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  • Crew 1213
  • Passengers 3686
  • Decks 15
  • Launch Year 2002
  • Registry Bahamas

Navigator of the Seas traveller reviews

This was our first cruise and was our ho...

Reviewed Wed 2nd of January 2008

"This was our first cruise and was our honeymoon. Overall the absolute beauty, excellent service, and endless activities within the ship are the reason why we booked again for this year.

We both thought the food was fantastic and basically you could eat 24/7 if that’s what you like. The shows were first class in fact on a par with that of stage shows in London.

We had booked an inside cabin which suited us perfectly as we were only in our room to sleep and get changed. The only slightly negative experience I had was within the spa where I had booked a 'spa taster' which involved a relaxing massage at a discounted price.

However nothing could have prepared me for the 'Hard Sell' that came afterwards as the therapist tried to sell me a range of creams. As an assertive person I explained that I was not interested, however it continued for about 20 mins and eventually I gave in a spent 150 dollars on 2 face creams! Annoyed and frustrated I returned to my stateroom to discuss this with my husband and ended up returning to request a full refund-which I got.

The massage was great but just watch out for the hard sell which may follow!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of January 2008

Our second cruise on the Navigator and w...

Reviewed Thu 1st of November 2007

"Our second cruise on the Navigator and what a disappointment! Last year went on the Caribbean cruise and were very impressed.

We had imagined that sailing from Southampton would avoid the hassle of the Airport but having a 7 hour journey down was just as stressful. A word of warning, make sure you (or your Travel Agent) have arranged parking at Southampton. Our agent had failed to do this for us, and we only managed to sort this out the day before we left.

This year, the ship seemed much more crowded. It was virtually impossible to get a seat at one of the bars - probably because the British like their drink! We ate the first night in the Nutcraker Dining Room and were very disappointed. Others have commented on this. We ate at the Windjammer on other days and were more impressed. Yes it does get crowded, but in the evenings we generally found plenty of room. The vegetable selection was rather samey, but there was always a good selection of desserts.

We thought the timing of the meal sittings was also very restrictive, the 6.15 being too early and the later one too late. We didn't think the shows were of such good quality this time round and wonder if RCI have given the British the cheap acts? In order to get a decent seat at the theatre you needed to turn up 30 minutes early, but as we couldn't get a seat in any of the bars we ended up buying our drinks in the theatre. Yes the ice show is good, but probably one per cruise is enough - they put on several.

Room service was good and we ordered a couple of breakfasts in our cabin and there was a better selection of fruit provided. Having been before, we packed china cups and mini flasks for the tea and coffee, but getting the drinks was a bit of an ordeal, there were often spillages in the coffee area and it got very crowded.

The excursions were not inspiring and we didn't go on any. Having already been to the 3 main Canary Islands we didn't really fancy coach trips. The stop at Lanzarote was on a bank holiday (well planned) and everything was shut apart from the Costa Teguise where we had spent a week a couple of years ago. Vigo seemed an interesting City but we docked on a Sunday and guess what, everything was closed.

We are in our 40's and found we were one of the youngest on the ship. We were constantly dodging wheelchairs and motorised scooters. This also meant that the lifts got pretty full and we used the stairs a lot. My husband says it was rather like Butlins for pensioners, but I imagine there will be younger families during the school holiday period.

We will not go on another RCI ship from Southampton unless things change dramatically and will not do another Canary Islands trip either."

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  • Travel date: Thu 1st of November 2007

All I can say about our cruise is any ho...

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2007

"All I can say about our cruise is any holiday you take is what you make it, one comment to make to rc is drop the wingers at the first port of call then let the fun begin.

Our boarding was quick and easy, cabin well directed, soon unpacked and raring to go. Had slight problem with dining arrangements but all sorted, well in the end after my pouting of lips and stamping feet like a spoilt child that ended with me apologising to dining room management which in turn made us all best of friends, I always say alls well that ends well.

The good point of this ship is if you are like me and attract the lardy family the ship is so large they can be easily avoided!

I must say I didn't see much for the littlens to do which I thought was a shame, as they are just as important as the rest of us or even more so as if their happy that in turn makes happy parents and secure a successful future for rc as they are the passengers of the future.

Of the other points in some of the reviews about drinks smuggled on-board get a life you can try it or not but lets face it there isn't a company in the world that is not out to make money and if this means buying your drinks so be it, please don't be put off by anybody else's reviews. Take an adult approach and make a judgement yourself.

All that is left to say is I had a wonderful holiday,left with fab memories, met some lovely people and I'm taking the stance of to enjoy your cruise GET OUT THERE and do it on the navigator of the seas."

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  • Travel date: Sat 27th of October 2007

Just returned from trip to canaries... r...

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2007

"Just returned from trip to canaries... resorts, trips were fine however (without sounding to moan) the bars were full of smoke... so much so that on the 3rd day I had to visit the medical facility with a throat infection and they charged £110 for penicillin (I will never complain about the prescription charge again!). Also not enough deck space available as some deck areas were almost constantly closed for maintenance in the hot days (yet open on the cold days when no-one was sunbathing?).

Drinks good price, entertainment was not our thing (hate musicals however Elton John impersonator was great), but to end on a down note we did not receive any disembarkation information and did not realise that we could take our own luggage off the ship at Southampton (if we knew this we would have got off at 6.30am instead of waiting until our colour code was called at 10 am and then walking 100 yards to our car).

All in all was o.k. but previously have been on Thomson cruises and I felt that the service is not up to their level. Will I cruise with Royal again... not sure, have not been with P&O yet so will give them a try.

P.S. Thought the captain was great (captain bang), very nice chap who mingled well with the passengers so he raised the overall rating."

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  • Travel date: Fri 26th of October 2007

I think my expectations were low, becaus...

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2007

"I think my expectations were low, because after we'd booked this cruise seemed to be advertised all over the place, as if no one wanted to go! However I was pleasantly surprised.

Organisation when boarding was excellent and quick, as we'd done the internet registering thing. The ship was 'open for business' immediately, with food available in the Windjammer restaurant and coffee in the coffee shop... along with some sugar free cookies for diabetic me. I loved the ship especially the fantastic amount of modern art and architectural features, and the cabins were comfortable. We found the access to our account via the TV useful.

We ate in the Windjammer at lunch time, and got into the habit of eating early and missing breakfast (although we did have breakfast from room service a couple of times and the food and service were good). This meant plenty of space, as it obviously got a lot busier later. Another good alternative at lunch time (or evening) was Johnny Rockets, the burger place. These were really tasty quality burgers and the individual juke boxes and staff ' performances' made for a lively meal. There was a $4 cover charge in here.

The main restaurant meals were also surprisingly good and not cold as mentioned in other reports. Our service from Wilson and Gemma was top and yet again my sugar free items were a real treat. We took advantage of the other speciality restaurants too at a charge of $20 per head. The food in Portofino and Chops grill was fab, the service amazing and the extras easily worth the extra tenner. We went twice to both. Our cruise before this was on P&O's Arcadia, which was lovely, but we decided that this food beat that considering it was a cheaper cruise.

Shows in the theatre and the Studio B ice rink were good quality and well presented. The shops were a good browse and the library was a nice quiet spot. Although there were a lot of passengers, we usually could find somewhere to sit wherever we went. Someone mentioned that the ship was smoky. It now seems to have become no smoking except for starboard side near the pool.

Difficult to think of a complaint... oh, I found it annoying that late comers were allowed into the theatre after the start of the show... there's always someone!

This is a massive ship, which I didn't appreciate fully until I went ashore and tried to fit it on a photo, and there were people at each port coming out to view it, as I don't think it had been around those waters before.

All the staff were unfailingly pleasant and obliging, and believe me, my better half, who can talk a glass eye to sleep, put that to the test!! :)"

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  • Travel date: Wed 24th of October 2007

This cruise holiday was the best holiday...

Reviewed Sat 20th of October 2007

"This cruise holiday was the best holiday of my life.

As a passenger, under 16, I can say that there was always something to do, and I made so many friends that I cried all the way home.

The onboard ice rink is one of many great features this amazing ship has to offer. People want to go on cruises to go to different places but I never wanted to get off the boat.

It is well worth going I wish I could go again.

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  • Travel date: Sat 20th of October 2007

Good value cruise experience. A massive...

Reviewed Mon 12th of November 2007

"Good value cruise experience. A massive ship with seemingly endless facilities. Service was, on the whole, very satisfactory. Food quality was good and the choice excellent. Buffet dining in the Windjammer cafe can be a bit crowded but there are plenty of staff to clear tables, assist with beverages etc. Main Dining (late sitting) was excellent with a very attentive waiter and assistant. There is a very large wine list but there are few European wines on board due to the type of concession running the wine bar and stock is mostly from Californian and New World wineries.

The weather was not terribly good during the first and last couple of days and this caused the internal areas of the ship to be a little busier than would normally be the case however there was plenty of space for everyone.

The entertainment was geared to a British audience with a Brit cruise director, however the cast is pretty much international. The many bars offer a good range of evening entertainment however seating is a bit sparse and many people had to stand. The theatre is large and there were never any shortages of seats and bar service here was always prompt. The Ice Show was excellent with a very professional cast doing difficult skating manoeuvres in a rolling ship - credit where credit is due. The Night Club was first class- never too crowded (We are 50 something’s who like to bop) and we could always find seating and a place to chat with friends.

No shortage of sun beds but towels are few and far between. If we sailed with RCI again we would be sure to pack our own beach towels. The mix of ages on board was about right with some children but not so many as to be a nuisance although I expect there would be many young families on board in a school holiday period. Wheelchair passengers are very well catered for and the lifts were always 100% available.

Shore excursions were expensive and we only took one however the prices are probably around the same for most cruise operators.

As experienced cruisers we found this to be a very good value holiday that ticked nearly all the boxes. Of course we had to endure the negative comments from the usual cruise bores and professional complainers however we would cruise with RCI again, especially if we were considering taking friends or family.

For 2008 RCI will be operating an even larger ship out of Southampton however 3000 passengers is about enough for us.

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of November 2007

After just returning from a fantastic Ba...

Reviewed Sat 8th of September 2007

"After just returning from a fantastic Baltic cruise we couldn't agree with Ms MB more, too many whinging moaning British cruise snobs, they are on every cruise we have been on. You read the brochure, do your homework and then you are prepared. I would recommend the Navigator to anybody. You have only got to ask if you feel things are not how you would expect them, the dining room staff fall over backwards to satisfy. We let the whingers whinge and the moaners moan and got on and enjoyed our cruise."

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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of September 2007

The Navigator is a beautiful ship, the R...

Reviewed Fri 30th of November 2007

"The Navigator is a beautiful ship, the Royal Promenade is amazing.

Food is OK.

Too many people about, ( We went in the August Bank Holiday). Managed to play crazy golf at 2a.m!

We were in A Royal Suite, although that was lovely, it was let down by that the bathroom was not cleaned properly.

Still waiting to be enrolled by the loyalty program, e-mailed the company several times - no replies. Onboard booking was down. So put my name down for some-one to ring me when home.

Nobody bothered! Maybe RCCL do not need any more bookings!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 30th of November 2007

This was my first cruise, so chose a sim...

Reviewed Fri 14th of September 2007

"This was my first cruise, so chose a simple cruise to Scandinavia.

The check in was a simple process with no waiting at all, someone was there to take our cases as soon as they saw us, the cabin was immaculate, spacious, and well presented, the entertainment was of very high standard.

Unfortunately I never went in the main dining restaurant as I’m rather picky with food, so we used the windjammer/jam, this place is ideal as you choose what you want and how much you want, personally the food in the establishment was of very high standard, this is a very busy ship with lots going on, if you want a quiet holiday then I don’t recommend this ship.

The guest relations desk is always busy with very long queues, and we had to queue for the ice skating show tickets which was horrendous, the shows in the metropolis theatre was ok, not brilliant. Watch out for the pushy bar staff, he was in your face a lot saying drinks drinks drinks, you went to bed saying drinks drinks drinks.

The ship was ok, but I don’t recommend the trips at all, the tour guide was very rude in Gdansk, we would of been better off getting the shuttle bus as there was no tour just a coach ride there.

As for Estonia, the tour guide took us to see houses, just everyday houses, and you would never believe they have gardens there with roses, gosh I was amazed, did she think we didn’t have gardens and roses in England, a majority of the time she had her mobile phone to her ear.

Stockholm we went to the Icebar, what a joke, set in a big hotel, a room like the chillers they have in Tesco’s, with a few blocks of ice, nothing like described, the coach hit a car, the guide had a full slanging match in front of us all, total waste of time yet again.

Copenhagen, we went to Tivoli Gardens, which were supposed to be full of beautiful waterfalls, lakes and gardens, turned out to be a fun fair, can you imagine a group of pensioners at a fun fair, another waste of time.

Norway, we only had 4 hours so might as well of stayed on the ship.

Do not book there tours, you go to the same place as what the shuttle bus does.

Good thing about the ship is if you’re a smoker, most bars allow smoking, and the cigarettes are very cheap.

Have booked for next year on the Independence of the Seas, but will not be booking tours.

Avoid this ship is you are hoping for a nice and quiet cruise, this is a family ship with children and lots of noise."

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  • Travel date: Fri 14th of September 2007

My wife and I have just come off the nav...

Reviewed Fri 31st of August 2007

"My wife and I have just come off the navigator of the sea's had 18 days of the very best service you would want for nothing.

The dollar was at a high in the exchange rate. We were getting $2 to the pound, so it was amazing.

Everything about it was truly on the grand scale, had a table of 6, we had 4 of the nicest people you could wish for.

The children were well catered for in all areas of the ship.

We liked the Navigator and we intend to sail with Royal Caribbean in 2008. We have no doubt you will be pleased with everything the ship offers you."

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  • Travel date: Fri 31st of August 2007

Overall, a wonderful holiday, beautiful...

Reviewed Mon 13th of August 2007

"Overall, a wonderful holiday, beautiful and exciting ship, and great ports of call.

Boarding the ship took less than 10 minutes as we had checked in online prior to check in at the terminal. If you have any adults between 18-20 who you have signed an alcoholic waiver form - MAKE COPIES OF IT - we had awful trouble with the alcohol waiver form and this is why I have rate the holiday 8 / 10.

The ship is in fantastic condition, staterooms are clean, and beds are comfortable - with adequate space. Television shows a camera at the front of the ship in the daytime and the promenade at night. Also shows GPS location, ship speed, and compass direction on a map for you. As well as this there are films being shown free of charge throughout the day. You can also view your bill through your TV too.

Ports of call for this trip were Gibraltar, VilleFranche, Livorno, Rome, Cagliari, Cadiz, Lisbon, and Vigo - sailing of course from Southampton.

Food was lovely in the dining rooms where you have a different set menu to choose from each night. The Windjammer food was ok, nothing special and by the 14th day very tedious - only because you had eaten so much of it!

Drink prices are quite good, with a pint of lager around £2.50-70 and a cocktail around £3.50. On the ship the currency is US Dollars, which is good for UK citizens as the exchange rate is high!

Be sure to visit the Ice Dancing shows, they were brilliant, as well as the cruise director, who was a very good compare and lightened up the somewhat basic artistic singing/dancing groups on the main stage. Technically brilliant though!

The Alcohol waiver form is a nightmare, be prepared to have problems. We had to sign a copy THREE times throughout the first week as our 20 yr old was refused alcohol many times as the simple spreadsheet was not changed / sent to the bars saying who is allowed to drink.

It is a complete farce in my opinion and it seems we were not the only ones with problems - many were having this problem.

Very much enjoyed the holiday overall, fantastic service and amenities throughout the ship. Be wary of children during the summer holiday, they came in the largest amount that some of the workers on board had seen. "

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  • Travel date: Mon 13th of August 2007

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