Crown Princess


Crown Princess is one of the largest ships in the Princess Cruises fleet and boasts more staterooms with private balconies than many other cruise ships sailing all year round in the Caribbean. She offers all the amenities of a big ship, whilst retaining the warmth and intimacy of a smaller vessel. As its name suggests, she is elegant, regal and refined.

Key details

  • Cabins 1541
  • Crew 1200
  • Passengers 3080
  • Decks 19
  • Launch Year 2006
  • Registry Bermuda

Reviews summary

( 7 reviews)
  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 5 service
  • 5 value
  • 4.5 food
  • 5 cleanliness

Traveller reviews

Great time had by all


"Went to the Norwegian Fjords last week. Had a great time, the ship is immaculately clean throughout. The staff were brilliant in all departments. We enjoyed all the shows in the Princess theater, which is massive. All four of us enjoyed the food and the very attentive waiters were excellent. One or two people we met were talking about the $11.50 per person per day service charge (which can be waived). We in the UK are not used to paying such massive tips, but if you do decide to cancel them you will feel guilty within a day. Having just been to Las Vegas where the bills have 18% tips and 8% tax added to them. We now know why the American service industry is so much better than ours, and that they do not accept poor quality. The next time you go into a UK hotel, consider how the service would improve if you paid a fixed charge?"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 10th of September 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Room
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Late Deals with Princess Cruises = Crown Princess.


"This was our 4th cruise with Princess. This trip was a last minute deal on an inside cabin saving over £1000.00 per person around the Greek Islands from 19th December 2012 for 12 days.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn T5 in Slough to fly from Heathrow to Rome to board the boat. The hotel was excellent, good sized room, clean and very welcoming. We had a meal which was very good and great value. We had parking for the duration of the holiday with Meet and Greet included in the price of the room. Excellent service.

The check in, at Heathrow was fine and we flew BA to Rome. We were met by Princess Staff and coached to the boarding point. All very efficient and smooothly carried out.

We never saw our cases until they appeared in our cabin. The cabin was very spaciuos and clean. Greeted by our steward who explained everything to us and he was very polite and really looked after us throughout the cruise.

We found all the staff were excellent and no matter where you met them they always had a polite greeting - good morning - have a nice day out etc.

The food in all the restaurants was good with plenty of choices - you could eat all day and night somewhere on the ship. We went to the speciality Steak restaurant and although their was a cover charge of $25 dollars each it was well worth it. I had a 22 ounce Porterhouse Steak (T Bone). It was superb!

We found the entertainment was not as good in the main theatre as we had experienced on previous trips. They had three shows every night but they were not well attended. They might have benefitted to doing only two shows to create better atmosphere.

One thing which Princess do is charge a service charge of $10.50 per person a day and a little more depending on your cabin size. What they do not inform you is that you can go to the Pursers Information desk, and opt out of the charge, and pay your own gratuities. I prefer to pay for good service that I get rather than have it automatically put on my account.

We had a good holiday and certainly got value for money and would certainly use Princess again.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of December 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

This was my very first cruise and since...


"This was my very first cruise and since booking it in December 2005 I had been frantically waiting for this holiday to come! And I wasn't disappointed! A top rated cruise ship with all the facilities and amenities to keep everyone occupied.
We flew Manchester to Gatwick with BA and stayed overnight at the Sofitel. The following day (Sat) we checked in and were literally squeezed through security into departures. We flew with Thomsonfly to San Juan in Puerto Rico. The flight wasn't too bad (2x4x2 formation). Well fed and all snacks (ice cream included) was paid for by Princess Cruises. The downside was there were no TV screens in the back headrests although there are now (see my Sea Princess Cruise review).
It took over an hour to get our passports checked, finger printed and photographed. It was obvious American immigration in San Juan were not geared up for international flights. Apart from the Caribbean islands, no other main international flight flies into the airport. You need to travel via a US gateway. As I understand, Princess flights from the UK go via aUS gateway now as a direct flight proved unpopular with UK passengers. Afterwards we picked up our bags and were whisked to the port. Getting on thr ship was hasslefree.
MASSIVE!!!!! It caters for 3000 + passengers but never did it feel like it. It was bright, airy, spacious and you could navigate around it easily.
The only problem we had was in the casino. We played on a machine that 'pushes' coins and tokens out. We got a $25 token and when we went to cash it in they refused, claiming it was only there as an ornament and came out by mistake. We were not informed of this and there were no signs so stuck to our guns and eventually it was honoured.
So much! Lost count of the pools but liked how the two main pool areas were separated; one with MUTS and the other where singers could entertain. There was a gym and a Sanctuary but you had to pay to get into the latter.
Horizon Court served breakfast & lunch; Carribe Cafe served dinner. There were three main dining rooms; anytime and fixed dining. There was a grill and pizza parlour, sushi bar, pattisserie and ice cream parlour as well as 24 hour room service. Couldn't fault the food except expect to go home 1 stone heavier!
Good. Catered mainly for the Americans but the jokes were mainly universal. It was difficult to get to some show lounges, because they were popular, apart from the Princess Theatre.
Brilliant. Visited; St. Thomas twice, San Juan again (mid holiday), St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Bonaire and Aruba. Best islands were Grenada, St.Lucia, St. Marteen and Bonaire (for snorkelling). We did a mix of Princess Tours and our own but felt Princess were more informative and better organised. Maybe that was just the choice of trips we took.
This ship was sailing 2 x 1 week cruises mainly for Americans and Canadians. Brits were on for two weeks as were a few Canadians. I found the Americans overwhelming with their 'want it, want it' attitiude. As they were on 1 week cruises, they wanted to get EVERYTHING in! That consequently meant pushing some people out of the way as I experienced. One American woman waltzed into the lift shouting 'Four, Please' and as we were gobsmacked at her attitude she proceeded to thrust four fingers into our faces, repeating what she said. I AM NOT A LIFT ATTENDANT. If only she asked politely. Another 11-yr-old American girl insisted on shouting in a lift that her commerical might be shown on the adverts during the superbowl that was shown on MUTS! (God!)

Anyways, I loved the ship and the holiday but I was a little taken back by the Americans. Don't get me wrong, some were lovely and there were a few moany Brits too. However if you want a 14 night break in the Caribbean, choose Sea Princess. It caters mainly for the Brits. I would go on another holiday like this again, only this time I'm prepared for the Americans!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of August 2008

Food Was Good,Service Was Brilliant.The...


"Food Was Good,Service Was Brilliant.The Weather was Very Nice Everyday Perfect Time of Year For The Weather.The Islands Were All Good In Their Own Ways All The Beaches Were Lovely. Deck 12 Is The Perfect Deck If You Want A Balcony And Don't Want To be Overlooked.When You Go To Princess Cays It Is Good To Hire A Bungalow Instead Of Waiting In The Buffet Queues A Waiter Will Get The Food of Your Choice For You And You Get Some Shade And Extra Deck Chairs But They Get Snapped Up Fast So Book In Advance. Overall 10/10"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 24th of June 2008

This cruise is sold in the UK as a 2-wee...


"This cruise is sold in the UK as a 2-week cruise, but as most of the passengers are from the USA, and it is sold as a one-week cruise to them, expect to be treated as if you are on 2 one-week cruises.

Be prepared to lug your cases around between the airports and ship, and stand in long queues.

At the start of our holiday, we were held up for 2 hours at check-in at Gatwick, manned by a couple of surly young girls who are obviously enchanted with their lot in life, and have lost the ability to say 'please' and 'thank you'.

The holdup was supposedly caused by a conveyor belt failure. Curiously, passengers joining our cruise a week later said Gatwick was still blaming queues on the same problem.

If you enjoy standing about for long periods of time, USA immigration at San Juan is your dream come true. Avoid this by flying into Barbados if you can. We had to fill in US visa and customs forms on the flight to San Juan.

The meaning of some of the statements on the forms was so woolly they must have been designed by Shaun the Sheep.

Dire warnings are given about prison and hefty fines if you don't fill in the forms properly, but no assistance is offered apart from showing you a short video a couple of times before you fill it in. (Of course, you always think of questions AFTER you've tried to fill it in.)

We flew into San Juan on Saturday, 17th March and had to queue endlessly to get through passport control (quite polite people), then Princess Cruise's own security (polite people), and security (rude people, who seemed to delight in snapping latex gloves ostentatiously on their wrists whilst laughing at the passengers).

We had our visa forms checked, and our fingerprints and photos taken.

Near the end of our first week we arrived at San Juan again. We all had to get off the ship and go through immigration again (even if we did not intend to leave the ship for an outing that day). They wouldn't let us all on again for an hour and a half.

Near the end of the 2nd week, on the Friday, we all had to report to a room on board ship at 7am to queue and have our passports and visas inspected by US immigration.

The next day, Saturday, we were flying home. We were taken to a hotel a 3/4 hr drive away, left there all day, and then dumped at a huge, sprawling airport to fend for ourselves. We then had to go through security checks and US immigration, and have our fingerprints and photographs taken again.

The ship put 12 people off at one island for skinny-dipping in the ship's pool, so be warned they will not tolerate bad behaviour! Royal Caribbean did this too once, for passengers who kept throwing litter over the side of the ship.

The Eastern Caribbean itself was OK, but we didn't think it was worth the 8 1/2 hr flight and think the Med is much nicer. Some of the island tour guides (notably at Napoleon’s Dockyard and St Thomas) showed a blatant contempt for passengers, treating us from the outset (without any provocation) as if we were a class of naughty children.

I contracted a stomach bug on board, and after I reported it, was confined to my cabin for 24 hours, which is reasonable under the circumstances. The ship's nurse gave me a marvellous injection that made me feel like a spring lamb the next morning, and advised me not to eat in the ship's self-service restaurants (i.e. Horizon restaurant).

I had observed some of the passengers deliberately by-pass the hand-cleansing gels and then handle food, which they then put back for someone else to eat.

There are Laundromats on board ship, which cost about $3 for washing powder, a wash and the dryer, and bath robes are available if you ask your cabin steward.

The cabins are smaller than on the Royal Caribbean ships we've been on before.

We have sailed twice before with Royal Caribbean, and much prefer them to Princess.

The Crown Princess ship layout was confusing to many passengers and people were always getting lost. The food was not of the standard we were used to on Royal Caribbean, and the aircon was very cold in the dining room and public areas, so ladies, take something to keep your shoulders warm with your evening wear!

BEWARE - do not wear camouflage clothing to Antigua as this is banned except for military personnel.

You can rack up quite a bill as you have to pay for your drinks, ice creams and tours at the end of each week, so make sure your credit card is expecting it.

After all that US immigration - oh, the joy of landing on British soil!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 14th of May 2007

Not a particularly good start in that th...


"Not a particularly good start in that the ship's crew lost my luggage for 6 hours, but once it was located the cruise was fantastic.

The ship - launched in June 2006 is superb, with lots to do and the itinerary fantastic.

Joining the ship in San Juan, Puerto Rico was pretty painless other than the paperwork.

A little disappointed we were not escorted to our cabin - we had to locate it, but the cabin with the balcony was well appointed, and if you can afford a balcony go for it - sitting out at night is lovely.

First port of call - St Thomas - delightful place with lots to see in a short time - Blackbeard’s for magnificent views over the harbour, and Megan’s Bay - top 10 beaches in the world.

Next call was St Kitts - again delightful, and very friendly hospitable locals. Good scenic views on the island tour.

Grenada was next - and I must say the capital has been battered by Hurricanes in 2005 and is getting a much needed make over. Lots of derelict and damaged buildings - away from the coast and again a lovely island tour - especially into the rainforest.

Bonaire was next and in all honesty - don't know why. It is nice enough although there is not a lot to see - the capital has got one street - and not a lot in it.

Next port of call Aruba - much nicer than Bonaire and the centre is a bit more lively - 2 main streets and more shops. The downside is the wind - it is always windy in this Windward Island.

After Aruba a day at sea before returning to San Juan. Week 2 saw a further day at see followed by visits to Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua - fantastic views of Nelson's Dockyard, then my favourite - St Maarten.

Boy oh boy did I not want to leave this island. Split between the Dutch and French it has 2 capitals and 2 divine ports. The sea is blue and I mean blue and the shopping is cheaper than any of the other islands.

Then it was back to St Thomas and finally disembarkation.

Crown Princess is a magnificent ship. The food in our restaurant - traditional fixed dining was superb, and the formal nights lovely. The waiter staff were friendly and attentive.

Plenty of sun beds at any time of day and loads of activities all day. Could not fit them in.

The downside - apart from delay in getting the luggage is the 15% gratuity charge on every drink whether the service has been good or not, although the drinks are reasonably priced, and the 10$ per day charge per person.

We cancelled ours with the ships passenger service desk after first week, and then gave the savings directly to cabin and dining room staff, as a personal thank you.

From the moment you get on to the moment you get off - Princess staff are looking to extract the greenbacks - from photos to shipboard shops - but in all honesty you don't mind, and some of the photos are funny.

It is great to look at the rogue’s gallery each night.

All in all a fantastic cruise and a fantastic ship - would do it again tomorrow if I could."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 6th of March 2007

Having booked this cruise as the itinera...


"Having booked this cruise as the itinerary to two places I have never been which was
New York & Bermuda

The ship itself was still being repaired from a major fault which occurred at port Canaveral. We had a balcony which during the cruise had to have its partions renewed enabling us to use for one day it was a nine day cruise but we only had three stops:

1) Grand Turk- lovely but small.
2) San Juan - wasted time with security would not let back on the ship.
3) St Thomas - lovely island Meggans beach etc.
4) Bermuda - most wanted stop as our excursion was booked and the music festival was taken place.

The ship did not stop as too rough. Very disappointed. This was the ships eighth cruise and members of the crew told us that it was the third time that the crown could not dock. The ship was lovely overall but extras like ice creams and the private sunbathing area at twenty dollars for four hours.

I would not had booked this cruise if I had known that it was going to be a disappointment for me and my wife. The cruise was October 2006."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of December 2006

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