometimes 2 main meals as well.

We went once to the steak restaurant and once to the Italian one. The steak was to die for, and very reasonable.

Our son who is 8 had a ball, his kids club was brill, free during the day, then they charged you 5 dollars an hour between the hours of 10pm-1am."

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  • Travel date: Thu 26th of July 2007

This was our first time cruising with Ro...

Reviewed Mon 23rd of July 2007

"This was our first time cruising with Royal Caribbean and our last.

We have cruised a few times before and with two small children were excited by the facilities detailed in the brochure. Do not be misled by them.

If you are travelling with infants/toddlers under three as we were, then don’t waste your money. Aquababies amounts to 45 minutes per day of toys being thrown out on the floor by a disinterested member of staff in a non-child friendly environment.

Toddlers who are not toilet trained are not permitted in the pool or even to paddle in it so your child will have to sit all day in a buggy (as ours did!) whilst her older sister enjoyed the pool.

We are going back to what we know next year (P&O) who have excellent facilities for kids and by the way if you want to complain don’t expect them to deal with it for 28 days and it must be in the lead person’s name or they will ignore it.

We aren’t complainers, but we spent a lot of money on a family holiday, which was not family friendly at all! "

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  • Travel date: Mon 23rd of July 2007

We have cruised with most of the major l...

Reviewed Mon 6th of August 2007

"We have cruised with most of the major lines and went on this one because the introductory offers meant we could afford a suite with a balcony large enough for sun loungers. This was money well spent as it became a haven on this crowded ship where Customer Service is sadly lacking. One of our cases didn't turn up and when I went to CS a hand was waved toward a huge pile of luggage blocking the area in front of the main dining entrance.

The first night in the restaurant the chefs special came with a tablespoon of rice with a whole spring onion on top and nothing else. After CS had received lots of complaints from diners, a card appeared on tables stating passengers could 'request' veg/pots (one night they consisted of mushy peas and mushrooms in strong garlic butter). We have been to the States numerous times and have always had vegetables/potatoes served as the norm. Twice our meals went back as they were tepid (plates were always cold). Steaks were returned as medium/well done were oozing blood. The breakfast toast was rock hard having been made early and kept in warming ovens, surely these ovens could be used to warm plates for dinner? Also at breakfast if you want a decent cup of tea you need to request it comes in a china teapot - this means it will not taste of coffee and will be freshly made.

Smoking is allowed everywhere except the dining areas so even if you are able to get a seat in one of the bars you will have to endure a blue haze. I do not understand why they could not provide smokers with designated areas or at least have one bar completely non smoking. The entertainment was average and certainly not up to the standard of other cruise lines. Because of limited seating in the ice rink you have to remember to go to CS at 10.30 a.m. to get tickets (shows will be cancelled unless the sea is totally calm - understandable from safety point of view). Likewise on sea days the program was very limited with several sessions of bingo and art auctions.

Would we be cruising again - definitely but its back to Celebrity/Princess or P&O where the whole environment, the food, service and customer relations are five star. You also have shuttles provided free and do not get charged $4.95 per person each way which adds £20 onto every trip ashore if there are four of you!


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  • Travel date: Mon 6th of August 2007

Navigator of the seas has very roomy cab...

Reviewed Sun 22nd of July 2007

"Navigator of the seas has very roomy cabins, even though the toilet in ours broke down on three different days of our cruise. Unfortunately that's the only positive thing I can say about our cruise and this ship.

RCI has a lot to learn if it wishes to please the British cruising public. I could definitely write pages of all the negative aspects of this ship, but here are just the main points.

Although the main dinning rooms are very opulent the food was never more than third rate at best. Often only luke warm, small portions with a dollop of mashed potato on every main dish including steak(never with chips onions or tomatoes) , which in our case was never once cooked in the manner that I had asked for, but always undercooked. Vegetables had to asked for separately if you required more than the 2 peas and a piece of carrot and the obligatory dollop of mashed potato.

Royal promenade was always overcrowded and there was nowhere else of consequence inside the ship to go that wasn't full of smokers choking you to death as more smoking seats are allocated in the bars and public rooms than non smoking.

The Windjammer cafe is more like a works canteen than an upmarket self service restaurant, in fact I've been in better works canteens. The seating is so close together to accommodate the 3000 plus passengers that all seemed to be there at the same time, whatever the time you visited, that other dinners often brushed against you as you ate as they moved between tables. Simply not enough space for the crowds wishing to eat at breakfast and lunchtimes. It wasn't a pleasant experience at all. English style foods like shepherds pie, sausages, etc., tasted nothing like a shepherds pie or English bangers that I have ever tasted before.

I have been on ten other cruises and for the most part enjoyed them all, but this years cruise has been a very big disappointment. Clearly not all RCI ships are the same however as last year we sailed on Brilliance of the seas and thought it the best cruise we had done so far, everything was perfect 10/10 and the ship was roomy and beautiful. This year after 2 days on Navigator I wanted to get off, and had my car not been parked in Southampton I would have got off and flown home. I wouldn't sail on Navigator (or a voyager class ship) again if it were totally free.


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  • Travel date: Sun 22nd of July 2007

First time travelling with RCI, in the p...

Reviewed Mon 25th of June 2007

"First time travelling with RCI, in the past have been with P&O.

Had a really enjoyable time, although felt that we didn’t utilise the top deck enough as the weather wasn’t quite warm enough to enjoy sunbathing. However, had great fun trying to play mini golf and basket ball in the wind!

The cabins were of a good standard and we were upgraded just before we went.

I felt that the entertainment director and team tried very hard and they did put on some good shows.

The food in the main dining room was good, although a little short on choice. The windjammer served plenty, tended to use it at lunchtime. Good choice, sometimes a bit of a 'free for all’ but then all self serve restaurants are.

Had breakfast in our room most mornings, very good, it arrived on time and hot. Particularly liked Johnny Rockets burger bar, purely from an entertainment point of view! The staff all danced to the juke box!

Had a quick look at the kid’s facilities which did look good, we didn’t take ours with us, so can’t really comment! Didn’t enjoy the crow’s nest bar too much, found it lacking in atmosphere.

Really enjoyed the Irish bar in the promenade and the schooner bar. I won’t compare to P&O, as I believe every ship has its own merits and disappointments, but I would travel with them again (and am in July with all the family). "

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  • Travel date: Mon 25th of June 2007

I returned home from my Baltic Cruise wi...

Reviewed Thu 21st of June 2007

"I returned home from my Baltic Cruise with my parents and Uncle on Saturday 17th June.

On arrival at Southampton there were problems with the boarding, so having waited and then sent back to the lounge to have soft drinks and nibbles this was the first incident that got our backs up.

Once on board we easily found our state rooms, and to our surprise our luggage had already been placed outside our rooms. We then went to our dining room for a meal, it all looks impressive, our Waitress (Arlene) and Waiter were two of the loveliest people you could wish to meet, so attentive without being over the top. My mother had her arm in a cast, and they were always willing to cut her meals up and attend to her, and be there through-out the meal.

The down side of the dining room was the meals were never really hot, and a distinct lack of vegetables, and steaks were not cooked as a steak should be. As for me, I like my steaks rare, and that's the way they came, but my parents asked for medium to well down and they came out looking the same as mine, this of course puts you off your meal if you don't like the sight of blood!

We made complaints to our head waiter, and eventually the plates came out hot, we had extra vegetables, and had to ask for steaks to be very well done to get them as my parents and uncle like them. Another problem when having breakfast in the morning was tea and coffee were never hot, and on occasions the tea was tainted with aromas of coffee.

The waiter explained that the stainless containers had not been rinsed properly, and were used for coffee and tea; hence you could smell coffee while pouring your tea! He rectified this by bringing our tea in a china pot - the first time we ever had a hot cup of tea! Also, no tooth picks on the table, I find this unacceptable for a ship of this class.

The other things we were disappointed with, no tea making facilities in our state rooms,
No little extra's - shower hats, conditioners etc.

Our Stateroom attendant was lovely (Wilma) always smiling happy and willing to accommodate our needs.

Yes, tea and coffee is available all day - that's ok if you like paper cups! The way it is set out is outrageous, people scrabbling for hot water while others trying to pour their milk. It needs some thought and re-organisation, i.e. Pour your water, move along to take your milk; it's like a cattle market everyone scrabbling for tea bags, water and milk.
I also hate to see the waste that occurs, cartons of milk being opened and most of it being thrown away.

I must praise the Ships doctor and her Staff. A First Class service from them. They looked after my mother so well, and were so friendly and attentive, always smiling and explaining what they were doing. They gave a first class service to my mum.

Having said about all the things that were not so good, it was a lovely cruise, the staff were friendly and the Ship is beautiful. But, I would not sail with Royal Caribbean again.

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  • Travel date: Thu 21st of June 2007

Having read the reviews, here's what we'...

Reviewed Sat 19th of May 2007

"Having read the reviews, here's what we've got to say.

This was our second cruise, former being with P and O a few years ago.

Check in seemed slow (we arrived just after 2). However, once on board, we quickly found our cabin. Unlike when we travelled with P&O you just found your cabin, rather than being shown it - which we did with ease really.

We had a cabin midships, with balcony on deck 8 (felt no movement or vibration whilst on the cruise). We were happy with the size of the cabin, and the balcony was the right touch.

The special pack I had ordered was in the room and a nice start. Our stewardess Isha was fantastic, noticed we had pushed the beds together immediately and as soon as we popped out it was made up as a double. If you get Isha as your stewardess you'll be pleased, I'm sure.

Managed to "smuggle" two bottles of vodka on board - and beat the security!!! Quite pleased about that, although I do think that RCL go completely over the top on the issue of bringing small amounts of your own booze aboard.

The ship itself is big and modern, and clean - for this it could not be faulted. The ports of call were great (although I'd give Stavenger a miss). Amsterdam, well as Amsterdam always is - fun.

Copenhagen was also very nice. Most of the staff we had day to day contact with were really friendly and nice, e.g. cabin steward, regular bar attended and dining staff. We both felt that the staff you dealt with that weren't going to get tipped were a little less interested.

Zorro in the Champagne Bar was one of the most impressive members of staff on board the ship. Outstanding, professional service. Dracos also gave excellent service.

Nutcracker Restaurant - so lucky we had a table for two, second sitting. We were so pleased - exactly what we had asked for! The food - well, we were both disappointed. I know a previous comment stated the ship was five stars - it isn't. It reaches a 4 maximum. I'm not bothered about silver service, but I do expect to have hot food and a decent sized portion (and occasionally some veg).

We had to send a meal back twice because it was cold and several other minor incidents meant that we weren't overly impressed - for example ordering a full English breakfast and getting two eggs, then being informed when ordering the full English you have to list everything you want!!

Jade cafe seems to be nothing more than a part of the main Windjammer restaurant. It was all self service and just woks with noodle dishes - the environment and cuisine wasn't quite what the brochure led you to believe.

Windjammer - great variety and choice but always seemed to be so busy, often difficult to find a place to sit - and to be honest not my cup of tea, being amongst the hoards rushing to get the last bit (even though the serving trays were full!)

We paid the extra and tried Portofino - excellent service and food and worth the extra. Ramona, our waitress gave excellent service. It was a much higher standard of food than the main restaurant). I also heard excellent reviews for Chops grill, but didn't get the chance to try this.

We heard many (and I mean many) people complain about the food in the main restaurant. I will say that our waiter Amir and asst waiter Moises gave fantastic service, and at any time if they recognised something was wrong it was rectified - and they were very friendly.

Bolero's Bar and the Champagne bar were our favourite haunts, preferred this to the pub. The Royal promenade is impressive, but at peak times can get a little crowded. We didn't try the gym or rock-climbing so can't comment, but the Gym did look large with good equipment.

I like a cup of tea!! So, having thought room service will be up to par, I didn't bother taking my travel kettle. 4 times when ringing room service (not at breakfast time), I was told that it would take 30-40 minutes, which is just too long.

I also felt that the statement of free tea and coffee was a little naughty as you have to pay for cappuccino or any coffee other than regular.

I fully agree with your previous commenter that RCL have yet to understand the British market. There were definitely many, many unhappy passengers on our ship - I don't agree they are all brit whiners - I’ve worked on cruise ships and know how difficult some passengers can be - but there were some things that just weren't right!

We also have friends who works on the Navigator - who has told us that many English passengers aren't happy with several things on board.

All in all, we had a great time, 7 days felt like a glorious 10, we went to places we hadn't been before, were never hungry and met some really nice people and made new friends. I've tried to make this review honest - we really did have a nice break, but it wasn't quite as up to class as we had hoped. Maybe our expectations were too high.

Would I travel on Navigator again? Difficult one, if I got a bargain maybe - but - I think P&O have got the edge - the nice little things matter. "

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  • Travel date: Sat 19th of May 2007

11th cruise with RCI and probably the we...

Reviewed Sun 13th of May 2007

"11th cruise with RCI and probably the weakest. Felt that they had not done enough to anglicise the ship.

Good points: brilliant service from service staff, particularly our cabin steward and waiters, who could not do enough for us.

Excellent shows and production design, particularly the ice show which was incredible. Duggie Brown was very good.

Ryal Promenade makes a great focus on the ship, but gets a little crowded at times
Itinerary was wonderful; all ports of call were excellent.

The wife enjoyed the beading classes.

Concierge service was excellent and service in particular in the crow's nest was great.
Absolutely wonderful embarkation/disembarkation at Southampton.

Wonderfully calm seas, could feel no vibrations at all

Bad points: incredibly noisy cabin above Ixtapa lounge, they made no effort to reduce the sounds on numerous complaints, in fact the guest relations and musical director told us blatant lies

Ship was incredibly smoky everywhere, particularly the Schooner's bar.

Tea/coffee not readily available - RCI needs to put/allow kettles in cabins.

Queues at guest relations in particular and everywhere else around the ship were long and nothing really seemed to be done to reduce them."

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  • Travel date: Sun 13th of May 2007

Excellent cruise! Weather better than ex...

Reviewed Thu 10th of May 2007

"Excellent cruise! Weather better than expected. Cabin very clean and good size.

We were well looked after by room attendant and dining room waiters.

Fun atmosphere on board with evening entertainment very good. Mardis gras parade and 70's night fun. Ice show was excellent.

Elton John tribute chap was brilliant - sounded just like the real thing!

All staff really good.

Royal Promenade something else! Shops and cafe/bars just like being on land.

Some excursions can get booked up so if you can book online before going it might be useful as we could not do one of the trips we wanted as fully booked up.

Wonderful ship very smooth cruise and good value for money.

We have done many cruises and this was an enjoyable trip and I know several people booked on for future cruises later this year.

Gratuities not that expensive and cannot understand why people are moaning."

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  • Travel date: Thu 10th of May 2007

What a brilliant ship! Superb food in th...

Reviewed Tue 8th of May 2007

"What a brilliant ship! Superb food in the Dining Rooms and even though this was short trip to Norway what a lot you can pack into seven days.

Accept this is a five star hotel and that as part of the deal you pay for your drinks at onboard prices, brilliantly served in ice cold frosted glasses by a waiter, nibbles and so on. Messing about attempting to smuggle a bottle of booze on board is pathetic.

You can buy duty and tax free on board but they naturally will add a bottle charge as revenue is lost if you furtively drink in your stateroom. The offer price of the cruise takes this into account. I noticed that dry cleaning is half the UK high street price.

Amazing ice show with Russian ice dancing champions, great Las Vegas style shows in the metopolis theatre, good dance bands and all day free coffees and filled rolls in the promenade cafe.

Liked the windjammer self serve at the back of the ship and also liked the mandatory hand washing ritual before access to any food product. This is not enforced on Princess or for that matter P&O (an American owned line not British!)

The hamburger joint, Johnny Rockets like an American street diner is brilliant dancing waiters and free quarters to feed the rockola table top juke box. If I have one problem is the number of cheap skates on board, how long can you make a single beer last!

You might also ask why handfuls of teabags and honey/marmalade sachets were being stuffed into handbags...

I think the service charge paid at the end of the cruise to the head waiter, waiter, deputy waiter, stateroom steward and so on is very good value; add to this it is a US dollar ship - it is a steal with our Sterling rate of exchange.

A steel digital wrist watch for $10 say £6 amazing.

I just wish the brits would stop moaning so much, a trip to Norway and I can't get a sun tan or use the balcony! Grow up enjoy the experience - will be back on board again for a med trip-no airports brilliant. Go Captain Bang ( real name) Go get out there!

And cruise director Gordon well done, you had very hard material to work with."

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  • Travel date: Tue 8th of May 2007

A 7 day cruise to Scandinavia from South...

Reviewed Tue 8th of May 2007

"A 7 day cruise to Scandinavia from Southampton. A wonderful ship and my holiday only marred by constantly moaning Brits - and yes I am one!

The crew could not do more for you.

The food was superb & one night when I wavered between the snails and the prawn cocktail the waitress brought me both.

I'm sorry but not paying for service is downright mean & spiteful. No wonder Brits have a reputation."

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  • Travel date: Tue 8th of May 2007

Our party of five returned last Saturday...

Reviewed Tue 8th of May 2007

"Our party of five returned last Saturday from seven nights on this fantastic ship.

The Navigator is glitzy bright very clean. The outdoor activities are numerous. The entertainment is impressive, the singers, dancers, bands, with the exception of Adams Rib are all that one expects and more.

The problem with Adams Rib we felt is that they play too many of their own compositions, to sell their CD no doubt.

The carnival parades down Promenade were eye openers, just what was needed at about midnight. The waiters everywhere on the ship were attentive, always ready to serve our needs.

Our room attendant was special. Always remembered our names, complemented our ladies, and would come down the corridor to open our cabin door if he got there first.

The food... oh dear the food!!
Not at all first class. We dined in the Nutcracker Dining Room and while the staff were good, the food was not. The first night the steaks were totally underdone. A Medium-rare was raw, just seared one side. A replacement Medium to well done was a bit better.

It is not silver service, our dinner came up already on the plate and the portions were small and mainly only two veg. On our last night we sent back portions of broccoli that were turning yellow and if you are offered the chefs chocolate bread pudding, steer clear. We thought it was the most blandish piece of stodge ever.

The Windjammer cafe, casual dining, was somewhat different. More to choose from and we were able to pick what vegetables we wanted and liked the most. Problem there is it's very busy. We thought that more people dined there that in the dining room. It's a problem to find seats if the five of us dined there together. Why couples sit at the five or six seat tables only they know.

We didn't take advantage of Chops Grill or Portofinos Italian Restaurants, why pay over the odds for food when in reality the money we paid should have provided us with good quality grub.

Nevertheless a cruise on Navigator should be considered, if you like busy, glitzy, and noisy and crowds of people.

We really had a good time but probably would not join it again."

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  • Travel date: Tue 8th of May 2007

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